Mark Levin rips half-wit Michael Moore

Levin describes the latest rambling of Michael Moore as the elementary school version of the Communist Manifesto. Moore says that there’s plenty of money in the US, that we aren’t going broke at all. Where is all this money? Rich people are hoarding it and won’t give it back! I guess that includes him as Levin points out:

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13 thoughts on “Mark Levin rips half-wit Michael Moore

  1. I love it…………fecal head…………I think I’m gonna’ use it at work tomorrow…………I work with one.

  2. Moore is the usual lunatic-left d-crat socialist hypocrite:

    “They’re sitting on the money, they’re using it for their own — they’re putting it someplace else with no interest in helping you with your life, with that money. ”

    It’s not just “They”. Moore is a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE who doesn’t seem inclined to use his millions to fund his BIG GOVERNMENT socialism. Like the rest of these vermin, he wants “other people’s money” to fund the extremist lunatic-left programs.

  3. calling michael moore a half-wit is giving him too much credit.
    just another liberal who wants to live the life of luxury while telling other people to “sacrifice” more of their hard earned money.

    im perfectly happy taking responsibility for myself and my family and dont need or want the governement to take care of me. just make the playing field equal for all and then get out of the way and let everyone strive for as little or as much as they want.

    fecal head? lol. i like it. thats so much more appropriate for this foul man.

  4. Mikie sure likes spending other people’ money. Pony up the Benjamins, fatboy and help pay down the debt…or, better still, donate some to healthcare.

  5. Yes Mark, he does thing we are all stupid. The sad thing is, there are enough stupid people that will make him a 22 million dollar profit from his retarded, left wing movies that blame all the ills of the world on corporate America.

  6. Mark really pinned the tail on that horse’s _. i love how many times these people keep proving with their own words how blatantly hippo-critical they really are

  7. If Moore had the courage of his “convictions” he’d have moved to Cuba. But he hasn’t, proving what a leftist propaganda dufus he is.
    He has no integrity, very little character, and just barely enough intelligence to make millions out of the useful idiots that pay to watch his sophomoric dreck.

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