UDPATED – Mark Levin eviscerates Rick Perry for telling outsiders to stay out of the Cruz/Dewhurst Senate race

*** UPDATED ***

Today Texas Governor Rick Perry had some comments for outsiders endorsing Ted Cruz over Dewhurst (via Chron):

“There’s a whole lot of people who don’t intimately and expertly know how Texas operates that have come in and endorsed in this race, and with all due respect – I respect each one of those individuals, but they don’t know anything about how Texas works,” said Perry after a hurricane preparedness tour at the Austin airport. “And if they did, they would be endorsing David Dewhurst.”

Without naming Palin, DeMint or Santorum, Perry called them to mind by naming their states: “I appreciate everybody paying attention to Texas – as well they should, they could learn some things on how to run South Carolina and Pennsylvania and Alaska.

“Come to Texas and learn how to do it right, but don’t come down here and tell us who needs to be our next United States senator, thank you very much. We’ll decide that without your outside, Washington, D.C.-oriented help,” Perry said.

Mark Levin, who has endorsed Ted Cruz, slammed Rick Perry for his ‘illogical’ comments noting that Dewhurst himself has had ‘outsiders’ cutting ads for him. But even more than that, Levin said that it’s a US Senate race that will have an affect on everyone in the country and people have a right to weigh in on the race.

Toward the end he told Rick Perry to “go ahead and back your candidate” and to “give us all the great reasons why Dewhurst should be elevated to the Senate…,” but to stop telling the rest of this country what to do. “It’s still a free country,” Levin added.

Listen below:

UPDATE: It’s also worth noting that Perry campaigned in Minnesota Senate GOP race, which I believe is outside of Texas. That would make him an outsider to Minnesota.

This was posted just a cople of weeks ago:

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114 thoughts on “UDPATED – Mark Levin eviscerates Rick Perry for telling outsiders to stay out of the Cruz/Dewhurst Senate race

  1. What has Dewhurst have on you Rick? Going against the very people who voted for you. Must be some good dirt! Mr. Moneybags must have plans to de-rail your plans is all I can think. I’d have to say…you’re showing your character sir!

  2. Governor Rick sez

    There are three reasons why Palin et al should not endorse in this TX election:
    1) I’m not running
    2) I’m good for at least two more years and
    d) um…….

  3. Why would Palin, Santorum, and DeMint even WANT to learn how to run states when none of them are running for governor? Furthermore, Santorum now lives in VA, as far as I know, and didn’t Palin move to Arizona? Does Perry fail to realize the only one of the three he alluded to is a FORMER governor of Alaska? And does he not grasp that Santorum and DeMint did not/do not RUN states as a former PA Senator and a SC Senator, they represented/represent people of PA/SC in the United States Senate?

  4. Please look at this video from 2010 and his PRAISE of groups like the Tea Party Express. We in Texas that are actively involved and watching what goes on in our state (TEXAS) politically, fully understood why Gov. Perry endorsed Dewhurst (he wants him out of the Lt. Gov. slot), but he forgot one thing, the voters of this state get to decide and the grassroots in Texas are supporting and working to get Ted Cruz elected. Gov. Perry is big on loyalty within his ranks so he’s being loyal to Dewhurst, but the electorate doesn’t have to follow blind loyalty!!!

  5. Still trying to protect that RHINO, good ol’ boy system in Texas, eh Rick? Why don’t you just say the truth…you want the guy who is not going to question your RHINO decisions and call you on it! This is a message to all RHINOS…you are in as much danger as the Democrats….we are done with you wanting the Tea Party around to get votes and then throwing us under the bus when it’s convenient. You have yet to see what real tenacity is! Conservatives aren’t stupid drones…we know what is at stake and we know that it was good ol’ boy cronyism that got us here…we aren’t going to back down and we aren’t going to flip flop our message to appeal to you!

  6. Also RS, it should be noted that Rick Perry himself solicited “outside” to endorse him and stump for him during the last election for Texas Governor when he ran against Kay Bailey Hutchison. Notably, he had Sarah Palin come to Texas and campaign for him. My, how times change.

  7. Hello, did Perry forget that Sarah Palin worked for Perry’s election? What a dumb comment from Perry.

  8. I trust Mark Levin 100% when it comes to political picks. When he endorses someone their ratings go up.

  9. What are the complaints about Dewhurst? and what are the pluses of Cruz (outside what he “promises”?

  10. I can understand Perry supporting the “dew”. Afterall, “dew” is the Lt Gov. And hey, Mark L and all y’all who have said stop telling “us” what to do, how’s bout “us” stop telling Perry what to do. See how it all goes round. And just ‘member folks, TEXAS is NOT one of the states sueing to violate the 1st Amendments rights like Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota, Cali, Delaware, and others to make up 21 states.

    Why are your panties in a wad? Unless you live in Texas you can’t vote for Cruz. Now you can send cash, but ya can’t vote, and that is where the rubber meets the road. I sincerely hope Cruz wins, but he may not….doesn’t mean Perry is a monster, no more than when Sarah’s favs don’t win make her the evil witch of the great northwest!

    Take your anger and fire to those who are really trying to hurt you: BHO, HOLDER, Panetta, Clinton, you name the dems==everyone of them!

  11. I know it’s been used a lot, but the phrase “resist we much” works so well here. So I said it again. Still makes me laugh.

  12. What I wouldn’t give to have a Governor with the likes of Perry here in Cali~ sigh:

    However, I agree with Levin on this. Why the sour grapes with Cruz? I tend to believe it’s the “top Mamma dog”– Former First Lady Bab’s Bush who has given Perry the marching order’s to give the butt-out call. Outsider’s, the Tea Party via: Sarah Palin. “Jealous much” Mrs. Bush? is how I see-it.

    I have a new name that I call the good ole’ boy’s– the Mamma’s boy’s of the GOP’e….. I think it’s fitting for the likes of Rove, Morris, McCain, Romney etc: heck I’ll throw in the whole bunch, the RINO’s.

    and since “we outsiders” were told to butt-out’……… I’m posting this with a whisper–shhh ” ” ” ,)

  13. Isn’t it funny when Perry was running in the primary against the GOP establishment candidate he thought there was nothing wrong with Governor Palin endorseing him, campaigning for him and fund raising for him. Now he comes up with a lame excuse for people ie Governor Palin not to go to Texas and campaign for Ted Cruz who happens to be a real conservative, not a GOP DC establishment rino. Perry knows that if Governor Palin goes to Texas and campaigns for Ted Cruz, Perry’s candidate (the rino) will have a problem even with all his millions that he spent in the primary. I herd the Dewhurst spent 12 million dollars in the primary and i think most of it was his own money. We don’t need another rino in DC we need a solid conservative in order to save this country and in my opinion Ted Cruz should be the one voted for NOT Dewhurst.
    Cruz is up against a person with millions of dollars, Cruz needs our support if he is to have a chance to win against Perry’s candidate Dewhurst. If you can donate a few dollars, go to Ted Cruz web site and do it. I am sure whatever you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

  14. 🙁 While I like the Governor and would like to move to Texas someday, he way out of line on this subject. He’s made me frown quite a few times lately.

  15. This guy’s a rube and a fraud. Always has been, always will be. I wanted Debbie Medina, but unfortunately, she collapsed. She would have been a much better governor than this clown.

  16. Perry should also address the outsiders pouring time and money for Dewhurst if he is trying honestly keep outside interests out of the state of Texas. Since he is obviously a hypocrite playing politics as usual, then it suggests why he was never a serious factor in his run for the nomination. As the establishment republicans finally realize their stint as GOP heavyweights are numbered, maybe we can actually consider them relevant in some minor way.

  17. Mark Levin is a blowhard! I never have liked him and this is just one more time I think he should ‘butt-out’.

    1. I know it’s hard to here the truth. All you want to do is silence someone you don’t agree with. That is why Mark Levin is a patriot. He would never ask you to “shut up”. Now, after you have your say, he might ask you to get off his phone line “you big dope”.

      1. I didn’t say ‘shut up’ did I? I said butt out. And, why would I be calling him? I don’t listen to him.

        1. As to this topic, he can’t ‘butt out’ without ‘shutting up’. It’s his opinions and it always amazes me that people insist other people’s opinions are not allowed, if it might sway the populous against their candidate. The truth should be of major concern here, not who has the most money to sway the voters at the last second with false ads.

          1. Then my opinion is allowed. I am a conservative, but I just don’t like Levin. Sorry if you disagree with that.

            1. No one said you couldn’t have your opinion. You did, though. I’m just curious how Levin ‘butts out’ without ‘shutting up’. That’s what you said. If you didn’t mean it, don’t expect others to accept it without question.

      1. Now that was a juvenile remark. Can’t you come up with something better and more mature than than?

        1. Dear Friend.

          My juvenile remark correspondents with your equally juvenile remark directed towards Mark Levin.

          Mark is 100% right about Perry’s juvenile behaviour where Perry had no problem with Sarah Palin “butting in” in order to help him win his own election and suddenly he is no longer happy when she “butts in” to help someone whom Perry doesn’t like.

          Pretty hypocritical isn’t it?

          Greetings from Aussie.

  18. I have never liked Rick Perry and now I have a good reason for that. He should stop and think before he shoots off his mouth because the people of Texas could give him his walking papers.

    Mark Levin carries more weight with me than Rick Perry any day of the week. Ted Cruz is the best candidate. I also think that “money” is the biggest issue here and scratching each other’s back, if you know what I mean.

  19. He didn’t seem to mind when Sarah Palin went down there to help drag his butt across the finish line. What a jackass.

  20. Rick Perry did not have a problem with Sarah Palin coming to Texas to campaign with HIM for his 3d term of Gov. Last I checked, she still is an Alaskan.

  21. What a hypocrite!

    He certainly didn’t mind it when Sarah Palin endorsed HIM in his 2010 Governor’s race or campaigned with him in Texas!

    …now she should “butt out” because he disagrees with him?

    As a Texan (San Antoinio), somebody actually registered to vote and voting in Texas (voted for Cruz in primary), the governor’s remarks are condescending and insulting.

    Next to you run for anything governor, you should return any donations and refuse to publicize endorsements coming from outside of Texas. I will remember.

    Kudos to Sarah Palin, DeMint, and Santorum for standing up for Cruz.

  22. LMAO….Gov. Palin could learn some things about how to run Alaska? You’ve got to be KIDDING ME Perry!!?? Palin had a 70%+ approval rating while Governor. She blew the whistle on the corrupt people in her own party while Oil and Gas commissioner. She helped get the oil companies off their butts and drill for oil which created jobs, tax revenue and a nice yearly check for residents. They still speak English there too. What are they speaking and teaching in Texas? I believe Spanish is becoming pretty prevalent. What does your resume look like? No better than Palin’s I’m certain so shut your piehole.

    1. I like your comment ….but what you did not say is gvernor Palin was the CEO of Alaska and had all the power as Perry is the governor of a state where the the governor has very little power…..it is the LT. Governor who has the power……when at the Iowa State Fair governor Palin was as to compare she said something to the effect she could not because of the differance of the way the governor. Office were in the the two states ….. she was being nice not saying I have the power he does not…..(I live in Texas San Antiono) I Stand With Sarah

  23. Perry is a typical political ahole.
    By the way, didn’t Sarah Palin come in and help save his fat a** back when he was running for office and it was close… I seem to remember when she showed up at least 10,000 came to an arena on Super Bowl weekend in a rally.
    So, this idiot better shut his friggin mouth… and we were told what a great Conservative he was? he is just the same as the other corrupticats in office. Jerk off.

  24. I thank God that many other patriots across this country chimed in to put Mr. Lugar where he belongs…out to pasture FINALLY!

    1. You got it. All the patriots must work together regardless of where you live and regardless of which state is trying to elect a patriot to office. People like Perry would love for us all to stay out of it so the establishment can keep strangling America with their power and greed.

  25. I have always been in favor of repealing the 17th Amendment. If State Legislators appointed the Senate as was meant to be then States would have the power that was intended in the constitution and the Feds would be kept in check. As it is now Senators answer to a lot of outsiders who fund their campaigns.
    I am Canadian so my opinion is moot.

    1. Mr. Kennedy, your opinion is far from moot(at least in the aspect of pointing out the facts). Sir, you have done something almost NO Senator or House member has done……….read the Constitution. Hats off to you sir for your due diligence and deep admiration for “that old, has-been document” that many have forgotten. Canadian or not, you are a patriot, sir.

      1. I fully believe that America is the test of freedom and liberty and that Canada will follow in her footsteps. I pray for Americans to wake up and seize back their government and reclaim their country’s role as true leaders of the FREE world.

    2. You may be Canadian, but your opinion is far sounder than many of my fellow Americans. Looking to move? Choose a “red” state and come on down! 🙂

      1. I am afraid that I have become to accustomed to the cold and when the temp reaches 24C (about 75F) I turn on the AC. Thanks for the invite though.

        1. Funny you should say that. I live in central Tx, and I am exactly the same way. I wear short-sleeves and sometimes shorts in 30 degree weather down here, and people think I am nuts. When I was truck driving, my truck stayed at a nice and cool 55 degrees inside the cab.

    3. I thought the same too, but discovered that too many states were going without full complement of senators because of typical state politics interfering with the selection process. This was becoming so commonplace that the amendment was proposed and passed. Arguments for passage were equally persuasive as those suggesting repeal of the 17th.

      I think it is totally wrong to allow political and financial influence from outside jurisdictional sources. That defeats the entire process of representational government.
      How can any candidate be truly representative of his, or her, district when outside financial help, or non-resident spokespeople are active within the district during the campaign? Regardless of whose side is being misrepresented, it isn’t fair to the actual voters of the district involved.
      The appeal to outside sources of support need not have anything to do with the local politics… for example: our particular Senator may be a real SOB, as far as the rest of the country is concerned, but he is OUR SOB ! We elected him, we must ‘like’ him; so, until we change OUR minds, you are welcome to stay the hell out of our business.
      Not everyone has such a popular Senator, but they exist. And at least half of the country probably wishes to be rid of him. These are the people who are more than eager to ‘participate’ in your regional election process.

      On a more realistic example, this year,the entire Republican Primary process has carried the stigma of being controlled by “others”, not responsible to the People in general. Does this feel ‘right’? Upset you just a little bit, or would it if you were not a Romney fan?

      I feel Gov. Perry is right, even if a hypocrite. And Mark Levin is wrong, even if he is right 99% of the other times. I wonder how this will work out in Wisconsin and Texas, and God knows how many other places.

  26. Rick is just afraid to be on the losing team here. I am not an outsider. I am a Texan, and I am backing Cruz. If Cruz loses, I will encourage Cruz to take Perry’s job next!

  27. Rick Perry has a history of dislike for Dewhurst here in Texas. I was told by a campaign insider how much Dewhurst and his wife wanted him to be Governor. I think this is why Perry seems to be desperate to get him out of the state. Mark Levin is definitely on to something.

  28. Look at all the sheep! Levin is simply trying to make money off you people, that’s all he sees you as (he don’t care you or your beliefs, your values). None of that. He just wants money.

    Dewhurst got 44.6%, or 321,146 to Cruz’s 34.2% or 200,983 of the vote from Texans…. Texans side with OUR GOVERNOR, not some angry talk show host who sounds like a woman…

    Aww, that was mean. I’m sorry to all women because I shouldn’t insult you by comparing you to Levin. I truly apologize (well, I’m a woman so I’ll apologize to myself now).

    At any rate, THAT is a fact that Levin cannot come to grips with. Dewhurst got far more votes than Cruz. Period. So, he can say that Texans don’t need or simply ignore our governor when the fact is… Perry’s “candidate” beat the crap outta Levin’s candidate. Based on facts, and VOTES!!! Perry wins. Levin loses. Period.

    If you can’t see that… man, you’ve got issues that no mere man can cure.

    1. Mark Levin has a lot of credibility! Especialy with those 6 million listeners. The reason Dewhurst got 10% more votes than Ted Cruz was his name recognition and the 12 million dollars in deceptive and false adds against Cruz. So Stephanie even with those unending nasty adds against Ted Cruz, I and 200,000 other Texans voted for him!

    2. If it wasn’t for Governor Palin coming to Texas and campaigning and raising money for Perry during the primary, Perry would have lost the primary to Hutchinson who was being supported by the Bush’s. Perry knows that if Governor Palin comes to Texas Dewhurst is in big trouble even if he has the support of the DC GOP elites. Dewhurst is not a conservative, he is a rino and we don’t need another rino in DC.

    3. Mark Levin has been on the front lines of liberty’s defense for the past 4 decades. Where have you been during that time? Have you run a legal foundation that regularly takes on the IRS and EPA? Did you serve honorably in the Reagan administration? Support who you want in your primary for whatever reason you want, but you don’t know what you’re talking about when you accuse a man like Mark Levin of dishonestly chasing money.

    4. Mark Levin has been on the front lines of liberty’s defense for the past 4 decades. Where have you been during that time? Have you run a legal foundation that regularly takes on the IRS and EPA? Did you serve honorably in the Reagan administration? Support who you want in your primary for whatever reason you want, but you don’t know what you’re talking about when you accuse a man like Mark Levin of dishonestly chasing money.

    5. This analysis is deeply flawed.

      While Dewhurst lead in the early voting by 17 points, that lead was cut to 3.5 points on primary day.

      So, before people start ranting, people need to get their facts straight.

    6. I didn’t realize the race was over. Somebody better tell the candidates that the runoff has been called off by Steph.

      FACT: Dewhurst did not get a majority vote and, as per Texas law, there will be a runoff. Now, why are you afraid that he won’t get a majority then, either? Only legal Texas voters are allowed to vote in the election, so what are you afraid the opinions of others will expose?

      People have a right to vote any way they want, but if Dewhurst gets 44% of the runoff vote, he can spend the rest of his political career at your house, crying on your shoulder.

      Baaaaa, baaaa, bye.

    7. You must be a proud representative of the Texas & America’s public education system – somehow logic and reasoning was skipped in your classes……….. math must have been a sometime course too…………………………..

      You are entitled to your opinions but facts don’t lie and you’re trying to manipulate those darned facts to suit your wrong information……………………

  29. The most important reason for everyone to be involved is to get all the facts out in the open. If a state wants to vote the most liberal person as Senator, then that’s their right (as much as I would dislike it).

    But if they vote someone in because they didn’t have all the facts about the candidates, then that’s a problem with me. It seems that in today’s politics, the big money is what gets people elected and the truth to the people gets buried in mounds of expensive false ads.

    Of course, if any Senator would sign a contract stating that they would vote only for bills that affect their states money alone, then I would agree that others should stay out of the vetting. Pretty silly concept.

    Only people in Texas get to vote in Texas. That’s the way it should be. The rest of us are just giving our opinions. If someone’s opinion hurts your candidate, then maybe there’s something wrong with your candidate. Better look deeper yourself.

  30. The wretched citizens of blue states are trying to warn you, Texas. We are living in your future, and it doesn’t work.

    1. Mexico is buying up TX votes and instigating the constant redistricting to make sure we all live in Democrat districts with reps whose allegiance is to MX, not the US. This is the 2nd one in the last 4 yrs or so and my area really got screwed. Then there’s our idiot mayor, his idiot twin brother who is running for KBH’s Senate seat, and their America hating mother from MX!

  31. Famous last word…

    When he could not remember the third of the 3 federal departments that he would eliminate if elected POTUS, Gof. Perry said,


    Well, Gov. Perry, dissing Sarah Palin is another “oops” moment for ya, yes it is, ya betcha.


  32. I never bought into Rick Perry for President, believing strongly that he was 100% establishment. When I tried to persuade others of my view on a well-known right-leaning, supposedly conservative website, I was BANNED. I was SHOCKED. So this bit of news is no surprise to me; I’ve been on to him since the beginning, him and his rabidly blind supporters.

    1. Point being, Mark is preaching that we have lost what true representative government is about, and the only way to begin to restore it is to get involved in EVERY election in EVERY state so politicians who espouse conservative principles can secure super majorities in both the House AND the Senate. In 1830, we need not have gotten involved in other states politics. Now, we have no choice. Progressives have dealt us a federal government that knows no limits in terms of power, and in turn, has given us justices on the Supreme Court who want to legislate the progressive agenda from the bench. As such, if we are ever to return power to the states like The Framers intended, we must first wrestle it back from the federal government by supporting guys like Ted Cruz.

  33. I still think Perry is on something, he is all over the map on the issues and his stated values and principles. Why would he back the least conservative candidate? Because he is an establishment Repubelican that’s why. People like Rick are the part of the problem. Citizens should care about every candidate running for office because our children’s futures are at stake! Stupid comments like these are why Perry couldn’t compete for the Republican nomination.

    1. Rick Perry is no conservative. I’ve held my nose and voted for him since 2002 but only because he was the best of the worst!

  34. I heard this earlier, and was reminded of one of the things I don’t like about Perry. He’s got a lot of nerve. If he likes his guy fine, but he’s got a lot of nerve telling folks from other states to stay out of it. Heck, I can’t even vote, and I’ve got facebook stuff going all the time for and against repubs and libs., so in Perry’s view, no one ought to be allowed to endorse someone if they aren’t from that state. Get real. Perry and too many others are so entrenched in the establishment, they need to come to grips that many Conservatives are sick of the establishment.

    1. You are correct hombre. Senators form the most elite “club” in the world. What they do impacts the entire country. We have two senators in Michigan who could do with having their heads smacked together. Clang!

      Perry might have a point were it not for the 17th amendment. We would also have two republican senators were it not for that amendment too. Would that we could go back to 1913 long enough to smack some heads together. I could wear a stiff collar and a hat. Speaking of hats…

      Lookin’ good duckie. Have great day.

  35. Hey Rick…you had no problem with my Gov. from AK campaigning for you in Texas, now did you pal?

    1. A governor who has very little power telling the governor from a state who has all the power as the states CEO and yes I would be speaking about governor Palin….that she could learn from him..oh by the way I live in Texas

      1. Learn what? Debate preparation? How to be a hypocrite? How to butt out of other races? what exactly can Palin learn from Perry?

  36. Dewhurst is part of the ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ club here in Texas. I got absolutely no use at all for his ass or any of the other good ol’ boys.
    Go Cruz!

  37. Levin is correct here. There is nothing I can really add, because he said it all. I trust Mark Levin. If he insists Dewhurst is a RINO, then that’s all I need. On top of that, we have Palin saying the same thing. I don’t care one way or another about Perry politically, but in this instance, Perry is behaving like an ass with his comments on this.

    1. I do… or at least I try to. I listen to Rush on my way into work and listen to Levin on my lunch break. Both are heroes and great American Patriots in my eyes. If you want to know the truth listen to both of them.

    2. If there were a version with all the cussing filtered out, I’d like to listen.

  38. I agree. And keep Mike Huckabee out of TX politics! David Dewhurst is NOT conservative and he was all gung ho about a state income tax–the TX state Constitution would have to be changed in order for that to happen, yet he bypasses that little fact!

      1. Me either…Just another tax and spend RINO! He’s doing political ads down here for Dewhurst, whom I also cannot stand. He needs to keep his fat behind in AR, NY or wherever it is he calls home these days!

    1. Mike Huckabee is a classic RINO, talks conservative but governs from the left. Likewise, Dewhurst is a RINO. Rick Perry is not a RINO, but his years in the halls of power have corrupted him. There isn’t a much distance between a left-leaning Republican, and a right-leaning corrupt one.

      1. You have a good point. Perry’s support of the Trans TX Corridor and snatching up of private property to build it, his passage of the Dream Act for the kids of illegals, the mandate of the HPV vaccine for Texas girls, etc., his absolute refusal to address the problem of illegals in this state except when he’s campaigning, all make me not a big fan. He does have some good qualities but he is far from ideal. I know we won’t get a perfect candidate, although Alan West comes close enough for me!

        1. Yes, if I wasn’t a racist Tea Partier, I would worship the ground Allen West walks on.

  39. If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is…. “You guys quit telling us what to do.” Hey, Rick: Quit telling US what to do! We still have the 1st amendment / right to free speech. If you had nothing to worry about and Dewhurst was headed for an easy win, you wouldn’t have said anything; we’d just be bothersome gnats you would simply swat away. We must really be getting under your skin, sir.

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