Mark Levin explains the Disclose Act and now it’s a threat to the First Amendment

Basically, if the Disclose Act passes the Senate, then groups like the Tea Parties who receive corporate donations to support or oppose a candidate has to meet new regulations to be compliant with the govt. The only problem is that the Democrats have carved out of the bill unions and other groups that support them. So basically, this is an attack on not only free speech, but an attack on the Right:

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Correction: Our right to free speech does not “come from the first amendment”. Our right to free speech is innate, like all of our natural rights. These rights pre-existed all governments. They are beyond any government's ability to pass any law, even one that rewrites our Constitution. The Bill of Rights lists some of the things that the federal government is not allowed to do to us, and it's not a comprehensive list. It recognizes our rights. It doesn't create, grant, or convey any rights, because that which the government gives, the government can take away. They're rights, not government granted privileges. I'd think a free speech expert would understand that.

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