MARK LEVIN responds to Bob Dole’s attacks on conservatives like Cruz, Paul, and Rubio

Bob Dole, who is 90 years old, attacked the current crop of conservatives in a recent interview, calling Ted Cruz an ‘extreme right-wing guy’ and saying he’s ‘way out there’ on the extremes of the party.

Mark Levin says this is an intentional attack on Cruz and points out that Dole would never call Obama, Reid, or Pelosi ‘extreme left-wing’. And the reason they attack Ted Cruz, according to Levin, is that they hate Ted Cruz because he will not play ball with the Republican Establishment.

But he doesn’t just attack Ted Cruz, he also attacks Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.

There’s much more below:

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132 thoughts on “MARK LEVIN responds to Bob Dole’s attacks on conservatives like Cruz, Paul, and Rubio

  1. Since equality before the law is the only “equality” compatible with liberty, it is the only “equality” that free countries should pursue.

  2. Bob – Please, please, save yourself and us any further embarrassment, and recede from public pronouncements in the future. You embarrassed us in 1976, when you assisted Gerald Ford to violate his previous pledge NOT to run for president in 1976, by joining his ticket as the VP candidate. Then in 1996, you ran a pathetic campaign, losing to the pervert Clinton. As much as you have come to think you know it all. YOU DO NOT. Take one of your blue pills and try to keep Elizabeth happy. Your rambling nonsense does not keep us real Conservatives happy.

  3. What’s with all these mothballed politicians coming back out to tell us what our country needs? Especially when they didn’t have a clue when they were in charge, Carter , Clinton ,now Dole……Go back to the alzheimers clinic guys and take your medication!

  4. Enough of RONO’s Bob Dole etal he served his country it rewarded him let’s move on.Start by ceasing to attack Conservative’s because some statement veers slightly left on that basis we’d have never supported Ronald Reagan.Let’s do as Mark does and hold their feet to the fire if they start deviating to much I’m almost coming to believe some internal attacks on generally Conservative politicians are generated by disguised leftist supporters.

    1. No, they are GOP establishment RINOs who love their jobs and their perks and the status quo. Not hard to understand really, but they are a disgrace to their office and to this country.

  5. Bob Doles an establishment monkey,Cruz and Rand stand for the constitution,how much more patriotic can you get??????????

  6. Bob Dole didn’t just lose,he was crushed into oblivion.Just as they did with John McCain the establishment repubs put up a guy that could not win just because they thought it was “their turn”. Stupid then, stupid now.

  7. Did he NOT learn from Regan……Don’t eat your young Republicans.
    Give the man a Drool Bib!
    Bob Dole …… Your Lost……. Shut Up!

  8. Bob Dole the loser. He always thought the sheep in America (anyone not a senator) believed his 10th amendment brochure bs he would pull out of his coat pocket. If he ever really believed his own words I didn’t. He was just another gop rino loser we got to vote for in the loser’s bracket.

    1. Bob Dole….more like Bob DUD….I thought this fossil was in the Smithsonian Section for Humans with Legs with No brains. This speed bump is the EPITOME of Establishment Scum…I never liked this first class jerk and he has the appeal of blank paper. Hey Dud you had your clock cleaned by the President Poinker in Chief and you LOST LOSER!! Go find Sedona with McLame and find the Vortex to a planet this gives a RAT’S _SS what you have to say you worthless puppet!

  9. I wonder if Bob Dull really thinks anyone cares what he has to say back when or now. Proud to say I voted Libertarian when he ran for president. If you can still put your checkered pants on bobby then head on down to the country club have some martinis. When you are totally bombed then speak and you will make more sense than you ever have in your life while sober.

  10. bobby bobby bobby- have you learned NOTHING from the *presidencies* of:

    Bob Dole
    John McCain
    Mitt Romney


  11. With all respect to Mark Levin, he cannot categorize the amnesty boys Rand Paul and Marco Rubio as conservatives and then attack amnesty on the other thread. Even Ted Cruz wants to give visas to the lawbreakers (posted on this site) and introduced an amendment to legalize them, i.e. reward their illegal behavior.

    None are conservatives and none are complying with their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution and Rule of Law. Cruz and Rubio want their race votes and Paul wants the druggie votes. Simply disgusting.

    1. Ted Cruz’ position is to do 2 things first:

      1. Secure the borders in a measurable way – ie, substantiate that they are secured
      2. improve LEGAL immigration

      After this, and after MEASURING what has happened at the borders then the next step can be considered – remember many illegals will leave America of their own accord if they are not REWARDED for coming in to America in the first place

      thus there is no COMPREHENSIVE immigration bill, but a series of ddeliberate steps, which are tested for outcome and objective reached, first

      IMV, much of the illegal immigration will dry up if objectives 1 and 2 are achieved

      1. And that is AMNESTY. Rule of Law is deportation and Cruz will not follow rule of law either. Ted Cruz wants more Hispanics in the US and is vocal about standing with immigrants. His statement reminds me of Obama’s standing with Islam. In one year he has forgotten that he represents US citizens.

  12. Levin is right about Dole. There is a lot to admire about what he overcame but as a Senator he was always for cutting bad deals with NO principals. It was Dole who opened the government when Clinton was going to break during the shutdown. Newt was right when he called Dole the tax collector for the welfare state. Dole was willing to do Hillarycare but Hillary was so arrogant she wouldn’t let the appeaser in the room. This opinion means nothing to be. I remember when he said the same nasty things about Reagan being too “extreme”. Loser stumblebum Jerry Ford said Reagan was too extreme just before the general election. There IS NOTHING extreme about being a conservative or following the Constitution. Nothing.

  13. One more thing.

    We don’t need to play our hunch about what Reagan would have thought of the Tea Party Movement. Because we already have the answer.

    I’m going to drop a two word phrase that was used a whole lot in the late 1970s and early 1980s to describe a movement at the time of hard-edged militant activist insurgent conservatives, very similar to the TPM today:

    New Right.

    And Reagan was happy to be part of and associated with the New Right.

    1. Let’s not forget how Reagan rewarded illegal aliens shall we. He set the precedent which is why we have 20 million more illegals in our country today that will be citizens by year’s end thanks to the GOP.

  14. In listening to this I’m wondering what’s up with Michael Reagan? Establishment threaten his employment per chance?

    1. I don’t get that either! I am glad Mark called him out on it! I used to listen to Michael Reagan all the time on the radio…

      1. This is why I say be wary about Greatest Generation. I thank them for winning WWII but they are the one’s that created the smoke filled rooms of big government, cronyism, corporatism, as well as entitlements. GG felt they were entitled and their great grandchildren and great great grandchildren are paying for it.

        And of course GG birthed the Boomers and the damage there is far worse.

    2. Michael Reagan supports pseudo-conservative establishment Republicans like David Dewhurst whom Ted Cruz defeated in Texas. Reagan was on Twitter arguing with us being quite nasty, before the election. Dewhurst’s only strength was on abortion. RINO fool on everything else. Reagan has probably aligned himself with RNC liberals like so many others. Sad we can’t trust the old guard much, even those with great fathers.

    1. George W. Bush will be the last Rino to be President! The United States is in DEEP Trouble…..

        1. I blame the Bush Family for destroying the Republican party! It is not the Reagan followers that are the downfall of the republican party. it is the Establishment Bush cronies…. The United States is in trouble and you can blame the Bush Family!!!

        1. I would vote for an orange juice can before I voted for a marxist progressive Democrat. Yeah I’m to blame also.. The Reagan folks just never came forward after 88.. There were 100’s of them but it was always someone from the establishment that was put forward for President by the Republican Leadership… Someone should write a book about what if… Reagan was so easy to follow…

  15. Good old Bob “It’s my turn to be president” Dole Have you figured out why you weren’t elected? You weren’t conservative enough. Why don’t you and Justice Stevens stroke each others egos.

  16. Those of you teeing off on Rand Paul or Rubio need to listen to the clip. Mark says nothing about either of them. He only mentions that Dole mentioned them specifically. That’s it. The rest was about Cruz and Reagan.

    1. From what I’ve heard from him Levin has never called out Reagan on his amnesty. He is not calling our Rand, Rubio (lately) or even Cruz with his visas for illegals or amendment for legalization. There’s rule of law or rewarding criminals.

  17. And we’re paying attention to what Boob Dole says for what reason?

    Dole became irrelevant and missed by nobody starting on November 6, 1996 and has been irrelevant and un-missed every day since then.

  18. RINOs and DemocRATS are the same party with different shirts! They keep each other in and greedily share the power (influence, money, longevity of political career). Both are the enemies of the American people.

  19. Why is it politicians never go quietly into that good night? Except Zell Miller…we never hear from him.

  20. Have they done long-term studies on the over-use of Viagra and any correlation with aggressive senilty? Just sayin’ is all.

    1. Funny and True…. Dole would be the perfect case study for 30 plus years of over use…..

  21. No wonder why he didn’t win the Presidency. I am a diehard Republican who couldn’t stand an establishment guy like Dole who lived most of his Washington DC life in the Watergate Apt. Buildings. The top RHINO in chief was Bob-O.

  22. I’m sure Bob Dole’s comments will have people gathering around water coolers all over America. //.sarc

  23. I voted for Reagan twice, and I have voted for anybody that was up
    against the Marxist Democrat Party my whole life….. As I get older I
    am getting educated on what a Reagan Conservative really was and what an
    Establishment Republican really is! The Bush Family is really not
    Conservative. We will not be a great country following the path of the
    Establishment Republican Bush Machine and Dole was part of the Bush
    Machine… I am afraid the Bush Family has destroyed America…

  24. The GOP establishment are the targets now; send them home, or expect nothing to change.

  25. what have we learned about democrats…..we cant go along to get along as they walk all over and disgrace America with their overzealous need to control.

  26. I was listening to Mark last evening when he talked about Dole. He was far too kind considering Dole was a smack to true conservatives with his so far out of touch opinion. I was finding myself irritated at Levin for being so kind to Dole in his response

  27. I disagree with Mark, Rubio was never and is NOT a Conservative. I’m sorry Mark you backed him and he turned out to be a complete disaster, but you are better off cutting your loses.

    NO ONE believes or trusts Rubio. If he’s on the ballot for President, the base stays home.

    1. Maybe but the alternative was Crist and he’s a far worst disaster than Rubio and his lean towards amnesty.

        1. Perhaps but one thing is certain Sorry Charlie Crist is far worst. You had a choice, not vote and get Crist, vote for the Rat candidate and still get Crist or not vote at all and get Crist. Rubio and I don’t like his stance on immigration issues, is far better than the Dem or Crist. His term is up in 2016 run another candidate to primary him.

              1. The situation sucks and this is reason why I say the only way out is civil war. Terrible thought isn’t it. Otherwise, we best learn to live with this serious consequence of brain damaged candidates.

                1. Situation is more dire than just sucks. Some type of conflict may be necessary to right the ship. But I hope it doesn’t come to that. There are way too many ignorant and apathetic “citizens” who feed/encourage the destruction of a once marvelous country….
                  Tipping point has long since been reached…

      1. True but the danger lurks as we saw happen to Rubio when his patrons called in their chits for amnesty.

        1. Little doubt, I’m just saying the Dem would have been an amnesty vote and so would Crist and neither would have moved the Senate closer for reach of the male GOPe. Crist bent over(lean forward) for Obama so you have a flawed situation. All the migrants from the northern states made the election of McCamnesty and FL situation.

      2. Isn’t that how it always works out? The left puts somebody so disastrous that we’re forced to hold our noses and vote for whatever the RNC drags out. But we manage to lose anyway.

    2. I worked on Rubio’s campaign as a volunteer caller. Crist was such blatant Progressive I suppose I was blinded to the Bush and GOP support behind Rubio. Not again. I really trust no one who has not been through the fire.

      1. RUBIO may have started off that way, but he is a disgrace as of today. Right down there with Paul RINO, um, RYAN.

    3. I will not stay home. If a RINO runs I will vote against every RINO. Democrats are the lesser evil. There is no doubt about that. A RINO is your enemy but can stab you in the back. At least with the Democrat you see the attack coming and can defend yourself.

      Like Mark said. RINOS hate us but they do not hate Reid or Poloski. No they never say a bad word about the Liberal Democrats because they are Democrats.

      1. I can’t make you do anything. We’ve got about 1 or 2 more election cycles left in this country before The People starting burning down buildings and throwing politicians in the river with cement shoes.

        1. Yet the GOP fiddles its thumbs and does absolutely nothing but give Obama everything he wants. Bill after bill with Democrats allowed to vote against the GOP by Democrat Speaker John. How is hades is John and RINOS going to save us when they love Reid, Obama and Poloski?

        2. Well said. I’m trying to picture the burning buildings and cemented politicians. Not sure how far fetched that is…

      2. You may see an attack from the Democrats, but if they are in power you will be powerless to defend yourself from it. I dont like the RINOS but they are NOT democrats. Vote for a dem and live with the consequences.

        1. Yes you mean like now. We gave the damn RINOs power to stop Obama in 2010. All they did was get behing closed doors and vote with the Democrats to keep Obama care the law of the land. To give Obama everything he wants.

          You are delusional. The Democrats are in power if the RINOs are in power. Get it?

          1. No. Why don’t you stay home on election day? By doing so you will cause less damage. One more election is about all the USA has to save it’s self.

              1. Because he said he would vote for a Democrat before a RINO. Read the post before asking stupid questions.

                1. No one is saying you don’t have a First Amendment right. But to tell someone not to vote and exercise their right to vote should be challenged.

      3. Don’t agree with you, Steve. You’d rather stay home and not vote than add a vote to the enemy account that a Republican vote will have to nullify.

        I agree with your assessment about the RINOs. But the Democrats leftism is now reaching levels of the unreal.

        That being said, it would take a lot for me to vote for the Presidential elections if the RNC succeed in getting Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or Chris Christie on the ballot. I would have to be dragged to the election booth kicking and screaming.

        The real elections in my opinion are the Republican Primaries. This is where we get to make a statement. We might not be able to overthrow the incumbents. But we should be able to scare them into recognizing that WE are their masters, and not the other way around.

        1. RINO Enemy Number 1.
          Democrat Enemy Number 2

          The enemy of my worst enemy is my friend.
          RINOS vote with the Dems every time their vote is needed. In the mean time they do all they can to make sure no real Republican ever gets in office.

          RINOS are by far the greater EVIL.
          No way in Hades I stay home. I will vote RINO Bastards out in the Primary but if not there in the General.

        2. I agree with Steve. I will vote for the Democrat in my district in order to fire the RINO. Easier to vote in a conservative in two years than encourage the RINO with votes which they take as support for the lies and deceit.

    4. “If he’s on the ballot for President, the base stays home.”

      Most feel the same way about Chris “Does this suit make my butt look big” Christie.

      With Hillary waiting in the wings, any half measures on the part of the RNC will be a disaster.

      No matter how bad she will be (and we know she will), the lick-spittle press will carry her to two terms.

      The downward slide started with Bush Senior: It’s now twenty-five years and counting.

      1. I agree with almost all of that EXCEPT that she-beast being President.

        I think some special forces will give her a Godfather Contract. “What difference does it make?”

          1. Rubio made one terrible choice when he came out in support of amnesty support for illegal aliens! Rubio has stated multiple times he made a mistake, he knows people are watching him like a hawk and I give him the benefit of his mistake because if you look at how he votes and what he supports, it’s conservative! America has a terrible problem with Immigration law… We all know why and it must be fixed…. I’m a big supporter for legal immigration because that is what makes America Great! The progressive subversion of immigration law and Rino refusal to fix it over the last 50 years will destroy the U.S. and I think Rubio understands it’s not simple… I support Rubio and I am glad he is in the Senate!

            1. Rubio “says” he made a mistake. He is pushing amnesty because it’s about his race. He doesn’t love America or what it stands for. He wants power and control. He wants his followers and those are his illegal aliens.
              With 50 million people on foodstamps and the lowest # of people in the workforce the only thing we need to do with immigration is cut it back and put Americans back to work.

              1. Rubio is a Cuban American and he is not pushing amnesty anymore! He made a mistake and he has said he was wrong! That is what the man has said…

                1. Rubio is pushing amnesty and will never stop. He wants to flood the US with his race (Hispanic, latino or whatever PC they call themselves today). He is only saying he’s sorry because his popularity fell below Schumer’s. Once an amnesty race pimp always an amnesty race pimp. Sums up Rubio in one sentence.

            2. I think Rubio falls under the 80% rule. What is going to be the linchpin for him is how out front that issue is when he decides to jump in. He really made a rookie mistake on that issue.

              Politicians are in a quandary with that issue. Big Business of all stripes wants the cheap labor and gives the most bucks to get the politicians to look the other way, yet they can’t deliver the bulk of the population at the ballot box….or close the deal as they like to put it.

              People instinctively know the fallout from illegal immigration and are not budging. It isn’t just lost wages, it’s lost culture, crime, taxes, politics, etc which all of course drive UP the cost of living. There is not a positive side for the bulk of the country.

              One way to cut illegal immigration is to institute a flat tax. The ripple effect from that is enormous and one effect is it cuts the overhead of business thus giving them no more excuses for needing modern day slavery. It would have the effect of separating the wheat from the chaff and exposing those that are just plain greedy from those that are just trying to earn a living and create jobs.

              1. I am glad he is in the Senate, i didn”t say I would vote for him in a Presidential Primary!

                1. Ted Cruz is a Brilliant Man! I think he is one of the guys that worked in the Reagan Justice Department under Ed Meese!

                2. Honestly I’m not sure but he reminds me of what my Dad would say…”You either got ‘it’ or you don’t”.

                3. I might be wrong about Cruz working for Ed Meese as a young lawyer, but I know he holds Reagan ideals close to his heart and he is not fake about his “classical liberalism”! What I am saying is Ted Cruz is a real Reaganite!

    1. But then he had the chance to buck the RINO trend and help Cruz, Lee and others of their ilk. He stayed true to form.

  28. Bob Dole is a senile old man who has no comprehension of what is actually occurring under this administration. And Levine is correct, the establishment Republicans, aka RINOs, fear Ted Cruz and while Dole included Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, his comments where directed at Cruz solely IMO.

    I don’t believe the RINOs fear Paul or Rubio as much and that may be why Dole referred to Sen. Cruz as that extreme right-wing guy. While Dole just labeled Senators Paul and Rubio as being “younger members.”

    Bob Dole reflects on politics ahead of Kansas tour

  29. i guess youre never to old to feed your need for ego, power and to go along with the establishment……older does not mean wiser and I think as there are many in his generation that feel this way need to pass on to weed and rid the conservatives of these pesky people.

    What a shame, he had a chance to leave a legacy of pride for conservatism and now he is leaving on the terms that his career has been a lie.

  30. Nothing happens per chance. so…..

    No one takes Dole seriously do they?

    So why did he say it and why bother responding?

    I really do not get it.

        1. The point, I think, is to educate the American people about what these politicians believe. Levin is trying to draw a distinction between that part of the Republican Party that is holding us back and refuses to embrace our values, and that part that wishes to see the Constitution and our American values restored and preserved. When a person goes to vote, they can then make an educated assessment of the ballot and vote accordingly.

          It doesn’t make any difference to us because we’re already in the know. The average person, the fence sitter isn’t…necessarily.

        2. He’s well respected on both sides of the Republican aisle. Even by some Dems (now that he’s of no consequence). So yeah, an interview with Dole bashing Cruz is worth an entire year of Ed Shultz bashing Cruz, as far as impact goes.

  31. Fellow Scoopers, rejoice! The louder and longer the Left and the RINO’s resist the more we know we have them right where we want them!!! Let’s take back the Senate in November and take back the Presidency in 2016 and “Right” the Ship!!!

    1. 1 of many. we need the Cruz’s and the Paul’s for our future. Dole is way too old to have any fight in him.

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