Mark Levin: This nation is in grave jeopardy like nothing I’ve ever seen before…

Mark Levin opened his show with another epic monologue explaining that what’s really going on with this so-called nuclear option is that Obama wants to run this nation out of the Oval Office.


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222 thoughts on “Mark Levin: This nation is in grave jeopardy like nothing I’ve ever seen before…

  1. Good thing Mark Levin wasn’t around to see the “tyranny” of the Founding Fathers and their ilk who Kidnapped, enslaved, branded, raped, maimed and murdered men women and children. Men with “Christian Family Values” known to have sold their own children borne by the women they raped “in the pursuit of happiness.”

  2. If you think Mark is angry now, just wait until you hear what he says when he finds out Kerry just channeled Neville Chamberlain with his Tehran/Munich deal.

  3. It’s OK Mark. Just scream and rant like a Tourette’s patient and play endless audio clips of the pResident, that’s worked pretty good so far…/

      1. Hes a nightmare all right.. a terrible nightmare to all of those who like the fundamental transformation that is occurring. Im with cruz. And I will wear my cruz around my neck in his support.

  4. A .357 Magnum handgun can take out a target 100 yards away. Did you know that? Just read that yesterday, then saw a demo. Let’s don’t talk about revolution. Let’s talk instead about personal protection and outdoor fun.

    1. I’ve owned a .357 for 35 years and I can tell you that you’re not going to take out a target from 100 yards away unless you are doing a helluva lot of practice shooting. Even 25 yards requires significant practice especially if your weapon has a 4 inch barrel or less.

      1. How about a mare”s leg with a 12″ barrel? I don’t make stuff up, sir. The demo is on YouTube for the world to see. And yes, the demo was conducted by a marksman to whom guns are a religion and vocation. The farthest I’ve reached out myself is 50 yds but that’s because of the range specs. Rossi Ranch-hand .357/38. I am in my 70s and have been all the way around the block. Don’t be so quick to call others a liar when you don’t have a clue, Sir. And “yes” that firearm is considered a hand-gun in the U.S.A … though Canada classifies it as a long gun.

        1. I’m not calling you a liar but not many people who buy a .357 are going to go the 12″ barrel route. Calm down and take your meds, sir.

  5. This why people are buying arms ar unpresidented rates it seems the reolution must be mighty close at hand. And it will be bloody.

  6. Here is a three minute presentation that should make you shutter at just how bad the fraud and criminal activity is. Levin knows about this and sits back and will say and do nothing about it. He will spend 24/7 hammering this Mutt in Chief but will not take that giant step and bust him for crimes.

    1. Not so fast…if we take the senate in 2014, Cruz, Lee et al, will begin IMPEACMENT proceedings! They have already spoken the words!

      1. Impeachment proceedings are conducted in the House of Representatives once the Articles of Impeachment are established they are then turned over to the Senate for a Trial. The Chief Justice sits in control of that trial and a vote of 67 Senators is required for removal of a sitting President.
        Now even if the republicans win every seat up for election in 2014 it will still not come to the 67 votes needed to remove Mao-bama. So unless someone assassinates him or he resigns we are STUCK with this communist flunky until 2016.

          1. Not checkmate which ends play and a winner is declared but CHECK. The best we can hope for is maintaining control of the House and gaining control of the Senate and then obama will be a LAME DUCK. Then we will be able to block his regulations and all other forms of communism he tries to implement.

  7. You all understand that it’s NOT “Obama” but his handlers, right? Think of how many years “others” have wanted to destroy the American dream. Little by little “they” have infiltrated our White House, our Courts, and our schools. We need more than election to over-turn our government and restore our Constitution. And we need it fast…


  8. EPA attachs small business, but the EPA refuses to admit Fukushimas grave impact on us along with all the other nuclear threats all over our nation.
    When injustice becomes law, resistance is duty. Thomas Jefferson
    Its time to resist!

    1. There is no impact from Fukushima. Background radiation levels “normal, for the less educated” have not changed in North America.
      Relax, and loosen the tin foil hat.

  9. Mark is so right, happening to me currently, many others, EPA on full attack. Personal, not amusing, = taxation without representation. They make things up, thin air, fines start in the thousands, zero conception value $, small business. Robots of big all mighty Gov. Serious .. why T/P growing. Mark is so right.

    Impossible to compete with big corps, they have lawyers in DC, little guy (me) small business out to lunch. Only people want to buy are Chinese, Indian, zero American offer ever. America not American anymore, transformation well under way. Box stores, big gasoline stations, big everything rips at the heart of small business, continues to. Obvious .. Mark is right.

    1. Legal immigrants are given interest-free small business loans by the fed. You really think they came here with a boatload of rupees and yen??

  10. Diabolical!! Their timing of this vote was perfect. The day before the 50th anniversary of Kennedy plus on a weekend followed by a shortened holiday week. Friday morning coverage on MSM…..CRICKETS!! Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!

  11. Do not overlook the President’s nomination of Senator Reid’s former assistant for the position of BLM Director. His profile on the Interior’s web site is filled with red flags that would have possibly put his confirmation in danger at a threshold of 60. The President and Senator Reid regard the natural resource wealth as the United States as their personal property to divvy out to their biggest supporters.

    1. We have a criminal as president. He is running this nation with czars and now, no longer has to worry about the appointment process. We have no courage in the Senate and probably in the House as well. Better to focus strongly on Obamacare as his achilles heel because our ‘Repubs’ are toothless. Welcome to Cuba North.

    2. This also means that Yellen will be confirmed to run the FED as well as all of the UNION thugs he wants to pack the Labor Relations Board with…so here comes card check

  12. Yes he does. He wants to be the “One World Order” . In other words, a dictator to America. Wish the Democrats would wake up and see what they voted for. Our country is in terrible trouble.

    1. They know exactly what they voted for….. They know 2014 is around the corner and expect to lose, therefore, continuing their destruction through the courts. The people of America need to wake up fast, because we are teetering on the edge. One more push and this great country as we used to know it, is gone. Welcome to Socialism, communism, fascism, where you as Americans are now serfs with NO liberties at all. Revolution anyone, or have we gotten that complacent, we don’t want to leave our armchairs because its too inconvenient. Well, when the government starts to dictate how much and/or what TV you can watch, how much food you are allowed per family, medical care is at their discretion (obamacare) when you have no savings, no money, no property rights, Is THAT when you will wake up. TOO LATE THEN.

  13. We need a presence! ONE place where we can come together and organize and try to get a cohesive message and solutions out there….we are all over the place…it almost happened with the Tea Party…we need to be called Constitutional Conservatives, the “what” we are fighting for….let them make fun of the word Constitution like they do the Tea Party….it would backfire on them.

    1. YES! I keep saying this! THINK about all the MANY Conservative groups we have . . . Americans For Prosperity, 9-12 ers, Tea Party, Heritage Foundation, Act For America, and so many others . . . I’m not saying we need to combine into one party, but we need to unite, at LEAST for a presence and a VOICE at some point! I know we are the MAJORITY, but we have been SILENT too long!

      1. Maddening example: During the defund shutdown battle. RINO’s and Constitutional Conservatives did not have the correct facts on Obamacare…everyone had a different version. I found myself wishing they could ALL get in a conference room with Betsy McCaughey (the expert on Obamacare) and formulate a cohesive ATTACK position…get on the same page with correct and valuable info!!! The Progressives huge weakness is Obamacare!

      2. The problem is there are too many takers, and not enough producers.
        When Bammy supporters can be bought forever by a phone, Food Stamps, and endless welfare benefits without having to work again, your country is on its way down the tubes. Its a sorry sight, and incredible that this is happening right before your eyes, without any means, it seems to stop this dscent into tyranny and oppression by a leftist fascist dictator , El BarryO (with a velvet glove, of course)
        -Canadian friend-

      1. You betcha! My Aunt and Uncle in their mid 80’s, voted for Otyrant the first time around, despite pleas from their son who is a Doctor, because they are life long Democrats. My Uncle voted for him in 2012, still blinded, my Aunt said “I didn’t vote for him this time, it was your Uncle!” These are some of the people, we have to try and inform….there is no longer a Democrat party…it has been hijacked by the SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVES! They are voting for communism, and I am not sure they are aware of that fact!

      1. That’s right. The Socialist Progressives and Obama had to silence the opposition if they wanted to get Obama in office and carry out their Alinsky agenda!

    2. You should set up a Face Book Page to get support for Constitutional Conservatives! Since the Tea Party has been trashed by the Democrats, I think your group would attract all political parties!

      1. Thanks for your vote of confidence! Haha…I don’t think I have the skills needed to start one…but I definitely would join one. There are a lot of fantastic patriots heading up the Tea Party groups. Since the Constitution is what we are all fighting for…I would like to see us all come together under one banner that REPRESENTS restoring the Constitution.

      2. Except you will become the NEW terrorists, bomb throwers, arsonists, anarchists, demons, etc., etc, etc, etc adinfintum!

  14. “Obama […] trained in an “institute” for community organizers founded by Sal Hinsky, an avowed American–hating revolutionary who authored “Rules for Radicals,” wherein he paid tribute to Lucifer as the first radical.

    “Hinsky’s students were instructed to organize for power and build a power base within the underclass and urban poor, so as to destroy the existing society, its economic system, social structures and foundation and build a new kingdom on earth by making the ‘last ones first.'”

    A New Kingdom On Earth.

    Sept. 30, 2010
    Obama: “I am confident that we can create a kingdom right here on earth.”


      1. I do know that; I apologize for not noting in my post that the writer of the article incorrectly spelled Alinsky’s name. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. :>)

  15. Mark… with all due respect…. you are as much to blame as the libturd media…
    you will not vet the president… you will not allow the subject of the forged B.C. fake selective service card or the stolen social security card… which has been proven a thousand times over…

    1. Why does that have to be Mark’s responsibility exactly? If you have this irrefutable proof, I’m surprised you haven’t submitted it yet and personally removed the president yourself. I mean if you have 100% evidence, this seems like a no brainer. Perhaps all you have is conspiracy fodder and Mark is dealing with reality. Mark also has provided a solution to the American people (Liberty Amendments) to get us out of this mess. What exactly have you done?

      1. download the PDF files.. on the forged documents from the alternative media is on

        the proof is out there… if you weren’t one of the sheeple you can find it too…

        im not a computer wiz and if I can find it so can you.. its not just conspiracy theories ..
        the liberty amendments would be a good idea in a constitutional republic…. JMO…. the corruption and communist are so deeply woven into the government that its going to be impossible to remove…
        what have I done ? probably a hell of a lot more than you..

  16. Damned straight I’ve given up. For 30 years I fought, taught, protested, and educated people. 30 years ago, 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, this could have been changed and stopped. Now – it cannot. Why? Because people would rant and rave and not do a farging thing that would have worked. I finally figured it out – 98% of the population is TERRIFIED of personal responsibility, and WANT a nanny government that gives them protection from failure, and safety and security over freedom and justice. They WANT a Saviour who promises them freedom from responsibility and their own hard choices. So – now they have what they want. Eff them all.

      1. Bwahahaha! Not at all. From the Patriot Act to Benghazi, people squeak and squall but let it happen, vote the same phatcats in, hope to get their own special interests before their masters, lobby and write letters and wail and gnash their teeth… and vote the same ones in, over and over. They sneer and tear down the ones who would/could save this country, and go for the ‘moderate’ the ‘middle of the road’. McCain? Romney? Really? They were both Obama Lite, and those who didn’t and don’t realize it then won’t find any salvation now.

        1. But the people have to be able to see a story that takes them from a vaguely worded provision in an international treaty to executive orders-to intergovernmental presidential advisory councils to citizen advisory councils into specific regulations and violations of federal laws passed by Congress. They need to see names of elected officials, their IUCN tools, appointed officials, dated documents that connect the timelines, people, to the implementations of regulations that Congress would never have imposed on the American people. President Clinton was a master of concealment, and a lot of his policies did not go into effect until the Bush administration. This is why President Obama keeps blaming George Bush.

  17. A bold hearted speech but…..what? Who ya gunna call? There is no Gov’t Busters. There is no corruption Busters, they are part of the corrupt. SO, who ya gunna call? It will be the peolpe, the citizens that will have to remove these corrupt politicians from their high horse mounts. Not by vote, because that doesn’t work anymore, but by physically removing them and that my friends will start a civil war and marshal law the likes we’ve never seen.

      1. Actually, they won’t be the US Military, they will Obama’s Military Force and, yes, I will for as long as I can from as many directions as I can, with guns and arrows, sticks and stones, until I can no longer defend, until I am dead. This was my oath and my promise to myself, my family, my God and my country. I could never live a slave.
        Now if for some reason and miracle these people are removed by a freak of concsience of Congress, well, that would work for me! Keep praying!

        1. Additionally, we do have military that are just waiting to tackle this criminal government. They are the silent majority, waiting…..

          1. I’m counting on them and every grass roots American not to sit by any longer and allow this usurpation to continue. I don’t believe those of us that believe in America will allow what happened in the last election to happen again.

            1. I’m just wondering what it will be that pushes American patriots over the edge and what will it take for Americans to finally sit up and come out of their fog.

  18. I agree he is telling the truth, but I also agree unless someone or all of us don’t do something we are going to be in more trouble.

  19. I think we all need this right now…it feels to me that we’re inside the castle, surrounded by an overwhelming army. And going out to fight is suicide. But fight we must…remember…at dawn on the 5th day, look to the east.

    Our armies are coming…I have to believe that…to despair is not an option.

    1. To me, it feels like I have armed thieves trying to break in my house, threatening my entire family…I desperately want to defend my family!!

  20. Speculation: O and Co. need to somehow get the very brown taste of O-care out of all American mouths, slide “single payer” health care through the senate, and sell it without having to fight and lose to House Conservatives who do still control the purse strings. If I was a betting man, I’d bet against him, but I wouldn’t give odds.

    1. Perfect analogue.

      The Scottish nobility were oblivious to the suffering of their own people at the hands of a tyrant. They were cowardly, corrupt, and blinded by their own ambitions. They coveted wealth over freedom, and were easily bought off.

  21. More unbelievable to me is how many degreed low info voters there are out there! Our educational system has & is failing us & sadly many hv slept & allowed it to happen as socialism & rewritten history has destroyed this generation & ones coming! @ttechsan

  22. Talking heads like Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck do a lot of endless postulating to the point of pontification about what’s wrong with this government of ours. And I agree with much of what they say but in the end talk is cheap.

    IMHO, at this stage of the game, all this endless talking is a total waste of time. These rich, pundits can talk until they are blue in the face but in the end they will be the ones who are protected in their “safe fortresses”, private armed compounds and “bunkers” paid for by their millions, while the rest of us “common folk” will be left do the suffering that is to come at the hands of the tyrants that are about have their anti-American plans fulfilled.

    Plainly put, you can talk all you like but unless the present administration is arrested, tried for treason and placed in jail, with no chance of parole, it’s over folks. End of story…

    1. I see what your saying but there doing the only thing they can within their power, there getting the word out. Two decades before the American Revolution began it was being preached in the pulpits. So don’t underestimate the power of a good speech.

      1. I appreciate everything you and others are saying here but my point was that none of this will end until the powers that be are arrested and jailed. It is that complicated and that simple. That is the way all tyranny ends. It never ends with one side capitulating after a war of words. It only ends after the smoke clears, one side is standing and the other not.
        Just look around the world at all the political upheaval going on, some violent and some not. But I would say with relative certainty that the majority of nations that bear any resemblance at all to ours ultimately maintain their standing due to force and not dialog. Otherwise you end up with the polar opposite of a Constitutional Republic. Even Levin ended his above statement by saying “Does anybody give a damn? Apparently not”… He was referring to the general complacent public. That is the main obstacle we face here. We live in a society now that is filled with complacent, pampered, spoiled, pre-occupied, lazy Americans. More concerned about Monday night football, their iPads and what’s for dinner, than they are about the state of the nation. For every true patriot there are 5 that aren’t…(just my opinion there)…

        You see the problem with criminals (esp. the ones running this nation into the ground) is that they do not operate by fairness and reason they operate by lying, deceit, manipulation and if called for, outright murder. These people are beyond all reason, so how do you reason with such people? You don’t!!!!

        I stand by my above point that conviction and jail for the traitors running this country, is the only option left. However I am not sure that the general public has either the interest or the desire to ensure this happens.

        The people that forged this nation over 200 years ago were tough individuals. When it came time they did the right thing… I don’t think most of us today can make the same statement.

        1. O.K. now that made a lot of sense! The part about he complacent, pampered etc…very well stated. The Socialist Progressives have mastered the media…that is our biggest battle…making the Constitution “very cool” again and fighting their LIES…we have to get our message out!

          The population needs to find out if we keep going down Obama’s path…will mean poverty and misery for ALL and maybe subjugation to a much more evil enemy…maybe not of our shores.

    2. They are like mirrors that reflect my views…I value having my views shouted from the tree tops for the world to hear….when I do it myself, it goes no further than my Great Room or these post! Mark Levin has courage to be so outspoken and outraged by this commie administration! Liberals are really the wacko’s you have to watch out for!

    3. At least Levin wrote a book the Liberty Amendments based on Article V of the Constitution to give a possible blueprint of a way to battle them.

      1. Great…Now if we can get all the traitors and apathetic folks in this country to read and be influenced by Marks book then maybe we’ll have something positive in the works. Sounds like preaching to the choir to me. Which is fine but the “choir” in this case is NOT the problem.
        Maybe you disagree?

    4. Mark Levin was a Chief of Staff to the Attorney General Meese, under Reagan, he operates a Constitutional law center and has written many books on the Constitution…I think that qualifies him as putting his money where his mouth is.

    5. The statist democrap malcontents will NOT be immune to the coming currency/sovereign debt crisis! That’s the only silver lining in the dark cloud. Last night China announced that it is no longer in their best interest to buy U.S. Treasury bonds and MBS, basically pulling the plug on the U.S. economy and nobody even knows it. The media stooges said nary a peep. Janet Yellen will have no choice but to take up the slack and have the Fed become the “buyer of last resort” meaning she’s going to increase the monthly Q.E. until the dollar implodes triggering a currency crisis, the HORRIFIC consequences of which I can’t even foretell, but when 50+ million EBT cards are rendered useless, that’s when things get REALLY interesting! Prep, Plan, Create your own exit strategy. Keep your powder dry, whichever road you all wish to choose God be with us Patriots and God save this Republic!

      1. Nope, that was from me, because the talking is the first step…getting the message out…and it’s very, very important. It is NOT a total waste of time, rather it is a rallying of the troops.

  23. The Otyrant experience has literally stripped us of our trust! We can not trust the outcomes of our elections….about them apples.

    Looking at the once great and once trusted UNITED STATES of AMERICA I am utterly dejected and distressed at what I see and hear. What is taking place is what you see and expect from some South American or African dictatorship not the United States of America. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? What the HELL are you doing? America, you are being looked upon, not as a leader, but as a Nation that is untrustworthy and uncertain of it’s own direction and future. How do you expect to lead the world if you cannot even follow and organize your own affairs under your own constitution?

    1. No, there are still peaceful options, like next year’s elections and in getting the word out that change is coming, getting states to take back their state’s rights, etc. If things don’t change by next year’s elections, well…

  25. When have you heard our so-called leaders in our party make a speech like this.? I forgot cowards dont have the guts.

    1. The GOPe are cowardly, yes, but more importantly, they are institutionally corrupt. They want to keep the loot flowing.

      The suburbs of Washington D.C. are now the wealthiest communities in the country.

      A mere 50 years ago, the wealthiest communities were those surrounding the productive industrial and investment centers.

      This should speak volumes. We no longer reward productivity, instead we reward looting by government.

  26. Looking back over the last 5 years it has been an outrage everyday coming from this administration! Every damn day…another outrage or insult to our constitution and our republic.

    1. I hadn’t even thought about that, but you’re absolutely right. It’s really one thing after another after another.

      1. That is the plan. Alinsky at work. Overwhelm the system and our ability to respond in any meaningful way. This is war and our side of aisle just doesn’t get it.

    2. Agree 100% Sometimes more than one outrage a day! I know because I have payed attention…everyday! Makes it feel like 100yrs instead of 5yrs!

    3. Unfortunately most Americans are more concerned with the latest iphone app than the fact that their freedom is being taken away piece by piece.

  27. Whew…Mark took the gloves off, in that one! A brilliant dissection of what is happening, that ordinary citizens would not even think about. Lose the branches but have the lower courts heavily weighted with Liberals.

    I care passionately…but feel like I am in the minority!

      1. Thanks, I do. After the holidays I plan to contact Tea party and the RNC in my state of GA. I m going to get involved. The states need to send Constitutional Conservatives to represent us. Each state needs to find their strongest candidates. We need a big megaphone, an organization where we can all come together and organize.

      2. Nice concept in theory but what to do about voter fraud, rigged computers? You can’t trust anything the present administration is doing. When illegal immigrants can vote and people at the polls can be intimidated by the Black Panthers, which Eric Holder of the Justice Dept’ does nothing about and when people can literally get away with voting multiple times, then how can we even trust that the election process hasn’t been totally compromised? IMO I believe that it has been. ‘
        What’s next? I
        I’d like to hear some viable options.

        1. It does if a bunch of people who feel as we do don’t take part in the voting process. That’s mainly what I’d like to see change.

  28. As each day goes by it becomes more and more apparent that only a full scale revolution or civil war will be needed to bring this country back to its founding ways and founding fathers.

  29. Obama had been trained by the communist Frank Marshall Davis since a young man as written in his book. I am not suprised

  30. God forgive me, but, I am beginning to think the United States is no longer worth saving. Any nation that will tolerate such venality, corruption, divisiveness, despicable leaders, looting by proxy, the dissolution of personal liberty, and tyranny, may be beyond redemption.

    If Liberty is to be salvaged, if Constitutional governance is to be salvaged, those who still love Liberty may have to jettison those states that embrace tyranny and begin anew.

  31. Unless Democrats go for a REAL power grab they are destined to implode in 2014. Let’s make it happen and EVEN after their crushing defeat we should not let up until they are no longer seen as a viable american political party. They’ve earned it.

      1. You’re right, but by “REAL” I mean suspending elections, declaring martial law, etc. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that.

  32. Sad but, I’m afraid very true;

    founders worried that subsequent elites and factions would take over
    the republic they had birthed with every aspect of their power, as the
    gifted political elites of their time. Yet, as the 19th century dawned,
    even the most pro-state among them loved freedom and hated tyranny.

    They were right about government power and human nature, and their
    predictions true. New elites and government-dependent factions have
    ascended. Unfortunately, these political elites hate freedom and love
    the tyranny of government solutions.

    One of many truths Ron
    Paul’s campaign is revealing is how hated real liberty is among the
    powers that be, how despised the individual, and how all-encompassing
    the contempt with which modern power brokers in Washington and New York
    hold the principles of the founders.

    Americans who care about
    the existence of an American republic are many, and those who love
    freedom are many more. Again, the fantastic and political
    wisdom-slashing adventure of the Ron Paul campaign stands witness to the
    fact that sheer passion for liberty remains a vibrant force in American
    life. But this passion, this life, is nowhere to be found in American
    government, nowhere to be found in the state, or in the empire.

    There seems to be no effective way to save or restore the republic, no
    way for any individual to even begin to solve the problem of our late
    20th and early 21st century imperialism. I tend to agree, and the wisest
    observers in these pages warn, as Chris Floyd does, “It is pointless ­
    and counterproductive ­ to simply throw yourself under the wheels of
    such a monstrous machine in futile spasms of rage and despair. The
    machine doesn’t care. It will gladly chew up your life and move on.”

    All this presumes that an American republic is still viable ­ not
    really dead, just severely weakened and in need of strong salts and a
    booster shot.

    A book I read a few years ago, entitled Deep
    Survival, by Laurence Gonzales, offers a helpful perspective on our
    current condition. In studying the question of who lives and who dies in
    extreme survival conditions, Gonzales found that survivors shared a
    sense that, in fact, they were not going to live. While they wanted to
    live, to go home again, and to be secure ­ they recognized that they
    were so royally and absolutely FUBAR’ed that they would die, probably
    quickly and perhaps horribly.
    Now, obviously those who actually died
    in these disasters could not be interviewed, but the behaviors and
    actions of those who lived and those who died were measurably different.
    The survivors recognized the ugly truth of their own imminent death
    quickly ­ and this early recognition of reality ­ however harsh and
    frightful and depressing it may have been ­ was also at once incredibly
    liberating, in some ways exhilarating.

    The survivors tended to
    reach this point of reality sooner than did the victims. They grieved
    for themselves, their hoped-for futures, their now impossible dreams.
    Then they rolled up their sleeves and got started on the hard, and very
    likely pointless, work of survival.

    Rules were abandoned ­
    what could be eaten, what could learned, what could be done, and what
    could be considered. Old ideas of personal capabilities and limitations
    were gradually discarded. Prayer became real and palpable rather than
    formalized and pious.

    The idea of “living each day as if it
    were the last” is sometimes suggested to remind us to be loving and
    kind, yet it also hints at the value of self-indulgence, impulsivity and
    risk-taking. But when each day really might be your last ­ the behavior
    of survivors seems to be far more practical, far more thoughtful for
    the future, far more truthful about what one really needs, and quietly
    courageous without flamboyant risk-seeking.

    Recognition of
    reality is liberating. When Jesus said, “the Truth will set you free,”
    I’m not sure he was directly speaking of the governments of men. But
    recognizing the unreality of a once treasured concept ­ in our American
    case, a vibrant past and future republic, may in fact free us to do what
    we need to do.

    “And what is that, exactly?” you ask.

    Recognize that the republic is dead, and that we owe its rotting bloated corpse no loyalty whatsoever.

    This done, act accordingly. Publicly and privately, we should observe
    the corpse as a public nuisance, a pollutant both aesthetically and
    materially. When the yellow brick road leads us to the grand doors of
    government services, we should not avert our gaze but instead pull back
    the curtain, grandly, loudly, with the contagious laughter of a child,
    or the righteous anger of a soldier back in pieces from a war, like most
    wars, that was from the beginning a brutal political lie.

    Will we insult a federal or state employee, a law enforcer or judge?
    Will we anger a politician, a lobbyist, a corporatist employer, or a
    government news organ for stealing our lives, our freedom of movement
    and thought, our productivity? We should certainly aspire to do so, with
    the zeal of missionaries.

    To live in an imperial world, we
    must first, as survivors, recognize that it is an imperial world.
    History is filled with imperial/totalitarian states, as global
    graveyards are filled with those who were too late in recognizing what
    had already happened.

    It’s over. The faithful and the hopeful
    may carry the corpse of the American republic, hoping that it can be
    brought back into normality, into life, and into power. I am afraid
    these nurturers will not survive the present reality of imperialism.

    We face a modern American state more overweening and dictatorial than
    even King George III could imagine, yet we have no declaration of
    independence, no privileged elite to demand it, no interested population
    to read and debate it. This time, our declaration will be made
    individually, every day, in calm desperate fearlessness, as we simply
    live free.

    Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D.

      1. What? Do you mean someone actually read it? I know it was long but well worth the read and I’m pretty sure it reflects more accurately than anything where we stand today!

    1. Exactly right they don’t get it. They don’t get what they are facing and are overeager to bend over backwards for the sake of tradition and propriety toward those who hate our traditions and spit on being proper!

      We need conservative warriors to get in the government and recognize the parasitical programs and ideologues that liberals have implanted to perpetuate themselves and vigorously ROOT THEM ALL OUT!

  33. In all honesty when will the Republican Party do something to at least TRY and stop all the nonsense going on. There has to be something that can be done !

    1. They’ve had control of Congress for the last 3 years; they’ve made a laughing stock of themselves with their childish behavior. They control the purse strings but are too afraid to actually do the right hard thing. Pull the entire thing down; now; we are broke!

      1. I honestly don’t think it matters. Obama will just hire another czar,
        pay off, threaten and bribe government to do his bidding and issue
        executive orders. The media will keep covering up.
        After all, they got away with passing Obamacare when the bill
        should have started in the house; not the housing bill or whatever
        it was they attached Obamacare to. Then there was the Supreme
        Court justice who ruled it a tax.
        Our only hope is to gain control of the senate in the 2014 election.
        By that I mean vote in conservatives to take control.

        Then arrest Obama for treason.

        1. If he stacks the courts with his progressive cronies it will not matter who is in control of the senate or house. If the administration agrees with legislation it will stand; if they disagree it will go to the judges and be cast out. Heads they win; tails we lose.

          1. Are these life appointments of judges? If republicans
            take the house/senate in 2014 can they do something
            about this?

      2. True, they’ve had a majority in the House, but not the Senate. Reid has REFUSED to bring ANYTHING that was passed in the House forward in the Senate. This is one reason that I cannot stomach that Jim DeMint keeps saying that Reid is not the problem. Every time he says that I want to puke, them scream at the top of my lungs! I have not even given another donation to Heritage since then. That made me so mad that I cannot see straight. I understand that he may think that Reid is really a nice guy when you get to know him, but the Harry Reid WE SEE is Satan’s advocate. How can anyone try to make him look good when he is the Devil’s advocate?

        1. I’ve never heard DeMint say that Reid wasn’t the problem. Congress has no leadership, we are lost in the desert and there is not hope in site! The Senate is full of RINOs on our side of the aisle. Congress can do more than it’s doing. The Senate is now null and void, another arm of the executive branch!

          1. I agree with all of the above. Well said. What puzzles me about Harry Reid is this……Harry Reid is a Mormon. I have not met that many Mormons in my life but those I have met were ALL outstanding individuals. I mean every last one of them. What in the hell is wrong with Harry Reid. He does not fit the Mormon Mold. Not even close.

            1. Ever heard of “Christian in name only”? I would say he was a Mormon in name only, I can’t see why the church leadership has not yanked his chain. I know that they are pretty conservative in their views. But this dog has gone mad; you don’t hear them say anything about him either!

                1. Well I’ll let God judge him for his faith; as far as I’m concerned, he done enough to be publicly judged for being a traitor; him and the entire Democratic party!

                2. To me he is a traitor, and he deserves to be called one. Agree, God will judge him.

                  These Socialist Progressives that take the oath to the Constitution, and then turn around and try and destroy it, are committing subversive tyranny!

        2. I despise Harry Reid as much as I do Obama. Reid is Obama’s hatchet man and does only Obama’s bidding.

          The info that is always put out for consumption is, Nancy Pelosi and the majority in the House, are the villains that passed Obamacare.

          The general population does not know Reid is the tyrant of the Senate and shelves everything the House sends him that he alone does not approve of.

        3. Reid would not be a problem if he was part of the minority in the Senate. So let’s make him part of the minority.

        1. Well; I will then say that they are in control of “THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES” then. Which controls the purse strings.

  34. The constitution does NOTHING to protect our freedoms if WE THE PEOPLE cease to learn it and enforce it. Look at how short the constitution is to read and yet how few Americans know what is in it.

    Most people can only name a few amendments of the bill of rights.
    Undoing liberal GROUPTHINK should be priority one in this country or we’re cooked.

  35. We the People should mandate that the politicians cannot be exempt from laws they create. If the ACA is good for the people, then we as taxpayers should mandate that the politicians who are paid by the people, live in the bed they make.

  36. Where are the checks and balances that protect the country? It’s time to do away with the lobbying arm of the politicians (TV Media). News channels should remain unbiased and report both sides without favor to either or any party. They should be the voice of the people and provide only the facts on issues so an informed decision can be made. It is time to remove the cast of characters from both parties. Instead of working towards dividing the country and maintaining the money trail for their respective party, they should be spending the taxpayer’s money on making this a better country. Lastly, where is the Supreme Court while the Constitution is being destroyed? Who is supposed to be standing up and enforcing the rules? The President is supposed to enforce the laws of Congress, not make the laws and change them to suit him whenever he doesn’t like to outcome.

    1. SCOTUS can only take cases that come up…they don’t watch congress to see if they do everything constitutionally, someone has to bring the case. Then SCOTUS only hears a small percentage of cases brought before them (about 100 out of around 7000 cases).

      There is another challenge to the Obamacare act coming up for a decision before next fall, this time on the religious issue. SCOTUS has already heard the arguments and seem to be sympathetic to those who are filing the religious freedom issues.

      1. Justice Stephens is due to retire, either this year or next; there will be a far left justice to replace him and he stands in the middle now. The Republicans never seat a far right conservative. The SCOTUS is pretty well gone for us now. Roberts sold us out last year!

    1. 225 years of rules, placed there by our founders have been trashed today. They are not planning on ever being in the minority again!

      1. They will be in the minority soon, but the minority has just been given more power toward that eventuality. Also, if they need only 51 votes instead of 60, there will be more arm twisting to get 51 votes…i.e., bribery and threats.

        1. I don’t think they are planning to be in the minority again; why would they throw away that protection. They either know something that we don’t or have something planned to make sure they stay in power. They control the elections by machine now; immigration reform will ensure that they stay in power forever. They have something planned, and the courts will be on their sides!

              1. No, Congress is the lower section for the people; they will make the laws but the courts will uphold or over turn them.

            1. With this “nuclear option” they threw away the filibuster; which let the minority stop appointments; by requiring 60 votes to seat them. If they ever return to the minority, they will not have this option to protect them from conservatives being seated with just the simple majority vote.

  37. .forced resignation is all that will work against the corrupt government that will force America into slavery .. see Stand Up America… time for all Free People to stand and call for the resignation of POTUS, and members of congress that oppose We The People….

  38. That was really good. He said many of the things I’ve been thinking and writing in my local paper and here at Scoop, both today and for the last few years.

    One of my favorite lines was this one: “They have no virtue”. I can’t even say how many times I’ve written that locally. It was déjà vu, for many of you too, right?

    Either Mark’s a right-wing wacko, you’re a right-wing wacko, I’m a right-wing wacko, or all of us have been exactly right about this “President” and this remade democrat party all along.

    I strenuously vote for the ‘all of us being right all along’ choice.

    They also want us to riot don’t they? They want to declare martial law on us when we do too, don’t they? They have been seeking out every button they could possibly find to push, and have been pushing them…jumping up and down on them even.

    These are Fabian Socialists in the mold, and I do mean ‘mold’ of George Bernard Shaw. The kind of mold you find on cheese and bread, yet exponentially more deadly. They literally want to do to us what that filthy MSNBC host suggested be done to Palin, but then “apologized” for.

    CNN’s Cuomo Jr. took up for Bashir today…did you know that? If this isn’t war, what is? As our own sDee said months ago…”our founding fathers would have already started shooting by now”.

    Perhaps if we experience an EMP, the field will be leveled, and Patriots can once again water (“refresh”) the tree of freedom, as they lose most of their fancy futuristic weapons which we’ve paid for from the sweat of our laboring brows.

    1. They must absolutely marvel at our faith and composure. Great Donkey Deity oh my(!) must they daily say, as they kneel to that inanimate jackass they worship.

    2. You have such a way with words, Rshill. Kudos to you for tellin’ it and agree with every word you said.
      And while I also vote for “all of us being right all along’ I’ve always known I would take no pleasure in it when those who doubted are gobsmacked by the truth. And of course I was right about that all along, too.

    3. I’ve been saying this for months; we are sitting on a powder keg, just waiting for that first shot (that will be heard around the world) to ignite the explosion. Either is government is going to fail, in which case we will have to defend ourselves or we are going to have to bring down this dictator his socialist government; either that or die!

      1. Well, I ain’t going quietly into the night friend, or the day. When “it” hits the fan, I will be standing on the side of the fan, and I will hit back. If I’m not raptured before it, I will be raptured in the midst of it.

        1. Prosecute with extreme prejudice; selective targeting; don’t take on the trained armed force. Take on the local, state and national idiots that voted for and screamed everyone down to get this. The soft under belly, even their families; they want nasty, give them nasty!

      2. Yes he is preaching to the choir so to speak, but he still enlightens and I am hoping the people who do not know of him or what he is about, will stumble on his show and listen!

  39. They will use whatever means necessary the achieve the agenda, from rights, healthcare, laws,we have not seen nothing yet…..Unless we fight, just like The Battle of Athens, Boston Tea Party, and The revolutionary War…..The deck is stacked, and we must play dirty, now…..

    1. The Battle of Athens+10 Most people have never even heard of that historical event. The rest of your comment is spot on too!

    2. Exactly. We’re dealing with people who have no morals, no standards, and no remorse.

      The ends justify the means for them, and they need to be treated as such.

  40. It’s absolutely time to take back the country as Levin outlines in his book. DC won’t stop of their own volition. Why should they? The only question is who will get the ball rolling? Movements don’t start overnight but they do need a leader. Someone better step up soon.

  41. We are slipping into a Dictatorship. Change a few rules, declare martial law to quell the health care riots/protests with a simple majority vote.

    Levin is right, Obama should have been impeached last year, pick your reason, Benghazi is mine.

    Maybe we need a 10 million person march on Washington to wake these fools up.

    1. Two million would have been just fine after I suggested this last year. 2 million for thirty straight days with rotation with others to keep the pressure on. No bites, no nothing.

      1. If the media calls it a few hundred, then the 2 million didn’t happen! The 2 million bikers in DC didn’t even rate a story line.

      2. Joshua around Jericho every day for six days then seven times on the seventh day. Blow the ram’s horn and shout until the wall cracks.

        1. Now, you might have hit on one thing that might work. We would have a major problem with trying it. The people would have to march silent (not saying one word) on all six of those days and on the seventh, they would have to remain silent until the rams horn was blown on that seventh time around. Then they would be given the Word to shout. Do you realize that what they shouted was not written down? It was so powerful, it remained un-written. One other fact was; we would not have the Ark, to carry before us! I like the way you think Pat!

    2. That is what needs to happen, millions march on Washington, that is what theh are afraid of too, how are they gonna have enough police to enfore martial law if we outnumber them by far

  42. The worst part of all this is that the republicans are a bunch of corrupt wussies who don’t care about the American people and really don’t care what happens to this country as long as they stay in power and keep their supply of corporate campaign cash flowing.

  43. “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully misuse the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend my fundamental transformation away from the Constitution of the United States.” – apparently Obama’s real oath.

  44. I look at what has transpired since “it” got in office and I feel like I am smothering. Dying, as this country is by total suffocation of freedom & liberty. No, no one ever appreciates what they had ’til it’s gone and boy no truer words were ever spoken. I can see it all around us. The epa,ag bills,agenda 21, the irs, justice dept. control of the schools, class & race warfare, Christian bashing and it just goes on & on with no end in sight. What ever happened to all the scandals??? No, already forgotten just like this bullshit obamacare fiasco will be. Between his ex. orders & now this he will really go full bore to demolish the little freedoms we have left. His last card will be played against the 2nd Amendment. Then we will see what separates the men from the boys.

      1. A ‘tolerant’ progressive replied to a comment of mine on some site with an article about Cher calling SP a C.
        As opposed to using facts and reasoning, it called me a redneck, and then told me to thank that 2nd amendment when somebody puts a gun in my mouth and pulls the trigger.

        I’d have to have a modicum of respect for this dweeb to be bothered.
        So I’m laughing at it’s desperation.

    1. Sure, the cowardly bastard can see “the hand writing on the wall”. He knows the country is going down so he is jumping ship to be with Obama. Remember, there is no honor among thieves. Boner is a modern day judas.

  45. Very bad day for the Republic. We’ll likely not survive the onslaught of liberal judicial appointments in combination with Obamacare. Fundamental change will destroy us.

        1. I can hardly wait for days when the republican party starts calling, emailing and sending letters asking us for campaign donations. I think my reply could be I’m saving up to buy, bibles, bullets and American made rope.
          A good defense is always a good offense. Those days will be fun.

  46. Last election, I had a very strong feeling that things would not turn around. Now, I’m sure of it. I think we’re done……..

  47. I’m wondering if we’ll last the next two years, never mind the remaining three of these thug demoncraps.
    They are despicable beyond words. EVERY. LAST. DEMOCRAT. ON. THE. PLANET!

    1. Helped every step of the way by the Establishment GOP.

      Made sure Obama got second term by nominating Mitt Romney.

      Funded Obama Care fully for four years.

      Turned a blind eye to Obama ignoring the Constitution for five years.


    Today’s invoking of the Nuclear Option in the Senate, allowing Barack Obama to pack the second most powerful court in the land (D.C. Circuit) with radical leftists is, after ObamaCare’s passage, the MOST DAMAGING day of Obama’s presidency…. The Senate is now a body WITHOUT checks on majority power or the Executive Branch — 250 years of Senate rules, written by the Framers, DOWN THE DRAIN.

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