Mark Levin hits back HARD against those who say Kim Davis should ‘follow the rule of law’

Mark Levin opened his show talking about the issue that has landed Kim Davis in jail, saying the entire Constitution has been turned upside down. And he hits back hard against the Left (and phony Conservatives) who say Kim Davis should just ‘follow the rule of law’.

Here’s a snippet:

What they mean is, not the rule of law, but rather that you will accept the fate of this nation as dictated by the left or you’re going to be punished. That’s what they mean as they try to institutionalize and enshrine their leftist agenda into the law so they can use the law against the law-abiding.

Just because a court issues an opinion doesn’t make it lawful. Just because a president uses his pen and his phone doesn’t make it lawful.

Tyranny comes in many forms.

Here’s more:

How can it possibly be that the law of the land that these judges swear to uphold, the law of the land under which they have whatever authority they have, can be abused by them and then we are forced to live by the law of the judiciary?

The court had no business whatsoever getting into this issue of same-sex marriage. NONE!

And that’s why we have a problem in Kentucky.

Not because of the lady in Kentucky, but because of Justice Kennedy and the four other justices.

That’s why we have a problem in Kentucky!

Not because of the Federal Constitution. Not because of any State Constitution. But because of five justices who acted outside the law, who violated the law, and now we have people saying ‘follow the rule of law.’


What they really mean is follow the rule of Anthony Kennedy. And of course the lower courts are going to enforce this.

Listen to the entire segment below:

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