Mark Levin gives brilliant explanation of both Obama and Boehner

Mark Levin steps into the shoes of both Obama and Boehner, explaining the mindset of both men and why they operate as they do. This isn’t a comparison of the two men, but rather an attempt to give a deeper insight into what’s really going on in Washington by explaining the two men.

It’s excellent:

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37 thoughts on “Mark Levin gives brilliant explanation of both Obama and Boehner

  1. Lets just say it Mark Levin is the best, bar none. This another classic Mark Levin Explanation.

  2. Hate to say it, but the people back in ’10 who were advising to vote GOP and “change it from within” were suckers…or worse. GOP is beyond redemption.

  3. I think Dr. Levin is spot on.

    Boehner is a lapdog and Obama thinks he’s the big dog. Regardless, they are both dogs. I can’t wait until these muts are finally neutered.

  4. Newt is the answer – AGAIN!

    If the GOP doesn’t ditch these excuses for conservatives, they’re history.

    DeMint needs to take over the Senate Republicans and Ryan needs to take over the Speakership.

    And they should all sit down and listen to Newt.

      1. “He’s on the committee that voted to purge the conservatives” – WHAT???

        Blimmin’eck: so in the best case he abstained, because obviously if he’d voted against he’d be telling us, wouldn’t he!

        If he were the conservative as which he’s been sold during his VP run, then he should’ve come out screaming blue murder about Boehner’s raid. He didn’t, did he!
        So he either abstained, or actually voted with Boehner. Gawd.

        Can any of his constituents find out, ask him? Not that I’m holding my breath.

  5. Mark, you’re not qualified to make these statements. Of course, I am

    I love me some Levin. Of course he is. Who else would be better than a man that studies him every single day? Obama himself is so transparent that any of us should have been able to see it – and many of us have for years.

    As to Boehner, where was he for the last six months? Hiding under his desk – until election night when it was announced that Republicans would keep the House. Then he came out and declared victory, when everyone around him were falling by the wayside.

    Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, and McConnell – five people that this nation can do without. They must all go and go now to save this great nation.

    Let the revolution of the people, by the people, and for the people begin.

    1. This is all going to backfire on boner, conservatives (I am praying) are going to band together and fight him since there is nothing holding them back now.

  6. Boehner has been in DC for two decades?Two decades too long IMHO.As an Ohioan,I say it’s time for Boehner to be retired.He is not from my district but I will help the campaign for any conservative willing to run against him.Spot on as usual Mr. Levin.

  7. I am officially done with the GOP. I am done with them calling me, harassing me for money. I swear I got daily calls from them during the election….one 1-800 call after another. I answer on the second ring…no one there…click. 10 minutes later…..another call…I answer…click. Eventually, they get ahold of me pleading for cash, saying how urgent they need the cash to get Obama out of office, and how much different they are now; how much they are like us now. After today and what Boehner did kicking conservatives out of positions of power, I am done with the GOP. As an Ohioan, I am sickened by his spineless nature. If the House doesn’t have the courage to kick the man out of the speakership, it’s time to get the man voted out of office from the 8th Ohio district and force his retirement. Matt Kibbe from Freedom Works….It’s time to get to work now. There has to be a real smart conservative in the 8th Ohio district to replace this hack. I might live in a different district, but I am willing to help. This power hungry crybaby needs to go.

    1. Spot on… I’m with you on that! I dumped the GOP shortly after they foisted McCain on us. Incompetent boobs.

    2. I hope you are not one of those 3 million republicans who didn’t vote because Romney was a moderate, because if you are look what we got. But I have to agree with you you have to vote them out during the primaries not the general election. If you fail to vote during the general you’ll get what you have today.

      1. Jose,
        Of course I voted for Romney. I volunteered too at my county GOP office. I drove all over the county delivering yard signs. I met some very nice local Republicans that think like us but I also have seen a few people that have shown their true colors with regard to the Tea Party. Some in my county do not like the local county Tea Party groups. They regard them as being off the wall and always angry. Being that I involved myself more with the national side of the Tea Party, I have never yet gone to local Tea Party meetings. I plan to go to a few meetings and assess the situation.
        Getting back to the topic at hand; before we get rid of the statists in the Socialist Democrat party, we need to get rid of the progressive statists in the Republican party. Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy have to go in 2014. It’s time to get started now because we need to find the right people to get behind and these three men in power aren’t going down without a hard fight. They will play dirty and use their network to win.

        1. Therese,
          You are right. Boehner seems like Obama that just because he is majority leader that he can rule like a king. Especially kicking those who don’t agree with him off leadership roles. I was sick when Romney lost but life goes on and we need to vote for more conservatives to get Boener out of leadership and place constitutionist in place.

    3. then you’re officially done with anyting other than the democrat party. There is no way to get through to the vast majority of voters, so you are beating your head against a wall. No third party can beat 80% of voters who are not even frigging aware that you think they’re stupid, they will vote their party come hell or high water. The only effect a third party can have is to decide which of those two parties wins.
      I’m sorry, I know it sucks, but that’s what you have. If you want better people, then you have to get them into these two parties. There is no other way.

      Give the states back their representation or none of this matters anyway.

    1. The GOP stopped being relevant when they could not defeat such an obvious incompetent liar like Obama from destroying our American way of life. When the communist party openly supports an American president for re-election and wins, the democratic values and priciples that made us the greatest country in the world are being eroded as never before in our history. The GOP leaders are a disgrace to the men and women who have made our country great. Until we drain the cesspool called Washington D.C. of the corrupt liars and thieves who dominate the leadership of both parties we will keep moving to rock bottom until America as we know it will cease to exist.

      1. I’m starting to wonder if Boehner isn’t working with them. It might be time to go Alinsky on Boehner. I’ve heard he’s had affairs. It might be time to have to get a little dirty, for the sake of the country. George Washington, fought a physical war. I’m willing to go Alinsky if that’s what it means.

        1. That is the main problem with the rinos, they are afraid to go to the dirt with the idiots on the left, and they I think are not smart enough to stand on principles or defend their positions.

      2. The GOP stopped being relevant when they had both houses of Congress and the White House during the Bush administration. You couldn’t tell the difference between them and the Dems, nothing was done to try to undo the damage the liberal agenda has been doing to this country since the 1930s

      3. Obama is the alpha and the omega, and maybe Boehner is approaching that title as well. Can you imagine Boehner as our president. He is caving in like the rest of the RINO’s in both the house and senate. Mark Levin got it right again.

    2. Many of us were going to drift away from them even if Romney won (giving him the benefit of the doubt to try and fix this country). When they proved they could not even beat the worst President in history in the midst of a devastating recession (granted fraud is also involved, but never complained about), then they were written out of the will. Our future belongs elsewhere, and we need to upgrade to a better horse and buggy. This one wore out it’s welcome.

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