Mark Levin interviws Amb. John Bolton on Iran and much more…

A great interview between Mark Levin and Former Amb. John Bolton on this lawless president, Iran, and much more.


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34 thoughts on “Mark Levin interviws Amb. John Bolton on Iran and much more…

  1. They covered every important aspect of foreign policy and I have to say, hearing it said brings home the direness of our situation. We are at the tipping point. If nothing changes, Obama will achieve what no enemy nation has accomplished in two hundred years – America’s downfall.

  2. … Iran with a NUKE ,
    just one more step before our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ returns for it is written .

  3. Mr Levin is one of Americas greatest Flaming Tea Party Patriots. Americans are blessed to have this great man working keeping them in the know about the treachery of the Democrat party and the masked maniacal miscreants in Republican party.

  4. My son and I were in the Kuwait Airport in 2009 on our way to Bangkok and I noticed a man at our gate sitting by himself reading the newspaper. He looked so familiar to me, but I couldn’t place how I knew him, so I walked over to him and said, “I know you, but I can’t recall how. Have we met through the Chamber of Commerce or perhaps Church?” The man looked up and smiled and said, ” I’m John Bolton, US Ambassador to the United Nations, you have probably just seen me on television.” He was so cordial that we continued our conversation until time to board our flight. I was amazed that such an important man was traveling by himself. My son ended up sitting next to him on the flight and also enjoyed a pleasant conversation with him. I tell you about this experience to say that John Bolton is not only a very intelligent man and a Patriot who has served our country, but he is a down to earth human being who is not too important to carry on a conversation with a couple of strangers in an airport. We need more men in our government like him.

    1. And this man’s appointment was blocked by the demorats. That’s when the republicans should have grown a pair and used the “nuclear” option. He would have been worth any fall out.
      Don’t ever think you’ll see one of the con man’s gestapo traveling by themselves, they’ll have body guards galore….at our expense, until the end of time.

  5. Ok, we know obama is lawless. What can the average American really do?

    Vote? Only every 2 years. Write our Senators? Mine is Durbin and Kirk, what good will that do?

    1. Mine are Cantwell and Patty Murray….I’m still waiting to hear back from murray about the effects of obamacare on my family. I get a canned response from cantwell…eventually.
      We are not represented in this government.

      1. Oh badbadlibs, I feel your pain. Up early are you?
        As a lifetime Washingtonian, now an Ohioan, I too experienced the same lack of communication or canned responses from both when I was fired up which happened on a regular basis. Each of the “wondrous” women Senators from the once great state of Washington are indeed wonder-less, aka clueless or just died in the wool progressives.
        High School friends lament that this Washington is not the one we were born in nor where we spent our formative years.
        Alas, as Washington goes, the state that is, so goes the nation?

        1. You probably remember the days when this was a conservative state, going to President Reagan twice, republican governors. But, when Cantwell stole her first election and Rossi won three counts, but the fourth cost him the governorship, the progressives found a way to make this a Marxist stronghold. It gets worse by the day. Taxes are going thru the roof, with just city counsels making the decisions.
          I long for the time when I can leave this state in the dust and head for Idaho.

    2. Imagine the pain Conservatives in Nevada are feeling right now having the senile, demented and stroke impaired old gasbag from nowhere Nevada, harry “pinky” reid as their senator! Their other senator is a highly ineffective and virtually useless establishment republican, Dean Heller.

    3. Thank God I moved to Iowa. I get much better replies from Grassley than I did from that lying sack of durbin.

  6. Forgive me for not recalling who else…but twice this week, I have heard a rendition of America’s Constitutional erosion problems starting 100 years ago. I just want to give a shout out for Glen Beck..who held a newsroom class on this subject..who Fox, I guess found to be too out of the box…Thank you Glen and shame on the people that made fun of you! Glen was trying to wake American citizens up 5 yrs ago! Not funny that some are just hearing the wake up call.

  7. To put it in terms the low information voter will understand, the deal with Iran means…

    If you like your nukes, you can keep ’em – PERIOD!

  8. This could be the Best exchange of “What`s Happenin` Now” that I have heard since b.o. came on the scene. Thank You Mark, John, and Scoop

  9. I not only admire Bolton and Levin….I agree with them…and rely on their assessments! Is it not comforting… to know their wisdom, expertise and patriotism is on our side!

        1. Thank you sallyjo; it`s a Blessing for me to share space with fellow Patriots, Honoring our Nation`s Heroes… and AMEN

  10. I can’t imagine regaining trust with our great allies after this crapweasel president?

    I really, truly believe this administration rolled the dice on pivoting with this Iran deal to get away from Crapcare. But I believe that Valerie Jarrett had more to do with this deal. I’ve never understood this story that ran right before Stevens was killed. How convenient they went through Turkey? Along with a bunch of arms on a ship after the meeting with Stevens.

    We are at the tip of the biggest s%#* pile laid on Americans and sold as candy and kool aid.

    These people have, ARE really pissing me off. And the ones that have got a hangover for voting for this dirtbag group, I want to slap right up side the head!

    1. Its the signs of the times. When the armies surround Israel and they
      (Govt’s says peace and safety) then comes sudden destruction.

      Right now today fact even without Nukes IRAN has enough chemical weapons to kill at least 2 million people.
      look up

  11. Thanks Scoop, a solid interview with a guy who understands the consequences of the folly. Levin’s remarks during his program were bang on as well.

  12. I have such great respect for both Mark Levin and John Bolton. I try to listen to Mark as much as possible but missed him tonight. Thank you scoop. I can always find all the great Mark Levin interviews here on your site and this one does not disappoint.

    1. You can download all of Mark’s shows from his web site.

      If you have an iPod, iPad, or iPhone – use the Podcast app to subscribe to Mark’s show and your device will automatically download them every day.

      I listen to Mark Levin in my earphones on the way to work, at the store, etc.

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