Mark Levin schools Charles Krauthammer on why it’s not “honorable” for governors to expand Medicaid

Earlier today Krauthammer said that Obamacare is the law of the land via the Supreme Court and that it is honorable for Rick Scott to accept Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in Florida. But Mark Levin says that’s not true at all, that the one battle we won against Obamacare was when the Supreme Court ruled that states don’t have to accept the Medicaid expansion.

He goes on to refute Krauthammer point by point:

If you want to hear Krauthammer’s comments in full, watch below:

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337 thoughts on “Mark Levin schools Charles Krauthammer on why it’s not “honorable” for governors to expand Medicaid

  1. “Honorable”? I think “horrible” would have been a better word to describe what it is to accept the Medicaid expansion. Medicaid is already going bankrupt, and, additionally, accepting the Medicaid expansion strengthens the Obama administration’s leverage in terms of implementing the Obama-lose-your-healthcare bill.

  2. What will happen when Emperor Nero Obama decides to run his empress Cleopatra Moochelle Obama against Hillary in 2016?

    Afterall look at all the savings he just made on closing the rolls for signing up for coverage of pre-conditions like autism and prostate cancer and breast cancer all money he can funnel into Cleopatra’s campaign against Hillary and to put in a few more golf lessons with Tiger Woods $1000 per hour golf coach?

    Hmmmm! What possibilities does that present!

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  3. Mark is correct and the problem is Krauthammer is falling in line with the decades of bad logic that incrementally got us to the edge of this cliff. CK is talking politics with political maneuvering and elections and the rest of us are talking about the ultimate result and an endgame that is happening with the implementation of this as well as the implementation of other issues. It is two very different things.

  4. IMO, Gov. Scott’s decision to to accept Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion has nothing to do with the Governor’s opinion of this new entitlement program that will end healthcare as we know while the cost for insurance, medical treatment and drugs increase more rapidly prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Scott who fiercely opposed the ACA is up for reelection and he has reached a conclusion that creating these exchanges will help him to win. I think he’s sadly mistaken.

    BTW, I agree with much of Levin’s assessment, but it misses a key point with regards to so-called conservative pundits. This was obvious immediately after Obama’s victory in 2008 over McCain, but most MSM news outlets didn’t report the story (see below):

    People like Charles Krauthammer of The Washington Post, Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and David Brooks of the New York Times broke bread with President-elect Obama at George Will’s $1.9 million home. This confused the media and the left at that time (see article below):

    Obama breaks bread with conservatives

    So the real question is are they conservatives pundits or merely RINOS with an opinion that floats from right to the left?

  5. Charles K. comes up with some good ones sometimes but as a conservative he fails miserably. He straddles the fence so comes down on each side at different times, depending on his mood I guess. I never pay any attention to his advice but do get some laughs out of his put downs of Obama and others. His confusion about whose side to be on reminds me of most of the Republicans in Congress.

  6. I am glad to see Mark is not shying away from exposing the political class and elites regardless of Party.

    Mark, please explain to America the Founder’s intent of Natural Born Citizen requirement in Article 2 Section 1. Leo Donofrio has done extensive legal research. It is no coincidence that neither McCain, Obama, Rubio and Jidhal qualify!

    By failing to challenge Obama under jus sanguinis and McCain under jus soli we have set precedent that any “citizen of the world” can occupy the Executive Branch.

    The Constitution is under full blown attack. Did you think the globalists would not go after this? It is very dangerous.

    There is a wealth of research in Leo’s archives:

  7. If they truly believed in the cause of liberty, then they’d be opposing Obamacare any way they could, on the singular reasoning the it is a violation of the unalienable individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Sadly, nobody gives a crap about the declaration of independence; nobody gives a crap about the unalienable individual rights. It’s just all constitution says this, supreme court says that. When you do things that are a violation of the unalienable individual rights, then it doesn’t matter whether the constitution permits it, and it doesn’t matter whether the supreme court permits it – Neither trump the unalienable individual rights. Unalienable MEANS unalienable. Period.

  8. Most people think like Krauthammer in Hungary, but I am convincing one person at a time – not easy

    1. Thank you. It is what we do. It is not easy. But we cannot be bought nor bribed. We only want the truth. What people do once they see it, we cannot control. It is easier to believe the soothing lies of the State.

    1. I never liked him since he told Palin to “leave the room” over her death panels comment. Told me all I needed to know about his RINO a$$!

  9. Just because the Supreme Court ruled doesn’t make it constitutional. Our founders thought the SC should have the least amount of rule not the rulers of all.

  10. Here in SC instead of our Governor not expanding Medicare or Medicaid she just came out with HaleyCare instead… giving more money to the hospitals to expand it and her math doesn’t add up. We are furious at what she has done.

    1. At least Haleycare would be easier to get rid of than getting federal money. I’d rather deal with that beast.

        1. Just trying to find a silver lining with this s*** sandwich. It’s only a matter of time before Christie and our Gov cave.

          1. The only way to fight is to get involved at the state and local levels. The federal government cannot be saved!
            Good luck and starve the beast!

    2. Haleycare??? That’s perfect!! She should automatically be the next GOP nominee. I mean we ran the Romneycare guy and she did endorse him DURING the primary, it’s the right thing to do!!

      Why isn’t the GOPe and Rove all over this??

  11. We are doomed. The Constitutional Republic is dead. Why did our military fight and died? So we could become a Communist Nation. Obama does not respect the Constitution and would prefer laws closer to the Communist Manifesto.

  12. Rick, Are you a Republican or a Dem.? Charlie Christ did this too, he turned on Florida, left us high and dry, raised everything we do with a Florida Flag flying over it, now we have to pay double, Rick was elected because he was not going the obomacare route. doth report cards stink,F.F.F.F., good luck of either of you getting reelected, Where is Jeb Bush when you need a real Governor? Here is the worst part i voted for both, like buying a Car that turned out to be a Lemon, SOLD AS IS- WHERE IS, No Returns, No Refund

    1. I abhor the thought of Jeb thinking of running for President, but I really did love him as our Governor. We haven’t had any good ones in ages except for him. We need to see about getting Allen West interested in running against Scott in the next race. Seriously.

      1. We were just talking about that earlier. He seemed like a great Gov.

        You know, I liked Pres Bush. Well, at least the first 4 ok, 3 years. After that he lost his way. As a person, he seems like a good, humble guy. He has a heart and cares about the military. But he’s def not perfect. If I saw him, I’d say hi.

        Not like Pres 0. If I saw him, I’d walk… run the other way! hee hee.

        That said- I don’t think our Country is ready for another Bush for President.

        1. Bush1 signed America up to the original UN Agenda 21. Did we think Bush 2 would do anything different. Will Bush3 or Marco Bush? They deceive us publicly.

          All before and since Reagan have been taking us toward a a singular collectivist global vision. The Right, via public-Private Partnerships. The Left, via Social Justice and Environmentalism.

          It is difficult to let go of of our faith in these “republicans” but we have to – these globalist are taking down America and our Constitution.

          The way to stop the obamanation is to stop Agenda21 and ICLEI. Find them in you states and communities, Fight them They are the top-down, bottom-up death grip.

          1. I googled it and here’s a great video that explains it. This is scary as hell. It’s not very long but totally informational.

        2. I will fight until my last breath against having corruptocrat Jeb Bush as POTUS and also his lapdog Waterboy!

          The Age of Bush is O.V.E.R.

          The Bush mafia is not on my side.

          In an open act of defiance I just sent back a request for money from the Republican Party of Florida with a copy of Angelo Codevilla’s brilliant essay “As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned” in their prepaid postage envelope.

        3. No to Jeb. He’s more his fathers son than GW. I noted in the last election how the Bushes not including GW were all for Romney and bashed Gingrich. GW to his credit stayed out of it completely.

  13. Rick did what Christ did, turn on Florida, after a few years, fat chance either one get reelected in Florida, no backbone, so is Rick a Dem. now, like charlie Christ? Rick was elected because he said no to obomacare, we have 2 more years of him, and 4 more of oboma, how nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. As usual, Levin nails it. And the Kraut and the GOPe apologists are exactly what Codevilla talks about in the Forbes article. Surrendering for what? For the opportunity to continue to sell out the Constitution, individual liberty and States rights?

  15. Krauthammer has been in Washington too long to understand what this means for states, just a pathetic attempt to give the mushy Rick Scott cover for this disastrous decision. I live in Florida and I am very disappointed at my governor, he ran as a tea party guy, but at the end acted like another no gut, Rino.

    1. Me too proudhispanicconservativefellowfloridianpatriotfriend. I liked Bill McCullum, but he didn’t get the backing that Scott did. Dang this stinks like charlie slip and fall dearleader loving crist all over again! 🙁

          1. I think it would be quite interesting to see Col. West run for governor. 🙂
            The GOP ‘Beltway deciders’ have already ruled him out for President.
            There are a lot more Black conservatives over here on the gulf side, than anybody is aware of.
            Charlotte County (where the museum is) is 25% retired and ex military by demographics. Your county and my county aren’t far behind that.
            It would be an interesting election in deed. 😉

            1. Oh yeah! I knew I lived in the right part of the State lol. We need seriously to get something started with West or find someone around who has a desire to run. Someone Constitutional, Conservative and a Veteran would be an awesome addition! I don’t suppose I could talk you into it tinlizzyowner?!

              1. Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Believe it or not, I don’t have the ego to be a politician and I cherish what little private life I still have left. 😉

                1. LOL I knew you’d say something like that. Personally, I think you’re feisty enough to be a great Governor, but I don’t blame you 🙂 Keep your ears open though, we never know when we might find someone and think, hmmmm.

                2. You know from our face to face conversations exactly where I’m at, as I do you. There are many Gulf Coast Floridians of the same mind we are. 🙂

                3. Looking forward to the time that you, your husband and your son can get up here in my neck of the woods. I’ll give you a tour of the place in Ol’ Lizzie. Best you wait till all the tourists go home though, traffic is a little safer. Model T Fords and Northeastern drivers don’t mix well.

            1. Exactly! His resume is a little slim for president. In fact it’s very slim for president. I’m not really sure how well he would do as governor but it would be worth a try.

              1. “Exactly! His (West’s) resume is a little slim for president.”

                And Obama’s resume was ???????
                At least, Col. West showed up most of the time. 😉

  16. We need to contact our State lawmakers and tell them to say no. They’re undecided right now, so if Floridians contact them enough, maybe they’ll deny it.
    I’m glad Mark is on this though. This is so disappointing that Scott would do this. I remember when Bill McCollum was suing Obamacare on behalf of Florida. Seems that he was running against Scott in the republican primary for Fl. Governor too.
    Dang it this burns my britches.

    1. From a fellow Floridian when I heard the news yesterday it was like taking a knife and sticking it in my stomach and twisting it, I wonder if the legislature can overturn his decision, or block it somehow?
      By the way nice to see you my disappointedamericanbornincanadafriend!!!!

  17. Never did like the Kraut. He never seemed to completely leave the world of Mondale and step into the real world of Reagan. If he wants to portray himself as a conservative then he needs to stop trying to clean the goobers out of the left’s a$$ and step out with the “good foot” into conservative jurisprudence.

      1. I’ve been soured on the Kraut ever since his days as a speechwriter for Mondale when he deided to come kicking and screaming into the Reagan camp after his boy Mondale got his hat handed to him in the election. Kraut is a RHINO. Always was, always will be.

    1. I think he is the Juan William version of the establishment Rinos in Washington, nothing they do is ever criticized of maligned.

  18. Oh please. Did Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, or the Left say, “George Bush won so let’s not block his agenda?”

    These people (most of the elected GOP) can’t wait to cave … it’s kind of sickening to watch.

  19. Medicaid has to be expanded in the states with the most illegal aliens because that is where they will end up when the amnesty is granted. Notice the states that caved, huge illegals, FL, AZ to name 2. I wonder if Perry will cave since he already wants Texans to pay for educating illegals.

      1. Yes because when someone doesn’t follow your beliefs 80% of the time you allow someone to take over that doesn’t follow your beliefs 100% of the time.

            1. Yeah and he got stabbed in the back for it.The dem congress under Reagan promised to cut spending if he(Reagan) would raise taxes.Guess who welched on their end of the deal?One does not compromise with the devil.

              1. Unfortunately, we only control half of one branch of government. Unfortunately, people stayed home and allowed Barack Obama to be re-elected and to the Democrats to control the Senate.

                1. We only control one branch of the Government?! DO You know your own Constitution? We the PEOPLE ARE the government. Just too many people including those in power have forgotten or choose to ignore that fact. Don’t give up so easily!!

                2. Actually I think I said one chamber of one branch. I know that Constitution, yes while the voice of the people may be heard by some in the House and Senate the numbers aren’t there with the Democrats in charge of the Senate and White House. I am not giving up I am doing the probability. The fact is that for at least the next 2 years the Democrats will control the Senate and sadly for the next 4 obama will be in the White House. If we win the battle in 2014 it would be a blow to the opposition and we may win the war.

                3. We must win 2014 or we won’t get to 2016. Which is why it is just as tough a battle as any we’ve had since the Revolution. So we need to hold people accountable for their actions and let them know we mean business.

                4. If RS can do it, would you let him give me your email address? I’d like to discuss some things with you (of a political nature), but not in a public forum. If I’m out of line making this enquiry, please say so. And you too, RS, let me know if I’m out of bounds making this request.

                5. By doing so you mean let them lose? I am sure we will retain the House but we need 6 seats to regain the Senate. Now, the easy races should be:

                  Alaska: Sen. Mark Begich (D) Vs. Probably Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell (I believe he is still in the exploratory stage)

                  Arkansas: Sen. Mark Pryor (D) Vs. Probably Lt. Governor Mark Darr (I think he too is still in the exploratory stage)

                  Louisiana: Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) Vs. no declared candidate but I want Jeff Landry to run.

                  North Carolina: Sen. Kay Hagan (D) Vs. I think a TEA Party leader by the name of Greg Brannon has declared his candidacy, he is an OB/GYN.

                  South Dakota: Sen. Tim Johnson (D) (has yet to say if he will run and if not his son might run) Vs. Fmr Gov. Mike Rounds.

                  West Virginia: Rockefeller is retiring and Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, the RINO that she is, is poised to gain the seat.
                  On the Bubble:

                  Iowa: Rep. Bruce Braley (D) has declared and Steve King might run and challenge red rover in the primary process. I seriously don’t understand Iowa and who they elect, they are all over the place.

                  Virginia: Sen. Mark Warner (D) is up and I think it could be a good race for any soul willing to try but as i have said I fear the recent trends in Virginia.

            2. Ronaldus Maximus wasn’t fighting communists in this Country; he was fighting them, properly, overseas.

              Oh, and as for ‘reasonable’? One can say in a reasonable manner the most unreasonable thing. It still doesn’t make it reasonable. You sound like that commie ploy, political correctness, has you hook, line and sinker.

              And yes, political correctness is a result of communists. The first Earth Day in 1970 was held on Lenin’s birthday. Communists have always been here, but the media was never the cheerleading propaganda arm of the Jackass Party, either. Now the knobslobberers in the Fellatio Media can’t buy enough knee pads so they can stick there face in Owebama’s crotch without ruining their fine clothes.

          1. I am not fighting with anyone RS. I have only been offering my opinion on the issue and I disagree that because Gov. Kasich accepted the medicaid expansion that he should be declared a loser in 2014 to be replaced with someone like Ted Strickland again. 57thunderbird had just been picking a fight with me because I don’t think it was dishonorable for a GOP Governor to have fallen to the yes category on expansion. Have you read the comments he sent to me?

              1. I agree this is a good fight between neighbors, 57thunderbird lives in Ohio and I live in Indiana. I also agree that while he will never be Governor again but why take the risk in allowing someone like him to take the Governors seat away from Kasich in Columbus? The reason that I gave that quote and have been saying what I have is because I want to repeal Obamacare in it’s entirety. The way Reagan won the White House in 1980 wasn’t only because Jimmy Carter was an incredibly horrible President (which my old high school teacher credits for him becoming a republican). President Reagan also built a coalition with different factions of the Republican Party (Conservatives social and fiscal, Libertarians and Moderates),and was also able to bring in those Reagan Democrats. Did all factions agree with each other? No, but they also agreed that alternative (Jimmy Carter) would be much worse. Now, President Reagan, being the model conservative politician he was and who Mr. Levin admires did some questionable thins as Governor of California as well. We have to realize that in order to win the war, the ends must justify the means. To build that winning coalition we have to understand the person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally not a 20 percent traitor.

    1. So far Gov Perry isnt budging. He is in direct opposition to Obama, Which of course we like. The education thing K-12 is mandated “above” any Gov’s head.

      Texas Governor Rick Perry on Monday said that he wants no part of the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid. Perry isn’t the first Republican governor to take this position. But if he doesn’t – it could be devastating for the state.

      BUT—Even though Perry doesn’t like the idea that doesn’t mean large majority of people in his state don’t want him to consider the option.
      There has been a large amount of emails and phone calls to his office, and an
      extensive lobbying effort pushed by hospitals, city and county government officials.
      Church groups are ratcheting up the pressure on him.

      Two of those groups, the interfaith alliance Texas Impact and Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, have released an authoritative study showing an enormous positive financial and healthcare boost from joining the Medicaid expansion.

      About 2 million uninsured Texans would reap huge healthcare benefits, says one reportm which has enormous credibility in Austin (Billy Hamilton) . For many years, he was the state’s deputy and then chief deputy comptroller. The entire state relied on his numbers.

      The key financial figure in the report: “The federal government would pay about $100 billion toward this expansion over 10 years, with the state responsible for only about $15 billion under a moderate enrollment scenario.”
      There is every reason for city and county government officials and hospital executives across Texas to support the Medicaid expansion.

      This is the main reason other Gov.’s are changing their minds.

      More than 6 million uninsured people live in Texas, 23.8 percent of the population. That’s the highest percentage in the nation, and it compares to an average of 15.7 percent uninsured nationwide.

      Hospital district taxpayers and individual hospitals currently pick up the tab when many of those people can’t pay their bills, a cost of at least $4-5 billion a year. Under Medicaid expansion, most would be covered. That’s a heavy load lifted from the hospitals and residents.

      As much as Gov Perry is hoping to stick to his principles, if he doesnt change his mind the people of Texas may end up being angry with him for turning town the money.

      Taken from the Republic.

        1. K-B….Dont forget the money……..It always goes back to the moolah. Bejamins, bread, clams, coinage, ducats, greenbacks….

          Obama planned this in my view. He knew that there would be a lot of pressure from the citizens/hospitals/state government workers from the states.

          The tax payers plus the hospitals chant…take the money…take the money….even if there will only be enough for 8-10 years…

          Then he flys a banner on the WH web site that says it will affect the tax payer by forcing us to pay for states that choose not to help their poorest.
          AND also reiterates that our health insurance will go up in part to cover those people. More Pressure.

                1. I know. Just funnin’ you. My hubby can’t fall asleep. (effect) So most nights he is up reading until 5 or 6. Its kind of funny though, if I bring the lap top to the bedroom, he says I harsh his bedtime ritual? Huh what?

            1. Sorry K-Bob, gotta respond all the way down here because there was no reply button up there. Lol, call me a coward, or a pushover. Not sure which one, but I really didn’t want to ban him myself. I don’t like doing it when they make wise cracks to me too. So thanks 😉 I’ll try and do better with the next one. Night.

              1. You were fine. I get the same problem frequently, by trying to explain to people how NOT to get banned, but amazingly enough, they seem to want the “vindication” of being banned. Probably so they can say, “hey I just got banned over at so-and-so’s site.” It happens so often it’s ridiculous. In about half of the cases, they end up pushing to see how far they can push, so they end up forcing your hand, or making one of the other mods jump in (Ken had to do that once when I was trying to be reasonable with a troll).

                I think we have too many new trolls trying to “seem” reasonable lately. It’s an attempt to wear us down by attrition. Like that would work.

                Anyway, thanks for keeping up the positive vibe of the place!

              1. I think I just witnessed my FIRST Internet Exorcism !!! Rest Well ABiC…From the looks of this thread, you may need some ice for the fingertips….

  20. “it’s the law of the land” = spineless surrender.

    It’s the law of the land! Tremble tremble, kneel and beg! Thunder and lightning will beset your ears and head if you resist!

  21. ARRRRG! I can’t stand the bull! Honorable for the GOP to use the Supreme Court in the first freaking place for cover?

                1. I am not a republican.I am a conservative.You appear to be a perfect fit for today’s republican(unprincipled) party.

                2. I am a conservative Republican. I believe there is a difference in being principled and being a bumbling fool.

                3. I am just choosing to be a bit more understanding to what the Governors may be facing rather than choosing to be a fool who just wants to destroy with someone who isn’t 100% conformed to their way of thinking.

                4. The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally not a 20 percent traitor. I would rather not have gridlock.

                5. I’m with YOU 57thunderbird! Surrendering is what the GOP keep doing! You fight until the enemy takes you out. Setbacks are ok, IF you learn from them, move forward and get stronger. That never happens with these rino’s! They give in over and over, never learning who Obama and these dems are. Giving them our freedom on a silver platter.

                  I like krauthammer, but I’m disappointed in him on this. The supreme court and the congress were not the check and balance on this president and the healthcare debacle like they should have been. This was a manipulation of huge proportion! It’s wrong and we have to keep fighting it! Our country is at stake here!

                6. NWIGOP, “I am just choosing to be a bit more understanding to what the Governors may be facing rather than choosing to be a fool who just wants to destroy with someone who isn’t 100% conformed to their way of thinking.”
                  “I am a conservative Republican. I believe there is a difference in being principled and being a bumbling fool.” Which are you?

                  What the Governors are doing is setting their states up for massive debt, that will cause the states to go bankrupt as the federal subsidies steadily decrease. That will then enable to the federal government to step in and take over if the state gives up states rights.

                  Your argument is not understanding and is a, “go along to get along” policy. The pattern being used by the Federal Government against the states is a proven formula to disaster.

                  Also, calling someone a “fool” as you did in the context you did is being a hypocrite, and yes you are trolling! Everyone one of your comments came with an air of self superiority, yes I’d say definite Trolling!

                7. Sure it is. Political combat has as its base principals the same as real combat. Sun Tzu’s principals work just as well in political combat. In the political echo-chamber that is Obamaland what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable. There’s no room for compromise. Get real bud.

                8. No sweat. Most of us in here are on the same page. I can recall the 1976 and 1980 elections when the guerilla army of Reagan challenged the GOP establishment and kicked their a$$. That’s who we are.

                9. Eventually, having to manage my time in answering to you as many others, I do not take to much time to check my spelling. Sorry Professor.

                10. Believe me, I’m glad we’ve got real military folks in this battle. A battle is a battle- and this country if you haven’t noticed is under attack from our own government. Both sides. Scott is just another one who is failing to lead, who is surrendering. Either lead, follow or get out of the way. We’ve got a nation to save.

                11. I just think it is bad for us to be writing every Governor off like this. And until we regain control of the Senate and White House I am guessing there will be many roadblocks to saving this country.

                12. I haven’t written Kasich off completely yet,but I am keeping score and his favor with me is falling fast.

                13. Sadly, in the fight for the White House. I am unsure if Virginia can be won back. To have gone for Obama and Mark Warner (Senate) in 2008 and again for Obama and Tim Kaine of all people in 2012…my heart breaks if Virginia keeps this trend, but my hopes are high for Ken Cuccinelli to retain the Governor’s mansion

                14. Can’t reply below, so I’m replying here. I can understand that. But we need desperately to hold all their feet to the fire. Governors,state reps, feds. If they are going to run on principals, they need to know we the people expect them to stick to those principals.

                15. Principles is the correct one (I used to get those mixed as well). I think we also need to understand is that sometimes things are different once on the other side of that desk.

                16. Wrong again. The very essence of political combat is emodied in the words of that great Chinese strategist:

                  “The Way means inducing the people to have the same aim as the leadership, so that they will share death and share life, without fear of danger.”

                  You don’t quit a political fight bud anymore than you quit walking when a hill is teep and muddy and you’re dog tired from walking all day and night with 70 lbs of crap on your back.

                  Its that same dogged determination that wins political battles.

                17. It’s the truth 😉 And I like it when you and others bring up stuff about Reagan. I wasn’t here back then, and not yet into politics (well except I loved Margaret Thatcher) so I do get lessons. You are a good teacher 911. You and some others here have taught me a lot. Thank you!

                18. If we had about 3 or 4 more million people like yourself, we’d never lose an election. You’re a sharp cookie. Keep it up. You are doing the Lord’s work.

            1. None of these governors had to surrender. What they have done is sell out their residents to decades of bloated gov’t and piss-poor medical care. They will all be voted out next time around and the Dems will have even more power. Bet there was $$$$ changing hands.

              1. I am always amused when people say “well they didn’t have too”. Are you in the Governors seat? You have to look at this from both views not just yours.

                1. Right Obama, gotcha! If the congress doesn’t act I’ll just have to go around them with executive orders.

                  Your view is to concede, and calling people “fool”, “bumbling fool”, sorry but your true colors are showing, troll!

                2. Stating something as being foolish isn’t trolling it is showing that I think some of the emotions towards some governors are not needed and it would be ridiculous to write them off for this or 2014 when most are up.

                3. You are right, don’t write them off because they are selling us into servitude, by all means go along to get along. It’s worked real well so far, these past four years let see, obamacare-check, massive spending-check, massive debt-check, tanks and F16’s to our enemies-check, loss of freedoms-check, increased wars-check, increased illegal immigration-check, etc., etc., etc..

                  The president has been given everything he has asked for, even with the illusion of having to fight for it. So I’d say the plan you are backing has shown to be 100% ineffective at even applying brakes on the lefts agenda. In fact if I were to venture a guess, I’d say no one even touched the brakes, they merely put the throttle to the floor.

                  Compromising with the left means going a long and shutting up! It is a one side relationship, engaging and interacting with them means being a codependent to their addictions, enabling them, giving up our hopes and dreams, destroying our own lives and future. It is a marriage to an abusive spouse, one that needs to be locked up before they loose complete control killing everyone in the family in a moment of rage.

                  When people put principals second to their position we get what we have, career politicians that sell out the citizenry for perks, power, and gold. Where is the principle of signing onto an agreement that will lead to bankruptcy?

                  Claiming to provide health care for the citizenry one represents when it is their money in the first place that is being forcibly taken. Then to use that money for healthcare but with strings attached? Only in the end the money will no longer be given for healthcare but the citizenry will still required to have healthcare and pay for it themselves.

                  They are using our money to force us on what they want us to have – healthcare, then they will force us to pay directly for healthcare while still collecting the taxes they were using to give us healthcare. Only we will get the healthcare they decide, when they decide, if they decide, essentially we are paying them to take control of our lives and force us to spend our money, only we will no longer have any control or say.

                  To this I hear you saying, “well just go along”!

                  You do realize you will need to have a federal license to troll…

            2. Surrender is in a class all it’s own. It’s usually reserved for cowards. Rick Scott was under no direct duress – none of these Republican Governors were. There’s nothing honorable about this.

              1. Governor Rick Scott announced that he would support a limited, three-year expansion of the state’s Medicaid program under the president’s healthcare law while the federal government is paying 100 percent of the cost in order to protect both the uninsured in Florida and state taxpayers.

                Governor Scott said, “While the federal government is committed to paying 100 percent of the cost of new people in Medicaid, I cannot, in good conscience, deny the uninsured access to care. We will support a three-year expansion of our Medicaid program under the new healthcare law, as long as the federal government meets their commitment to pay 100 percent of the cost during this time. This legislation would sunset after three years and need to be reauthorized.

                “There are no perfect options. Our options are either having Floridians pay to fund this program in other states while denying healthcare to our citizens or using federal funding to help some of the poorest in our state with the Medicaid program as we explore other healthcare reforms.

                “Expanding access to Medicaid services for three years is a compassionate, common sense step forward. It is not the end of our work to improve healthcare. And, it is not a white flag of surrender to government-run healthcare. I am committed to working every day to improve access to affordable, high-quality healthcare in Florida, while also protecting taxpayers and keeping our economy growing to create more jobs – which ultimately fuels the dreams of every Florida family.”

                1. I agree Sober.I am done as well.Sounds like somebody that likes to be confrontational.Has to have the last word.

                2. That’s crap. He’s only doing it because the feds will pay for it. He knows most Floridians are against dearleader care. When Bill McCullum sued the feds this state was behind him. Do you have any idea how many medicaid recipients we have in this state?! This is gonna cost you and everyone else in federal tax dollars on top of what you’ll be paying for your own state. And limited?! Since when does anything the government does stay limited?!

                3. $43349500 is just a troll, already change their name, will probably change it again.

                  TRS moderator, might want to look into this…

                4. Complete capitulation and reneging on his word and his position. Rationalizing this total surrender is what has produced the problem in the country. You are an apologist for the sell outs.

                5. So what is Scott et al going to do after three years, when states have to start paying for all those new entitlements? It is far harder to end a program than to begin one. After three years, is he suddenly going to drop these people who have gotten used to their entitlements? It never works that way, and in three years, it will start bankrupting the state, and they will have to raise taxes on everyone to pay for it. But, hey, three years is a long way away and someone else can be blamed then. Scott gets the votes in the meantime. (Well, the votes from those who turn out to vote…how many poor bother to vote? But, of course, he will lose conservative votes over it, so maybe it all balances out.)

                  What he is saying is that he’s going to “get ours” while it is there to grab, while a few more principled states have to pay for it. Ah, yes, free money works every time, and the federal government knew that. They counted on greed to buy the states instead of having to convince them it was a good program.

                  What Scott also doesn’t seem to know is that few doctors take Medicaid because they don’t pay enough for the hassles. Someone on Medicaid has to call all over to find a doctor who will even take it. He sold out for what is a bad program to begin with. He truly is a fool.

              1. Do you know why people like Rick Scott and John Kasich changed their mind? I hear Nikki Haley might be changing her mind as well.

                1. If Nikki Haley changes her mind, she’s a quitter like Scott and Kasich and the rest of them. Changing minds is what you call it… quitting and caving, surrender and compromising principles is what I call it.

                2. ABC wrote: “He’s been kicked off under a few names since last night. He’s gone for now.”

                  Thank you very much for the update ABC, I am happy to hear someone is doing a good job moderating.

                3. I hate to say it my dear and sweet friend of all ducky friends— in the end, AFTER reading the article I just read on TEXAS, I wouldnt be surprised if all the Gov’s caved in.
                  I hate the thought as much as you do.

                  Are there thirteen left?

                  I just had this discussion with my husband before I decided to write this to get his opinion.
                  Sadly, he agrees. It may end up being about the cash from the FEDs.

                  In Perrys case there are almost 24% of the state uninsured, costing the taxpayers and hospitals, nearly 5 BILLON dollars+ a year.

                  This is just what Obama planned and hoped for. PRESSURE….

                  The thing is- there isnt enough money to last, for more than, eight…maybe ten years max.

                  How totally insane…

                  If Perry or any other Conservative “holds out” to their true principles, and beliefs…they may rise to the top for 2016. ★★


                4. I would sooooooo love for Perry to hold out.

                  I dont know why I like him so much. I guess its the Texas thing.

                5. On another note::::: Did anyone try the Lays chips— “Special Edition” Flavors- (We only eat junk on fridays but ooops the bags broke)
                  There’s Chicken and Waffle, Cheesy Bread and Sriracha – I guess it was a contest.

                  Well, Im hooked on Sriracha sauce. ( I use about a bottle a week). Dont get me started on my hot pepper addiction! The Chicken and waffle, are strangley good.
                  They dont have the cheesy bread flavor here.

                  Its a contest- on Facebook- which I dont use. I’d vote Sriracha if I could.

                  I just read an article saying LAYS was “RACCCCIST with their choices. Really. ha hahahahah

                6. I don`t know where in Texas you`re talkin` about, so let me apologize from all here; if you EVER felt like you didn`t fit in, Shame on whoever made you feel that way !!!!

                7. I’m replying to Texas- sorry brother, there was no reply button on your comment just now. It was Tyler. Mineola before that. I understand, small towns, Texan pride. If it ain’t born and riz, it ain’t Texan. 😉 I still have cousins around Spring and Conroe, and they still like me lol.

                8. My hubby lived there BS (Before Sandi)

                  Son went to college his first year there.

                  Great music, great food…Politics are more like us, than not. Pretty good weather. People, for the most part are REAL!

                  What’s not to like? How could anyone not like you?

                9. I haven’t seen those Lays, but then again, I am trying to lose some lbs, so being a good girl I’ve been trying to avoid the snack aisle at wally world like the plague lol. Oh look… chocolate. mmmm.
                  night silly!

                10. Chocolate!!!!!

                  I used to only like milk but all of a sudden dark is tasting good. It must be an age thing.

                11. Here’s my diet plan. I’ve battled my weight or at least had to keep my eye on it since my 20’s….Even though I’ve always been super active. Acrobatics, tennis, gymnastics, skiing, aerobics, weights, climbing…etc. For years I religiously worked out with weights five days a week, and did cardio no less than six. In recent years, I’ve cut back some…unless we are in the eight months prior to an extreme climb.
                  Honestly- DIET is 80% of the equation.
                  So 6 days a week, I (WE) watch what we eat. For me that’s a lot of veggies, salads, egg whites, fruit, broth based soups….I love love love vinegars, hot sauces, peppers!!! When I am trying to ramp up protein I eat a ton of chicken.
                  As much as I love love love love, bread and carbs….I don’t eat any— well hardly any during the week. It used to pain me (growing up in SF after all!)—but after doing this for 20+ years, it’s not a bother. I mean, Im not a martyr…If im starving and at someone’s house and they have granola or a corn muffin or almost anything I’ll scarf it down. Or last night, I did break into the chips early.
                  Then once a week- Fridays for us—it’s free for all day.
                  ALL DAY.
                  For example today- we’re making pancakes…With 100% Maple Syrup Then I mentioned the chips. They’ll be gone by sundown.
                  We are making spinach/artichoke dip. Not the kind we’ve all made before. This one I got from a great web site called the Pioneer Woman Cooks. (You’d love her! She lives in OK, on a cattle ranch, with her kids, hubby…she cooks, blogs, home-schools, and she is pretty funny). Anyway, you use fresh spinach, garlic, cream cheese, butter, marinated artichoke hearts, 3 other cheeses (we’ll probably use less), milk, and a bunch of other rich stuff), and having that with shredded BBQ chicken and pita bread.
                  Hubby bought some donuts at Wal-Mart but bleech…..I doubt I will get to those. I’ll probably have a few handfuls or ten of Hershey kisses.
                  The point is, we are full and satisfied. We are usually up til 4 or 5 watching movies and there have even been times he has brought a huge bowl of cereal or a candy bar to eat in bed!
                  The beauty of the “plan” is that you wake up Saturday, knowing you indulged…. and any weight you may have gained falls off by Sunday if you are “good”. …AND also you just six days from having another all in day again!!!!

                12. Here’s her website: Its fun! I love the way she displays the prep! AND her sense of humor is pretty good too.

                  When she first started out she was pretty low key, but she has sort of made it into the “big time”.

                  I love that she includes her husband who she refers to as the “marlboro man. He runs their ranch.



                  We’ve tried a bunch of her recipes but these are some we’ve made more than once! “my brothers tacos” -they’re partially deep fried. Vanilla cup cakes, Italian soup, Chicken and noodles, frito chili pie ( we used turkey), chicken spaghetti,chicken and bacon sliders.

                  Sorry, I know you said you’re dieting. These are friday things.

                13. Poli:
                  A little late here, but your political analysis is right on. It was by design, and luring the states with “free” money is something very few people say “no” to. Pelosi and Reid knew what they were doing.

                14. Dang it’s hard finding a place to reply lol. I like your diet plan. I was doing a good job on cutting back carbs too. I love pasta so it’s haaaarrdd!! I got a little off it, so gained some back again. I know most diets don’t work because people binge from feeling deprived, so I think cutting way back, but allowing some once a week is a good idea. Except for walking and some aerobic stuff (and dancing in the kitchen) I don’t have a whole lot of time to do complete work outs. Just enough to keep the muscles workin’ 😉 Thanks girlie!

                15. PS….I love BREAD more than pasta. Sourdough with cheddar! LOVE!!! NY Sesame Bagel with cream cheese !!! LOVE!!! SOURDOUGH though is the BEST….I can eat a whole loaf.
                  Hubby is more of a potato guy. He would have me make mashed potatoes every day ( ruh oh- did I just pull a Dan Quayle?) if I would. He even has our dogs eating them!!!

                16. You wrote “Sure keep thinking that”. There is no room to reply. So I’ll reply here. Count on it slick. You just keep pushing your dumba$$ RINO agenda and you’ll lose 40% of the party and lose another election. I intend to do all I can to push your kind aside, just like Reagan did in 1980 and almost did in 1976. Your idiotic ideas are so passe. You talk like a Repubic from the 50’s and middle 60’s. You’re an Establishment loser just like they were. They were quitters. Half-steppers. We’ll find our Reagan and you can kick in or get lost. It matters not.

                17. Why the personal attack? RIGHT SCOOP BLOCK THIS GUY!! I am attempting to do what Reagan did in attempting to build a coalition and I am trying to see if you and others that read what you write could be in a coalition. What RINO ideas have I conceded to? I am simply stating that the attack on these governors is ridiculous.

                18. I appreciate your comments and I won’t attack you but let me see if I can explain something. Rick Scott was a ‘crook’ many of us Floridians knew that when we voted for him but he was a far better alternative to the other ‘crook’ Charlie Crist.
                  We are fed up with having only 2 (so called) ‘conservative’ alternatives to vote for, ‘Poop’ or ‘Excrement’. Scott will toe the hard core conservative line, or we will get rid of him. Crist was a consummate ‘compromiser’. He’s a Democrat now.
                  Yes, I’ve been following this story. Yes, I’ve been reading your (and his) explanations about Medicare debacle that could break the state if he doesn’t ‘play the game’ Washington is putting out. BUT……, just the perception of giving in, is exactly what ‘Obama-Bots’ want to see.
                  There comes a time when enough is enough and it’s time to stand your ground, let the chips fall where they may, and accept the consequences of that.

                19. Yea, I have relatives in Florida. Well that is considering that Cristo will run, I haven’t heard anything yet form him. I am hearing a Nan Rich who I guess is the Senate Minority Leader in Florida. I think the Republican Party in a ideological fight between moderates and conservatives that is very external is what they want. Obama wants to destroy the GOP and with it the conservatives and moderates in the GOP. I don’t agree with Scott on this decision but i wouldn’t like seeing Florida go Democratic either.

                20. If Crist tries to run again, he’ll loose. Even his new found Democrat pals don’t trust him. I’d like to be able to trust Scott but that remains to be seen.
                  Charles DeGaulle put it best.
                  “To become the master, the politician poses as the servant”.

                21. I think Alex Sink said it would be bad for Dems to nominate Cristo. Other names aside from Nan Rich, Fmr. Mayor Manny Diaz of Miami and Fmr. Mayor Pam Iorio of Tampa.

                  Any luck recruiting Allen West? What are your thoughts on the Lt. Governor?

                22. NWIGOP aka $43349500 is Just a troll!

                  They can’t help but give themselves away. It’s in the way their mind doesn’t work correctly that reflects in how they word posts or arguments…

                23. NWIGOP aka $43349500 wrote; “Why the personal attack? RIGHT SCOOP BLOCK THIS GUY!! ”

                  You mean like calling people “fool” or “bumbling fool”, those kind of personal attacks?

                  That is a great way to “build a coalition”, calling people names brings the masses running to join doesn’t it…

                24. Reagan tried to build a “coalition” without compromising his principles, that is why he is considered a great president.

                  The times when he did compromise cost him much. He chose a RINO for VP and thus elevated Bush and started the whole Bush dynasty. That’s why we are in the kind of situation we are now, with few of Reagan’s ideas predominating now. He gave amnesty to millions of illegals and regretted it. Yeah, compromise is not how to build a “coalition”.

                  We don’t ask Democrats to compromise…instead RINOs do all the compromising, to “reach across the aisle”, to get along…and we STILL have no coalition but rather a deeply divided GOP who voters rightly detest for all their selling off of principles.

        1. No they don’t. That’s why real warriors train so hard for combat. Failure isn’t an option. Fighters fight, they don’t quit. Quitting is for wimps and losers.

              1. This is politics, not too unlike a battlefield but very different in strategy. I am just trying to stop all the analogies to war.

                1. I am going to close by saying that I think that is is honorable for the Governors to have fought for as long as they have.

                  “So what led to his change? One word: hospitals. Not only have hospitals, on average, supported expansion of Medicaid from its announcement, but they’ve also been working overtime recently to convince Republican governors and state legislators that it’s the financially smart thing to do. “If Florida doesn’t expand Medicaid, we’re going to have the money taken out of one pocket (by the federal government), we just won’t get it put back in the other,” Tommy Inzina, chief administrative officer at BayCare Health System, told the Florida House this week. In 2011 Florida hospitals spent $2.8 billion caring for the uninsured and had to write off the majority of that bill. That’s up from $2.4 billion in 2006–when 1.7 million uninsured were treated–and the trend will only get worse unless more state residents are insured. The expansion could have a monumental impact by insuring one million newly eligible people in the first year alone.

                  Similarly, in South Carolina, Republican Gov. Nikki Haley’s opposition to expansion is softening as hospitals support expansion with their voices and now their wallets; they say they’ll consider a provider tax to help pay for any state costs of the expansion. Bob Coble, a lobbyist for hospitals and providers, told The State, “It would, essentially, be the health-care industry taxing itself to pay (it).”


                2. Actually your complete argument is false, it is not supported by the vast majority of the American citizenry,nice try troll, to bad facts show you to be wrong…

                3. A provider tax. Yup, Obamacare will save a whole lot of money, sure. For who?
                  You think the providers are going to pay a provider tax and not pass it on to their patients?

            1. The battlefield of ideas is fought with the same straegems as tactical warfare in the battlespace. Now you may not like my analogies, but they work; no matter how many times you try to counter them with your empty rhetoric.

              1. What you call my empty rhetoric is actually being reasonable. What I hear from some people and from some of what you have written…I am sometimes at loss for words.

                1. No. What you call reasonable is a nothing but a “give up play”. Only quitters quit. And what I write resonates with a whole lot of people. Not just in here either.

                2. What being reasonable is doing what you can with the hand dealt and whatever happen happens. What you write resonates with a minority.

                3. What I write resionates with a majority conservatives. Not RINO types like yourself. Crouch and lick the hands of those that feed you sparky. Your counsel is not needed.

                4. This is to go along with what 911Infidel just responded below:

                  “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
                  Samuel Adams

                  “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen”
                  Samuel Adams

                  Here’s one more and now I’m done here:

                  “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”
                  Thomas Paine

                5. “What being reasonable is doing what you can with the hand dealt and whatever happen happens. What you write resonates with a minority.”

                  Wow, that is good leftist speak right there, “reasonable”, ” resonates”, however the use of “minority” instead of “the majority of Americans support”, so I’ll have to give you C+.

                  Actually your play style is why our nation is in the position it is, conceding when push comes to shove and claiming a compromise. There was no compromise, one side gave everything while the other side had nothing to loose only to gain and gave nothing in return!

                  It’s called loosing!

                6. But you started the warrior talk in the first place. Some of these excellent folks who know from experience are stating the facts about politics and war. There really is no difference between them. They are both battle zones.

                7. With all due respect, your mastery of English and the grammar required to engage therein are lacking, and you seem to have an agenda contrary to any true Conservative. But I see from your Disqus history that you are generally on the right side of issues, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I am going to have to assume A) you know we are bankrupt B) most Medicaid recipients pay ZERO into the tax coffers, yet get FREE medical, dental, vision, and mental health treatment. C) Not a single WORKING person gets any of that for free, and less than 30% of benefit plans now include dental, vision, and mental health. Did I assume right? Did I mention I was discussing WORKING persons? Yeah, I did. We are at a crossroads, friend. We can keep appeasing the takers and their media mouthpieces, or we can take a stand and pray that we leave our children a country that is a step above Zimbabwe.

                8. 1) I understand that we are broke, I have been railing that to every person I knew or know when I worked on Richard Mourdock’s Senatorial campaign, when I world on the campaign for Republican candidate Joel Phelps for Indiana’s 1st Congressional district even though I knew he didn’t have a chance considering Pete Visclosky has been in Congress since 1985 and hasn’t been below 60% of the vote in a long time. As sign in my neighborhood had signs for Democratic candidates I proudly displayed signs for my candidates for Congress, Senate, Governor and other state wide offices.

                  2) I have never supported medicaid expansions and I do not now. However, I will not willingly crucify Governors who have for the majority of their terms stood strong on a variety of other issues. I always say that as Governor of California, Ronald Reagan made some questionable choices. I am saying this because I think some of these Governors could be really good for the country of they would run for President.

                  3) I understand that, I have debated liberals who are in denial of facts.

                  4) I have not talked about appeasement. I see this as picking my battles. It isn’t against these Governors, it is against incumbent Democratic Senators and Karl Rove in 2014 and a possible White House run by Hilary “the Hun” Clinton, Crazy Uncle Joe Biden or Andrew Cuomo in 2016. I want to keep the House, take the Senate and the White House and obliterate Obamacare once and for all.

                9. Not that I agree about letting governors having a pass for something so huge as giving in to this, but why couldn’t you have said all this in the first place instead of calling folks who didn’t agree fools? You might have saved yourself a lot of grief.

                10. I think we’re seeing a new effort to “moby” conservative sites. This past week we’ve seen folks pretend to be religious nutjobs, appeasing RINOs and hardcore Ron Paul clowns, all attempting to dispirit the right, in general, and confuse the Conservative message in particular.

                  I suspect they are pretty much all leftists.

                11. Great question ABC. On another note, talk to any honest doc and they will tell you what a crappy program Medicaid is. It only pays 60 cents on a dollar. Most docs don’t take it.

                12. No you’re not. We don’t hate you, and we don’t hate you because we’re stupid. Liberals who hate Rush do so because they’re idiots and refuse to listen to common sense.

                  I think you just pushed some folks (including mine) buttons tonight. Speaking from my own perspective we’re all extremely frustrated with this, because it wasn’t that long ago that these governors were swearing they’d fight dear leader care, and now they’ve caved. Call it what you will, but they’ve caved. And a lot of us are sick to death of spineless republicans. You have different opinions, as do many of us here, but you need to understand others are just as passionate about their opinions as you are. Some of what you’ve been saying tonight has come off as attacking, even if you’ve been following the rules. Some has been provocative even if maybe you didn’t mean it to be- and many of us are fiercely pro military/veterans here and your first comments were offensive.

                  I’ve remembered some of your comments from previous threads just now as I looked at your comment history- and you’ve made some sense. So, I’m saying this in all honesty and not meaning to be offensive, but toughen up some. Don’t let passion from folks get under your skin so much. Once you’ve been here a while, you’ll see how good these folks are. 🙂 Peace.

                13. 1) Perhaps all my years on this earth has taught me that being frustrated with politicians can be tiring. Instead of crucifying the governors on this issue and being frustrated with the choice I chose to understand why they made it whether I agree with it or not. My goal is not to attack them, but Obamacare and the Democrats.
                  2) I recognized that fact in many of my comments. I know they are passionate about what they believe nut there needs to be a coalition of many factions within the Republican Party of we are to regain control of the Congress and White House.
                  3) I never attacked them but their ideas and arguments as they did mine. That is what this thread and blog is for, for us to explain, agree and/or disagree with arguments, ideas and strategy. However, I have not attacked them personally as they have to me (especially 911Infidel, I forgive him thought).
                  4) Ma’am I am a military person and I come from a military family. There were no attacks on the military just the use of analogies and certain ways of looking at the situation.
                  5) I have been here a long time. I love open debate and I say bring it on!! I’m a Hoosier, I can take it!!:)

                14. I know I’ve agreed with you before here. But you have come off as looking for a fight instead of debate. You may not see it as such, but others have. Scoop did too, if I might remind you. Just now, you did call 911 a punk, so you’ve given as you’ve gotten I guess. I’m tired and need to get to bed. It’s past 2:30 and I still have some stuff to do. I’ll leave it to you to make up with 911Infidel. He’s a good one.

            2. Actually friend, it is. There’s only one difference between the battlefield of blood and the battlefield of ideology. The coffins. 😉

                1. I (for one) appreciate what ‘NWIGOP’ has to say. I don’t agree with it but it does bring light to what this ‘battle’ is really all about. To quote an old country music song,
                  “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”.
                  There gas got to be a place where we just stop and say, ENOUGH! Not one more inch of ground.

            3. This is now highly amusing. Was not it you that employed the battlefield analogy at the outset. Too funny!

        2. Warriors may or may not fall. Howvever they usually do not fall unless they are mortally or very seriously wounded. What nonsense is this you spout!

    1. Only to give up later? The betrayel of this cowardice is unbelievable! Rick Scott in particular was a hero early on… a tireless opponent to Obamacare and among the first states planning to reject it. But now he caved in, just like Justice Roberts and conceded another battle in this war. He betrayed his constituents and his principles and his country.

      And based on your continuing conversation with 57thunderbird (who gets it), you want to give Rick a red ribbon, a pat on the head and say, “Good try?”

      I mean no disrespect, but this is one of those times where I simply don’t get you.

      Have you ever served in the military? If not, then this might be lost on you.

      1. What difference does it make if I served in the military or not? You are getting off track to the real issue which is that until we get someone in the White House, until we get back the Senate and retain the House of Representatives and repeal Obamacare than there are almost not many fights left. The SCOTUS has ruled in favor of it there are not many more battles until we can repeal it. It is indeed the law if the land.

        1. Dude, I again don’t mean to be rude. But I’m just not going to respond to you. I’ve read several questionable posts and responses from you before and I just don’t agree with you many times. I don’t want to engage you in discussion. I just don’t understand your thinking at times – this is one of them.

          1. Not responding to those with GOP in their nicks is probably a good policy. It doesn’t take much to figure out where this one is coming from, lol.

        2. Makes a big difference. Principlas learned in the military have a good deal of relevance to life and politics. Not having served goes a long way to showing us why you don’t “get it”. By the way I hear that your moniker means NO Way I’d Vote GOP. If that’s true, then your trolling in here is about over with. Go back and look at Scoop’s warning. He ain’t playing.

          1. 1) I have attacked arguments and ideas, not people. You on the other hand have made a few attacks towards me.

            2) I have not compared anyone to Nazis.

            3) I have not used expletive language to make a point but you did about a comment or 2 ago.

            4)I have not used toilet humor and pornographic commentary.

            5) I have not gotten off topic from what my point is on this issue.

            6) I have not posted any ads or links to any website i have, just to where some facts can be found.

            7) I have not said anything Racist, sexist or homophobic.

            8) I have not made duplicate comments on other threads.

            9) I have provided a link to the article or blog post with a short summary or even a short quote.

            10) I have not threatened anyone like you just did to me.

            11) I have not written in capps.

            I am 0 for 11 while you are 3 for 11.

            1. Geez what are you a little boy or a little girl? Might want to get yourself some serious psychiatric help. Try joining the military and get some [email protected] for godssake. Sheesh. You really are a waste of time.

                1. Because I believe that you’re not. And your last comments have convinced me that I’m talking to an immature kid who probably led a sheltered life and is devoid of any life experience of note. That’s why.

                2. I have lived a long time and now I am battling a punk who want to insult anyone who thinks differently than he does.

              1. I think that we’re dealing with a kid here. NWIGOP is too sensitive to be an adult. I’d venture a guess that NWIGOP probably led a sheltered life. In any event I hear that NWIGOP…means No Way I Vote GOP. If so he/she is a troll.

                1. Indeed. You’re too nice. Leave the troll finding to us. You just keep being the sweetheart that you are. We’re the guards, you’re the Queen. :p)

                2. I don’t know. I looked at his comment history- doesn’t seem like a troll, but one of his comments he said he’s center right. I’d say you’re close with the age thing and while he seems to know a lot of the reps and how they vote, doesn’t know well yet how to tell the difference between an “attack” and folks passion 😉
                  He has passion too, which also seems to come off the same as he’s accusing others as doing- he just doesn’t seem to get that.

                3. I’m referring to his “punk comment” and I surmise he’s probably a college puke. Late teens early 20’s, middle 20’s.

                4. Oy Vey, what are you guys doing to me lol! I’m up there ^^ trying to smooth things over and he’s calling you a punk for calling him a child. I’m sorry- don’t mean to laugh. It’s just been a silly night. Let me appeal to my superiors on this one 911. I’ll get back with you 😉

                5. I just pulled the plug. His “scorekeeping” after Scoop’s warning was what did it.

                  The guy was here to irritate. Simple as that.

                6. Calling someone a “child” is a far cry from calling someone a “punk”. I could of used a whole lot of excellent expletives deleted, but “child” was good enough. it encompasses all those expletives deleted but in a slightly more tactful fashion. And besides part of the fun of blogging is to draw someone out and get the real picture of who they are rather than the ruse that they hide behind with their words. They give themselves away, but aren’t yet clever enough to hide their true selves. Passion is one thing. Stubborn stupidity is something else all together. You recall that Indiana person? Well that’s who this NWIGOP is. As you well know by now.

                7. Yet i didn’t do anything to deserve to be banned. That was the second time in 2 months. I called him a punk once.

                8. Yep he did. Boy I wish I had your email sometimes. Don’t publish it. Give it to Scoop and I’ll give you mine. I got some good reference material from time to time that you might like to read.

                9. When you try to get rid of me, I just come back. You first banned me when I was Indiana, than you banned me when I was NWIGOP.

                10. In this place people are free to make comments but not to challenge everyone’s comments to the point of being annoying. We’ve banned others for doing that. So in short, yes he’s trolling.

        3. You don’t sound like a RINO, moneybags. You sound like a coward. There will never be a hill for you to die on, just like the Republicans in Congress. Appease Owebama, make the Fellatio Media happy but screw the Country.

          Funny how you do not talk about the permanent damage from NOT fighting the communists currently ruling the Country. From my perspective, there was a coup thanks to massive vote fraud. But we mustn’t talk about that either because BIRTHER!

          Cripes, can you be any more lame? Try screwing you courage to the sticking place. Lead, follow or shut the hell up.

          By not fighting you give the commies a leg up, and they certainly don’t need a leg up, not with The Commie Thug-in-Chief farting around in the Offal Office.

          1. By not fighting you give the commies a leg up

            Unfortunately, this has been going on since the 60s. Many people on our side just keep their collective mouths shut. While the “vocal minority” never stops shouting.

      1. Again, I have not talked about appeasement. I see this as picking my battles. It isn’t against these Governors, it is against incumbent Democratic Senators and Karl Rove in 2014 and a possible White House run by Hilary “the Hun” Clinton, Crazy Uncle Joe Biden or Andrew Cuomo in 2016. I want to keep the House, take the Senate and the White House and obliterate Obamacare once and for all. That is my goal, it isn’t attacking these Governors.

        1. Oh, that makes sense…encourage governors to bring in more Obamacare provisions and “obliterate Obamacare” later. Duh!

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