Mark Levin explains why Trump is REALLY imposing these huge tariffs and it’s not to MAGA!

Mark Levin spent his entire first hour on the issue of tariffs, from a master class education to explaining why he believes Trump is really levying these trade taxes.

I didn’t record his entire first hour – for that you’ll have to listen to his free podcast.

But I did get some great highlights, starting with what Levin told a caller about why he believes Trump is really imposing these huge tariffs: “It’s about politics through and through.”


Levin says that this is really about Trump going into these industrial states and trying to take the vote away from the Democrats by pandering to them and their industries with tariffs.

Levin said just before that these tariffs (taxes) aren’t intended to create jobs or bring jobs back to America, but to protect certain industries with your taxes, or indirect subsidies. He explains:

And lastly, Levin explained in this audio segment why the ‘trade balance’ argument is a crock of manure. It comes in the first half of the segment below, while he makes the case that this is nothing but crony capitalism:


If you want to hear Levin’s master class on liberty, trade, and tariffs, which is how he opened his show, then click below:

Mark Levin delivers a master class on liberty, trade, and tariffs

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