Mark Levin: Our federal govt under Obama has NO INTENTION of preventing his kind of HORROR

Mark Levin opened his show tonight responding to Obama and other Democrats who are calling for more gun control in response to the San Bernardino mass shooting. But he has one question: where are the background checks for pipe bombs?

Levin points out that this so-called gun show loophole that Obama is attacking has nothing to do with this. He listed several of the more recent mass shootings and pointed out that closing this ‘gun show loophole’ would have had no effect on any of these shootings. Also, it’d have no effect on stopping pipe bombs.

Levin says that our federal government under this president has no intention of preventing this kind of horror. None! Now Levin isn’t talking about actual federal or local law enforcement, but rather the the civilian political leadership under this president.

Instead of taking responsibility for what’s going on at our borders, undermining our local and state law enforcement or eviscerating our military and intelligence services, they attack the gun show loophole as the major problem that needs fixing in order to save us.

Listen to the full segment below:

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