Mark Levin NAILS IT on what Obama is really doing with this UN ‘Climate Change Treaty’


If you don’t listen to anything else today, you should listen to Mark Levin explain what Obama is really doing with this UN ‘Climate Change Treaty’. It’s a MUST LISTEN:

So what the president is really doing…by defying a constitutional requirement like getting ratification from 2/3rds of the Senators present, he is defying you. He’s taking these decisions out of your hands, out of your ability to influence them with your members of Congress or in any other way.

He’s handing them to international organizations like the United Nations, a despicable America hating, Jew hating, freedom hating entity. He’s handing these decisions to foreign governments. Those societies, those institutions have nothing in common with us.

So he’s taking away from us the very right to consent to how we are governed by exporting the decision making to an international organization and foreign governments. Because he chooses not to go through Congress, specifically the Senate, because he knows he cannot get a treaty ratified.

So he is conducting himself in defiance of our system, in defiance of our constitution, in defiance of you! Because you have no say in what goes on at the U.N., you have say in what goes on in Belgium, in Norway, in Russia, in Zimbabwe or any other country.

And in this thing they are working on there’s gonna be massive tax increases — how else are we going to subsidize “poor countries”?

I told you before Obama’s bigger than America. He’s bigger than We The People. He’s bigger than our Constitution and our history. He’s a gift from God to mankind.

And what this is, in addition to everything I just said, is an effort to redistribute wealth. Not just in our own country, but internationally. And it gets almost no serious analysis by the media.

The NY Slimes reported it and for that I salute the NY Slimes — the first time in my life. But beyond that nothing from them or anyone else, or any other phony fraud journalist or news outlet. CNN ‘coverup’. MSLSD ‘Pravda’. And the rest of them a joke, the networks ABC, NBC, CBS. That’s why you’re losing audience. People despise you.


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