Mark Levin: Obama will demagogue but people are living this nightmare and they know the truth

Mark Levin was on Cavuto earlier defending Paul Ryan’s Medicare reforms noting that while it’s not the perfect plan, it still saves hundreds of billions of dollars in the long run while Obama just ripped $700 billion out of Medicare. Obama’s own trustee’s report show it’s going broke in 12 years and he is stealing from it to ‘spread the wealth around’.

But when it comes to the demagoguery coming from the left and the Obama campaign, Levin didn’t seem all that worried:

You know what, I think people are getting sick and tired of Obama… I wanna tell you something. The American people are living this nightmare, so Obama could put hundreds of millions of dollars in ads on, his union buddies can do the same thing. But they know what’s going on in unemployment. They know they’re losing their private health care policies. They know they’re losing their homes. They know that this guy is indebting their kids to God knows what.

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