MARK LEVIN says KERRY is giving aid and comfort to Jew haters and terrorists in Middle East, calls him an anti-Semite

Mark Levin blasted Kerry tonight for his ‘apartheid’ remarks, calling him an anti-Semite and a disgrace and saying he should resign:

Did you know that John Kerry is an anti-Semite? Did you know that? The Democrat nominee in 2004, US Senator from Massachusetts for all those terms, the man who lied to the Senate foreign relations committee in 1971 when he turned on all our brave men and women in uniform fighting in Vietnam and gave aid and comfort to the Communist Vietnamese and the Vietcong — oh am I allowed to say these things? Well it’s true.

Now he’s giving aid and comfort to the terrorists in the Middle East. Let there be no mistake about it. Now he’s giving aid and comfort to the Jew haters and the Israel haters in the Middle East. And not just there!

This man is a disgrace and should resign! And he won’t resign! Par for the course in this administration. Par for the course.

I don’t use this word anti-Semite frivolously. If somebody happens to disagree with me, that’s fine. But a pattern is evidence.

And now Kerry warns that Israel risks becoming an Apartheid state, like South Africa. No Secretary of State has ever said that about our ally Israel, EVER!

And what’s going to happen to him? Who’s going to denounce him?

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63 thoughts on “MARK LEVIN says KERRY is giving aid and comfort to Jew haters and terrorists in Middle East, calls him an anti-Semite

  1. Liberty empowers us to choose our goals, the efforts we undertake, and how to adjust our ways when confronted with that we couldn’t foresee.

  2. This entire representation of America has been reconstituted. A minority of progressive communists have disillusioned millions of law abiding citizens. Disrupted our stead fast allies marginalizing our inherited friends over seas. Weakening the resolve our country inherited two hundred and thirty eight years ago. There are so many things wrong in America today. As a patriotic citizen I reflect upon the heroes of the past, and see no comparison to those of today. At least as far as the Democratic and Republican representation we used to respect. Much has changed in a bad way, I will not get into the politics of corruption, or the tyrannical behavior attributed to all the power grabbing involved in our representative bureaucratic collective ideological bottom feeders whom chose to ignore the majority to appease a dependent voter base. A rebirth requires communion between moral values and simplistic enforcement of the rule of law. Our constitution with our Bill of Rights is our inheritance, our road map to individual prosperity, the liberty to abolish cannibalism when not only the flesh is consumed but also its freedoms to grow a nation of Christians our founders left to us. Tearing a nation down is easy picking, standing up for liberty is a challenge. In todays divisions of agenda driven consequences it might appear unsurmountable yet realistically there is no better time. The American citizen is awake, aware, of our discourse and questioning our fate. We got Russia, China, and the Muslim sharia laws threatening, not by destructive bombs but from within our own administrative weaknesses, and cowardice.

  3. Under the nba commissioners ruling..lets apply thiz to Kerry..guess he should resign and leave the country.

  4. Mark really is the best. He lays bit out there and let’s the chips fall where they may. Thank you sir you have my total respect

  5. I have a lot of respect for this man, Mr. Levin. How amazing that so many today say he so much courage and speaks the truth. Yet shouldn’t we all speak the truth? It seems today there are so many cowards. Help him folks. He’s one of the few carrying it all on his shoulders today. Help Mark and speakout in your communities and your churches today. We are indeed losing our country. 🙁 And yea, Kerry is awful!

  6. Kerry (like Dear Leader) is an anti-Semite. Levin laid the tag on him correctly because Dear Leader and his administration have stood with the Palestinians and repeatedly tried to bully Israel and push them to cave to the demands of the muslim radicals.

    Another word that Levin didn’t use, but should have, is “traitor.” Levin touched on Kerry’s disreputable actions during the Vietnam war, although he didn’t catalog all of them. Hand in hand with Jane Fonda, he showed us the side of the progressive democrats: support for communists, hostility to the men serving America.

    Progressive democrats are a subversive cabal of traitors.

  7. barry boy and his enablers like Kerry, are trying to make the good old US of A an apartheid state against whites.

  8. What John Kerry said was a threat, completely undeserved and an outright lie, IMHO, against the reputation of Israel, IMHO. The creature is a disgrace.
    This apartheid lie is so abhorrent to me…I have said on other threads…I have no words to express how repulsive this is to me.
    I stand with Israel, and especially against the hideous lie this creature and his disgusting master spew.

  9. “What’s gonna happen to him?” Nothing, because as Secy. of State, Kerry speaks for his boss. He is not authorized to speak for himself. What comes out of his filthy mouth is coming directly from the Oval Office.

  10. Even Nelson Mandela, a sympathizer of the Arab Palestinians, never ever used the A word in regard to IL. But Kerry is only parroting Carter in his disgraceful book that would have received a F had it been presented as a term paper to the Emory Professor of Middle East history who had run the Carter centre for years until the publication of that infamous book

  11. John Kerry had the judgment to pick a womanizing ambulance chaser as a potential vice president, why should he ever have been put in a position to make any judgments on US foreign policy? He is a disgrace to the US, the World and to himself.

  12. Mark was spot on. Glad he brought up the current media frenzy over racist comments made by the owner of the L.A. Clippers and yet nothing in regards to Mr. Heinz’s anti-Semite remarks. BTW, the owner of the Clippers is a Democrat. The MSM doesn’t point that out either (of course).

    1. All this media frenzy, as you put it, over Sterling is just a tempest in a teacup and something for the media to focus on besides the DC junta’s destruction of the country. Too bad it’s got all the conservative talk show attention, I think it should just be ignored.

  13. ‘John. Why the long face?’
    (SP after Kerry said he wished it was SP who was lost on the Appalachian trail.)

  14. Yep..”Cut my self shaving” Hero, who survived a vicious attack from a VC Mirror…while on a secret mission…in Tokyo…Ketch-up Kerry…

  15. How strange.I was thinking the same way as Mark,when I heard what Kerry had said about Israel.GMTA?

  16. Why do American Jews continue to support the anti semitic Democrat party? They better look long and hard at who they’re voting for.

    1. It’s the secular Jew that votes for the anti-Semitic democrats for the most part. It’s puzzling all the same.

      1. If someone could explain while Spielberg of all people gave millions to Obama’s campaigns, I’d love to hear it. Boggles the mind given Spielberg made millions off the Holocaust events. Talk about failing to learn from history.

    2. It boggles my mind.Rush talked about a book a year or two ago,written by a Jewish man that explained why that is.Can’t recall the name of the book or author,but it probably wouldn’t be hard to find online.

    3. I read something about social justice and that being a reason, it is mind boggling none the less.

    4. They follow the Democratic party because they are Liberal and only Jews in name only. They do not have any belief in the God of Israel. Just as an example I have a cousin, whom I love, who believes that Israel is an occupier. I was so blown away by that statement. I had to give her a history lesson on the so called Palestinians, who are not Palestinians at all.

    5. Because someone is born from Jewish womb not necessarily a Jew even though the Halakha automatically consider such a person Jewish

      1. You’re right about Roosevelt. The Left really seems to be anti semitic. Actually they’re anti God and anyone who reminds them of Him.

    6. They are just like Teddy Kennedy, Pelosi and others that call themselves Catholic- the other RINO’s, religious in name only.

      1. True and what they don’t see is if the Left got their way they’d be no better off than they were under Hitler.

  17. I could not believe the Republicans in the senate who voted to confirm this guy as SOS. Marco Rubio’s family fled Communist Cuba. I was floored when he voted for him. Did he not know who Kerry was?

    I have had nothing but disdain for this man ever since I was a child.

    I will never in my life forget what this PIG did!

    1. Ditto! I can’t stand him! If you look in the dictionary under “scum” there’s a picture of John “French” Kerry and it’s an affront to scum!

          1. Now if the “Obagger LUSH” cuts himself shaving while being attacked by a mirror, Ferry can give him one of his “purple (D)rank” FARTS…

  18. Kerry proves the old adage ” Keep your mouth shut and the world might think you are a fool, open it and remove all doubt”

  19. You don’t think he speaks one word that Barry hasn’t fed into his teleprompter do you?

  20. Sharia Jihad pal elitist left Kreep Kerry doesn’t like…Israel n’ Jews! I am shocked! No, really.

  21. As a conservative, I am not playing the liberal game of political correctness. It’s not that this proves Kerry is has an impure heart, it proves he’s incompetent.

    1. Cal, it is a dangerous, evil thing he said, not politically incorrect, he needs to be ousted and fast.

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