Mark Levin: The Bergdahl exchange was NOT a POW exchange

Mark Levin said last night on his radio show that despite the fact that the administration is touting the line that the Bergdahl exchange was a prisoner exchange, he said that is absolutely not true and never has been true under the Geneva Convention:

This is not a POW exchange like past wars. Terrorists are not and have never been considered prisoners of war, not even under the Geneva Convention. Article Five. They’re illegal enemy combatants or if you prefer unlawful enemy combatants.

You’ve got Carney saying this. You’ve got Hagel saying this. This is the party line. I’m waiting on them to pull out some video from some guy in California.

We don’t exchange soldiers for terrorists! And these five terrorists are to be held until the end of hostilities. Hostilities haven’t ended.

These terrorists are going to go back to the battlefield and they’re going to take up arms and they’re going to kill more Americans and innocent Afghans.

Under no circumstances are they to be released to kill more Americans. Period. Let alone in an exchange for a putative deserter.

And then they say the US military doesn’t leave anyone anywhere, that we don’t do that. Well, of course it’s been done. But more to the point, if he’s a deserter, it’s not us leaving him. It’s him leaving us.

And no soldier’s life should be sacrificed looking for a deserter. No terrorist should be released to do more damage, maiming and murdering.

Listen to the full clip below:

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