Mark Levin: If you think amnesty helps the GOP win elections, you’re dead wrong. And here’s why…

Mark Levin explains why the GOP adopting amnesty won’t help the GOP win elections:

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28 thoughts on “Mark Levin: If you think amnesty helps the GOP win elections, you’re dead wrong. And here’s why…

  1. Levin is spot on once again. We need more people like him on Fox. The RINO’s are caving in to Obamas demands and although 66% of the population agree with the new amnesty plan set forth by a bi-partisan group, I have my doubts.

  2. Didn’t Romney say he wanted illegals to self-deport? Many Hispanics may have thought that the next step was enforced deportation under Romney. He was criticized for being too extreme on Immigration in the beginning,wasn’t he? Over the span of 32 years, maybe Hispanics just didn’t believe that amnesty would ever actually come from the right. Maybe the point is, though, that securing the borders and protecting US jobs (these two phrases need to inextricably linked) would have had the surprising effect of winning more votes than imagined in all camps.

  3. Securing the border is a necessity, but above all, any conservative worth their salt must fight these identity policies tooth and nail.

    These identity groups are perceived as victims by the left, and are thus going to be stuffed with freebies right left and centre. They are a permanent client class, permanently voting left, because conservatives will not follow MLK’s advice about looking at the content of a person’s character.

    The same sort of nonsense is starting to be advocated over here, by Tory strategists.
    Amnesty instead of throwing illegals out simply provides the left with a calculable electoral advantage.
    How stupid do these ‘strategists’ have to be not to get this?

  4. Hearing the typical GOPe types on Hugh Hewitt’s show just shows how out of touch the GOP is to their voters.

    Immigration is down, yet this is what the focus is on?

  5. If you look at this past election it is plain that people are voting for their own self-interest and not for the long term interests of their kids or their country. Obama micro-targeted voters based on age and interest. The “war on women” and the “vote with your lady parts” slogans were meant for women of child-bearing age. They took a single issue and used it to get the votes of all those women who could only think about themselves from the waist down.

    I think the statistics Levin gave prove that “amnesty” is not an issue for Hispanics. At least not *the* issue. So what are the issues that keep Hispanics voting for dems?

  6. I just refer to them as Illegal Democrats. If the Republican’s think that backing amnesty is going to help them, they are dead wrong. It will be just another nail in the coffin.

  7. He’s correct

    The next election will only be won if EVERY Republican comes out to vote

    It must be done quietly – just like the Obama campaign did in 2012


    The voter ID cases must be started NOW ! – not in 2014 – So they can be given a good fight

    This last election was a fraud – The GOP blew it !

  8. This will look like a victory for Obamalinsky and will do nothing good for the country. Obamacare cost will skyrocket because Obamacare will subsidize the cost of care for these people at taxpayer expense.

  9. Folks, I know this isn’t the place to put this, and forgive me SCOOP, but something’s going on and we should all be made aware of this:

    Army Trining Exercise Happening on Houston’s South Side Today!

    Machine gun fire from military helicopters flying over downtown Miami Fl.

    ‘Makes Very Little Sense’: Why Are Army Tanks Rolling Down Residential Roads for Training in St. LouisLast June

    Prepare folks. Something’s happening….

  10. I can’t say how happy I am that Mark’s eyes are opening to how “Bush-like” Roooobio really is.

  11. Amnesty didn’t help the Republicans when Reagan did it, so why will it help us now? It will not. Special interest groups, like hispanics, will only vote for the party that gives them the most benefits and entitlements. That’s it. If the last election taught us anything, it was that the low information voters are only interested in what THEY can get out of the government. The Republicans could pass an amnesty bill tomorrow and they wouldn’t pick up any more hispanic votes. It all comes down to the “compassionate conservative” thing, or how much money and benefits you can give these people. They will sell their votes to the highest bidder.

    1. 200 Million registered voters in this country. Only 125-130 Million voted in the 2012 general election. That leaves 65-70 million people that didn’t vote.

      Rather than mine votes from the 70 million people that didn’t vote by being a center right party that actually stands for something……. oh no, they want to steal votes from the left. They (GOP) would rather move left to be more like Democrats.

      I’ll tell you why 70 million people didn’t vote, because they don’t feel like it matters. They can’t tell one party from the other, and bipartisan crap like this amnesty deal only reinforces their belief. Now, are they right by doing this? I don’t believe so, but that is the reality. And we are all going to be paying a very high price.

      Folks, this amnesty deal may be the final nail in our country’s coffin.

      1. You make an excellent point. Those 70 million that didn’t vote are probably those that want their bread and butter issues solved. Election after election, whichever party, they see more attention going out to other countries than their own.
        Another thing. Immigrants should have to wait 5 years before they are allowed to vote. They don’t have enough time to get to know the political scene when they first arrive, no matter where they come from.

        1. American born citizens are not allowed to vote until they are 18 years old correct? So then I propose that all naturalized citizens must live here for 18 years before they are allowed to vote. It makes sense to me this will give them 18 years to first: become cynical, then angry, then slowly they will begin to mature and after paying taxes and so on for those 18 years maybe, just maybe they will really understand whats at stake.

          1. The arithmetic is good. When 18 year olds qualify to vote, have they been brainwashed by socialist professors, and influenced by the media?
            Many immigrants are sick of socialism, but think voting Democrat is a ‘balance’. Many voters haven’t got a clue what is happening between elections, and then vote as if they were playing ‘spin the bottle’
            If we had a system for citizens to apply to vote, and had a test first, who would prepare the test? I suppose it is a ‘hope for the best’ system.
            This is why 18 years is a pretty good idea. It doesn’t have a hope of being accepted, though.
            But it put a smile on my face.

      2. I can give you one Reason why Many didn’t vote. No one Cared about them.

        your always going to have people that don’t vote lets say because of their jobs. I know people that never watch Television, have no time for it, can’t tell you what goes on in the World, and they are lucky to see their children who they love very much. One is a Brain Surgeon, the Other is a Cardiac Heart specialist Surgeon. They make sure they do take vacations.

        But There was a Reason Christians didn’t come out and vote, in the last Two Presidential Elections who has been attacked more than anyone else. the Bible Thumpers. I am one of them. I voted. I voted both times, McCain and Romney. But I know there were over 3 Million Christians who did not. Why? they were never mentioned. McCain nor romney courted that vote.

        when Ronald Reagan Courted their Vote, they came out in full force. George Bush II was the last one to say anything about Christians. McCain and Romney ignored us and here we are the ones being bashed, our rights to our Faith are being taken away, and not a word.

        1. Seriously, do christians need be pandered coddled and babied to go do their civic duty when there is a marxist in the White House? At a very minimum he is a muslim sympathizer, at worst an atheist. He attacks your religious liberty with legislation like Obamacare and is hostile to christians not only here but around the world with his reckless foreign policy that promotes terrorist states like Egypt…. And christians need to be pandered to in order to go vote?

          What the heck do you want, the GOP to pull up with a limo and drive you to the polls?

          Yeah, I get it, you want to be pandered to, you want someone to speak up for you, the 2012 election was no time to make that point.

          And many good people will suffer for it including Christians overseas in trouble spots around the world.

          Yeah, my guy didn’t win the nomination in 2000, 2008, or 2012, and I went to the polls, held my nose and pulled the lever.

          1. that is not what I am saying, I am not talking about being Pandered to. I am talking about the 1st Amendment. Think back when Obama started Running. Think to what he was saying about Guns and Bible clingers. mccain said nothing. now thing 4 years later and what has he done. If they feel no one is going to protect their rights, and if they are feeling under attack, they feel no one is out there for them, so why vote. They just chose to stay home.

            Look Christians have been under attack for the past 4 years in this country fiercely, even abroad. I held my nose like you, I am just saying I understand why they did what they did.

            1. There’s no doubt you make some good points. In church all that pastors say is to vote for the person that best qualifies to represent the values for the social good, and rarely speak of God. I think it’s because they’re not allowed to by governments.
              Many priests and pastors lean toward liberalism too, so the church members are on their own. It’s too bad, but it might change if we can get another Reagan with the courage of his convictions, and as a good salesman will do, after explaining the benefits of a service or product, ‘ask for the order’.

          2. I was surprised so many evangelicals voted for Obama in 2008. Not in 2012, though. After the next 4 years, I hope Christians will think conservative, but Christians consider liberalism as compassionate, and don’t realize republicans are more compassionate. This means conservatives do a poor selling job, while liberals will say anything, even lie, to sell themselves—knowing people don’t pay attention all that much in between elections, plus have a short memory.

  12. So many Hispanics are also brain dead like many blacks? What I mean is, those boobs who vote only for the Democratic party… no matter what those clowns stand for… and they vote for them? Don’t you guys remember that the KKK (founded by Democrats) hates you?

    There’s a reason Karl Marx referred to these dumbmasses as “useful idiots”. Shaking my head… again.

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