Mark Levin RESPONDS to Brit Hume’s defense of Republican leadership in Congress

During Bret Baier’s Special Report, Brit Hume defended the Republican Establishment leadership in Congress, suggesting that they haven’t surrendered to Obama, but rather have just found themselves in stalemate with him:

One reason the job of House Speaker is proving hard to fill is that a significant percentage of the Republican base believes that current GOP leadership has been utterly supine despite its congressional majorities. This notion is held dear by members of the Freedom Caucus who helped force John Boehner out and prevent Kevin McCarthy’s succession. A favorite claim of their supporters is that the GOP Congress has “given Obama everything he wants”.

It is utter nonsense.

Here’s a partial list of items Mr. Obama requested from Congress since the GOP took the House back in 2010. The American Jobs Act, The Paycheck Fairness Act, an increase in the minimum wage to 10.10 an hour, an array of gun control measures, universal pre-kindergarten education, a week’s paid sick-leave for all, higher tax rates on the rich, a new minimum tax on multinational companies, overhaul and expansion of unemployment benefits.

These diverse proposals have one thing in common. They went nowhere because congressional Republicans blocked them all. Of course with Senate Democrats willing to filibuster, the president with his veto pen, and plenty of votes to sustain him, the Republican agenda hasn’t gone anywhere either. The House GOP hardliners like to characterize this as ‘surrender’. But a much better word for it would be ‘stalemate’.

Mark Levin saw this and responded to Hume during his first hour, thoroughly unraveling his false arguments but in a polite and thoughtful way. It was fantastic.


Excellent! Levin is exactly right that Republicans have surrendered in many ways, perhaps the biggest being that the Senate Republicans gave up their power to block Obama’s horrible Iran deal. He lists several others, but this is probably the worst and, in my book, one of the best examples of how Republicans constantly concede their own power to Obama.

Surrender is all that Republican leadership knows on the things that really matter. And that’s why they’ve been labeled the ‘surrender caucus’. They are so good at it.

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