Mark Levin: ‘The Supreme Court is out of freaking control!’

Once again the United States Supreme Court is out of freaking control! When did the United States Supreme Court get the final world on marriage? Where did that happen? When did that happen? They seized the authority to make that decision, seize it from the states?

The Supreme Court has no business in this, trying to create a civil rights issue. And all of a sudden too, mind you, all of sudden it’s a civil right! All of a sudden it’s like slavery. That’s what they tell us.

Virtually every state that’s had to make this decision – not in their courts but in votes, amending constitutions and so forth – have said no! No! Whatever your belief is, that’s beside the point. When people have had an opportunity to speak, they’ve spoken. Legitimately [and] lawfully. And now the Supreme Court says ‘you know what? Now we’re in charge. We’re in charge. We’re going to decide this issue for all time.

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