MARK LEVIN: Interview with Obama Official on Trump spying is a SMOKING GUN

Mark Levin opened his show with the blockbuster interview between Morning Mika and Evelyn Farkas that we posted this morning, pointing out that this really is a big deal and in some respects a smoking gun.


Levin points out that as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Farkas was really only mid-tier and yet she still had access to sources and methods as well as the actual intelligence. Further, she herself tried to get this information shared with members of Congress and encouraged her colleagues to do the same.

Levin calls this a smoking gun – “not in every particular but in enough particulars” – and says Farkas needs to be a witness in front of the House and Senate intel committees and needs to be interviewed by the FBI.

In a later segment Levin made a great point, asking if Trump’s people were only caught by mistake then why did Farkas fear that they would lose their sources and methods once Trump’s people moved into the White House?

Listen to the clip for more on his thoughts about this.

UPDATE: Levin had even more questions about this from his opening segment in hour 2 of his show. Listen to it here!

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