MARK LEVIN on Obama’s race speech: “I’m ashamed of this president, I think he’s a disgrace”

Mark Levin said that Ronald Reagan always talked up America, never apologizing for it, but reminding everyone all over the world what a great country we have. But Obama never does that, he says, even though he’s traveled all over the country and has seen what a great people we have. Levin points out that Obama doesn’t sound like a man who is honored to lead America as her president. Instead he has a chip on his shoulder and is intent to balkanize America with speeches like he made today on race.

Instead of acting like a president, he acts like Al Sharpton – all the while more and more black teens can’t get a job and more black adults are rolling on to welfare. Yet no one ever talks about it. Ever.


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258 thoughts on “MARK LEVIN on Obama’s race speech: “I’m ashamed of this president, I think he’s a disgrace”

  1. Easy to judge when you have opposing views. Since you only see through a narrow pinhole in would be wise to keep comments to yourself.

  2. They will never Secure the Border ..Methadone Clinics are a muti billion $ business and Obama care will make good people pay for the worst of our population. My town we now have 5 drug stores in my town in New Hampshire and 3 gas stations what does that tell you? Obamacare is care for people on with drug habits and good people to pay for methadone clinics.. hospital beds will fill beds like airports fill seats..There will be so much fraud from billing to even people being kept in Hospitals for the money they can get from insurance company’s.. This is not the way to equality but will separate us domestically and colonize us all ..  Our Government is the biggest cause of this they will never Secure the border they make to much money on seized cash and property .. The inside trading of drug manufacturing and the kick backs is in the trillions.. Who do you believe own these Methadone Clinics ? Our government officials I bet..We are suckers to the biggest drug lords .. Our own Government .. witch is worse the drugs they are addicted to or the Methadone they make them pay for???? that is legal .. The worse thing is not educating self awareness to health care in our schools .. The only racist are politics I do not find it in our Schools. We could learn a lot from our Kids

  3. This is his way of starting to get our guns, plus he just can not et over hating us!  why? What did we do to deserve this?  I have NEVER hated any color, never hurt any yet he is wanting trouble. I know not many want to hear this but GOD sees what we have done and it will get worse and worse until we repent over killing people, babies HE made are being killed by the millions, plus GOD hates homosexuality. Many  times HE has brought us under control of evil govt. because of things like this. HE decides HE has seen and heard enough. So (&it prob.won’t happen) until we repent of all the things GOD hates (HE also said HE hates liars) we will not see freedom. But HE will take care of HIS children when they pray and seek HIS FACE!  GOD help us  and forgive those who do not understand what they are doing, as JESUS said.
    If you know your bible, you know 11Chron 7:14,  and when JESUS hung on that cross for us HE spoke FATHER forgive them for they know not what they are doing.  Also ISAIAH 9:6 told of GOD coming to earth and also said HE will be called WONDERFUL, COUNSELLOR, THE MIGHTY GOD-BUT people can not believe GOD would leave Heaven, come down here to us to tell us who HE was, go back to heaven after HE showed a way to come to HIM and HE said HE will return and even gives every thing that is happening and is going to happen and most don’t know or care….this is the only reason people are fainting in their hearts as HE said would happen also.
    All Christians who know this, please pray for America and for forgiveness and I have trouble not revolting but I know better for the LORD has me in the PALM of HIS HAND & you too if you have faith and believe.
    AND to all my TORAH loving brothers and sisters, read Jerimiaih31:31.  HE tells you too, HE is making a NEW COVENANT because we could not keep the old one! He was the blood shed just like the lamb on the doorpost-can’t you see the same pattern HE wanted you to catch?

  4. Alan F I totally agree with you but shall we just cancel out our system of “DUE PROCESS OF LAW”????  Would you like to be judged by mob rule or a jury trail that’s my point. I fear we have been cursed since our country allowed slavery to enter it’s borders. Will we ever get over these deep feelings of resentment? Education is needed. A law being placed will not change human behavior but education will. The total moral fabric of our nation has been turned upside down by Congress not the President. They make the laws. They disobey them. The US Const. is for our protection against them. It was written for US not them…..

  5. Everyone talks about the problem, but no one seems to talk about the solution.  The only thing that comes of that is getting ulcers from the  frustration.  So tell me people what is the solution

  6. obammie has a mental condition called “pathological narcissism.”  They are very dangerous!!  They look normal and are even intelligent.   This disguise makes them treacherous!!!  They care for no one but themselves and have a total lack of conscience!!  THIS is what we are dealing with!!

  7. This is no different than any other time in history. We create these things ( racial tension) so we go after each other instead of the real root cause. CONGRESS is to blame. We blame Obama yet he only has the deciding veto vote. We blame the FED chairman yet he is mandated by the Congress. We go to war with no declaration, steal private data from American citizens,give $16 Trillion to banksters in 2008 for $900 bil dollar mortgage problem.Race was a card used during the Vietnam Era. So was communism scare. In a rice paddie? Saddam found in a sewer hole. What threat?

  8. The fact that Holder and Obama are not already in jail is a product of the two of them increasing racial divide..Holding them accountable for thier crimes against the American people would cause a race war and they use that fact to continue those crimes…

    1. spyderdalton Their desire-A racial war then he can become a DICTATOR!

      1. seeingtoomuch spyderdalton I can see it already.. we have criminals in control of the country, they are unaccountable to our laws and Congress is complicit in these treasonous acts.  We are toast.  No one, not even the tea party gets it.  I get more reaction on their community site if I slam them eating pork, accusing me of being a Muslim, for trying to teach them that it’s bad for their health than I do asking them to sign a petition to stop corruption.  This country is absolutely pathetic.


        2. seeingtoomuch spyderdalton Because all of Congress is complicit in treason to destroy America and bring in one world order…  all of them will benefit. We know the domeonstrators standing up for Obama are being paid, so is Congress!

        3. spyderdalton seeingtoomuch I want my country back! Obama has a crazy mentality and sometimes I think he should be in a hospital with Holder for what they are trying to do because I do believe before it is all over, we will stand up and fight against all this or its the end of the world and he is the antichrist.  No wonder dear Snowden left!  He knows whats going to happen but won’t tell all!  It would cause hysteria and probably why Obama has warned anyone not to give him asylum.  This is even against the laws of governments across the world!  I hope Bolivia takes him and he doesn’t end up dead somewhere.  I wished Putin would temp. but he got a call from guess who? Can he really be afraid of Obama?  and Lindsey Graham had a real fit over Snowden like something’s in there he can’t afford anyone to see! I would like to know where he is!

        4. seeingtoomuchspyderdaltonIt’s called sociopathic malignant personality disorder and yes it is a mental disease that affects liberals.. Sociopaths are corrupt and are addicted to control. They are attracted to politics like pedophiles are attracted to the priesthood.  We need to call this what it is.  These people are sick and need to be relieved from office.  Having sociopaths in power did not work out well for Germany.

          Check out the link and tell me Obama and his Admin were not taken directly from a psych ward.

    2. spyderdalton You are exactly right!  He wants to start trouble. Like some little kid who bullies all the others, even the blacks when he can. They can’t see how they are being used yet but they will. and people like Cumminngs does not deserve his office either. He is trying so hard to keep Obama out of IRS scandal but he cant’! So sick of LIARS!

      1. seeingtoomuch spyderdalton if these treasonous politicians are not arrested by law enforcement for their crimes against the American people, Obamica will forever be cemented in communism with no hope to get America back..  Our military lays down their lives for what?  People willing to sell out their freedom for a free cell phone?

        1. spyderdalton seeingtoomuch I only PRAY our military knows whats going on.  It hurts me to see how many have been maimed over nothing. We give the enemy the weapons, send our men in, they come back all torn, maimed, and lost hope and some don’t come back at all. We need our men here!  We are about to be overtaken by O’s 11 mil (some of them) and thousands of IRS if we can’t stop the horror he has done.  We will be overtaken and even doctors have left the country or retired because of stupid obamacare which by the way has many earmarks, and they are waived from even taking it!

        2. seeingtoomuch spyderdalton  No doubt we have an extremely corrupt govenrment with absolutely no ackwoldgement from any of the press not even FOX news will call it corrupt.  Corruption should be the march against DC not jobs!  Corruption is what’s killing us and it needs to be stopped.  Unfortunately the military needs to take action against Obama the way Egypt did.  That’s why Obama is getting rid of officers unwilling to fire on Americans and leaders that will not denounce Christianity..  it is all so clear! Yet, hey! I got me a free cell phone with Obama money!

  9. My thoughts exactly. Why isn’t this President standing up for the US Const. and The American justice system.These jurors were picked by both parties to defend our rights.Anyone who disagrees maybe should be leaving the US. How about the next time someone is accused of a crime we take a popular vote or leave it up to the President. This is going back to colonial times when the KING made the decision or Pharoah even. Wake up people?


        1. spyderdalton seeingtoomuch vespaciao58 he’s certainly trying to keep his good friends like the panthers, Jackson, and Sharpton happy!  Dear GOD-if they ran America!  Well, they do–they are all in this together and I am hurt for the GOOD black people we have and there are many like Allen West, Ben Carson etc and look how far they jmade it. Were they treated badly?  I’d like to know because I had black friends-it’s just they live a little differently than us, but we are all different.

  10. This is a Headliner for a Highlight Reel Indeed !!! THANKS for posting Scoop, and THANKS for speaking Truth to Power brother Levin….


    There is no Black America, no White America, just the United States of America unless a ‘White Hispanic’ is having the shit kicked out of him by an African American and lawfully defends himself, then we live in the United African American States under Obama (UAASO). 
    As a youth I was bullied by tall African American girls who kicked and scratched any white boy who dared even look at them, I was mugged by a gang of African American youths and almost blinded, one of my friends was stabbed in the heart by an African American youth in school and almost died. Someone very close to me was raped by an African American man and recently my retired neighbor was mugged in the middle of the day by two African American youths. My car was stolen twice by African Americans and recovered in the Cabrini Green projects of Chicago. My Son’s elementary school PTA Fundraising Chief was pistol whipped and robbed of the recently raised PTA funds by an African American youth. I have been a victimized my entire life by African Americans. I have never experienced any injustice from any member of any other ethnic group. I have many close friends, many African American, they understand but offer no solutions. They have their own stories of experiencing violence from their own people too.

    I am just starting to realize that myself and others around me have been racially profiled our whole lives. We just got used to it but now things have changed. Stand You Ground America! You will not be intimidated any more! African Americans who are violent and criminal need to be stood up to for the good of society at large. Law respecting African Americans are powerless because they are a minority within a minority. Obama is a divider and wants the country socialized and will use any and all means to achieve a radical socialized empire.



        1. Dr. Strangelove seeingtoomuch 
          …We MUST ALL be shouting this at the top of our lungs…”DO NOT GIVE OBAMA MORE POWER!  VOTE ‘CONSERVATIVE’ IN  2014!!” 

        2. Dr. Strangelove seeingtoomuch sorry!  its not at them , it’s at what’s going on I am mad at.  plus I am disabled and it’s much harder for me to write.  sorry!  I’ll try to remember. I am mad but at no one but our lousy govt!

        3. seeingtoomuch Dr. Strangelove 
          …seeing too much, THERE’S NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO ANYONE!   🙂

        4. standbesideherUSA Dr. Strangelove seeingtoomuch It’s liberals that cause race divisions.  Obama is just one of the problems, the other’s being liberals being in power in Congress.  They crossed over the line and should’ve been stopped in 2012.  We’re running out of chances, fellows.  Do your part and vote.

    2. reason4life I had not thought about about this before now, but I too had to fight blacks from elementary school thru high school, mostly race driven. I was a student during de-segregation and we were sent to a middle school in the middle of a black community. The black elementary and high school students would get off the bus there. The younger ones would harass us while the older ones would watch. If you tried to stop the younger ones the older ones would run in and kick your ass. My ex and another girl  I dated were bussed to predominately black schools where they were terrorized and lived in fear. One was raped, the other sexually assaulted, both by a group of blacks. My daughter was sexually assaulted by a black man. AND OBAMA WONDERS WHY WHITEY ACTS SUSPICIOUS, ZIPS UP POCKETBOOKS AND LOCKS DOORS WHEN HE COMES AROUND. LOOK AT THE VIOLENT CRIME STATISTICS DUMBASS. BUT HE IS NO DUMBASS. HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. CON ARTIST, LIBERALS (PSHYCOTICS), CROOKS CAN NOT WORK WITH TRUTH AND FACTS.
       I disagree with your statement though, that law respecting African Americans  are powerless. Some intelligent, honest ones have come forward and stated the verdict was right, though some of them want to still play the race card even after the FBI and detective have investigated and cleared racism from this incident. At least from Zimmerman. Seems Trayvon was racist with his statements. But many more blacks, liberals, democrats and race panderers have lied, twisted the facts and covered up the fact that Trayvon brought this on himself and took to the streets armed with lies in protest. As long as black crime is awarded or ignored and the perpetrator made a hero by the black community, then they are all guilty of the crime and of promoting these crimes in the future. As stated in a “Justice for Trayvon” rally “He racially profiled and stalked a child and shot him because he was wearing a hoodie,” Murray said. “Wearing a hoodie and being a black young man in the U.S. is something seen as suspicious.” What lies, what lies and deception. And considering the popularity of hoodies pulled over the head to hide identity in crimes, that in itself is just cause for suspicion and are banned in many stores for that reason. Sadly to say, Trayvon got his justice and there will be many more Trayvons if the black community does not start being truthful with itself and the world, take responsibility for their behavior and join the civil United States as Americans and quit separating themselves out as African Americans and victims, when it is the rest of us who are actually the victims of your race.

    3. reason4life
      I know it’s hard with so many bad experiences with a particular race but the truth is this is the result of rampant socialism in the black community and no bibles in school’s for decades.

  12. He’s a criminal and should be in jial… this si what you get when there is no accountability for crimes committed…

    1. spyderdalton Ya there is no accountabilty at all considering if Trayvon would have been arressted the multiple times he was caught committing a crime he may of learned its not ok to bonce someone head off the cement get ur facts man cus u look like a dumbass this wasnt some ohnor student. Trayvon set up fights he loved to fight then theres pics of him with guns stolen jewelery he was suspended from school for hitting school STAFF this isnt what your potraying it as this was a THUG.. I dont get how ur common sense dont kick in  if this was a scared kid he had four minutes to run home Zimmerman didnt know where he was at that time…Also my theory on the burglar tools found hidden days later were Trayvons that would make sense of where he dissapeared to for those 4 minutes..Trayvons hustle got disturbed by Zimmerman so he hid his burglar tools an whooped that CRACKERS ASS… This was nothing new for this Thug so get ur facts then tell me how dumb u feel

    2. spyderdalton No accountability?  He was arrested, tried and acquitted by a jury of his peers. 

      Unlike the democrats who’d lynched folks in the past.  Wait, that’s all you seek, right?  Lynch the guy because he’s hispanic?

      1. gsmith_62 spyderdalton  I’m talking about Obama moron… read the damn headline.

  13. To obama there is no “shining city on a hill” Just a county he dislikes and should never have had the honor to lead. I am disgusted by this leader. what a shame! Shame on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. robert0715 Which county?  There’s like over 3,000 of them.  I do agree that I’m disgusted by this leader who has led the country astray.  Many counties are suffering.  Shame on us for giving him a second term and all the counties who elected him.

    2. robert0715 excellent post
      obamaer has set back race relations big time for what reason I wonder?????? seems to me he wants problems…so he can what? declare us all idiots and martial law??? there is always something going on with this man and his evil friends….he wants this division/hate he has done it for   rich/not so rich/union/non union/Hispanic/white/black…it goes on and on typical community organizer the empty suit we have for president is a disgrace
      I agree with Levin……………but then we knew what he was in 2008….too bad the idiots elected him again a man who has no love for this country nor does his wife and his ‘family’ is a Hollywood production just like his disgusting speech on trayvon……………

    3. robert0715 I really believe he is a FOREIGN NATIONAL and is either destroying us for reason or just to be dictator(illegally)

    1. regularrightguy That’s why I say, let’s go forward.  The trial is over and done with…now back to the evening program.

    2. regularrightguy So right !  Obama always either disappears or there is always a big fire or some crazy DISTRACTION!  and you can’t tell me when he made a play to take our guns, all of a sudden a theatre shooting, then those poor babies?  Who told that boy who was mentally challenged to beat up his computer before he killed?  I can not believe he thought of that himself, can you?

  14. Increasing racial divide will assure Holder and Obama’s crimes against the American people will go unchallenged.

  15. You have to think that the reason people like Sharpton, Jackson, other “community leaders” and politicians (black or otherwise) jump so hard and try to use something like the Zimmerman case is to continue to not only portray the black community as “victims” but to continue to convince black people that they are victims. They need these excuses because they can’t seem to explain why after 50+ years after the civil rights movement, welfare cash, food stamps, affirmative action, scholarships, free public housing, headstart, etc etc, why black people have not “advanced” in the US. They will say that despite all that help, “racism” is what is keeping black people down. They love the Treyvon story so they can yell “See! This is what happens to us everyday!”. They can keep making excuses and continue to convince blacks they need to stay angry, convince them the world “owes” them and get the minority vote because they convince them “we are the only ones who can help you”. Obama does this too everytime he opens his mouth. Remember in the late 80’s and 90’s when there was a black pride revival of sorts? Bill Cosby had a show about an upper middle class black family (parents were a doctor and a lawyer), intelligent kids who had goals? Then the spin off about minority kids at a black college, everyone wearing t-shirts with the continent of Africa on it, talking about their roots proudly? Where did that go? It’s much more cooler to be ghetto. Get respect through being a pimp, a thug, a hustler. Toting a gun and killing people who disrespect you. It’s cooler to take advantage of the system for all you can get without using it for what it was really intended for. I have seen all this first hand over the last 30 years. There are plenty of poor and disadvantaged white people out there who abuse the system too and they also have no excuse. I don’t feel sorry for any of these people. We need to stand strong and call BS on all these social justice tactics. The tools are out there to make a great life in the US. The culture has changed dramatically the last 50 years. It’s not the color of ones skin that is being judged, it’s good people being offended and critical of people (all races) who won’t pull their own weight and achieve and be productive, respectable members of society.

  16. I have been embarrassed continuously since this man was elevated to the Presidency. However, I am not embarrassed by him half as much as by the fools who put him there and keep him there. Truly, America is no longer a great nation, its people are no longer great, and Obama is the proof of that pudding.

    1. JackDurish Imagine this scenario…you have three students (student A, B, and C).  Student A is getting an A on his progress report and is thankful and continues to try hard and puts in even more effort to maintain that A.  Student B just got an F on his progress report and is ashamed and angry, but vows to improve that grade and work hard so his report card reflects the change.  Student C got a D and feel content on his progress report grade.  He feels he doesn’t have to improve and even brags that he’s not failing and is content on just being mediocre.  Who has the better chance of failing and what does this represent?
      Well, to answer, Student C has the best chance of failing because he’s given up and is blinded by the thought that a D grade is good enough.  The second answer can be taken like this:  The countries representing Student A are the free industrialized nations who are committed to staying on top.  Examples are Japan, Germany, China, and Italy.
      The countries representing student B are mainly the third-world countries such as those who once denied their citizens rights, persecution, mob mentality, horrible government, etc. but is on the mend.  They’re moving up and are gaining traction in the world’s view.  Now, they have dumped those horrible attributes and are very concerned for their future and are willing to elect honest leadership with strength and compassion.
      This leaves those nations representing Student C.  For sure, they’re the ones who are almost the opposite of both the previous examples.  These nations had great governments at one point, but now have fallen prey to horrible leadership and worse, culturally, are accepting it and have gone to mob rule, anger, aggression, deception, divisiveness, etc.  The United States sure tops that list with probably only Britain as the only other country, but personally, I think that Britain could be up for debate.
      Like you said, Jack, Obama is the proof of the pudding on how far are society has fallen.  We voted out of arrogance and greed.  America will pay the price for that.

  17. Once again, Mr. Levin nails the truth to the door!  Obama’s actions are a complete distraction, pitting folks against each other, rather than seeking a common ground.

    Manipulative?  Does a bear poop in the woods?  Unexpected? Not hardly.  Detroit declares bankruptcy, so the narrative MUST CHANGE.

    #NSA? #IRS? #BENGHAZI? #DETROIT? pssshh … minor incidents compared to a hispanic man being acquitted of murder (for defending himself).
    No, the <b>President of the United States</b> would rather talk about a local tragedy.  
    Obama is comparable to a Student Council President.

  18. adthomas80 Why doesn’t Obama bring his message to Harlem?Has he ever done a speech in the hood or the ghetto?No,never has he gone into the neighborhoods that he and his liberal cohorts created through their social programs.Why?

    1. 57thunderbird adthomas80 Wrong meme.  Imagine if Obama had gone to Detroit.

      Let’s see,  a failing city, lots of crime and murder rampant.


  19. I guess many African Americans aren’t a part of the country based on Mr. Levin’s commentary here. He seems perplexed that anyone in America could actually identify with President Obama’s sentiments about being racially profiled. Perhaps he should take his message and visit Harlem, or other parts of NY where Blacks are disproportionately profiled by the cops. Or maybe he should visit Philadelphia, LA, Atlanta or Washington DC. For someone who loves America so much, Mr Levin sure doesn’t know much about how certain segments of the country feels about racial profiling. And he talks about Reagan like everyone loved him. He must be oblivious to the fact that most Blacks hated Reagan politically, but then again, maybe in his mind we don’t exist. This type of commentary is precisely why many minorities view conservatives as just a bunch of bigoted and closeted White nationalist.

      1. Great response! As I said, there are millions of Americans that agree with the President’s comments, and they reside in this country and are citizens of this country too just like him and his fans. So Mr. Levin’s disbelief that other Americans feel the way the President illustrates his own insensitivity towards the issues millions of African Americans deal with on a daily basis, or his own racial bias.

        1. adthomas80 And there are millions more that disagree.The president has just declared war on the white race with that little speech.Can’t you see how this guy has been the most divisive president in my lifetime.He and Holder have set back race relations 60 years.What happened to the unity that many thought would come about under his leadership?Again I ask,what has he done to improve your lot in life?

        2. 57thunderbird adthomas80
          Is he actually trying to heal the nation or divide it? Remember this?? Then again, the oceans haven’t receded either. Go Figure.
          “This was the moment – this was the time – when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves, and our highest ideals. Thank you, God Bless you, and may God Bless the United States of America.”
          Obama’s Nomination Victory Speech In St. Paul June 3, 2008.

        3. gsmith_62 57thunderbird adthomas80 He has strove only to pit one American against the other ever since his election in 08,based  entirely on race and political ideology,as well as socio-economic differences.The community agitator has not changed his stripes.It is all he knows.The man is a national disgrace and embarrassment.

        4. adthomas80 There are millions of Americans, whom support this president, listen to half truths or outright lies and believe them to be facts, react emotionally and see the world through color. 
          These same people when provided with the facts and truth deny them and attempt to infer their personal beliefs as if these beliefs would alter the reality of truth and facts. When things do not go their way they lash-out screaming injustice and prejudice.
          Many of these people suffer from a learned behavior taught to them that anything they disagree with, or bad happening to them is due to skin color, but only when negative things appear to be done to them by someone with a different skin pigment does it become an issue. The same negatives committed by someone with like pigment is dismissed in a different way. 
          They emit prejudice through such actions, actions brought on by learned behavior taught to keep them oppressed through their own community since their birth, taught to keep them down an ignorant. It is easier to lay blame at others for obstacles and trials in ones life then it is to push on through and upward.
          Yes, millions support this POTUS, a community activist who preaches negativity and division, puts people into groups in order to attack and diminish them. Interjects himself into topics as if he knows all the facts when   he does not, nor does he demonstrate knowledge of “rule of law”, rather he acts upon emotions of others simply stirring the pot of community activism to create hostilities.
          Unfortunately as Mr Levin said he does not build up this same group, or all the other groups he creates. He does not unite the vast variety people of this great Country he is supposed to be presiding over. Funny how this part of Mr Levin’s message was over looked.
          Funny how in the above post in a “community organizer” sort of way there was an attack on Mr Levin and POTUS Regan, funny isn’t it that like the current POTUS the reaction here was the same, “group, vilify, attack, tear-down…”
          The current POTUS is stuck in community agitator mode, that is all he knows, a one trick pony so to speak, and millions appear to like that show, it makes them feel good but it does not improve or bring together the people of Our Country. In this way the he is an epic failure and his devotees are blinded or indifferent to it. We all suffer because of it!

        5. 57thunderbird adthomas80 Perhaps, unknowingly, Obama also partially declared war on the Hispanic population as well…or those who aren’t extremely liberals as in Obama’s base.  Also, I often asked myself the last question you typed:  “What has he done to improve my lot in life?”

    1. adthomas80 And the victim mentality instilled in minorities continues unabated.Sad.Have some more kool aid.Thank the dems for moving the blacks from the southern plantations to the government plantation.Kneel down and lick the hand that feeds you.

      1. Whatever. The point is there are millions of Americans that agree with the President and I would love to see Mr. Levin take his message to them.

        1. adthomas80 People who are obviously looking for a scapegoat to blame for their circumstances rather than making a personal decision to embrace individual sovereignty over the sickly sweet allure of the welfare state don’t want to make the effort, do they?
          It is much easier to blame whitey. Seriously? You don’t see the connection between envy, blame and dependence?

    2. adthomas80 “Perhaps he should take his message and visit Harlem, or other parts of
      NY where Blacks are disproportionately profiled by the cops.”
      So what you are suggesting is that the ‘cops’ should wait for a white guy to drive through the hood and pick him up instead of the guy standing over the body with the gun?
      Are you a detective? That seems counter-intuitive to me.

      When individuals are not held accountable for their own actions today we learn from the agitator in chief THAT IS RACISM.
      Nice to get a free pass. Not so nice in the long run though because whenever any individual starts making excuses for their mistakes, it become obvious fairly quickly that they will not change their behavior rather escalate with more destructive behavior.
      “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”
      ― Benjamin Franklin

      FBI Crime Statistics
      Gee, I wonder why in Harlem police would most of the time be looking for a black person to charge?

      1. My point was Mr. Levin acted as if it was inconceivable that Americans agreed with the President, and I simply provided places where they do.

        1. adthomas80 Agreed with the President?  What that the president is black?  His background is quite different from Martin’s e.g.,  schooling.

          Is the prestigious Punahou School on par with Miami-Dade Public schools?

        2. adthomas80 The fact is that America can’t afford any more of these types of speeches by the president.  American can’t afford any more grudge politics.  Leadership should not consist of middle school theatrics.  That should’ve been left behind when adulthood approached and definitely left behind when he first stepped into politics.

        3. gsmith_62 adthomas80 Many minorities agreed with the idea that law abiding men of color are unfairly racially profiled, and that this country’s history of racism coupled with that fact creates a level of frustration with minorities.

        4. adthomas80 gsmith_62 Frustration I can understand. When someone is unfairly marked for searches and harassment it is to everyone’s detriment. However, this does not make it right that there are groups out there going around bashing the innocent people in the head with steel pipes and bats. That is where the argument is lost for good. Nothing can justify the violence being perpetrated since that verdict was handed down. There is no call for that. You can spout your history lessons all day for all the good it does. There is nothing you have brought up that isn’t already common knowledge as far as history goes. But that’s just  the point, it is history. Let it go man, you are helping no one. Everyone here is pretty much up on what has happened in the past in this country. We also know it wasn’t us that did it. Your anger is misplaced and dragging it out make it seem that you are happy to hear that others are being bloodied in the streets for the color of their skin. And if that’s the case, you just lost any argument you had on the subject.

        5. adthomas80 gsmith_62 Racism is not anti-minority, it’s anti-other race and/or heritage.

    3. adthomas80 Perhaps Mr. Thomas it would behoove you to consider less your feelings and instead analyze the facts of the case. You are of course entitled to whatever opinion you wish, but you are not entitled to fabricate your own facts. Mr. Obama continues to push a false narrative the was proven false many times over during the Zimmerman trial. Transcripts and video are freely available, please review them yourself rather than listening through the racially charged filter of MSNBC. 
      Furthermore, is this really in the charge of the President to stoke this level of racial hatred? Continuing to divide Americans along race? Was he not to be our post-racial president. Embarrassment indeed. He is acting more like a third rate wishful ‘civil rights’ bullhorn from the 60’s – which is where this man’s world view seems to be stuck.

      As far as your comment about profiling blacks, I have never been to Harlem nor Philadelphia. Statistics show that much of the crime generated in large urban centers are committed by blacks. That’s just fact. Excuse that fact however you wish to make yourself feel good. If minority communities would spend less time race baiting and more time mending the cultural rot that inevitably results in these statistics, we wouldn’t have to have this conversation between ‘whites and blacks’ but just between Americans. 
      You sir, like most of the black communities in this nation, are looking at these issues from the wrong angle. You will NEVER be empowered by playing the victim, and your race card is maxed out. So long as you continue to do so, race relations will never improve.

      1. If President Obama is pushing a false narrative, so are a great deal of Black Americans. Quite frankly, President Obama was just explaining how millions of minorities feel. The fact that you disagree with the President’s comments doesn’t make his comments intentionally divisive. And if we’re going to play the game of targeting groups based on a pattern of behavior, perhaps we should target and scrutinize the financial records of White men for all the corporate welfare they’ve sucked out of our government when their Banks got into trouble.

        1. adthomas80
          “we should target and scrutinize the financial records of White men for all the corporate welfare they’ve sucked out of our government when their Banks got into trouble.”
          Jon Corzine hasn’t been indicted, why not?  Ken Lay was indicted by Bush’s AG, but oddly enough the Goldmann-Sachs CEO gets a pass from Obama’s AG.


        2. adthomas80 Glad you brought that up. Now if you can actually handle some facts, as difficult as it may be based on the complete inability to deal with the facts presented thus far concerning Trayvon’s death, let me explain the banks getting in trouble. In the 90s community activist, like your Obama, decided  blacks in the ghettos should own a house, whether they qualified for it or not. So they decided they would threaten the nation’s banks with being prejudice, racist, discriminatory for not making more loans there. Now the banks weren’t being prejudice, just smart business folks.They had a formula, pretty simple, that basically showed whether or not you could afford a house and be able to make payments. Just smart business practice, nothing to do with race. Of course, they wanted the security (the house) to be a sound investment. Since these ghetto folks were trashing their neighborhoods and driving values down, the honest fact was it wasn’t a good investment. But, the Obama types kept pushing and threatening and got standards lowered, like they have in colleges and schools and got gov’t to make the taxpayer guarantee these loans, because as anyone with common sense would know, there was a good chance these loans were going to go belly up. So banks started making risky loans, forced by the liberals, backed up by the people, unknowingly mind you, and so everyone rode the bubble of everyone getting a house until the foreclosures started. So here we are. Economy busted thanks to liberal policy. Not to mention the trillions we have to pay back to bail the banks out, due to liberal policy, mostly to appease the black man. Now we have to spend more to perform trials for an arrest that should have never happened, because some black punk thought he could just jump whiteys ass, beat him and get away with it. And we have to pay for the mess your people are making in the riots. And then Obama stirs that up with his racist remarks. Whitey acts suspicious of you in public, closing their pocketbooks, locking their doors, etc and makes you feel bad. Well boo hoo Obama. Have you ever thought dumbass that maybe whitey has a reason to feel the way they do. Ever registered with your dumbass that maybe if you would straighten up, we wouldn’t feel that way. I have lived in and near a town that twice was under martial law, curfews, national guard patrolling because a black man died in the process of committing a crime. One was robbing a store and the white gun owner shot his ass. Another was causing a disturbance at a restaurant, drunk and when police came he wanted to fight, so they mace his ass, throw him in the back of the car and before they get to jail, he’s died from choking on his own vomit. If  they were white, I would have thought, well that’s bad they died, but dumbasses brought it on themselves.  How did blacks react?. They began looting, burning down and destroying innocent people’s property. WTF In all these problems the black man started it and the white man gets stuck with the bill. Start taking responsibility for your actions. Become civil and become an American. Hell, we’ve handed it to you on a silver platter. Now you want to divide yourselves out by being African Americans and make yourselves different. And don’t give me that slavery BS. There were white and native American slaves before you ever got here. History shows America gave you a better life than what you had in Africa. Italians, Asian, Irish, etc were discriminated against when they first rolled into town, but they worked thru it and become productive citizens. Get on the program dumbass. If you want to be African, then take your dumbass to Africa. Actually I think a better term for you in lieu of African Americans, would be Dumbass Americans, because you still don’t get it.

        3. nchoss adthomas80 So you would have me believe that only Black Americans took out mortgages they couldn’t afford? Only Black people had their homes foreclosed on? The entire mortgaged-back security scam was centered on multinational banks making money off of the Community Reinvestment act? There was greed across the board for sure, but the individuals that concocted the schemes to make money off of sub-prime mortgages and that received trillions of dollars from the government weren’t Black people.

        4. adthomas80 nchoss As I stated, the standards were lowered for the black man by false threats of racism, discrimination. Once these substandard loans were started pandoras box opened up. And yes many whites have lost their homes due to the economic crash caused by the Community Reinvestment Act.

        5. Correct Mr. Thomas, a great deal of black Americans are doing just that. The content, tone and state of rhetoric of Mr. Obama’s speech is what made it devisive Mr. Thomas, my opinion not withstanding. As far as the bankers are concerned, it was the government that appropriated said taxpayer funds, against the popular opinion I might add. But this isn’t about bankers Mr Thomas, please try and stay focused.
          Personally, I am quite tired of games. You however seems to still be playing them. This is why you will continue to screem racism until you are blue in the face while black America continues to suffer.
          How unfortunate.

        6. nchoss adthomas80 We barely hear if a white person is unjustly treated.  its too bad .  there are wrongs done but it happens to us all!  I can not say the jury was wrong with this trial and no one really knows but I did find out you can make a cocaine like drug using skittles and this tea he had.  I found it in utube! you haters  all put a bullseye on George zimmerman and that is worst than going to jail for a time.  you are the criminals!haters of our justicwe system! which happens to be the best until Obama gets to kill us or throw us away without due process which he asked to do.

        7. nchoss adthomas80 I can’t believe that many months ago Obama made a special executive order for the blacks like he was trying then to start something.  we are always asked what race we are and what does that matter? actually we are a  mixed race and the black white just decide which side they are on sometimes. I appreciate people like Allen West and many others that do not see color an issue.

    4. adthomas80 Oh my, aren’t we in the hateful little mood today. I make it a point to stay out of these matters when I see them pop up. However, it seems the last time this popped up is still going on. Way to stretch your victimhood there pal. You really do represent, don’t you? I’m thinking you are feeling awful proud of yourself for telling everyone the real deal. It’s not like we’ve heard it before or anything, is it? I just LOVE the new and refreshing tilt you put on the subject, I mean it….. the way you…. wait, you didn’t change any of it for us. You just gave us the 50 cent speech, nothing new or unspoken. It astounds me how we’ve been brought back another 40 years by all of this. Even though our children and grandchildren were looking to be the one generation that had finally become color blind and moving forward from this nastiness, somehow, some way, we get yanked back in time to the bad old days. 
      You want white guilt? Sorry man, fresh out. Bled dry. Nobody’s answering the phone. It’s been worn down to nothing and now it’s just tired and sad on your part to be using it as if it’s a new thing. You can get all the crazy mad you want and it no longer makes a dent in the facade. You blew it man, overuse of anything will eventually bring things to a crashing halt. We hit maximum exposure before this incident and you never even noticed. It’s over. You can’t get people to take you seriously anymore because it looks to be a case of “Gotcha!” now. Like you sat back waiting, hoping the opportunity would come along to begin the shaming of the white guy all over again. It must be frustrating not being able to get under peoples skin…. but it’s just not “there” any longer man. 
      But good luck trying, I mean it’s pretty obvious you will continue on with your ranting. But don’t be surprised when the biggest reaction you receive is the rolling of the eyes from folks. We’re not in the mood for taking any more blame for the past. The Republicans were not the ones who had a problem with color anyway, even Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican. Were you aware of that? You hanging out with the Democrats is the irony of the millennium. Shame on you for that.

      1. If you want a colorblind country, stop acting as apologist for police that racially profile Black men who have never committed a crime. Lets start there.

        1. adthomas80 Blah,blah,blah.Wash,spin,repeat.Woe is me.I am a perpetual victim.Why don’t we speak about the 50% high school drop out rate of black youth,or the the fact that 75% of black children are born into fatherless homes.Is that whitey’s fault as well?

        2. adthomas80 You won’t hear me acting as an apologist for anyone. That’s not my job man. You talk as if all cops are white racists. What about the black cops? You can’t point fingers all you want but all you are doing is what you complain about others are doing. You are profiling. Plain and simple.  You can’t claim to be justified in doing so and not look like a whiner at the same time. Choose your poison pal. Racism is only an issue if you make it one. No one is paying attention anymore. Like I said before, it’s worn out. There is nothing stinging in the accusation of being called a racist because the person making the accusation nowadays is more likely to be race baiting. Race baiting is thought to be lowest form of racism because it is only brought out when someone is losing an argument/debate. And what it is meant to do is make someone else feel guilty for something they had nothing to do with. That is the new common thought on the subject these days. Using it as a trump card is now seen as giving up before you are forced to admit you lost. It’s weak. Sorry, but it just is.

        3. DeaneCooper adthomas80 

          I never mentioned the color of the cops that profile. I said that black men and men of color in general who have not committed crimes are unfairly profiled by cops — the cops race or color notwithstanding.  Secondly the idea that racism is only an issue if you make it one is completely absurd. I guess that the Blacks that were hanging from trees in the 19th and 20th century, or that Emitt Til and James Byrd made race and issue. Do tell. It’s precisely because of this type of callous commentary that Blacks by and large, have no respect for conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party Activist — because any alliance between Blacks and these groups has to start with the denial of the past or present affects of anti-black racism. To make this clearer for someone of your political persuasion, that’s like a person trying to forge an alliance with the Tea Party, yet, stating that the discussion of over-taxation, government overreach and bloat must be pushed to the side for more pressing issues. My guess is a Tea party member or conservative would denounce such a person as delusional and out of touch with reality, and move on to seek alliances with others that actually empathize with the group’s plight.

        4. adthomas80 DeaneCooper There you go again, putting words into my mouth that I never said. Assuming, yet again that you know how I think. What you are doing now is a prime example of race baiting. Making accusations that have no basis in reality and using these assumptions as a base for an argument. Sorry, but you will have to get better at it than you are now if you want to be taken seriously. Making blanket statements about people you do not know. Equating what happened over 50 to 100 years ago(yes I know there have been isolated instances since then) to what goes on now is just a straw man argument. It doesn’t hold water dear. At some point you are going to have to come to the realization that this is not then. Arguing that it is just as prevalent now as it was a century ago is  because of what ancestors endured is pitiful. Grow up man, nobody’s falling for those arguments anymore. You cling to your mantra like it’s your security blanket. It is a sad statement on you that you are trying to keep racism alive instead of gladly watching it go away.

        5. adthomas80 Why don’t the black community start by holding their people responsible for their behavior instead of making excuses or committing more crimes to bolster this bad behavior by rioting, pillaging, raping, robbing, vandalizing, killing and basically saying, yes we are animals. We don’t deserve to be part of a civil society. You need to keep an eye on us. (as Obama said, whiteys actions make him feel bad) The large amount of violent crimes perpetrated by blacks make us feel nervous. And thanks to Obama and liberal policy, a lot more of whitey is armed. So if you come around starting trouble and we feel threatened and in danger, there’s probably going to be more Trayvon’s going 6′ under!

        6. adthomas80 You want the police to look for blonde-haired, blue-eyed men when a disproportionate amount of crime is committed by blacks? Are you sane, man?

        7. AlanaForsyth adthomas80 People who are innocent and have no history of crime should not be profiled, regardless of their race or ethnicity. What you’re advocating is bigotry and discriminatory. Period.

        8. nchoss adthomas80 It’s interesting how so called conservatives want Blacks to take responsibility for other Black people.  Are non-racist white people are going to take responsibility for other racist White people. As a tax paying  and law abiding citizen, I don’t have to take responsibility for anyone but myself and my immediate family. And I have the right not to be racially profiled.

        9. rapidcraft Your uncivilized comment is indicative of the type of people that listen to this guy, Mark Levin. 

    5. adthomas80 Yea, but I’m sure they loved LBJ. For signing a flimsy paper and pushing more of our men into Nam. Not bad, eh. when he said I’ll have the n******* voting for us for 200 years, he wasn’t wrong. Got 150 more years to go!! Woodrow Wilson the flaming racist was great too!!

    6. adthomas80 The problem is the fact that Obama couldn’t really care less of the Black population or any other for that matter.  Other races have problems too, but with Obama it’s all about the Black people.  Before you leap without looking, I’m not racist, just teed off that at a time like this, instead of uniting, we’re being divided by speeches like the one the president made.  His speech as well as many other activities of his tell me he’s hardly presidential material and the he was elected precisely because of race.  You’re gonna hate this comment because I’m going to spell this out:  Obama made that speech because he feels Blacks deserve special treatment and attention, not just equal attention, but special attention.  What Obama fails to realize is that other races get hammered too and racism is not reserved for whites only.  So, the real problem is that Obama’s speech is one of those “touchy-feeling, woe is me” type of speeches garnered to bring sympathy to his cause.  A lot of blacks need to meet half way and extend the olive branch too if we expect national healing.  It’s not just whites that need to do that and have been doing that for some time now, but blacks themselves need to do that too.  So it’s time to stop making excuses for other people’s actions, toughen up, drop the “woe is me” attitude, and contribute to society.  I promise, you do that, then you will be more respected.  However, if you don’t, then don’t expect respect for blacks to be suddenly idolized because of skin color.
      Martin Luther King only wanted racial equality and he preached on that.  Many blacks of today expect favoritism and that was not what King had in mind.

      1. Most African Americans are tax paying, honest and hard working Americans, and they should not be forced to be complicit with a police state because of what a minority of Blacks are doing. If I’m a Black man that has never committed a crime, why must I compromise myself because of another Black person that has committed crimes. It’s the same with Muslims. Why should honest, tax paying law abiding Muslims have to compromise themselves for what a minority of their population is doing? Conservatives think is okay for law abiding minority citizens to sacrifice their civil liberties and liberty because of what someone else has done or might do. They hypocrisy is unbelievable. A white conservative would never advocate sacrifice his or her liberty regardless of what anyone else has done, but they want minorities to do this.

        1. adthomas80 No, you are wrong dear. And there you go again, assuming you know the mind of a perfect stranger simply by the color of their skin and their political leaning. Racism comes in many forms. The longer you keep this attitude the more racist you sound.

        2. adthomas80 “complicit with a police state”

          Is that what Detroit, Chicago, LA, Newark, Camden and Baltimore are?

          Wow, who’d have guess?

        3. DeaneCooper adthomas80 Just shut up ur pathetic u dont even have facts besides some skittles on this case so shut ur  mouth until u watch the trial and the back ground of both involved and u will see whos now a victim of ediots assuming like u are..If he wouldnt of hit Zimmerman he would still be here I dont know about ur kids but mine would of asked if there was a issue like anyone else whos normal..I hope all of u who dont go off the facts of the case get attacked by this miss led mob of ediots who are looting and attcking whites over some thug scoping the neighbor hood …U must live in the suburbs cause your clueless

        4. Get the FACTS DeaneCooper adthomas80 , we’ve moved on into the issue of racism today. Don’t get your panties in a wad, alright?

        5. adthomas80 How many whites have you seen protesting, burning, looting, pillaging when one of their own got nailed while committing a crime or dancing in the street, screaming “God is great” when one of theirs kill 3,500 innocent people? When you support terror or crime, you are just as guilty!

        6. adthomas80 How many whites rioted after the OJ Simpson trial?  How many?  I don’t remember hearing or seeing any mention on the news about white riots.  So, why do blacks have to do it when the verdict doesn’t go their way?  I bet all would be quiet if Zimmerman would’ve been proven guilty.

    7. adthomas80  
      Nice projection there.  Stay obsessed with skin color, then.  Those of us who prefer to support Individual Liberty will be sad for you, but we won’t start pretending skin-color means anything just because of you.

    8. Yes Ronald Reagan because he created jobs and they don’t want jobs, interferes with hanging out!

  20. Lead column headline in today’s WSJ:  “Obama gives frank speech on race.”  Alinsky and Marx must be loving this crap…

  21. Excellent and accurate commentary. Mark is spot on – as usual.
    Barry is by far the worst pResident this country has ever had to endure.
    He’s anti-American and a monster.

  22. Reagan rescued us from the dismal days of Carter’s misery index. I wonder if he could pull us out of our current miasma if he were with us today.

    1. Dr. Strangelove wouldn’t take much.  roll back everything Obama has done, cut corporate and personal tax rates, waive capital gains taxes for 2 years, and hang on…

      1. Matt2Matt Dr. Strangelove Reagan also gave us millions of amnestied illegal aliens which has lead to 10 times the infiltration of 1986.  Rewarding bad behavior leads to more bad behavior.  Obama took a page out of that book.
        Economically Reagan was stronger. But let’s not forget the strength of American entrepreneurs and business owners that took the chance to start new businesses, grow existing businesses.

        1. Orangeone Matt2Matt Dr. Strangelove Yes,but Reagan did so with empppppty promises from the dems that they would secure the border.I guess the dems have never been trustworthy..

        2. 57thunderbird Orangeone Matt2Matt Dr. Strangelove I realize that but he put amnesty first and rewarded illegal behavior.  It has long been studied and proven that rewarding bad behavior leads to more bad behavior.  I was an adult in the Reagan years and many experts were warning him of exactly this but he wanted to be “humane”, the very term the current amnesty crew is using.

        3. Orangeone 57thunderbird Matt2Matt Dr. Strangelove I agree that it was a mistake.I too was an adult during the Reagan years.His biggest mistake was in trusting the Dems to be true to their words.

        4. 57thunderbird Orangeone Matt2Matt Dr. Strangelove Yes it was and also in rewarding the lawbreakers.  Even with stronger border security, you NEVER reward lawbreakers because they will ALWAYS break more laws and demand the same amnesty.

        5. Orangeone 57thunderbird Matt2Matt Dr. Strangelove I agree that you should never reward lawbreakers.And now that big mistake is on the verge of being repeated by none other than the GOPe.

        6. 57thunderbird Orangeone Matt2Matt Dr. Strangelove If I remember correctly, and it’s been a long time, amnesty was pushed by the GOP in 1986 as well and it has been several times since.  Boehner and Cantor are already on their road show with the GOP House amnesty bill.  “It’s for the kids.”

        7. Orangeone 57thunderbird Matt2Matt Dr. Strangelove You may be right.I can’t quite recall all the details,but it did nothing to stem the tide,and once again the same poor judgement prevails in the halls of Congress.I am sick of children being used to push every piece of bad legislation under the sun.It no longer holds any sway with me.Not that it ever has.

        8. 57thunderbird Orangeone Matt2Matt Dr. Strangelove Well said and me too.  The “children” are fruits of illegal acts and must be deported along with their illegal alien parents. They are also well aware their family members are illegal aliens yet have not reported them for violating the law and are thus lawbreakers themselves on a daily basis.

        9. Orangeone 57thunderbird Matt2Matt Dr. Strangelove I wonder why the gov’t can’t understand this basic law, applied even with children. Part of the problem with black community. Rewarding bad behavior. I’ve been a resident of a town under martial law twice due to a black committing a crime and dying in the process. First was robbing a store and white owner shot him. Blacks took to the streets burning the town down and national guard had to come in. Local gov’t gave them concessions instead of busting some heads. Next time a drunk black started trouble at a business and then wanted to fight cops when showed up. Was maced, thrown in patrol car and choked on his own vomit before getting to police station and died. I guess thinking they could get more prizes, they took to the streets and started burning the town down again. Next door in Charlotte a few years later they started rioting for no reason at the bus station after the 4th celebrations. Thanks to them, no more 4th celebrations downtown. We really ought to kick the British ass again for their slave traders bringing them over here to start with.

        10. nchoss Orangeone 57thunderbird Matt2Matt Dr. Strangelove Kick the African arse that sold their own and still do.

    2. Blacks hated Reagan, and we are apart of the country too regardless of what Mr. Levin thinks.

        1. Reagan opposed the MLK holiday and school busing that integrated the public schools, supported Margaret Thatcher in her support of an Apartheid South African government and cut many social programs that benefited poor Blacks among other things.

        2. Reagan opposed the MLK holiday and school busing that integrated the public schools, supported Margaret Thatcher in her support of an Apartheid South African government and cut many social programs that benefited poor Blacks among other things.

        3. adthomas80 Social programs have destroyed the black community.They have served to create a dependent class,and stolen the ambition of many people of all colors.After all,why go to work when you can simply walk to the mailbox once a month and get your check?As I said earler.Kneel down and lick the hand that feeds you.It is the working people of the country that pays for these social programs.The government has no money unless they steal it from the people.Why should the fruits of my labor be stolen and given to those that won’t do for themselves?I don’t mind helping those that are physically or mentally incapable of helping themselves,but I abhor paying for the lazy and useless regardless of their skin color.

  23. Obama said African Americans have a history that doesn’t go away.  They understand that violence in poor black neighborhoods around the country is born out of the very violent past of this country.
    So in essence the black community will never forget we owe them and we are to blame for the violence in their neighborhoods.
    TM and his family are being exploited and GZ is the scapegoat and sacrificial lamb. 
    Recently one of the lawyers on team for the Martin family spoke on Greta about social engineering. When they don’t get the verdict they want they look for ways to get public support (lynch mob) to influence further prosecution. Looking back on that interview she seemed very militant. 
    That is precisely what they did to GZ.  This was orchestrated.  They whipped up outraged interviews with the parents and the LMSM ran with it (who knows maybe in on it) remember it was NBC the home of Al Sharpton. And here we are.  Without the verdict they wanted. So further prosecution by a tyrant government. Perfect division of the race in play.
    This is precedent setting, today it is GZ head, tomorrow yours or mine.
    Mark Levin is such a treasure!

    1. sallyjohanna

    2. sallyjohanna “lynch mob”  … well at least democrats now wait until after the trial.  Jim Crow’s dead, Long Live Stalin!

  24. I am ashamed of our President as well.  He is not a leader of all Americans.  He’s not a leader at all.  He is a liberal activist pushing social justice.  He’s a community organizer with power.  He’s a disgrace.

    1. kong1967 Community organizer is the PC term for what used to be called outside agitators. I prefer the latter.

      1. Dr. Strangelove Ah, thank you.  I like that term better as well.  It’s more accurate and more descriptive.

  25. All of your points are defiantly understandable but I never said I appreciate our president talking down on this country. And as far as my Americanism goes? My belief in our system of government has long gone but that’s neither here nor there. The point I was trying to make was in fact racial profiling is defiantly a serious problem in our country.

    1. 2Twinz_   Since when is profiling a bad thing when using it to solve crimes or look for terrorist activity?  It works.  You can’t stop profiling being done in he average American’s mind.  When I think terrorist, I think of young Arab, Muslim men.  When I think serial killer, I think of white men.  This does not mean that when I look at an Arab I automatically think he’s a terrorist, or that I think all white men are serial killers.  But I know what group to look within to find those that are.  That’s not a crime or even wrong as far as I’m concerned.

      1. kong1967 2Twinz_ That’s a interesting way to put it. See most people don’t have that perception where i’m from. I honestly think that’s why the word racist get tossed around so much. Don’t get me wrong there are racist out there, where there’s good there is also bad it comes with the territory. But the social constructing i see where you going.
        The point i’m trying to make is in my community most people see it as racism, not as a system to protect. Protecting our neighborhoods and our country is  understandable but keep in mind that profiling is also used in other situations as well. Not to mention in my honest opinion it’s not protecting a lot of people neighborhoods anymore, it’s starting to destroy them!

        1. 2Twinz_ What is your community, if I might ask?
          A very large percentage of our crime is being committed by young black men.  If I’m walking down the sidewalk and I see a group of young black men dressed like and acting like gang members I’m going to avoid them.  As opposed to if they were dressed in a suit and tie.   It also depends on what neighborhood I am in, and I avoid black neighborhoods.  When I see bars on all the windows, that’s not me making them look bad, that’s THEM making themselves look bad that their own residents are scared of their own kids.

        2. 2Twinz_ By the way, in addition to my other comment.  I don’t just profile blacks.  In my town there is one black family.  They act normal, dress normal, and their kid does well with others and does well in school.  I don’t think anything bad of them and they are good people.
          When I drive by the bar and I see a group of young white kids hanging around and acting stupid, I roll my windows up and avoid them as well.  I’m assessing the situation, not just the race.

    2. 2Twinz_ GZ thought he was seeing a thief…that is what he profiled. Thieves now a days come in all colors!  Hoodie is a good way to hide your identity…unfortunately the hoodie is also synonymous with young black guys and the rap culture.
      GZ neighborhood had a siege mentality because of all the crime.  GZ was trying to protect his community.

      1. A hoodie is synonymous with people of all colors wearing a sweatshirt with a hood.
        That’s all it means. That’s all it ever meant. Don’t let the racists win.

      2. sallyjohanna 2Twinz_  That’s what police are for. If GZ had some type of expertise, as in police training, then that’s another story. But you can’t logically tell me that he wanted to protect his community after someone of that expertise told him to stand down and he din’t. Instead he let his implicit bias of black men cloud his judgement and unfortunately someone died.

        1. 2Twinz_ sallyjohanna GZ was already out of his car when the operator told him they did not need him to follow. GZ said ok.  He had lost site of TM.
          GZ continued to talk with the operator about where to meet, so he went down the walk to get a house address. When he turned to go back up the walk to his car…TM stepped out of the dark and said You got a problem homie…the fight was on.  This was the evidence brought out at trial.

  26. Anybody here ever seen the movie “Wag the Dog?” I can’t say I liked what they represented in the movie, but the premise was spot on. When you see the media going wild over one thing like it is the be all end all of topics, that’s the sign of something else much bigger and much worse going on in the background. The media is there to distract. They may not even realize they are being used at that time, but that’s what is happening. Now, since the media has done their damnedest to NOT talk about Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the real problems with the border crossings, etc Those are what IS important. But the one thing out of every little scandal that has gone down in this past year and ISN’T being covered is the one I worry about the most. It has everything to do with the protection of our first amendment rights and how they are taking the back way in to destroy them. When they enforced the military with court martial action for anyone seen or heard discussing their faith in Christianity (and only Christianity), that is the first step to dismantling our freedom of speech as a nation. If you haven’t noticed….. the MSM never brings the court martial subject up at all. This is very significant because they let other matters become public scandal in order to slip this one past us in the dark of night without anyone the wiser.  The longer that goes without people getting overtly bothered by it, the better their position when they take another form of free speech away from the public. And they will.

    1. DeaneCooper I do agree with you as far as the media being a distraction. Especially with the boarder line crossing. Last time I was updated on that subject they we’re saying that world war 3 may have started.

    2. DeaneCooper I think the media is fully aware they are a distraction, and they lay themselves at Obama’s feet.  Four Americans dead in Benghazi and they don’t report it, yet one young black thug gets shot in self defense and it’s all you see on the news for weeks.  
      I argue with liberals that claim Fox News lies because they report things that the other news channels don’t.  They believe that if it really happened, CNN, CBS and others would make it a top story.  They are so naive….and perfect to manipulate for an Obama vote.

  27. It is not a crime for you or any other member of the public to profile someone. When Trayvon saw Zimmerman and told his girlfriend on his cell phone that Zimmerman was a crazy-ass cracker he was profiling Zimmerman. You probably do the same thing every day. We make assumptions about people we see based on outward appearances. You can call that profiling. It is also not a crime to watch someone on the street nor is it a crime to follow them to see if they are up to no good. That might be dangerous but it is not a crime.
     It is a crime to attack someone, however.  If Trayvon had not punched Zimmerman, knocked him down, and beat him, Trayvon would be alive today.

    1. RichardArnone No because the 911 operator told Zimmerman to stand down before the fist fight even began; but as far as implicit bias goes, yes i so agree with you there everyone does that. 
      However that has much to do with how the media basically paint false realities of these bias perceptions. Every time we turn on the t.v or pick up a paper most of those stereotypes are frequently advertised making them seem true.

      1. 2Twinz_ RichardArnone If a 911 operator told you to jump off the roof of a building, you wouldn’t need to do what they said.. Hopefully you would though.

    2. RichardArnone So I can safely presume that those two guys with suits riding bikes are not selling drugs without profiling?

  28. We had a great country until this clown was voted in. Even through all the blunders of Dubya we were still respected throughout the world and we were a proud people. Now,other countries hate us and soon we face a financial collapse & the loss of the title of the worlds super power. This is what Hussein brings to the table. This is what happens when cancer takes hold & this is what happens when God is thrown out the window. Yes, he{Hussein} threw God out the window & he welcomes allah with open arms. He is a balkanizer,and  he will do his best to delute the population of freedom loving Americans with third world leeches who will be at his beckon call. He has his irs attack dogs & now he is rallying any black or black wanabe to do his dirty deeds. He is succeeding at a rapid pace as republican “leaders”gawk in awe with their fingers up their arses so far they gag. They are paralyzed by his evil powers because they are not that far behind him. The few good ones who resist are roasted by thye msm and the sheeple just shake their heads yes. They all have a case of the chris matthew “tingles”.  How can they not see what is going on? I can think of only one reason. Complete and undivided stupidlty.

  29. Who in the hell is this infiltrator “DeaneCooper”

    I guess it’s time for me to move on to another venue.  I believe she/him/it  is an infiltrator, here to stir up crap and has ill intentions……….sigh………

    1. CassieCarter I am someone who isn’t afraid to use my real name to say what I feel. I have been around a long time. Just because I finally spoke up is no reason to lock the club doors sweetheart, that won’t stop me.

  30. It’s ironic that Mark mentioned Reagan in comparison to Obama. A couple of weeks ago I was at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley(a must see if you go out that way) and on one of the walls, they had one of Reagan’s quotes in which he said in so many words that he viewed the white house as the people’s house, he just had the privilege of living there for a few years. My dad and I couldn’t help when we saw that quote, think of how far we’ve come from a president with that kind of attitude, to a president who views the white house as his house.  What has happened to this country?

  31. “Ronald Regan talked up America, never apologizing for it, but reminding everyone all over the world what a great country we have”.If anything Regan fed Americans along with the world, the same bs each president before Obama has done. At least Obama tells our country the truth instead of spoon feeding us bs like previous presidents. 
    Furthermore many Americans try and paint this picture that America does not have serious problems… Race defiantly being one of them! Regardless of the outcome of this trial the truth of the matter is this; if Trayvon had not been profiled, he would still be alive! The same applies for many black on white crimes!

    1. 2Twinz_ If Trayvon had not chosen to violently attack someone, he would still be alive.

    2. 2Twinz_
      Being a baller isn’t all he lies about.

    3. 2Twinz_ Obama is a Marxist Anti-American Black Liberation Theology Racist! He is trying to destroy The Constitution and the Christian morals and values that have been the fabric of our society since its conception. This country is not racist in my opinion but if there were racists among us they would be a majority of blacks. Everywhere I look there is another black man crying racism including Obama and Holder, two black Americans obviously voted into office by a majority of whites. If this country is full of white racists how did they get elected? They are playing the race card as another distraction tool to get people to stop looking at the impeachable crimes THEY are committing! And it’s working! They want riots and un-American behavior to further implement their evil agenda! We are witnessing the most evil President and administration in history! With the help of the corrupt scum called the national media and Hollywood they have gotten this far. God Help Us!

    4. 2Twinz_ Celebrating another black on black murder in Minneapolis tonight!  Let Obama keep that racist hatred going and some of the cities just might be saved from black liberal destruction yet.

      1. Orangeone 2Twinz_  The question people should be asking WHY are there so many black on black  crimes? I really wonder how can some of the most intelligent people be so naive and actually believe that most black people only are thugs, uneducated, and want to sell drugs, kill people est?… 
        What the media does not tell you and furthermore people don’t research the fact that majority of the blacks committing crimes fall in the 42.6% age group of employed African Americans.

        1. 2Twinz_ Orangeone Now you are doing what the media is guilty of. You are grouping an opinion that might be held by some, but certainly not the population as a whole. Taking it for granted that there are people that actually think that most blacks are thugs, druggies, etc is an assumption, not what I see at all. That is the same type of thinking that you say others are guilty of. Why would you assume such things? Does that go along with the profile of a rich white person? And is it fair?

        2. 2Twinz_ Orangeone Conservative black leaders have been looking within for a long time.  With 90-95% of black voters at Obama’s feet, it says it all.

        3. DeaneCooper 2Twinz_ Orangeone Why don’t you re-read what I posted.  I was very specific about black liberals, you know the 90-95% of blacks that voted for Obama not once but twice.  You are kidding yourself if you think they wont’ riot.  Look around, they are on highways, which is illegal by the way, yet law enforcement is doing NOTHING.  Why? Because they are black.  If it was a Tea Party group, who would never do this, they would be in federal prison.

        4. 2Twinz_Orangeone “The question people should be asking WHY are there so many black on black  crimes?”
          So you are saying that black on black crime is racist?
          Or you are using the disproven liberal excuse that all crime is based upon poverty? (I am assuming you meant “majority of the blacks committing crimes fall in the 42.6% age group of (UN)employed African Americans.

          “Of the murders for which the circumstance surrounding the murder was known, 42.9 percent of victims were murdered during arguments (including
          romantic triangles) in 2011.  Felony circumstances (rape, robbery,
          burglary, etc.) accounted for 23.1 percent of murders.  Circumstances
          were unknown for 38.0 percent of reported homicides.  (Based on”
          I may not be understanding this data correctly but it appears that most perpetrators of murder are associated with their victims.

        5. 2Twinz_ Orangeone So, why is there black on black crime?  Care to answer the question?

          Is murder an acceptable response to hunger?

    5. 2Twinz_  So you think it’s good when your President talks down the country? I can only dream of how you’ll approach your Americanism when you leave this country. Obama tells you the truth? Gimme a freaking break. Can you still keep your doctor with your healthcare? How about SSM? Or how he rose up the political ladder? With Tony Rezko and the other dirty swine of the Chicago political machine?!! 
      Obama is a disgrace. Mark said it well. He is so disgraceful. I have never been more ashamed of the Executive Branch in my life. It’ll be good riddance when this man’s term is over.

    6. obama has never had a snippet of truth fall out of his da**ed pie hole.
      Yeah, we got problems, the biggest and worst of which is people who ‘think’ like you.

  32. Barack Obama: “If a white male teen were involved…the outcome and aftermath might have been different” 
    IN SHORT: The entire Jury was made up of a bunch of white women racist that have no ability to judge a case based on the evidence provided!  Furthermore it was a slap in the face to the entire Justice System and he should be totally ashamed of himself.

  33. And Mark Levin and ALL OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.  Why did you shut down us birthers and disregard our concerns over an UNCONSTITUTIONAL invader, aka a usurper that would destroy our country from within.
    Why did you NOT listen to our Founding Fathers, their warnings and give in to political correctness?  You, Mark Levin and others like you, You, The Republican RINO establishment are just as guilty as the communist democrap party.  Your dereliction of duty is well noted.
    Unless this country seeks a New Party, one totally separate from either of the 2 current political parties, we are doomed into extinction.
    The birthers were totally right and the disregard of them is disgusting.  This nation has fallen into the dustbin of history now.
    I weep with disgust~~~~~

    1. Conservatives That Dismissed Birther Concerns;  How’s That Working Out ?

      1. CassieCarter How’s what working out for you? What the hell have you accomplished that is being paid any mind. I am not saying you are wrong, but you need to grow thicker skin and find other solutions as clearly that one is not going to go anywhere. You could have a Kenyan Doctor step up with video and witnesses to the fact and it will still go no where. It just won’t get the traction man.

        1. DeaneCooper Why don’t you read the article Ms. Cooper?????
          You Ms. Cooper, are part of the problem.  I am sick of “So Called” conservatives bashing this issue.  If you stupid “Conservatives” had vetted and questioned this dictator marxist POS we, as a country wouldn’t be in the position we are in.  You are ignorant.
          The reason this has no traction is because this country has been OVERTHROWN…………geeze…………….get it Ms. Cooper?????  If it had been handled in 2008 we wouldn’t even be writing here and TheRightScoop wouldn’t be in existence.

        2. CassieCarter DeaneCooper Are you kidding me? Oh sure! Hang all your hopes on the one thing you have, no matter that you can’t get anyone to pay any attention to it. Vetted him? For crissakes! Are you so focused on your one piece of evidence that you pay no attention to what others have done to ferret out this fool? Geeez! Talk about tunnel vision. There are other things being done, being looked at, but where has it gotten anyone? NOWHERE!  Why? The freaking media controls what gets out to the public and how it is viewed. Come on! If the IRS scandal bores them what won’t?

        3. CassieCarter DeaneCooper You can call me names all day, all that does is make you just like them. I have been in on this forever, just like you.

    2. CassieCarter  
      It was always a losing strategy.  If you can’t get the press to giv a rat’s a$$ about his diploma, you know you won’t get anywhere on the birth certificate.
      Anyone wanting to put solid conservatives in the “derelection of duty” bin over this is no friend of conservatism.

    3. CassieCarter Some of us have this odd notion that Obama was actually born here but the idea that he had a Kenyan father was to hide the fact he was the bastard son of Frank Marshall Davis. However, I personally am not obsessed with this idea like some of the birthers seem to be with theirs. He’s in the WH, get over it. It’s time to look at what’s happening now and how it will affect the future.

    1. strangernfiction What does the GOP have to do with this?  Obama is a community organizer.  All he does is campaign and agitate if he has problems like Obamacare, Egypt, Benghazi.  He is a disciple of Saul Alinsky.  He is who he is.  This charlatan fooled none of us who knew who this character was.  Folks who voted for this imbecile were duped and now are suffering this consequences of this race baiter/Marxist/socialist/statist agitator who is an imposter to the POTUS.

      1. Objective Analysis strangernfiction The GOP in the House has the responsibility to impeach, to stop Barky Boy in his tracks, to defund illegal activities, not drag their feet to a grinding halt in the Fast and Furious murder investigation, the Holder criminal and civil contempt, the Benghazi murders, the IRS scandal, the stand down order of our border enforcement.

  34. Where is this man’s teleprompter?  I still don’t understand what he is saying at all during this press conference.  City of Detroit (under democratic rule for 60 years) just filed bankruptcy under ch. 9 bankruptcy (which belong to a municipality).  He will not meet with Putin (Russia) for a summit.  Obamacare is unraveling as evident by the Unions. Benghazi, IRS corruption led by this White House, etc…
    With everything else outlined under Article II of the U.S. Constitution, he decides to talk about a STATE ACTION that as a lawyer he knows has been decided and after the verdict, he said respect the law.  Now, on Friday, he thinks he needs to have another speech on race relations for a state action that is deciding itself.
    Up is down, down is up.  Wrong is right.  Right is wrong.  Dogs are meowing, cats are barking.

    1. The only question is when do we get some relief from this? Another 3 years seems way too long.

      1. Kansas Gal The damage is done unfortunately, I pray that I am wrong but the math doesn’t lie. There is no way to repay $17 Trillion Dollars of national debt and they are compounding the spending, waste, fraud! The Dollar will collapse! A revolution is coming! It won’t be pretty that’s for sure! Obama is starting as many fires as he can to throw us into chaos. Google ‘Cloward & Piven’ this is what he is doing! Share this with everyone you know before it’s to late! God Bless Conservatives!

        1. I suppose that after WW3 all debts will be null and void, and we start over? The way things are going we’ll be lucky if Western civilization survives, much less debts largely consisting of vapor.

      2. Kansas Gal You cannot get any relief from the devil. It only will get worse so prepare yourself.

      3. Kansas Gal  
        Depends on the Amnesty clowns in Congress.  2014 if they don’t screw it up.  Maybe never if they do.

    2. and he wants us to really love Big Brother.  Not as long as We The People know which way is up and right and wrong.

  35. Once again he is right but what does he expect?
    Progressive liberals always expect, invent, and believe the worst about people. Never ever the best. That is what the are the party of perpetual grievance and when you consider that no one is perfect it is easy to have a never ending supply of grievances.

  36. Mark,
    You know he (Obama) is a disgrace. He proves it to us by almost everything he does.

  37. Mark will soon be silenced. Then what? Breitbart was. It is that bad. God Bless you and keep you safe, Mark.

    1. GetWhatYouPayFor Even the Buzz Feed reporter that was on to Obama was suddenly killed in his Mercedes.  That just doesn’t happen.

  38. Barack Obama does not intend to leave the White House.  Anything he can do to stoke the fires, he will do.  I can see this spineless congress allowing him to bypass the constitution to maintain control over the country.  The other two branches of government have already relinquished their power to Obama.  Congress allows him to unilaterally rule the country without any challenge and the Supreme court puts their stamp on any and every corrupt decision he makes. These people know more about who Obama really is than any of us, yet they continue to allow him to “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM” (destroy) the country without challenge.

    1. daisybud They are being blackmailed. No sane person would allow him to continue any longer.

  39. I wonder if I was a black person if I would have the reason or the capacity to step back and take a look at the world through the prism of truth. By that,  I mean that there has never been a town, city, or country of any real note, that has prospered under the leadership of a Black man or woman. On the contrary, every time a black person has risen to power, the city, town, country, etc…has stagnated, deteriorated, or decomposed. Whether it be Haiti, South Africa, Detroit, or Chicago (and I say this without bigotry or malice), the consequences are always the same. Furthermore, once slavery was abolished in this country, the Civil Rights movements, and Affirmative Action became the laws of the land, and finally the United States elected a black POTUS twice, America is now on the road to complete decline and decomposition as well. 
    In light of such startling and indisputable evidence of the effects that Black leadership, even black equality,  (and no, I’m not advocating a return to slavery!)and ownership of property, would I, if I was black, knowing the facts, be so eager to have as a leader someone who would undoubtedly bring further dishonor upon my people and race by destroying the nation. Would I support them, in spite of their catastrophic ideology, just because they had the same color of skin?

    1. doofuschmartz 
      Blacks were accomplishing major things coming right out of slavery, but once the Union troops pulled out, racist southern dems cracked down and ruined everything.

      1. Keyes doofuschmartz that was a problem yes;
        but blacks made great strides in self reliance and personal responsibility until;
        the real problem surfaced which was that once blacks lobbied for controlling the education system that had been set up for blacks by the abolitionists, the black ‘leaders’ instead of championing effort and excellence, resorted to alliances, politics and manipulation instead of performance.
        If you doubt this, simply look at the colleges, cities, jurisdictions. anything controlled by blacks and you will see the same pattern. They have rejected merit and embraced cronyism and victimhood in order to politically plunder the producers.
        It is very popular to blame racist Southerners for the plight of the negro, but the racism in the North far exceeded anything seen in the South. The South had to live with the sin of slavery. The North chose to ban the negro from its borders and force all the accommodation to seeking a solution to the assimilation of the negro on the South. Today the South is stronger and more accepting of all races while the north continues their practice of racism by ensuring that minorities are limited in education and sapped of their will to succeed and excel by the welfare state. All courtesy of northern progressives.

      2. Keyes doofuschmartz  I really believe that they could accomplish good, if not great things, now, if only they could/would forget all of the unproductive bitterness and hatred of the past, stifle and ignore the race-baiters and poverty-pimps, and swallow their self-righteous pride. Learn from those who can, and teach when THEY can. There are GREAT examples of Black people who have done this, and have become wonderfully successful and inspiring, Senator Tim Scott, Herman Cain, David Robinson, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, etc…We don’t love these people because they are successful or because they are black, but because they are black and they have chosen to build a bridge to the white people in our country and say, “I choose to be an American…, not a hyphenated American…but an American, period.”

    2. doofuschmartz – AMEN!!!! You know you will be called a racist right? But you speak the truth because it stares us right in the face, it cannot be denied.

    3. Isn’t Mia Love doing good things as Mayor in Utah? She is black. I think many conservatives on TRS support her.

    4. doofuschmartz Mia Love is black and is doing a great job as Mayor.  Okay, exception and I agree with you.  I feel horrible for black conservatives.

    5. doofuschmartz  
      It wasn’t the skin color.  It was the grifters that rose up quickly.  Especially in “post racial” America (meaning “after the riots of the 1960’s).  Detroit was a vibrant city until Coleman Young grifted his way into the Boogyin’ Mansion.  Same with Atlanta and Andrew Young.  In the Ninties, when Detroit was on the verge of a comeback (just before the housing bubble started collapsing), the Kilpatrick family sunk it’s leech-like tentacles into every crevice of power.  It wasn’t just the Mayor, it was his parents.
      The trouble wasn’t the skin color.  It was that grifters found black populations an incredibly easy mark, especially for a good-looking man in a suit who can talk to reporters without sounding like he never learned anything but gang-speak. All you have to do is go to a few AME churches and be seen as “pious,” and then get a few local power-brokers to back you, and you rocket to the top of the heap.
      That’s what happens when you keep people down in the Democrat Voter Plantations.  You keep them uneducated, unemployed, and afraid.  Then you offer them the good-looking man in a suit and he claims he “will not rest until” every man has a job.
      This is what was so terribly sad about good men like Bill Cosby and Charles Barkley and Colin Powell deciding to support barack.  They fell for it,too.  And now whenever they try to climb back on their soapbox to remind black Americans that you can get out of urban squalor, they are stuck between their rotting support for barack, and their past language of responsibility, and have become easy targets for the inmates of those Democrat gulags.
      Think what it would have been like if the youth in Detroit had seen a man like Allen West running this nation.  My God, what a huge mistake barack has been.

    1. We are still dealing with Iwannasillbepresidents Carter and Clinton…and Clinton wants wifey in the White House so he can continue his power daydream.

  40. Seems to me that whenever PBam goes around the country, he only sees his own type of people.

  41. While I have to wait for Levin’s book like the rest of you, I have an idea behind the mindset I’ll maintain while reading it.
    You see, like probably 99% of the Conservatives, and about half the Libertarians, I always assumed a Constitutional Convention (which is NOT what Levin is telling us he is seeking) would just be a free-for-all where the leftists would do their best to turn us into the Soviet Union.
    Well, Levin has pointed out one important fact: the “convention” called for in Article Five of the Constitution is not a “Constitutional Convention.”  In fact, under the Constitution, no such convention may be called.  If such a thing were to be called, it would have to be a post-secession or post-revolution act, and not a Constitutional Act.
    However, the Constitution does state we may call a Convention for the purpose of “Amending” the constitution.  In other words, it’s really no different from Congress proposing the amendments.  They still have to be ratified, just as if they came out of Congress.

    It takes a litlle bit of cogitation to see it–at least it did with me–but there really is a difference between some big, free-for-all convention where people just try to float any old idea whatsoever, and an orderly process for proposing amendments (where we don’t even have to “allow” all states to participate, and there can be competing Conventions, I suppose, and maybe for a time there will be–who knows?).

    Either way, here’s my point: I ask you, what do we have now?  We have a totally lawless, nearly unconstrained Federal government, headed by a corrupt, America-hating, skin-color-obsessed control freak, and very few people in either party seem to have the spine to stand up to it.
    We are over the cliff.  I repeat: OVER THE CLIFF.

    Yes, we are well past the imagery of “approaching” the cliff, or trying to avoid it.  We went over it when barack managed to rig the game to get re-elected (and no mistake, getting Romney nominated was part of that rigging, thanks to progressive, go-along-with-socialism Republicans). You can see he wants martial law.  You can see he wants racial violence and tension.  You can see he badly wants this nation to fall to its knees.
    It’s time for one last effort to save the Nation.  And an Amendment Convention is such a thing.  A measure of last resort–because it truly is a last resort, save that of war only.
    So I will be reading Levin’s proposals with that in mind.  I think we should grant our children one last effort before handing them the kind of nation that existed here in 1854.

    1. K-Bob Yes we are over the cliff, I don’t think we’ll be able to climb back up it.

      1. MarieCowsert1 K-Bob I suppose in a way, I agree about not being able to climb back up.  That’s simply a feature of all such rapid losses of greatness. And maybe it’s for the best. Some trick allowing us to jump right back up would leave the same people in charge, mostly.  I don’t think we could stand that.
        However, the long way around has many paths–some which will actually work–if we ever want our nation to achieve such heights again.

        1. K-Bob Hopefully the next generation will find those paths, I don’t think they’ll be found in my lifetime.

        2. K-Bob MarieCowsert1   Watch Egypt.  The military looked for the politicians to get their act together and not lead the country down the wrong path, a path that was inherently against what the country stood for.  The politicians didn’t and, as a last resort, the military stepped in to stabilize the situation, hopefully temporarily.
          The current  administration in our country and it’s base party, is so far afield from the true nature of America that we are in a position close to losing it.
          We know where the left stands, we are becoming aware that the right does not have the commitment or the backbone to halt the slide towards the destruction of the greatest nation the world has ever seen, so it may come to the point that we must depend on our military to save us, much like our military has saved numerous countries in the past.
          We are being attacked, internally from all sides.  We need  courage, foresight and American patriotism to combat the forces against us and our military just might have to step up.

        3. MarieCowsert1 K-Bob 
          What such a defeatist attitude? Look what our Founders were up against.

        4. The progressives have clearly taken over most of the GOP. Watch the documentary The Money Master. We must throw them all out and start over. There MIGHT be 50 out of the 535 that could stay and help us transition but damn near the whole lot is ruined.

    2. K-Bob I truly respect your opinion, insight and optimism.  Amending the Constitution, which I do not support, will solve nothing.  Our current Constitution is ignored as would an amended one if we were successful, which I doubt because I don’t trust the federal let alone any state gov’t to touch that document.  The POS has ordered the military to stand down, requires military leaders to shoot innocent Americans if ordered to do so, told ICE and the border patrol to stand down.  He has pushed and there will be a response. The only question is who, when and what will be the triggering event.
      I fully believe he is responsible for the Aurora Theater. When that didn’t give him enough for martial law, he set up Sandy Hook. Both of the shooters fathers connect directly to Obama.  When that wasn’t enough to take our guns, he set his sights on George Zimmerman. Well the jury didn’t deliver what he wanted so he had the race-baiters take to the streets.  That didn’t give him what he wanted either so he goes on TV and baits himself.
      All the while Moochier and the brats flew to Chicago for a Beyonce concert but didn’t bother to talk to the families of the hundreds murdered there.

      1. Orangeone K-Bob 
        Yeah, one guy got up and opened the door at the Aurora theater, two threw gas cannisters, then a shooter. It’s possible the guy that opened the door was one of the ones throwing the gas cannisters and it’s possible the shooter was one of the gas throwers, but that means there is AT LEAST one other person involved in that.

      2. Orangeone K-Bob I disagree.
        The reason the people cannot “act” right at the moment is because it would be illegal in most instances.  All we have is the vote (and that process is corrupt). Making Restoration legal will enable action.  This thing about “trusting legislatures” is simply not a factor.  It isn’t about trust, it’s about one last chance before war.
        Why the h*ll would I care about “trust” when we’re in such extremis now?

        We basically don’t have a Constitution now, if we leave it as it stands.  So being afraid of “touching” it is pretty much the same thing as sitting on our hands, watching as it burns.

        Further, we don’t have a Constitution if we cannot use it.  And giving in to defeatism about it is simply moving straight for war. (For nothing else will work when the law is not on the side of restoration.)

        Now I know we will likely face war, and I accept that. But I refuse to do it without trying everything possible to avoid it first. “Not touching” the Constitution is a luxury of the former version of America.  That version is gone.  You cannot patch up something that refuses to hold together: you need to send it back for a rebuild.

        I seriously doubt barack is behind other shootings.  That’s simply not the way he works.  He takes his shots using the media, by finding the right “triggering event” and blowing it up, letting his bootlicking minions distort it beyond all logic or reason.  The reason it works is because of all the money that stands to be made.

        1. K-Bob Orangeone We can utilize our Constitution and we do not need to wait for an election.  Each of the members of Congress, the administration, and for those unaware, every single federal employee, swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and our federal laws.  I think it is long past time we go to court and have them physically removed for violation of their oath.  Okay Cruz and Gohmert can remain, maybe a couple others. I had hoped that was where Levin was going.
          Obama is connected to the fathers of both the Aurora shooter and the Sandy Hook shooter. That is WAY too close for comfort and the only person that stood to gain is Obama.  I don’t believe in coincidences.  Not one black person was killed in either.  I also suspect he was behind the Boston Marathon bombing.  His FBI let the terrorist return, I believe they monitored him. Again, not one single victim was black. That is no coincidence.

        2. Orangeone K-Bob I agree with you in principle.  I just think the reason we can’t get it done is because states have zero power to deal with the Feds anymore, thanks to one hundred years (as of this past May) of the Seventeenth Amendment.
          In the NIneties, a lot of radio talkers on the right were hinting that the Militia Movement had some chance to grow and maybe eventually effect an arrest of some of these clowns for their Unconstitutional behavior–Especially after the Ruby Ridge and Waco deaths. They even had a few decent candidates running. It really looked like it had a slim chance. Just like the Birth Certificate issue (for a few months).
          The trouble was, only a few really good people got involved, followed by a sizeable lot of cranks and losers. Then it was helped to further degenerate by FBI infiltrators, who made sure some very troubled people got involved as well.

          The fear by governmentla entities of an “armed insurrection” is why these things fail. The grass roots efforts always go nowhere. (Which is one reason I always stayed away from the birther thing.)   The governmental entities are so easily made afraid of anyone with guns that they fall for the “right wing groups are terrorists” BS every time. (Another reason I’m sure, of why Malik Shabazz stops short of having his people display any love of guns.)

          And the leading people on “our” side fall for it, too. Even patriots are really afraid of people they don’t know who are armed.  (That’s how it’s supposed to work, but they forget that.)

          Look what happened with the capitulation of so many Tea Party types between 2010 and today.  This is where your point about trust comes into play.  We can’t really trust very many who rise to power.  (I can only think of three politicians I am willing to place real trust, and two of them I have my eye on for some things that still bother me.)
          But getting state legislatures to amend the constitution might have a shot at succeeding, where all of the grass roots things do not.  It’s risky as h*ll, I’ll admit. But so is waiting on thirty or forty more Ted Cruz types to take over congress.  If history is any Judge, most will become Orrin Hatch types within a few short years.

      3. Their behavior is disgusting. I think repealing the 14th might be what could get us to the root causes of all the unconstitutional laws, then end the corrupt federal reserve, recall corrupt politicians and institute term limits. These things in combination would be difficult but it would sure have a massive reset effect that could get us on the right path. My only obstacle when I think about the possibilities of this plan is what do we do with the hard core liberal progressives? The Michael Moores and Chris Mathews of the country can not stay here nor their koolaid drinking followers so logistically that problem would have to be figured out but all in all it’s a good start.

    3. Mark Levin is brilliant and a National Treasure and I will be reading his book with an open mind in the hope that I will be educated and enlightened.  But if the lawless one will not listen to the Constitution we have now, or the laws we have now, what would require him or any of his minions to follow any Constitution or law whatsoever?
      We have one more chance to turn this around.  2014.  We must not fail.

      1. Stehekin912  
        Despite the massive problem that is barack, the problem isn’t solely the existence of barack.  It’s the chain of events that led to him, and enables him now.  Clearly, the lack of spine shown by Republicans is the main enabling factor.  It’s because their ability to act is so limited that they choose the path of least resistance and consequently the most graft.
        A few key amendments would put a halt to several situations that give too much power to the go-along-to-get-along faction.
        Having the law on your side in specific ways is far better than leaving it up to a few mushy votes in the legislature.
        I mean, think about an amendment that empowers states to repel non-US citizens.
        I have no idea if that’s a fantastic idea or a bad one, but I know that if such an amendment existed, Texas, for one, would be returning illegals on its own, without any input from ICE.  Those are the kind of reforms that take power from the Fed, and do so in a way the that the Fed cannot stop it.

    4. There was a constitutional convention held in 2009 3 delegates from I think 42 states were present. Michael Badnarik was there, also Bruce Ray Riggs, a lot of people but it all seemed to be for not. I was very hopeful when I heard about it of course not from any of the LSM but even with all those people and all that effort nothing came out of it. I learned of it through dirtyunclesam . Com.

    5. K-Bob I absolutely agree that we are over the cliff. You could have only right siders voting in the next election and still lose. That’s how bad it has gotten. I live in Tucson, Az. I know how it is to be on the crap list of this administration. But what really pisses me off is the way the right has folded. They couldn’t harness Alan West so the got him out of the way. Eric Cantor blows. Don’t even ask me how McCain keeps getting elected down here because I don’t know anyone who votes for that guy. We don’t like the guy at all! The one good guy we had has left office because he saw the handwriting on the wall and knows he can get things going outside of that system. It seems every time we get our hopes up they get bought out by the highest donor and the lobbyists with the deepest pockets.

  42. From Ronald Reagan to the likes of bh obmam. If America can sink any lower then the likes of a despicable hater, I don’t want to know who that could be.
    It’s a shame the first white/black president was/is a dirt bag, low life America hating race baiter. The black community could have benefited greatly having had an honest and decent black man as president.

    1. badbadlibs Not only the black community but all of us could have benefited from someone like a Clarence Thomas or Allen West.

    2. badbadlibs The one shining silver lining is that no person of any color could be much worse than barack.  He’s totally in the same league as all of the world’s most corrupt, loathesome heads of state.

      1. K-Bob badbadlibs Shall I remind you that Hitler was white and was responsible for the murder of 12 million and nearly eliminating the Jewish population of Poland?  I know you know the history and I understand your point.

        1. Orangeone K-Bob badbadlibs Yeah.  My point is, he’s now entering Hitler’s league.  He may be a scrub at the moment, but he’s clearly aiming for a starting role.

        2. K-Bob Orangeone badbadlibs And Obama has the technology Hitler did not.  Internet, cell phone records, census records, text messages, credit card records that connect to gun store sales by the way so he has his gun registry.  He also has drones that can kill very easily.  And let’s not mention the ammo Nappy bought with our money.  He can shut down the banking and seize our accounts, shut down our commuication, our power and our water within minutes.  He has plenty of thugs to go to every school and take our children hostage.  He also has Hitler and others to study from.  No one would help us.  I love Canada but they wouldn’t touch a race war in this country.

        3. Orangeone K-Bob badbadlibs Despite the fact that he has access to any weapons this country has, he doesn’t know how to operate them on his own. And THAT in itself makes the possibility of them being used on the populace a no starter. Those weapons are operated by Americans who voluntarily joined the military. They are not going to take up weapons against the citizens of the USA for any president, least of all O’blah blah. You can fear for that crap all you want, enjoy your paranoia. I choose to have faith in our military, There isn’t a Sgt, a Major, or a General willing to be the person that voices that sort of order to the troops anyway. Our problem is Washington and all the bootlicking grubworms that sit in elected posts. Oblahblah cheated to get in. He cheated to stay in. And the GOP that have treated us like dirt need to go too.  All of them can be replaced as far as I am concerned. They won’t outlaw lobbyist money? They gotta go!

        4. DeaneCooper Orangeone K-Bob badbadlibs Then please explain why the military DID NOTHING to save the Benghazi 4? They obeyed the Stand Down order. Explain why Admirals and Generals alike were suddenly relieved of duty or retired?  BTW, where is General Ham?

        5. Orangeone DeaneCooper K-Bob badbadlibs I wish I could. But you have to know the distinction I am making here,  especially after what happened at Benghazi. The military stationed overseas are not what I am getting at. I am talking about our homeland. There is a world of difference between the two. At home these guys would rather walk away and go home than fire on Americans. The first thing they would be thinking about an order like that is “what happens when we get to my home town and my family and friends?” You can’t honestly believe they would do such a thing. I am a veteran, it isn’t a matter of being so brainwashed you will accept and perform any order given. And definitely not an order like that.

        6. DeaneCooper Orangeone K-Bob badbadlibs I absolutely agree that our veterans will stand with us. It’s Obama’s military I worry about. It is filled with homosexual Christian-hating entitlement brats. And yes I do believe there are members of the military that would do anything Obama wants them to do, including murder of American citizens.

    3. badbadlibs I hope this country has learned its lesson about voting for a black man with a hidden past.

      1. Orangeone I’m thinking any man with a hidden past. 
         Actually, Obama’s wasn’t hidden, there were just a whole lot of people who chose not to see it.

        1. MarieCowsert1 Orangeone He spent millions hiding his past.  Yes we know about Wright and many sounded the warning bells.  But it’s what’s hidden by those millions of dollars, likely our tax dollars, that we don’t know yet.

        2. Orangeone  Oh I’m sure that there’s lots more we don’t know but what we did know should’ve stopped a lot of people from voting for him.  If people would’ve done the home work and paid attention, he wouldn’t have won. 
          But you are right, I’m sure there’s more, it’ll come out after he’s out of office….that’s usually the way it works…

        3. MarieCowsert1 Orangeone I have a suspesion Obama has pushed to far and it will be leaked.  Notice how Nappy resigned on the very day the Zimmerman case went to the jury and gave no notice?  That’s no coincidence.

        4. Orangeone MarieCowsert1 If not Snowden, then someone else will. Your words in God’s ears. My prayers go out to America and may the Lord rid us of the evil plaguing the White House.

  43. Obama, POTUS. Has more pressing issues, However race baiting and a willing group of Presstitutes eat the Obama dog food willingly. I have more respect for a Spot a Pot than Obama!

  44. At least Mr. Levin had the patience to listen to Mr. Obama.
    It’s virtually impossible for me to listen to Mr. Obama anymore, to read his statements, and to even listen to his people such as Jay Carney.

    I don’t trust him at all.

    1. PoCoTex I always listen, it’s hard to stomach but I want to hear what the enemy has to say. I want to hear it straight from the butthole….

    2. I have not been able to stand to listen to or to watch him for a long time now, and his name is a dirty word.  I admire those who have the fortitude to watch/listen to him.

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