Mark Levin goes on a tour of history to EXPOSE liberal HYPOCRISY on Trump Putin summit

Mark Levin went through a pretty decent review of modern American history and how Democrats did far far worse to collude with the Russians when they were much more evil and anti-American.

Watch below:

He has a point. While it was pretty disgusting to see how Trump was sucking up to Putin, and how he tossed our intelligence agencies under his campaign bus, there was not a substantive deal made in any respect. We should not downplay the importance of symbolism and imagery – Putin will definitely get a boost from all the lovey dovey pics with Trump. But in substance, Russia has not had carte blanche like many Trump critics believed would happen. To be fair, part of that has to do with the GOP influencing Trump, but the hysterics in the media really are an exaggeration.

Oh, and don’t miss this doozy:

“They’ve had more positions on Russia than Stormy Daniels!”

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