Mark Levin SHREDS Samantha Power over Daniel Pearl tweet

Last night Samantha Power, Ambassador to the UN, tweeted the following about Daniel Pearl:

Mark Levin shredded her on his show today for her comments, reminding everyone why Daniel Pearl died and why Samantha Power should resign over her comments:

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90 thoughts on “Mark Levin SHREDS Samantha Power over Daniel Pearl tweet

  1. Another self-important, condescending, arrogant psuedo-intellectual piece of crap in an administration that is determined to undo this country. Sick witch, surrounded by dozens and hundreds just like her: America is no good and must be put in its place. How dare we to have become the leader of the world and the defender of freedom?

  2. Her speaking manner reminded me of US Ambassador to Japan with her “ya know…” interview. Well, Kennedys are reach and powerful family, that supported Obama, so I can understand why she got appointed. How did Samantha Power became US Ambassador to the UN? It looks like she got her ambassadorial job because she smoke dope with Obama, in her younger days. Is that the most articulate person America can find for this very important position?!

    1. How else do you get a position in Obama’s administration? She helped campaign for him. Also, she’s married to Cass Sunstein who was the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration and taught for 27 years at Chicago University of Law School where Obama was a guest lecturer (NOT a constitutional law professor – he lied about that, too).

  3. Published on Feb 25, 2014

    Samantha Power discusses why she doesn’t agree with the BDS campaign against Israel

      1. Thank you for asking!

        When I read a tweet from Ambassador Power, my mind does not go to a negative place, because I know that she is a very lovely, kind, compassionate person, who is passionate about defending human rights. Thinking that Ambassador Power would say something negative about Daniel Pearl is something I would never, ever, could never, ever think. Her heart and mind wouldn’t consider it.

        The people who did read her tweet as a negative comment about Mr. Pearl have, I imagine, varying reasons for their interpretation and some of those people, I think, are just not open to a positive view of the Ambassador.

        I hadn’t been involved in human rights work since Vietnam, and then, in 2006, I heard Samantha Power on Charlie Rose and read her book, A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, which propelled me into human rights advocacy..

        I understood what she was saying in this tweet:

        Daniel Pearl’s story is reminder that individual accountability & reconciliation are required to break cycles of violence. @DanielPearlFNDN

        because I am familiar with her.

        I hope that the people who have rushed to judgement will give Ambassador Power the same chance they would want for themselves – to be viewed with an open mind.

        1. You claim that Samantha Power’s heart is in the right place therefore her comments are unassailable. Unfortunately her head is not in the “right place”. Her comment is an ill-informed equivalent of hand-wringing and saying “can’t we all just get along” in the face of violent people who want to impose their will on others through terrorist acts. The idealistic notion that violent people will mend their ways if only we give them the rhetorical equivalent of hugs and flowers only serves to empower the violent who laugh at idealists like Samantha Power.

          BTW, Samantha Power is not the peaceful person you imagine. She was more than willing to bomb the h*ll out of Syria because they would not bend to her will. Where was the “accountability and reconciliation” there?

          Power’s tweet is objectionable because she implies that Daniel Pearl was partly to blame for his own death because he didn’t seek to “reconcile” with the vicious terrorists who brutally killed him. She resorts to the false moral equivalence meme that keeps people from recognizing evil for what it truly is.

          1. Thank you for your comments. I’m sorry – I just don’t see Ambassador Power’s tweet about Daniel Pearl as you do.

            Here are two tweets from Daniel’s parents, posted on 24 February:

            Daniel Pearl FDN addresses the root causes of hate that took our son’s life by fostering dialogue & education.=

            We deeply appreciate @AmbassadorPower for her profound and thoughtful speech @UCLA, a lovely tribute to our son Danny Pearl.=

            A person Samantha admired and respected dearly was killed by terrorists. She has seen the effects of evil in Darfur, in Bosnia, and elsewhere.

            1. If I remember correctly, Daniel Pearl’s parents, nutcase leftist liberals, blamed George Bush right out of the starting gate. God forbid they blame the knife-wielding muslim barbarians who sawed his head off. Sorry, their tweets come as no surprise to me given their political bent at that time.

        2. Thanks for your reply Nell, I applaud your humanitarian work.

          I am in total agreement with CBDenver who also replied to you.

        3. Sorry. Though I’m not a follower of Power, I have viewed several videos of her, and in every one, she speaks negatively of Israel. That, of course, is why she was picked for her job. No one in the Obama administration is pro Israel. If you don’t already know that, then you need to do your research. Don’t try to convince patriotic Americans that you know this woman was taken out of context. It’s simply not true.

    1. Yes, it’s the same misunderstanding like the Benghazi video which everyone understood except the esteemed ambassador Rice, her boss and his followers.

    2. Really? What did Samantha Power mean then? Perhaps you could “understand” her comments for us. We can wait……………………………

    3. The only misunderstanding of Power is by those who defend her.

      Please, let’s have a little honesty and a lot less ideological propaganda.

      She is in the service of progressive subversives who is acting as a puppet for The Tyrant who is busy stamping out the “rights” in our Bill of Rights.

  4. Was she an MSNBC TV spot-anchor at any time? Talk about politically incorrect in the political arena! She’s a nobody who was paid back for working hard for Obama. She’ll be going down with that ship too.

  5. When I saw this tweet on Twitchy, I said she just let everyone know how much she hates the Jewish people. it must mean enough time has passed and it is okay to let the hate flow.
    WE knew who Samantha Powers was before she was an Ambassador. We all knew who her husband was before she came on the scene. We all knew that she hated the Jews, Israel, from the day she was born.

    What surprises me is how ANGRY people get when they do exactly what they believe. Am I upset yes, but I am not angry. I can’t waste energy on that anymore. So everyone gets mad and yells and screams, what are they going to do about it.

    they are going to elect 90% of the same house and Senate members. Then for 2 more years we will hear people screaming about these people and why they are not doing anything about Obama.

    How Many Jewish people will vote for the Liberal this year?? Knowing full well what Kerry, Obama and this woman believes.

    1. Samantha Power is married to Cass Sunstein who is Jewish. Today’s Jews seem to think supporting the Democrat party trumps supporting their religion and Israel. They also choose to ignore the current administration’s condemnation of the Jewish religion, Israel and support of Islam who want to eliminate all Jews.

      1. I know she is married to good old Cass. Regulatory CZAR. the one who made the list of all the REGS, and that is why there are now 5 to 8 thousand a year being added under the different agencies. SICKENING isn’t it. The Jewish people cry when they get hurt, and yet they always support hitler in some fashion or another.

        1. It may be a record breaking year for costly, job crushing regulations. There were 141 new regulations created in the first week of this year and more than 1,200 by the end of January.

          We need to get rid of these liberal progressives who are determined to destroy this country.

          1. I agree so hardly with you. But unless we get people to concentrate on Primaries coming up in the next month, and we get rid of many of the Current GOP establishment figures, that isn’t going to happen. Just like Obamacare, they love that Tax aka Penalty as much as the liberals. It is so sad to watch.

  6. Oh course this is a pro Muslim administration, you don’t have to be a genius to know that… “you will know them by their deeds”

  7. FACT: Every one of Obama’s appointees are anti American, leftist radicals and communist revolutionaries. Samantha Power is just another example of a vastly unqualified, uber elitist Obama appointee.

  8. Does she even know what she posted? It sounds like the rambling of a mentally deficient person. But, then again, she’s a lib.

        1. its one of the moments when the speaker drops an incoherent line and everyone is clapping afraid of being noticed as not understanding and thus stupid,

  9. Mark nails it once more and doesn’t fear calling a spade a spade. Power is a lover of the Muslims going back to Bosnia. And this so-called champion of human rights fighting genocide, supports those who want to remove Israel from the map. Her role in the US’s taking an active part in using military action in Libya was touted by the lefty MSM:

    “I’m not going to talk much about Libya,” she began, though when it came time for questions she could not help herself. “Our best judgment,” she said, defending the decision to establish a no-fly zone to prevent atrocities, was that failure to do so would have been “extremely chilling, deadly and indeed a stain on our collective conscience.”

    That the president used almost precisely the same language was hardly a surprise. For nearly 20 years, since her days as a young war correspondent in Bosnia, Ms. Power has championed the idea that nations have a moral obligation to prevent genocide. Now, from her perch on the National Security Council, she is in a position to make that case to the commander in chief — and to watch him translate her ideas into action.

    “She is clearly the foremost voice for human rights within the White House,” said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, “and she has Obama’s ear.”

  10. Although attacks upon the liberty of some, such as the “rich”, are a common tactic by those who oppose morality and liberty, it should be clear that an attack upon the liberty of some is an attack upon the liberty of all.

  11. While I have always felt that Mark plays such an important role for us and our country, my gut tells me his true greatness has yet to be realized.

  12. Yes. This administration is full of the communist/Socialist/Progressive types using the Democrat party as their tool.

  13. Mark Levin. Samantha Power. They should never be in the same sentence. Mark Levin has forgotten more that Samantha Power will ever ever know. Stunning, really.

  14. Maybe we can get lucky and some muslim will behead Samantha power – another one of these ignorant progressive ideologues given a job by Obama which she is 100% UNQUALIFIED FOR.

  15. What an idiot! She is in support of the Moslems! She is another one that doesn’t see the benefit of our ONLY ALLY in the middle east! If we turn our backs on Israel, we’re done! God blesses the nations that bless Israel!

  16. Kerry has warned BiBi that America will boycott Israeli goods if he fails to split Jerusalem. For those unfamiliar, that means splitting their Capital with a foreign enemy. If you somehow think that’s a “fair” thing to do, how would you feel about splitting Washington DC with North Korea? For the rest of us, sadly we’ve already totally given away our own Capitol to communists.

  17. What the hell does “individual accountability & reconciliation” mean? Samantha Power has her head jammed so far up Obama’s ass she is spewing his excrement.

    1. That is the best descriptor I’ve ever heard expressed about Mrs. Sunstein and B. Hussein Obama in the same sentence. I’ll add to your likes.

        1. SR-71 Awesome piece of machinery. No aircraft speaks of American air superiority & aeronautical achievement like SR-71. F-22 & F-35, different mission. SR-71 will always be in a class alone.

          1. I have never heard one but I am told when it’s in the air it’s enemies on the ground become scared shitless. In Benghazi all they had to do was send a F-22 or F-35 to buzz the area.

        2. As an Air Force vet, I had the opportunity to get “up close and personal” to the “Blackbird”. Nothing in the inventory, past or present, will equal that magnificent badass aircraft.

          1. there is one SR71 on display at Pima Air Museum, Tucson, AZ it is at ground level, those leading edges are sharp enough to cut!!!!

  18. Only 10 Republican’s voted against Power’s nomination. Saxby Chambliss heaped great praise for her nomination. Betrayal is an understatement.

  19. Mark this week is “israel Apartheid week” I’d really appreciate it if you would check out this website (which is disgusting and growing, thanks to Kerry and Obama). I think it needs to be made known to everyone. They’ve redefined apartheid, look at all the countries and cities and universities. I have family in Israel and I am scared for them.

    1. That empty skirt along with traitor Kerry are both negotiating away the security of Western civilization.

  20. It high time somebody said it!!! This is a pro-islam pro Muslim Brotherhood administration. Obama would have been impeached a long time ago, except Congress is afraid our cities will burn and Obama knows it. Now there I said it!!

  21. Would she kindly take Daniel Pearl’s place that day? Where’s her individual accountability & reconciliation after such an ignorant and insensitive statement? Nevermind… under this regime of evil, there is no individual accountability or reconciliation… only sickness.

      1. All of my Disqus responses were inexplicably moved to my delete folder – sorry for the late response.
        Thank you! 🙂

  22. This is a classic example of obama’s idiocy; doubling down on stupid. When you are stupid, you surround yourself with stupid people.

  23. like colors started the trend of drive by cop shootings in america, daniel pearl started the beheadings. cant help but link them. and I still think at least one (the fat one with tennis shoes) of the beheaders was CIA or a paid contractor.
    wag the dog

      1. if you dont like my opinion, why dont you behead yourself, just watch those fake hadjis do it on youtube. a real jihadist could take a head off better than sawing it with a bread knife. for your information, sean penn and his movie colors did poplularize the drive by shooting, back in the 80’s. thats a fact asshat.
        I can pop a skull from the spine on a buck with a clean cut, and I dont do it with any pejudice.

        if an assholelike you and that robot who commented after you dont like it, find me, i’ll show you how its done

  24. Samantha Power and her hubbie Cass Sunstein are a pair of commies who are bootlickers of Obama. She tweeted this because she hoped that people had forgotten what really happened, if they remembered at all.

  25. What a heartless bimbo!!! She needs to be forced to resign. I’m tired of these bleeding heart libtards!!

  26. This woman is vile. She needs to resign. It is indefensible. Her correction is not to be believed. She said what she meant first time.

  27. Is she talking to the animals that beheaded this poor man??? Is she a mother feeling the pain of Daniel’s parents?

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