Mark Levin: “FBI interfered with the election worse than the Russians could have ever dreamed of doing!”

Mark Levin gave a fantastic interview last night on Hannity where he gave his reaction to the IG report on the Hillary investigation. As you can judge from the title, Levin feels this report is a huge indictment against Comey, saying there was collusion, obstruction, and insubordination. And I love the line I used in the title, where Levin emphatically said the “FBI interfered with the election worse than the Russians could have ever dreamed!”


Levin said he listened to FBI Director Wray’s press conference and ‘learned exactly nothing’. He wasn’t impressed – in fact he said he was troubled by that Wray wants all of his agents to go through training so they know they must be unbiased during investigation. Levin points out that the vast majority of FBI agents are already unbiased and felt by saying this Wray was trashing them. The problem isn’t “Joe FBi Agent” or “Sally FBI Agent”, Levin argues, but rather Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page and their whole crowd.

Levin also decries the fact that the report didn’t find political bias even though it uses the words throughout the report.

There’s more so watch the full interview above. It’s terrific.

As a bonus I also have a short clip from Levin on Fox and Friends this morning. This is where Trump got the quotes he retweeted:

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