MARK LEVIN says Karl Rove, et al. would have advised AGAINST going to war with England, says we CAN DEFUND Obamacare

Mark Levin makes the point that it’s absolutely not true that we can’t defund Obamacare in the upcoming CR, despite what pundits and others are saying. As for the consultant class, like Rove, who are advising against defunding Obamacare, Levin says they would have been against going to war with England to gain our freedom.


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33 thoughts on “MARK LEVIN says Karl Rove, et al. would have advised AGAINST going to war with England, says we CAN DEFUND Obamacare

  1. Remember the promise of 2010! And the betrayal by the promiser’s spokesperson (Rove) on this day.

  2. The real life facts.  UHC sent us a letter saying as of July 1st, 2013 all scans need pre approval.  Not just out of network..all scans.  That is rationing.  I have to buy a personal healthcare policy.  Was told to call back in October when HHS would issue the new guidelines on premium rates.  The buzz is the rates will go up as much as 80%. A $500 monthly premium will jump to a whopping $900 a month premium!
    My father faced what my family is convinced was a death panel in Oct 2010. Looking back it was done in such a sneaky underhanded way. Told us he would be in hospital hospice instead it was no food, water and morphine 24/7.  Under those conditions took him ten days to pass.
    It feels like John Roberts betrayed us and now our Congress is deserting us!  What in the name of heaven is going on??

    1. sallyjohanna I cannot “like” your comment because the effect of ObamaCare(TAX) has been devastating to your family!  What a story!

    2. sallyjohanna You ask in the name of the wrong place, to begin with. Ask where there resides the answer.

  3. What I simply do not understand about the GOP thinking here is, why do they want to fund something that is going to cause so many to lose their businesses?  This bill is murder for small businesses so allowing it to “collapse under its own weight” is allowing all these businesses to close.  It will be devastating to so many and they are enabling this in my opinion.  It just boggles the mind the way the establishment Republicans think.  I guess it isn’t their business so let em fall.  I am stunned at what has happened to this country

  4. waiting for Obamacare to “implode and collapse under its own weight”  would be like waiting for Nazi Germany to implode under its own weight………..Obamacare should be resisted at every opportunity until it is repealed.

  5. Rove has to cover all the bases so he can be sure of a seat at the table in the NWO.

  6. Karl Rove is driving away conservatives and the young. How long does he think the Koch brothers will continue to fund RINO’s because I see Libertarians siding with fiscally responsible conservatives long before RINO’s.

    1. strangernfiction Think about it. Rove is a loyalist to the current royalty. The Obamacaretax is for us little people, not him and his cronies.

  7. let me go on record ……….Obama welcomes this fight . After shutting down the government he will declare a state of emergency , enact martial law , move funds from one agency to another , and sit tight. Lee and Cruz are at this point able to do what ? Go on Greta ?This is O’s chance to demolish his opponents. Haven’t they been nothing but obstructionists ?
    Obama doesn’t mind if the cities implode ……OWS who supports them ? Go ahead and try this , I detest Obamacare . But he will not sign anything that de-funds his only accomplishment , ever. Start now with a reasoned , methodical approach to attract people who don’t want this law , and explain yourself at length .  Use the fact that the majority of us don’t want this law . Today . Perhaps some will defect from the Progs before our coalition implodes. It will……Obama has the superior hand and executive orders. Not to mention the press. The chance is now, not after the government is closed. Maybe if a Dem or two come over….
    be prepared for the unexpected …….Obama will not put the country first , and be in for the long haul . If I were Obama , martial law is lifted when Cruz apologizes on his knees , not a minute before. Those are the rules………… Senator , it’s your move. I will not cave , this is my only accomplishment and something that Progressives have tried to enact for 100 years. I didn’t like America before and I don’t care what it looks like when I leave.
    who gets the blame ? The Conservatives , or the Republicans…………….Obama welcomes this fight , doesn’t matter to him .

    1. clevonlittle  
      He will abuse his power. We know that. Force him to do it or forever hold your peace. It is time he is held accountable to the people who have guts.

      1. GetWhatYouPayFor clevonlittle guts may not be the benchmark . 2 fiscal cliffs are coming up , extending the debt and funding for Fy14 . This further muddies the water , leaves the scandals off the front page and certainly is a wedge issue between the what is the Republicans and the Conservatives. Win , win for Obama . Start now…….quit beating each other to a pulp , and add people to the roll . This thing sucks more than RINOs deserve to die .

  8. If we’re left with having the Republicans initiate the defunding of this monstrosity… then we’re already hosed.
    CALL YOUR REPRESENATIVES and just say “ACT!” We need to put the pressure on them… especially any dirtbags that are seeking reelection.

  9. Rove needs the GOP to stay in the minority. Like the al sharptons of the world need the poor to stay poor. Rove needs the GOP knocking on the door so Rove can say he can sell them a key.

  10. I can’t take it, Rove and the one want to shutdown govt., withhold paychecks etc., all because they want to fund obamacare at all costs

  11. The Republican Party is no more. They do NOT represent us. A third party is too easy to ostracize. Levin needs to and I believe is, framing the rebellion in terms that will be more difficult to reject and single out as whacko birds.  Defeating Hilary would be easy if we win the war against Rove, the Bushies, FOX and all those who pretend to be in our house. Cat out the vermin!

  12. There are leeches and ticks and such, and then there are parasites that hide inside our bodies.
    Below them are harmful bacteria and viruses, and then even lower are the traitors amongst us, the Rinos.
    But included with them is the lowest life-form of all:    Karl Rove.
    Yep.   Rove is possibly my least favorite ‘Republican’ – and that’s saying a lot.

  13. Don’t forget Krauthammer he is with Rove
    Why won’t Fox News put Mark on Baier’s show, BOR’s show, Wallace’s Sunday shows if they want to live up to be7nf fair and balanced?

  14. If you look at a straight on picture of Karl Rove, you’ll notice he has no ears. That explains a few things.

  15. Rove’s opinion ain’t worth snot.
    I hope, pray, and work for an ‘enlightenment’ concerning the Republican half of our corrupt government. The more that comes to light about the GOP establishment versus TPM patriots, the better for a real ‘we the people’ party, and the better for our beloved constitutional republic.

  16. If Karl Rove thinks That Creep Care is so great, let HIM go on it an leave the rest of us alone!

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