MARK LEVIN: It’s time for our state legislatures to act, to stop this tyranny

Mark Levin says it is time for the state legislatures to act, to stop this tyranny. Obama says he has a pen and a phone, but Levin says we have Article Five and it is the Constitutional duty of the states to act on this:

Most other societies would either accept this fate, that is the people as subjects, with no recourse whatsoever or there’d be a violent revolution or civil war. George Mason knew this. The Framers of the Constitution knew this. They discussed this in Philadelphia, two days before the end of the Constitutional Convention. They’d been through the ringer. They fought a revolution. Because there was no recourse.

It’s time for our state legislatures to act. It’s time for our state legislators to step up. They have a duty, an affirmative duty under the federal Constitution, under Article Five and the Tenth Amendment, to act!

We must stop thinking like hopeless victims, ‘whoa is me’, going over and over again ‘what can we do, what can we do’. And yet our mindset, our American spirit in fact in many respects, has been conquered by the progressive left, by the Statists over the last 100 years. We’ve been indoctrinated to believe that there is no recourse, that the federal government is the beginning and the end. And it’s NEITHER.

We honor and revere the Framers, do we not? Well then it’s time to think like them.

It’s time to comprehend our heritage.

It’s time to understand that a top-down centralized authoritarian system, tyranny, where federal officials continue to seize power from you, the people, is illegitimate. Under our Constitution, it is illegitimate.

It is time to understand that we do not have to accept a lawless imperial president even if the rest of the federal government and federal branches do.

It is time to understand that we do not have to accept decisions by a Supreme Court, imposing policy, social cultural decisions on top of us. That may be the opinion of five justices but so what?

It’s time to understand that we need not accept Congress passing laws on endless matters that it has no powers to legislate about. Article One isn’t a grab bag for Congress to do whatever it wants.

And it’s time to understand we’re not required to accept the mandates issued by a massive bureaucracy, a permanent fourth branch of the federal government, which does not respond to electoral results or the will of the people.

Obama says he has a pen and a phone. Well I tell you what. We have Article Five. And it’s in the Constitution. It’s in the Constitution!

There’s much more in the audio clip below:

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