Mark Levin says AP reporter Jim Kuhnhenn a sick SOB for despicable question to Obama about Akin

Levin is on fire tonight.

I knew that Obama got a question about Todd Akin today but I never heard it and thus didn’t know how flagrantly biased it was. To just call it bias is a major understatement, which is why Levin called him a sick SOB for basically asking Obama if the ‘legitimate rape’ phrase Akin used represented the entire Republican party.

He also exposes Obama’s hypocrisy for saying that Akin’s comments represent why we shouldn’t let politicians, most of whom are male, make health care decisions on behalf of women. Yet this is exactly what Obama does with Obamacare!

Listen below:

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39 thoughts on “Mark Levin says AP reporter Jim Kuhnhenn a sick SOB for despicable question to Obama about Akin

  1. I heard this on my way home from work, yesterday and yelled out loud that very thing about Maobamacare. I was hollering it. LOL

  2. Has any “reporter” yet asked Obama what he meant when he said he would “fundamentally change the United States of America?”

    1. How about asking him, does he rember that he put his hand on the Bible and promised to follow the Constitution not find ways to circumvent it.

  3. One of the reasons you can’t reason with a LIBERAL is because they have no reasoning skills. Case in point don’t execute a criminal who has murdered someone in cold blood because they consider this murder. Its not murder if you tear a baby from limb to limb just before the baby is born.

    How do they justify this if they are reasoning thinking LIBERALS?

    1. What is this new animal call ‘thinking liberal’ of which you speak? What does it look like? Is it cute and cuddly or vicious and mean?

  4. If Mark and others on our side want the DS to end, the GOP and Conservatives need to stand up to defend tax cheats, crooks, racits among us (if we have), and it will shut the hell up the Left after afew times. But as of now, we get excited when our guys do things that wont even be reported in the media if our guy was a Dem!

    Yes, the Dems can have a KKK leader as Senate Leader for twelve years, but trent Lott needed to go. Dont get me started guys.

  5. Was the AP question all a set up?

    “…Obama was pushed out onto the stage with some crib notes and instructions to wait for the abortion question. The question came and the president read from his notes. If you find a video of it, you will notice him looking down at those notes. I had to laugh when Obama tries to manufacture outrage when he gets to that word. You can see the little rodent in his head spinning around the wheel telling him to “act outraged” but the guy just can’t pull it off anymore. What Akin said was clumsy but it sure as hell wasn’t what the media and Obama are trying to spin it off as. That’s the game being played there though, so that is that. They are gonna try and make this a national issue, move some swing state numbers, we’ll see about that.” …

  6. Great job as usual Mark. I’m am so sick of living in a world full of progressive socialist hypocrites.

    I cannot wait for Barry and his crew of treasonous ingrates to be defeated, cannot wait.

  7. Obama is an arrogant, opportunistic scab. He has been hiding and certainly NOT leading. His majesty deigns himself to make a celebrity appearance so he can impart his worldly wisdom and satisfy his sycophants… what a great guy. Schmuck. Hypocritical liar.

    And Mark is right, this clown who is asking this ridiculous question is slimeball.

  8. Hey cheAP ex-coworker of mine… Go cover Biden like that … See how long before you get shipped out to Lubbock to write stories about cotton and cow crap.

  9. How the hell does it matter whether it was a man or a woman who makes the decision, what matters is are they qualified and experienced to make the decision.

  10. The question was a sophomoric one


    was as stupid as the remark Akin made

    The difference is the Republicans acted quickly

    The democRATS never act on a stupid remark i.e. Reid, Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee
    Maxine Waters, Rep. Johnson (Guam)

    AND last but not least Obama’s 57 States, corpse, bla,bla,bla

  11. Mr Levin, Please don’t assume that all of the viewers on this site are conservative. I heard Obama’s comments regarding decision making, related to female reproductive health care. There is no section that I know of in the affordable care act that takes any option off the table for females or males. Spin is goosed up on both sides Mark, but deception on you’re part is predictable.

    Do you really expect a woman to carry some defective gene laden criminal rapists baby?

    1. I expect Mark would leave that decision up to the woman. After all, isn’t it a woman’s right to choose according to you libs?

    2. I see, so it’s the fault of the child is it? Or, are you making an argument for genetic manipulation, since you have obviously cracked all the secrets of the genetic code in human DNA. Let’s say your father murdered someone and confessed his crime on his deathbed, should we as a society retroactively expunge his seed from the face of the earth? This line of “reason” you employ is anything but reasonable. Your closing question is in fact a logical fallacy known as a Genetic Fallacy (you don’t encounter those everyday) it could even be seen, I suppose as, Two wrongs make a right.

      By the way, this is a Conservative site, the posts here are of a Conservative POV (Christian Conservative, mainly), if you don’t care for it, there are many other sites that post content more in line with your political positions.

      As to the grossly misnamed Affordable Health Care Act, it does not address the causes of the high costs of healthcare, it levels an attack on the private insurance industry. Premiums too high you say? The premiums are a direct reflection of the cost of the care covered. You want lower healthcare costs? The place to start is in reality, government. Take a honest non-partisan look at what it costs to bring medical devices and drugs to market for a start, the costs involved in the testing, licensing, and regulatory fees leveled by the bureaucracy, you’ll find it enlightening.

      1. “The place to start is in reality, government’ (keninmontana)

        Right. A few weeks ago I had a skin cancer surgically removed and stitched up afterwards at a surgeon’s office, (outpatient). They wanted to make sure they got it all. I had no idea what that was going to cost. In my mind it could’ve been a few thousand, I didn’t know.

        When they asked me what insurance I had or how I wanted to take care of the bill, I said, “do you take money”? The lady said, with a surprised look on her face, hang on a second. After a series of communications with the office mgr, and then finally the surgeon himself. She said $150.00. As I was happily handing her my Visa debit card the lady said, “that’s a good deal he gave you. Had you had insurance it would’ve been $440.00”. So, compare $440.00 with $150.00 on this one procedure. That’s the difference between cash and insurance. I wonder what the difference would be between government and cash?

        There has been a huge disconnect between the receiver of medical procedures and the payer of those procedures. When insurance companies and government are the payers of the bills, along with all the paperwork and waiting for payment is involved, it’s no wonder the price difference is so stark. The receiver doesn’t give a hoot and doesn’t pay much attention. They just pay their ever-increasing premiums or let some other entity pay them.

        In so many ways, the good ole’ days weren’t the good ole’ days for nothin’. I’d like to have so much of what comprised those days back in the present. People and government were so much wiser then it seems.

        1. Yep, just one more in a host of areas of healthcare costs that need addressing, the same type of thing happens with medicare and medicaid as well. Not to mention the double and triple billing that goes on when insurance is used.

          Hope that the procedure took care of the cancer.

    3. You are projecting something here that Mark didn’t say. Mark NEVER said nor implied that he wants rape victims to carry the child all the way to delivery… not even close. You may have your liberal filter turned up too high.

      And Scoop posts these excellent discussions by Mark because most of us here are indeed conservative and nearly all of us embrace Mark’s points. He is one of the heroes of the right.

      If you find Mark predictable and hold him in contempt… don’t listen to him. That’s why I mute Obama, Reid, Pelosi, DWS, Cutter, and the many other liars that spew their biased ignorance.

      This is one of the few remaining islands of truth left in an ocean of lies and corruption.

      And if you are indeed liberal, please don’t respond to my post. I seriously don’t want to lose my cool and say something to you that I’ll regret. If I see your name in a response, I’ll just delete it, unread.

      Have a nice day.

      1. Well said, Sober. I find you far more typical of the conservative right than anything Frank could imagine – polite, honest, and to the point.

          1. I do not have the patience for any man or any woman of any age of any background that would say what he said about a baby concieved via rape. I don’t have any patience for people who support abortion, period.
            I come off gruff and anything but polite, I can’t seem to help it and I can’t find it in me to change.
            There’s something about knowing a child is being torn limb from limb that brings the absolutle worst out in me.
            I hope you can forgive that about me….as well as others on this board.

            1. Nothing to forgive… God talks about a righteous anger and this is certainly where that’s warranted.

              We should all be mad when this sort of abomination is allowed.

              1. Thank you for understanding. I hadn’t thought about the righteous anger point, perhaps that’s why I just can’t find it in my to change?
                Thanks again.

    4. Stuff it moron!! Obamacare DOES NOT GIVE YOU A CHOICE MORON!! That is the point…The Government will decide what operations you receive, medications you get, treatments, payments to doctors and more…that is what he is talking about FRANK…you clueless wonder. What a moron…Mark it does not tell a woman anything in OBAMACARE…NO FRANK OBAMACARE TELLS YOU WHAT THE GOVERNMENT MAY OR MAY NOT ALLOW YOU! God you are one ignorant. Go on line at your Government Sponsored Health Care….and enjoy!! Lets see how long you last before you whine about what the GOVERNMENT WILL OR WILL NOT ALLOW!!

      Mark is right you are wrong!

    5. What a lousy bigot you are. You KNOW the child would be defective, how?
      You worthless piece of nothing…I know a woman who was raped, kept her baby and there is nothing defective about the young man, he’s loving, kind, productive, unlike what you see in the mirror everyday.

    6. frank……your comment makes no sense…..your comment has nothing to do with Mr. Levins subject

    7. His point is, with Obamacare, your choice to have an abortion or ANY medical procedure, is put in the hands of bureaucrats who must defer to charts on financial viability and cost to benefit ratios. Obamacare completely takes away “choice” from patients….

      Thats the point. Obama is half idiot, half liar.

    8. Mark wasn’t limiting his comments to abortion Frank. Mark was commenting on the hypocrisy of the MALE President stating that Male politicians shouldn’t control health care decision making, when in fact that same male President has singlehandedly made it a tax/penalty not to have health insurance, forced religious institutions like the Catholic church to pay for the morning after pill when it’s against their 1st Amendment religious beliefs. Please pay attention when Mr. Levin is speaking, it’s very important.

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