Mark Levin puts Biden’s “even if we can save just one life we must act…” comment in proper perspective

This is what I love about Mark Levin. He has a way of putting things in perspective like no other. And Biden’s comment yesterday where he said that Obama believes that if they can save just one life then they must act on gun control – well Levin masterfully puts that in its proper perspective using a comparison to DDT that was banned in the early 70s and the effect it’s had on society.

Excellent monologue:

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47 thoughts on “Mark Levin puts Biden’s “even if we can save just one life we must act…” comment in proper perspective

  1. “If our actions result in only saving one life, they’re worth taking.” is apparently the only argument that the liberals have for (at least) damaging the 2nd amendment. But how does can that logic possibly coexist with the encouragement of abortion on demand?

    I can’t really think a better example of why no one should trust these people.

  2. So true. And you never hear about who’s going to be responsible for all of the deaths of people who could NOT defend themselves with guns. Just the other day, a lady protected her family with a handgun and wounded a man who was breaking into her house. Just the other day, a young man shot and severely wounded a criminal home intruder with his father’s AR-15. His father, by the way, is a deputy sherrif. If both this woman and this boy were killed because they could not defend themselves from these criminal home invaders, who would answer for that? Who would hold telethons for those people? Who would hold committee hearings in Washington for them? Who would argue on CNN for THEIR rights and THEIR lives? Liberals never, ever, think of the unintended consequences of their actions, like banning DDT. Unfortunately, we are the poor jerks who have to pay for their desire to “feel good” about themselves. As for the Constitution, you must really be foolish if you think a liberal cares about that.

  3. This is how the government is working with vaccines too. The damage vaccines are doing to our bodies and minds is outrageous. People are on to the flu shot scam, hence the media new crisis, get your shot or die. To my way of thinking, vaccines are a huge tragedy.

  4. Sooooooooo…how could we apply your statement to abortion, Crazy Joe? How many lives are snuffed out from abortions every year? However, it’s not really about saving lives, is it Crazy Joe? It’s about power and control. Global authoritarians like Crazy Joe and Zero want more and more control over the people they consider their “subjects”.

  5. How many lives do they spare when they keep the military in the middle east? I bet if ever the boys do come home, they’ll bring their M16’s with them. And that bad-a$$ machine gun that fires grenades instead of bullets.

    1. If Zero gets his way, those will be banned. However, I would like to see someone take them away from our brave men and women. The @$$ kicking would be glorious (they doing the kicking and government stooges being the recipients)!

  6. 2013 will just be the beginning of a flurry of agendas to be imposed on us. Obama—a man who came out of the woodwork. A person no one heard about. Suddenly, he is presented to us, by the Democrats, as the great orator and saviour of the American economy. Look what we are saddled with now.
    It’s difficult to believe he won re-election legally.

    1. Yes, an absolute roller coaster ride of thrills and spills ahead for us. Every time one of his edicts sees the light of day and passes, it will be like opening a shiny wrapped box with a big bow on it and finding a pile of steaming horse dung in it…the attached card reading: All My Love, Barack Hussein Obama (mmm! mmm! mmm!)

  7. Mark is correct, of course. But now, DDT is off the pages of Enviro activism. It’s old and busted. The new hotness is Man-Caused Global WarmingClimate Change!

    So naturally, now that the record shows no warming in the last 14 years, Obama is thinking of calling for a Climate Summit !

  8. The only life you will save, Mr. Biden, is that of the criminal – and I’m sure they thank you, you moronic pution.

  9. He is awesome. He may be the smartest person I ever heard. I wish he was taking an on January 21 instead of the loudest fart ever.

  10. DDT’s problem: works too well, too cheap, not enough (wrong) people making money.

    We see the problem with natural gas today too. Other cheap solutions to global problems are also being suppressed for the same reasons: too cheap, not enough/wrong people making the money.

    1. Save people the time, everything on that site is a spoof. If you enjoy that stuff fine, otherwise don’t waste your time. Don’t pull people away from the very serious discussion here. When someone like Levin has the courage to speak the truth to help us save our country it is no time for a cheap laugh.

  11. I wish Mark Levin would challenge Obama, Biden, any of these statists, to a debate on guns and gun rights. Biden jerked Paul Ryan around in their debate by virtue of having a biased moderator; he wouldn’t have nearly the same experience with Levin, no matter who the moderator.

    Guaranteed. NO ONE in the WH takes up the challenge. I wish every conservative site would plaster a call for that debate 24/7. The libs can’t defend this or any argument. They just mimic Hitler and propagandize through the media, and frankly, I’m sick of it.

  12. God love this man. He’s brilliant.
    Let’s face it, if biden comes up with something, or bo….it’s a given it’s wrong, it will bring harm, fail, maim, and bring hell to all concerned.

  13. Millions and millions dead worldwide because of the DDT ban. Ok. Did anyone [worldwide]consider bringing it back?

    1. Nope. What a sham that was and still is. People are presently dying because of the asinine DDT ban, a ban which is a eugenics advocate’s dream.

  14. I love Levin. This was excellent. Too many facts though so I doubt libs will care.
    I could also add, biteme has a lot of nerve to say Obama believes that if they can save just one life then they must act on gun control – this coming from plugs who appreciates China’s one child policy and supporting planned parenthood who have murdered a record number of babies this past year. Evil hypocritical ba$tard.

  15. A notable point.

    A low percentage of morons elect this monster and ALL of America takes it in the rear.

    1. Telling you folks..this is the same BULLSCHIT the Leftoids pulled in Canada…Google Wendy Cukier…one scary left wing nutbar fembot…after Nutier-Bar Algerian Gamil Gharbi aka Marc Lepine, murdered 14 women in Montreal in 1989….

      We spent $2 BILLION DOLLARS on our ” LONG GUN REGISTRY”

      Guess how many lives were saved????

      None, Nada, Zip…Dick, 0,

      Rest assured, if they could have attributed the saving of ONE single solitary life…..WE ALL would NEVER hear the END OF IT!

      didn’t happen….LONG GUN REGISTRY ie: GUN CONTROL of hunting & sporting rifles/shotguns was finally shot full of holes after 15 years & deep-sixed by GOOD CONSERVATIVES in Spring 2011!


      Just say NO to Gun Control!

    2. I heard ObamaCare has a provision for that. However, I don’t think I want the government that far up my…:-D !!!

  16. Interesting comparison. It spotlights the ignorance of liberals and repulsive statists. Obama and Biden… exploiting any tragedy to further a dictatorship.

    Set the precedent you posers… disarm the Secret Service first… give them billy clubs like they did to the police in the UK… lead by example. Go on… take the high road like you think you already have. Show us how benevolent and anti-violence America is. Go on.

    Hypocritic morons. Imbeciles. Undiagnosed braindead fools.

  17. I love Mark, but why is everything “Obama is doing this to YOU, Obama is doing that to YOU, the Left is doing the other to YOU?” Is he somehow exempt from the ramifications of Obama shredding the Constitution? Try “US” sometime Brother Mark….

    1. NO one could listen to Levin regularly and make that observation.

      Quote: “They’re destroying my country!” – Mark Levin

      1. One of my favorite Levin assaults on braindead lib callers is, “Why do you hate my country?”

        They’re stopped dead in their tracks. Stammering and stuttering and flailing for some retort. It’s practically an Alinsky method.

    2. I can’t disagree with more. When this speakers, do you not beleive it’s coming from him. What a truly- dumb statement you made. So dumb I almost vomited on my wife. Lucky her. Please do not use the Internet anymore, it’s not for you. Try a water pistol or a tonka truck. Twit-r atlesquire1973

    3. Because he is talking to YOU, and to me, his listening audience. He’s not talking to himself. He knows the audience is vast and wide. And he always includes himself in that group being assaulted by Obama and his policies.

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