Mark Levin EVISCERATES Obama for broad-based attack on Christianity

Mark Levin ripped Obama (aka. Jeremiah ‘lite’) for his attack on Christianity today, an attack he said was broad-based and a condemnation of the entire faith. He said Obama denigrated and degraded Christianity, even comparing it to ISIS.

Levin points out that Obama was quick to say ‘this was done in the name of Jesus’ or ‘that was done in the name of Jesus’, but he NEVER refers to any Islamic terrorism as being done in the name of ‘Muhammad’. No, he’s more careful when it comes to Islam, Levin notes, while there are hundreds of thousands of Islamo-Nazis all over the Middle East and North Africa.

He slipped up you might say,” Levin adds.

He then suggested Obama go take a walk in Arlington National Cemetery and look at the headstones of all the brave, deceased heroes, which the overwhelming majority say Christian.

These are the Christians, Mr. Obama, who are repeatedly saving the world from tyranny and genocide,” Levin says. “These are the Christians, Mr. Obama, who fought in, among other places, WWI and saved Europe, WWII and saved Europe, in Korea and Vietnam and you name it, one hell hole to the next.”

Christian Men, for the most part. Christian Men. And I say this proudly as an American Jew who thanks God for Christian Men.”

Listen below:

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