Mark Levin throws down the gauntlet – challenges David Gregory to have him on ‘Meet the Depressed’

Since Rand Paul has canceled his Sunday appearance on MTP, there’s an opening, and Levin wants in. He challenges Gregory to have a real conservative on for a change.

I’ve edited together both segments, so don’t stop when it sounds like its over. It’s just getting good at that point:

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9 thoughts on “Mark Levin throws down the gauntlet – challenges David Gregory to have him on ‘Meet the Depressed’

  1. It's been close to a year since Obama had his last White House Press Conf and only Helen Thomas occasionally bleats a lonely protest. Had GWB done anything close to this, the drumbeat accompanying the howling of the media wolves at the moon would have been nonstop 24-7. Now with Rand Paul, a remark he made about the historical context of the Civil Rights Act of '64 has the wolfpack restive and restless. No matter that back then it was the DEMOCRATS who were blocking civil rights advances, and the Party of Lincoln which was more honest in its dealings with these touchy issues.

    Now the hypocrites will avoid Mark Levin, who makes the 6'4″ David Gregory look like the pipsqueak lazy-ass he really is—Levin is built like a tall NFL linebacker and could whack the silly non-factchecking Gregory to the ground both verbally and any which way—and cowardly Dave knows it. So the fellow who led the NYT best-seller list all last year can't talk to a third-rate shoddy imitation of Tim Russert. What an effing joke! WTF is going on when a nobody like MTP's new host dodges a senior Republican intellectual who would take Gregory to the woodshed for a solid half-hour of intensive re-education?

    NBC has been left in the ditch by GE as any non-performing second-rate mistake would be. Now Comcast can make it more like Fox without the content or facts that occasionally invigorate FoxNEWS and make it relevant. Nothing can make a flat-lining collection of slackers and poseurs at NBC anything more than they are—the C-List of news and infotainment.

  2. As in the broken record words of white house press secretary robert gibbs , ” I 've said all im going to say about that issue ” You can see obamas hand sticking out of the little talking puppets ass .

  3. Obama has stiffed the media for a year on a presser and all we've heard is a few minor grumbles. But Rand cancels out and they are in full outrage mode.

    They wanted another chance to grab some twisted soundbites to use against the Tea Party. Of course.

    But the REAL REASON is their inflated egos and exaggerated sense of self-importance. They have appointed themselves the source of all wisdom and some guy with funny hair from outside the beltway has the temerity to just flip them off. rofl, that's gotta hurt!

  4. I would pay money to see Levin take on 3 liberals at once … That would be a site to see!

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