Mark Levin goes NUCLEAR, calls out Paul Ryan for his position on immigration

Mark Levin has had it with Republicans and this push for amnesty. He blasted Paul Ryan in the opening of his show tonight for his comments on immigration on CNBC earlier today where he said they would push for a path to citizenship despite flak from the right.

Below are the tweets, via John Harwood from CNBC, that Levin read on the air:

Paul Ryan tells me House will pass immigration “path to citizenship.” Despite flak on right, “House can/will deal with earned legalization.”

on NAM panel, Ryan calls conserv opposition to reform familiar, weakened. debate on right “better from pro-immigration standpt than before.”

Ryan on immig reform: “If our motivation is to help us win elections, we shouldn’t bother. My motivation: rule of law/security/econ growth.”

Ryan rebuts conservatives who say path to citizenship = amnesty. “Amnesty is wiping slate clean, forgetting penalty. Nobody suggesting that”

Levin said he invited Paul Ryan on the show today to discuss this but was blown off by Ryan’s people. Ryan may regret doing that.


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140 thoughts on “Mark Levin goes NUCLEAR, calls out Paul Ryan for his position on immigration

  1. WOW there is no outer party, if you want to save this nation you will forget the left and right , the inner and outer , name , names of all that are lair’s  Then do all with groups to take on the evil in our nation , the left and right is a game to keep all public in a lost fight ! that is all it is bicker going on to keep Americans in brainless no win subjects to over throw our great nation !

  2. The Republicans are the Outer party.  And as Mencius Moldbug says: DO NOT SUPPORT THE OUTER PARTY.

  3. Im just not ready to throw Paul Ryan away yet. Maybe Rubio…..the jury is still out.

  4. Like others here, I’ve lost faith in the republican party.  I never had it for dems because they rejected the Constitution and God-given unalienable rights 100 years ago and have led us into socialism.
    I find encouragement in people like Mark Levin and others who still believe in American values and ideals and treasure freedom.

  5. Why doesn’t Ryan explain how we can expect anyone to follow NEW immigration laws if they don’t follow the existing ones? Why should we trust him and his brothers in the DC aristocrisy to enforce NEW immigration laws if they won’t enforce the existing ones?

    1. The Party that was not on the ballot in 2008 and 2012 was, yes, maybe the
      Transformation of America Party. I was tricked into thinking that I voted
      Republican and that somehow meant I was going have consistent Constitutional
      Representative Republic representation in D.C. But, ooops, turns out I was
      duped; there is no predictable distinction. It’s just One Party with
      “leanings” – leanings toward America or anti-America, give or take,
      depending on the issue. 
      The only step for Congress to take, the only response that is now
      acceptable, is contained in one word: impeachment. Please tell me how I force
      my Congressman Jim McDermott in the 11th District of Washington State to begin
      impeachment proceedings; he is a BO/BS boot licker.

    2. ClareWA If they really want to get America back they will drop the labels of Democrats, Republicans , WHAT IT REALLY IS = OBUMMERS EVIL PARTY AGAINST THE AMERICAN PARTY =  their is only 2 groups as i see it and one is working vrey hard to tear our values up and toss them in the trash … most of what the evil is doing to our system is make it into a dog and pony show for us to keep upset with , what we should be doing is stopping the change of terms = its not  a rumor or a scandal , what taking place is a crime, in the old days this guy would have had tar and feathers all over him and skin would now be peeling off !!!  DON’T BE FOOLED INTO THE GAME OF LEFT RIGHT DEM OR REPUB !

  6. I guess young is a relative term depending on who is using it. You are right, his experience is impressive, as well as his tenacity. I like him so far. But I’m going to continue to watch. I really like Mike Pence as well.  We’ll see. I have very little hope for the R party these days.

  7. After having lived in Wisconsin, I can tell you that NONE of this surprises ANY of us! Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, Reince Preibus. Bad bad bad news.

  8. In response to Levin’s last sentence: Is this a joke?  Yes it is.  It’s a joke on citizens and those who went through all the hardships attached to legal immigration.  The joke’s on us–to paraphrase the great DrinkingwithBob (see on YouTube).

  9. Now if MARK can just take the his Blinders off on RUBIO and Orin HATCH that would be great. Mark is 98% on target most of the time except when it comes to Rubio and Hatch ! Oh well, he is still one of the best on the conservative side.

  10. Ryan is one of the largest advocates in Washington of corporate welfare and cronyism!  He claims to be conservative because he opposes individual welfare.
    Auto industry wants a bailout? Ryan voted for that.
    Banks what a bailout? Ryan voted for that.
    Big Pharma wants government subsidies in the Part D bill? Ryan voted for that.
    Some businesses want cheap immigrant labor that undercuts American wages? Ryan says he will vote for that.
    How about we demand Republicans oppose ALL Forms of welfare.

  11. The phrase “Nobody is suggesting that” has become popular among politicians who are being grilled. It’s code for, “Yes, that’s exactly what we’re going to do, suckers.”

  12. I guess Ryan decided if he was going to fall, he might as well do a spectacular belly flop. Guess what, ryan: we the Right haven’t changed, we aren’t weakening, and your betrayal will be remembered.

  13. Mr. Levin  I see an entire administration living a luxuries lifestyle. Every voting cycle same issues, same opinion polls, there is no consideration of we the  peoples inherited respect. It seems to me this false premise of political correct tyrannical policies directed to a citizenry supporting this policy regulating amnesty of millions invading our nation sovereignty daily is punishable by death. We pay for our military to protect many other nations from themselves. We ignore our nations rule of law concerning political considerations, but absolutely enforce it  when a division among its citizens is required to distract us from actual motivations. Our military is paid 2407 . Imagine the capital this economy could save securing our borders with the greatest fighting force. Simply redeploy our soldiers to our homeland securing all our borders. Strategically and totally. Could be secured in days. Decades of ignorance for political growth is counter productive, obviously this is the point and purpose of political correct results. Yes dissolve this government growth ridiculous bureaucratic waste, tremendous waste I believe instituted to suppress we the people, intimidating our very way of life. We have a military second two none created to defend this nations sovereignty, and a national guard capable of securing the states security. Yes removal of political correct legislature required to be turned over, every last bit of its enforcement.

  14. If they are here illegally, they have committed a crime.  It won’t matter what they pass because as time goes by most people will forget about what was promised and eventually rules will be passed allowing them to access the welfare roles, back taxes will be forgiven – you get the picture.  Amnesty – no.

  15. Frank Luntz, and Mike Murphy have these republican suckers convinced that their only hope for survival is to roll over like a yellow Lab.  What they don’t tell them is that once the Left has you on your back, they skin you, and gut you.

  16. Ryan rebuts conservatives who say path to citizenship = amnesty.
    “Amnesty is wiping slate clean, forgetting penalty. Nobody suggesting
    Total baloney.
    The definition of amnesty is “the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individual.”
    Under the Senate bill, granting roughly 11 million illegal aliens temporary residency status is pardoning a large group of individuals.
    This effort by people like Senator Rubio and Representative Ryan to claim that what they are doing is not amnesty is deceitful and dishonest.
    The reality? A bi-partisan combine of big money, big business, big labor and big media are all supporting this push for amnesty and G_d forbid that career politicians with Presidential ambitions like Ryan and Rubio buck the combine.

    – and –
    Ryan and Rubio were not elected on a platform which called for comprehensive immigration with a pathway to citizenship.
    I would have more respect for people like Ryan and Rubio if they were straight up and said:
    “Look, we have a mess on our hands. The longer we wait, the worse it is going to get. While many may disagree, after looking at the situation, we have concluded that the best way forward must include a form of amnesty.”
    That would not only allow for an honest debate, but also ensure that once the debate was finished, people would be able to come together and move forward.
    Instead people like Ryan and Rubio are doing what the left does, lie by changing the meaning of words and then smearing opponents in an effort to shut down the debate. This is absolutely infuriating.
    It is one of the reasons why many people are concluding that the best approach is to tell our representatives in the House and Senate, you want to vote for what we all know is amnesty before the border is secured and immigration enforcement is in place, that’s fine …. but when it comes time for re-election, you can kiss our a**; and even then we are not going to lift a finger to support you. So have a nice day!
    Okay, end of my morning rant.

    1. John_Frank “I would have more respect for people like Ryan and Rubio if they were straight up and said: “Look, we have a mess on our hands. The longer we wait, the worse it is
      going to get. While many may disagree, after looking at the situation,
      we have concluded that the best way forward must include a form of
      amnesty.” That would not only allow for an honest debate, but
      also ensure that once the debate was finished, people would be able to
      come together and move forward.”
      I respectfully disagree. The politicians aren’t in the least interested in “the best way forward”. They’re only interested in their own political futures, which means the least ruffling of feathers, the least effort and risk on their part. If Ryan et al made a statement like this, it would just be more dishonesty, therefore no honest debate.
      We’re never going to get an honest debate on this anyway, because both parties want amnesty and citizenship, which is diametrically opposed to law, and the politicians know it.

    1. ryanomaniac  Took the words out of my mouth. Mark has such condemnation for everyone else who’s caved on immigration / amnesty, but for some reason rubio is “hands off”. Doesn’t make sense.

      1. lawngreen ryanomaniac I’ve heard him blast Rubio many times. Not to this extent but Ryan is the one who fired on Conservatives first.

        1. KevinMcGoldrick lawngreen ryanomaniac   McGold, can you send me a link? I’ll see what I can find too. I haven’t seen or heard of it before, nor have others here. If Mark has indeed taken rubio to task, then we need to set the record straight.

  17. I raised question back when he walked out on his dad , he did the 12 hr talk and won attention , seems to me they got to him, now i think we the people have to find ones like Gowdy Cruz, Issa, Hamilton , and few more that i forget the names of ,put them up to top if poss !

  18. We have 2 to replace here in Oregon Merkly Wyden are both sold out to UN and Illegal ingratiation , Paul sold out allso just by budding up to Rubio but i noticed that he is buddy’s with Wyden  so we have a problem here in Oregon !

  19. I am in Florida now and will be working to find an honest replacement for Rubio.  Someone else will have to work on Ryan’s replacement.

  20. Levin one of 3 last Americans that speak the truth! and care about this country. Come one, wake up America! not about republican vs democrat here, its about our country  and freedom and liberty! Its almost over!

  21. Mark was on fire last night. I wish XM would give him Hannity’s time slot so I could hear the whole show and then Sean could lull me to sleep repeating “Throw grandma off the cliff” and “Republicans want dirty air and water” over and over.

    1. Dr. Strangelove Levin is on podcast, you can download show and listen anywhere anytime you like!

      1. mrkjs1 Dr. Strangelove Thanks but I listen to talk radio all day in the truck and when it stops, so do I

  22. ‘earned legalization’ seriously Ryan??? what the hell does that mean exactly???? wow the GOP have lot their minds
    they stand for nothing act like lefties and make the dumbest comments and defend none of us
    so done with them…..give me Cruz, Trey, Paul and the young guy from Utah I never remember his name….the rest of the RINOS not listening
    ps Rubio stop with the lies please walk away dude

  23. Now if Mark Levin would  only suck it up and blast Marco Stupido, up to now he handled Marco with kid gloves, Marco is a traitor to Conservatives and the Tea party and America, he  can take his bunch back to Cuba for all I care!

  24. Paul Ryan is a hack.  He is makes zero sense.  He speaks political blather and then votes like a gutless RINO. He is either a liar or stupid as a bag of Bidens.
    The GOP is absolutely our enemy.  There are a few good eggs doing their best, but they have been relegated to the background while human trash like John Boehner give away our country to liberals and criminals.
    Between Rubio, Toomey, and Ryan, we have been shown what the Republican party is truly about.
    I can no longer be a Republican.
    They call Sarah Palin stupid…ha, the political gang in DC know exactly how smart she is, thats why they destroyed her….and i mean both parties.
    Its time for a third party folks.  Right now there are not 2 choices in Washington….there is only one and it is destroying this nation.

  25. Paul Ryan you were never a Sarah Palin, you were a dud VP candidate, and lightweight RINO!

  26. Thanks Great One. Finally you see these charletans for what they are. Ryan is a professional politician, a man who has spent his whole adult life in DC. They are selling out the Constitution and the Country.

    1. faustmanv but homeland is labeling tea party people as ‘terrorists’ how clever eh?????????????????

      1. jazzee faustmanv The redcoats and their king said the same thing about the original Tea Party. It’s a badge of honor.
        And from their point of view, it’s the truth. Real Americans are a terror to the Left. The stuff of their nightmares. Didn’t know you were scary enough to cause nightmares, did you? They look at us and think “Jason – Friday the 13th!”

  27. I know the Democrats want more new
    voters. I have no idea why a Republican party wants to hand its
    opposition 10 million new voters. This bill is full of community organizer money. the Democratic ground game will be out there with their list signing them up by the millions as democrats and using the mobile apps on phones we pay for to hook the illegals up with benefits. i The GOP establishment is
    clueless. If they follow this paln the GOP will split into an
    opposition third party. The DC establishment has no clue how furious
    the base is with the Rove losers, the failed consultants, Frank Lunz
    and the entire crew. The GOP establishment is feckless and has no
    principles. More Senators like Ted Cruz are the only hope for this
    Republic and the GOP. I’m worried its too late. If we lose a Supreme Court justice the Constitution is offically dead.

  28. Our government says it needs to legalize the millions of illegals to find out where they are and register them….WTF!!!

  29. What’s wrong with our government, willing to give these illegals amnesty. When it was our governments fault for letting the influx of undocumented illegal aliens into the country by leaving our southern borders open to these people. I have no problem with any foreigner who comes her legally, gets a job and contribute to our economy, assimilate to our society.  My problem lies with the night crawlers who come here illegally, suck up the social systems, welfare, housing, medicade , all at tax payers expense. Our government may want to reward these parasites with citizenship because they screwed up and let it fester and did nothing to prevent the illegal alien (yes, alien, their not citizens) overrun us. What their doing is so un-American, it makes me sick!!

  30. If this Bill were to pass, can you imagine how large the new branch of government will be to implement such a Bill?  So in the near future the IRS will grows its ranks by who knows how many to police ObuttmeCare and then we will have the new Dept of Misplaced  Mexicans.  We’re screwed.

  31. Hey Levin, why didn’t you blast RUBE-io too? You handled him with kid gloves when he was on your show.

    1. Keyes Yeah, I’ll have to agree that both Mark & Rush have been handling Rubio with kid gloves for far too long.  Maybe they’ll eventually let him have a seat at the adults’ table.

  32. Have you ever seen the Lines of people waiting to get into this Country Legally?  I have, It boggles the mind, 6 o r8 deep extending for city block after city block.  Talk to some and find out about YEARS in line.  What a disservice to these people and Americans.  Come-On break the Law…Our Impotent Congress will Crawl on their belly’s to help you. Maybe just maybe you will vote for them in the new Banana Republic.

  33. Ryan in Roves pocket, has been will remain .. sure he shaves his chest .. girly boy ..  worthless

  34. It’s about time Ryan gets called out for being what he is: another RINO fraud. We are seeing the complete destruction of this once great country. It is time for a 3rd party and I don’t care what anyone says.

  35. You know, what bothers me is that these people don’t just break the law once when they come here illegally or overstay their visas, etc… they have to continue to break the law in order to remain here.  They are guilty of identity theft, forging documents, driving without a license, and possibly voting despite being ineligible… the list goes on and on, and that is the ones who do not commit felonies while they are here.  What is being presented rewards this behavior and they talk about the advantage of additional taxpayers but it has been estimated that 62% will end up on welfare, not to mention immediate eligibility for Obamacare if the Democrats get their way!  And with chain migration, 11 million (which is only a guess that is probably on the low side) will turn into 30 million in very short order.  Whether they take our jobs or land on welfare – we cannot afford this!!!  And if they don’t secure the border first, more will stream across to swell the rolls. Crossings are already up 9% and they laugh at border control insisting that Obama will release them and ask where they go for amnesty.  Meanwhile, Mexico has tough immigration laws that they actually enforce!  We are the biggest fools on the earth!  No country tolerates the nonsense that we not only tolerate, but subsidize!  There are illegals who have been here for 20 years or more, making babies and living off welfare… while hard-working American citizens struggle to pay our taxes and keep our heads above water.  I am really sick of it.  And you see them marching with signs demanding housing, jobs, food, education, and healthcare as if we OWE it to them just because they got themselves across our border.  Well, I think we should SECURE OUR BORDER FIRST.  Then we should streamline our LEGAL immigration system for the benefit of those who have obeyed our laws and are struggling with that process.  Only then should we decide what to do with the illegals who are here.  We don’t owe them anything.  We must do what is best for the citizens of this nation… for a change!!!

    1. DeborahClemence Breaking the law and demanding freebies just proves to the Dem’s they’ll be loyal voters.

  36. I had two feelings listening to this, one I was pissed off, and the other I was happy to hear Mark completely destroy Ryan, who we all have been watching for far too long saying one thing and voting another way. I have been saying for the longest Paul Ryan is a product of Washington, and somebody that does not do anything on principle. So happy to see Mark finally calling him out.

  37. Re: People in our country illegally.  I figure it would be effective if we prosecuted employers for aiding and abetting known criminals.  I’m pretty positive we already have a law concerning that.
    IMO, for people in our country illegally, it would be a very lenient punishment for the crime, to merely be sent back to their own country.  (Similar to having a thief merely return what he stole.)  And even then to offer them, if they’ve committed no other crime, that they will not be denied entrance and even citizenship only because of this one crime when they choose to join the people who come into our country legally.

  38. Sorry Mark…If you don’t ‘go nuclear’ on the ringleader Rubio by name…then I can not take you seriously on immigration anymore…Your friend Sean had a ‘puff piece’ interview with Marco today…He also refuses to hammer the idiot…What’s going on with you guys? I would never call someone a friend who wants to destroy this country…

    1. Mark and Sean are two different animals, and yes the interview Rubio was a game of touch. Bet you Rubio will not interview with Levin.

      1. he did!  he’s gone soft
        they’ve given him an offer he can’t refuse
        he’ll be a made man if the bill goes thru

  39. First Rubio, now Ryan….. I haven’t agreed with Ann Coulter on anything in a long time. Today she suggested that if the GOP is this stupid, it deserves to die. I agree.

  40. Two more thoughts:
    1. I love how Ryan goes: conserv opposition to reform familiar, weakened. debate on right “better from pro-immigration standpt than before.
    Gee, could it be because your side has been SUPPRESSED BY THE IRS!!!
    2. Why don’t we just give the liberals the bill they want? I say Ted Cruz and Rand Paul should propose an amendment granting complete amnesty and leave the border completely open. And go “Why keep the masquerade?” and propose such amendment that is so enticing the left will just seek their teeth into thus making the bill so toxic it can’t possibly pass the Senate OR the House

  41. Mark at his best. Why does Ryan think that if they betray conservatives and our respect for the rule of law that Republicans and conservatives will vote for him and his fellow Rinos? Guess what we won’t and will primary them all. If they use Karl Rove’s money to win we will stay home during the general election. There is NO FREE PASS on this vote. You are with us or against us. You are trying to annul our votes. Mark is right all these Rinos are like Obama. Christie, Ryan are always accusing us of political motives when its them who lie, backstab the base and do things that they think are in THEIR interest.

    1. BearNJ Ryan was never a conservative. At least not a principled one. It was all just 2012 Mittens hype. Look up his record sometime my friend. A lot of these people that end up betraying us and leave us surprised should never have been placed on a pedestal in the first place. 
      Its just too easy for us all to follow whoever is the toast of the town at FOX News and thats what we keep doing, to our detriment.

      1. pushtheredbutton BearNJ You don’t have to tell me I know. I agree as long as the GOP follows the next old guy who lost is our Presidential candidate and giving free passes to the talk limited government while voting for Statists government crowd this party is lost. The issue is the Republican voter, not to be confused with the conservative voter, is too often influenced by a media that despises and villifies conservative candidates. We conservatives know the game and refuse to be bullied but too many fall for this inevitable/electable garbage that leaves us after three primaries with poorly vetted and medicore Rinos.

        1. Thank you, may I add that there is a difference between liberals and conservatives and that is that we conservatives dont vote because there is an R next to the candidate.

      2. pushtheredbutton BearNJ It appears Mittens was actually the more conservative of the two.

  42. Ryan? Chile please. Done with him a long while ago. This doesn’t shock me. What shocks me is how long it takes for mainstream talkers, who know that something like amnesty is wrong, and they don’t call people like Paul, Rubio and Ryan out on their positions and double talking way before we do.  I mean, they’re getting paid for this.  The talkers are getting paid to be the voice of the voiceless not the voice of the party members and washington. 
    Anyways, I
    hear Rush and Ted Cruz say that the Amnesty bill is being sent to fail
    in the House by design, so that Obama can campaign on it in 2014.
    Perhaps. But when you see a poll like this   and I’ve seen others like
    it over the years, it doesn’t sound like much of a design. Remember,
    Obama tried to inflame the hispanic vote when he made an issue out of
    Arizona in 2010 just months before the mid term elections. It didn’t
    work. In fact, as we all know, it was a major fail.   I don’t think it’s going to work next year either. Obama, Rubio,
    Paul and others are extremely foolish to stand with McCain and Schumer
    on this. The American people want jobs. There are no jobs.  Then, there’s the Obama care
    issue. As amnesty is beginning to become just as unpopular as that. As
    in 2010, there are not enough jobs created to keep up to speed with the
    number of new comers going into the work force. I believe, on pg 844
    of the Shamnesty bill, millions of illegals will be allowed citizenship
    status immediately after Obama signs it. I’ve read some of the bill and it seems as with every page I turn, literally millions of dollars will be spent on this.  We. Don’t. Have. The. Money. For. This. So if there are no jobs now,
    there will really be no jobs after that happens. This makes no sense.

    Rush made a great point about what happened to California. That state was a Republican stronghold for many years.  Until when did it all start to change????  1986 and after that was where California began its long walk off of the liberal Democrat plank after the passage of amnesty with no border security.  So, we had amnesty in 1986 and the opposition party to the commies lost California. And now, we’re thinking of doing wha wha?   Passing another “immigration reform” bill, with no promise for border security so we can now lose what?  Texas? And eventually become a minority party and removing ALL opposition  to the communist traitorous Democrats for a generation?? 
    Obama has four known scandals on him. And this is only year 1 of term 2.  The GOP leadership are total morons to even consider this an issue when
    there are four known scandals to exploit on Obama right now. The GOP should not be looking to break bread with him. They should be looking to destroy them.  They shouldn’t be using the “I” word immigration.  They should be using the “I” word for impeachment. 
    Thank you.

  43. It seems pretty clear that Ryan has made his choice.  He’s not on our side anymore if he ever was.  He’s mad that he and Romney lost, and instead of doubling down and fighting the Obama regime that used every trick in the book to defeat him and Romney, he’s joined them.  He’s more bitter and angry with conservatives now than he is with the leftist dems.

    1. mike3e4r7 Good call.  It’s almost like he is taking revenge on conservatives because he and Romney failed to man up and fight for this country in 2012.

      1. Orangeone mike3e4r7 Actually Ryan added very little to the ticket. He was a very bland campaigner.

    2. mike3e4r7  I agree. Romney and Ryan both had plenty of opportunities to nail Obama to the cross but they both turned out to  be big wimps.  If you want to beat an enemy who fights dirty then you fight dirtier.

      1. It was all because the political consultants told them not to attack Obama, we can all see the results. Well done idiots.

  44. If this immigration bill passes in Congress, then we have a no border country!  It can’t be controlled and our rule of law will become moot!  Currently, I have no confidence that the Republican party will prevent it from passing!  The Republican party is lost and will also  become moot!  The question is, what will the American people do?

  45. I have come to the conclusion now that there is only one party in Washington and it is unfortunate.  “We the People” are on our own 🙁

    1. vettegal14 Yes, our government has sold us out and shredded the constitution. But we’re not alone. I’m not alone. I have a God, the same God that our founders knew about and honored. We have a government with 3 co-equal branches, modeled on the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. Many of our laws are modeled on His 10 commandments. We recognize that our rights come from Him, not man. And we recognize Him as our Creator in our founding documents. We are not alone. We need to pray for mercy, repentance and forgiveness. We need to pray for a revival, for the people to return to God so He will again bless our land and secure our freedoms. Otherwise, we are finished as a nation.

  46. We need a real statesman to come on the scene, a true conservative who can articulate principles and bring the American people along with him. I just don’t see anyone on the horizon who fits that description.  I’m hoping that Mike Pence from Indiana would get involved more on the national scene but he’s busy in his 1st time role as the Governor of IN. Ted Cruz has possibilities but he’s young. Rand Paul I’m watching but he’s probably not eloquent enough, yet. He’s getting better on the stump and knows alot of history.

    1. pmyers1934 Ted Cruz is far from young.  He is in his 40s, has successfully argued the 2nd Amendment before the SCOTUS, clerked for a Chief Justice of the SCOTUS, worked in a high level position in the DOJ, and was a solicitor general for TX.

      1. Orangeonepmyers1934I guess young is a relative term depending on who is using it. You are
        right, his experience is impressive, as well as his tenacity. I like him
        so far. But I’m going to continue to watch. I really like Mike Pence as
        well.  We’ll see. I have very little hope for the R party these days.

        1. pmyers1934 Orangeone Thanks for the insight on Mike Pence.  I need to do a bit of research on him, just not familiar.  Check out Jim Jordan from OH too, he interrogated the heck out of the FBI Director today.  I posted the link to the full you tube on that Scoop thread in response to stage9 I believe.  Grab popcorn, it’s great!

    2. pmyers1934 Forget Rand Paul. The other two you mention are the ones to watch. I’d prefer Pence tbh.

    3. pmyers1934 Sarah Palin    What she did in Alaska, is exactly what needs to be done in DC.   Fire and prosecute corrupt politicians; oppose and fix their capitalist cronies.

  47. One of the things that really drives on my nerves is just how out of touch most Conservatives are about the liberal agenda.
    With every single issue that liberals bring to the fore the argument inevitably comes down to a single question of “Why are liberals doing this, it won’t work.”
    This line of thinking is the problem.
    Liberals do NOT THINK LIKE YOU DO! They do not think in patriotic terms! Patriotism is NOT a liberal value. Patriotism is evil in the mind of a liberal.
    So, when it comes to immigration, this issue isn’t about securing the border! And it may not even be about getting votes. It is simply about giving Mexicans back the land that liberals feel we white Christian Europeans allegedly STOLE from them. In other words, in THEIR mind, this is SOCIAL JUSTICE — righting a wrong!
    By allowing the borders to be opened, Mexicans will flood over the border like a tsunami and ultimately reoccupy the land that liberals believe was stolen from Mexicans by white settlers. This is why liberals hate their own race so much. They see white people as the scourge of the world. Racists. Slave drivers. Genocidal. Xenophobic. They see no good in America as it is today. It must change!
    This is about a LANGUAGE and invasion campaign to silence average Americans and IMPOSE a NEW WORLD upon the  US. It’s about creating a NEW SOCIETY. Where the sins of white America are washed away by returning things to how they were BEFORE the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.
    And near-sighted Washington repugnicans are walking into the trap like dumb sheep, because they’re too stupid and too naive to recognize what’s happening.
    LIBERALS WILL NEVER SECURE THE BORDER! PERIOD! Get it OUT of YOUR HEAD! That is NOT their goal! Their goal is an America with an ENTIRELY NEW complexion! AND THAT is what they’re fighting for!

    1. stage9 
      Interesting perspective. Your commentary joins a growing chorus of similar sentiment.
      I agree with you 100% about liberals… they’re insane. Regarding “New” Mexico… I’m starting to give that some serious thought. There’s mounting evidence that this may be true.

      1. The Sentinel  stage9 
        This is what they teach in “Cultural Studies” Classes.
        Communist Goals of 1963:

        43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

    2. stage9 
      What’s so funny is “Mexico” is the name given by those WHITE guys from Spain and the average Mexican has more WHITE blood than brown blood.

      1. Keyes stage9 The ruling class has more white blood, not many sneaking across the border are doctors, engineers and accountants.

  48. The fix is definitely in in the senate.  There is no way this doesn’t pass. I heard hannity throw softballs to rubio today – I swear these guys think we’re stupid.  Rubio actually trying to come across as tough because of his phony learn english first amendment.  
    Hopefully this can get stopped in the house but I have my doubts.  Boehner and Ryan are pathetic.  If this thing passes I’m done with the republican party.  I’m either not going to vote or I will vote for a third party.

  49. There’s not enough honest conservatives in the House to defeat this beast, I’m afraid. John Boehner said immigration is his 1st priority. What does that tell us?

    1. DocBarry1 Why doesn’t Levin call out the traitor boy Rubio who has been on TV lying to the American people about this massive amnesty bill and the $8.3 trillion cost?

      1. Orangeone DocBarry1 As great as he is, Levin has always had a groupie tendency. Still a patriot though.

    1. SavingtheRepublicdotcom It must be stopped however I fear it won’t be.
      That would involve the GOP leadership to actually listen to us, but when did they ever?

  50. Harwood, like most in the media is a democrat operative.  He was so excited with Ryan’s talking points he had to send out 5 tweets to make sure he got all of them.  Of course no responses from conservatives were tweeted by Harwood.  However, when Sowell made a basic economic argument about how wages will be affected by mass immigration Harwood was quick to tweet out a rebuttal from Holtz-Eakin.

  51. I am seriously starting to lose my mind.  I can see why people start getting paranoid about all of this – it’s like someone “got” to Ryan.  Or gave him a frontal lobotomy.  Or, he was always a sheep supporting the statist regime and I was fooled by his apparent (not real) fiscal conservatism?  
    I dunno.  I was even saying this morning to my wife after all this NSA stuff – maybe Justice Roberts was “forced” via blackmail to change his opinion/decision re: Obamacare.  
    With all of this stuff coming out, nothing would surprise me now.

    1. Micawber All Ryan wants is power to get elected next time he runs for Pres. They are stupid enough to think that Hispanics will vote for Republicans if we help them become citizens – power corrupts. They’ve all sold us out. Our founders were right that we should NEVER trust gov’t – any gov’t. We will not recognize America in a few years. Labor unions want unskilled labor to join their unions, this bill will give them just that.

      1. pmyers1934 Micawber  
        Those with the money and power to get Ryan elected also require amnesty to gut America.

      2. pmyers1934 Micawber You are correct. Ryan got a taste of power as the VP and now he is as corrupt as the rest of them.

  52. When the hell are we, going to once and for all rid ourselves of the GOP? We gave the GOP 30 governorships, Complete control in 24 state legislatures, and this is how they treat their damn base? Well screw them and the rhino they road in on!
    We don’t need the GOP, the GOP needs us because all they pander to are DEMOCRATIC VOTERS. 
    Once and for all I beg my fellow conservatives… lets drop the GOP and be done with them. Let that damn party die and we restart our fight with a new Party that fights for OURSIDE!

    1. jcrichichi Well, I can’t believe I”m saying this, but I now agree with you. But starting a new party is not easy. Both parties have the laws written to protect their power and hinder new parties from forming. Part of me says is just too late, we’re too far gone, cooked. Another part of me wants to start over with the constitution. But not enough Americans even know anything about the constitution, or care.

    2. jcrichichi Every time they call for money tell them to go get it from their illegal aliens.

    1. emagnan1 When they arrive in Washington they abandon their minds and surrender their souls.

  53. Didn’t we warn about this (Rubio & Ryan) a few months ago? that they were being groomed to be the next generation of RINOs?

  54. So the BOOT LICKERS in the republican leadership are SELLING US OUT. again. Well, enough is enough. What is this crap about “earned legalization”.
    I want a list of all their advisors and whoever is programming them – we need an explanation, an APOLOGY and for them to resign.
    Do you know who I just heard on the radio – Frances Fox Piven. You know – the Cloward-Piven commie. These clowns want to “destroy the system”. So, do Boehner and Paul Ryan have to join in ? Are they that blind ? Levin has a great monolog right now – gonna download the audio. This immigration crap is Cloward-Piven on steroids.
    This immigration crapload should go right into the TRASH, where it belongs. I am sick and tired of hearing that AD on the radio with Rubio. Sick and tired of being lied to. These clowns must be in fear of somebody – are they really scared of a bunch of ‘Democratic Socialists of America” ??? What kind of chicken crap is that ?

    1. physicsnut  
      They are not blind. They’ve been promised a place in the globalist oligarchy.

  55. ryan and rubio are both going to regret their push for this amnesty bill.  2014 can’t come soon enough to force out these rinos.

    1. CarolynDixon I just hope there are enough people left who can see and understand what is actually going on.  If so, then I can’t wait.  But I do wonder sometimes if most the country is even capable of seeing things as they are.

    2. CarolynDixon But who are we going to vote for?  I’m willing to send a loud message to the GOP and vote Democrat and tell each RINO exactly why.

      1. OrangeoneCarolynDixon If a third party gives us somebody to vote FOR, I’m there.   But I’m hoping patriots can force the GOP to run somebody good – but I’m sure not counting on it.

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