MARK LEVIN torches NRO over Palin cheap shots: You sit on your ass typing while she FIGHTS LIKE HELL to save the country

Mark Levin went after NRO writer Patrick Brennan for taking cheap shots at Sarah Palin over her NRA speech this weekend.

“Here’s what you don’t understand pal,” Levin said to Brennan, who referred to Palin as “no longer a serious political contender.”

“She’s the most sought after endorsement around, period, in Republican circles…and she’s fighting like hell to save the country.”

Levin went on, “you may not agree with her — you may not agree with how she speaks or what she says but SCREW YOU! You do nothing.”

Levin then slammed Brennan by saying “you sit there on your ass and you type away at your keyboard and then you go to your little social circles and you’re proud of yourself, probably sending the link all over the place. Who have you helped? Who have you supported? What have you done?”

Next Levin took aim at Rod Dreher at The American Conservative, calling him a “nasty creep” for basically writing that Palin’s ‘baptism’ remark was blasphemy and suggesting she was comparing torture to a “holy sacrament of the Christian faith.”

“Everybody knows what she meant,” Levin said, “everybody knows it was a laugh line.” Levin continues, “But Sarah Palin is easy pickins so they pile on. Tough guy, huh?”

Levin points out that Sarah Palin is out there “breaking her neck trying to get conservatives elected and trying to keep the base strong” and she’s dismissed by people on “our side.”

“This is how “our side” treats “our side,”” Levin adds. “You’ll never seen the left or Democrats do that to a woman on their side ever!”

Listen below to the full clip:

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187 thoughts on “MARK LEVIN torches NRO over Palin cheap shots: You sit on your ass typing while she FIGHTS LIKE HELL to save the country

  1. The real reason Mark has his panties in a bunch because Michael Savage is getting better ratings.

    1. Palin is a big government neocon fraud. She supports the war in the middle east and foreign aid to Israel. The epitome of progressive statism.

  2. As a conservative, I don’t consider either Sarah Palin or Mark Levin, or Conservative Inc. in general, to be on “my side.” I am confident Dreher feels the same way, though I can’t speak for Brennan. Mr. Levin seems incapable of understanding why any conservative would ever express an opinion that doesn’t directly help a Republican get elected.

    As for the point about liberals never treating one of their own gals this way, you obviously are unaware of the large segment of the Left that despises Hillary.

  3. Palin isn’t fighting like hell to save this country. she goes around making stupid speeches , just insulting everyone in the most unpatriotic ways possible to grift more money out of her xenophobic, racist, fake Christian and fake patriot fanbase. When’s she not on stage making a fool of herself, she rants on Facebook and Twitter like an entitled teenager about things she has no knowledge about or ever will.
    We love to make fun of you idiots who think this snake oil saleswoman is anything.

  4. Mr Levin, Love it and way to go!

    Mrs Palin is a great American with more courage than most others who should be showing bravery and resolve but don’t and won’t, they just sit back and leave it to others to save their phony butts.

    So thank you for continuing to expose the enemies within and within our party.
    We do have respect and we do love Mrs Palin and we appreciate her very serious work that she does.


  5. The term “baptism” simply means to be washed with water. When you wash your car, you are baptizing it. Only when water is combined with God’s word does it become a sacrament.

  6. Just as you said Mark Levin, two pieces of nobody. The fast way for them to get notice is to poke Sarah Palin. They were just nobody before now they are nobody pathetic morons.

    1. Dreher is a reasonably successful author and blogger, though that seems rather besides the point. Why do you feel the need to angrily dismiss them as “nobodies” rather than actually engage with what they have to say?

  7. Absolutely agree. I’m tired of the people who call themselves “conservative” throwing Ted Cruz, Palin, and the Tea Party under the bus because of the way the media characterizes them instead of defending them. The Left doesn’t throw their own under the bus.

  8. I used to read NRO daily, but I rarely even open a link to any writer there anymore. Maybe David Victor Hansen, but that’s all. They have all jumped the shark and don’t realize that they are now irrelevant. While I don’t like the manner Palin speaks all the time, I do like the substance and I trust her better than just about anybody when it comes to picking conservative candidates. There are only a few in her category…Cruz, Cruz’s father, and a couple others who have a real sense of absolute conservatism, the kind that works.

    Personally, I’d love to see Palin win in 2016, clean house by firing all the leftist judges that have been put in place, like Clinton fired all the previous administrations ‘s judges, and tell EVERY SINGLE AGENCY to start downsizing. You know the left would go crazy at the thought of it, and many republicans, too, but it would be nice to see real reform and all crony business deals come to an end.

      1. That’s a good start but lets not forget there are dozens of Agencies, Departments and Programs at the Federal Level that need to be abolished including the Federal Reserve. Mr, Levin has some good ideas that need to be modified that need to be implemented as well.

  9. The left and I include the GOP DC establishment, Loser Rove and his crony capitalist friends and the Bush’s fear this woman because she speaks the TRUTH no BS and they can’t handle it. They, both sides of the aisle and the COA media spew lies about Palin and have been trying to take her down since 2008. News flash to all you air heads Sarah Palin is standing stronger than ever and does what leaders do, they lead! Mark Levin is right she is fighting like hell to save this country and this woman has more stones than all those weizels in DC, the people know it and the Bush mouth piece Loser Rove and his ilk know it and that is why they fear her. The boob who was offended by her comment about baptizing terrorist, as a Christian it didn’t offend me nor anyone I know. Loser Rove once said that Palin needs to grow thick skin well IMHO there is not one politician that has been vilified like Palin maybe Reagan who has thick skin like Palin. To the GOP DC establishment, Loser Rove and his crony capitalist ilk, the Bush’s and all the rest of you media bone heads Governor Sarah Palin isn’t going any where get over it! Mark Levin tells it like it is not afraid to call people out not only these two air heads who wrote this hit piece but the pols in DC to. Thank you Mark for all you do you are greatly appreiciated. I would like to hear from the other conservative radio and tv people to take a stand and call these two out. It is time we conservatives unite and put a stop to this, enough is enough!!
    There are many, many people who would love to see Governor Palin run in 2016.

  10. As far as I’m concerned NRO has jumped the shark. Rich Lowry has ran that publication into the ground.

    The American Conservative writes a decent piece once in a blue blue moon. It’s so rare you think you won the jackpot when it happens.

    Ironically Palin is the one who comes out on top every time they attack her. She sets them up to shoot slings and arrows thus exposing them for who they are.

      1. Speaking of whom (WFB), his book written in the early ’50s, God And Man at Yale, goes a long, long way in explaining how the nation has turned so far left in the last 60 years. It’s a catalogue of the various disciplines, econ, history, philosophy, and so on, and how even “way” back then, the professors abandoned truth-telling for the new-and-improved progressive-thought meme. And the alumni? Complain they did not, but let the faculty move leftward with nary a peep of disapproval (or withholding of their substantial endowments.)

  11. In the article Brennan gets all huffy about Baptism being the “entry” into new life. I know there are Catholic brothers and sisters here, but this is one of the differences between Catholicism and Born Again Protestantism (what I am). Mainly that Baptism is not an “entry,” but an “affirmation” of new life.

    Anyway, I can see how maybe this would be more offensive to Catholics, because Baptism is a “sacrament”. But I doubt that Brennan is flexing his religious muscle here more than his RINO muscle!

    1. And other Christians do not believe in baptism at all.

      What I can’t tell is if these guys lack a sense of humor or if they are really that out of touch and stupid.

      1. And other Christians do not believe in baptism at all.


        What I can’t tell is if these guys lack a sense of humor or if they are really that out of touch and stupid.

        The latter.

          1. You probably mean they don’t practice baptism. It would be hard for me to believe a christian doesn’t believe in baptism(whatever the mode or dogma). After all, the Bible is filled with references to baptism.

            1. Yes baptism is what I was referring to. Plenty don’t believe in it in the sense of getting one.

        1. Yet if she is a monster it is one that they made. However I like it when they shoot their mouths off and show us who they are.

    2. I’m also a Catholic, yet Rod Dreher’s comment that made the ludicrous comparison of baptism to torture and a holy sacrament didn’t upset me based on my faith.

      It angered me because this mule thought attacking Palin would somehow cement his standing as a so-called conservative. I have many friends who are Born Again Christians. We discuss the Bible and politics often.

      There are many Catholics who are liberal. And there are many who are consevative. But it’s important to remember Catholics are not monolithic on their faith or political beliefs.

      1. I have many friends who are Born Again Christians. We discuss the Bible and politics often.

        Add me to your list, Friend!

  12. Thank You Mark. Palin laughs it off and every one of these idiots with every remark further enlightens, angers and solidifies the constitutional conservative base. They are unwittingly contributing to their own demise.

  13. Great one spot on time after time .. Sarah Palin spot on time after time .. Who do you stand with? Thought so. Silent majority alive and well fully behind Sarah .. ready to vote red, white, and blue .. win or lose where not going anywhere, fight another day, cheap shots fade fast. Thanks Mark Levin, steady supporter of freedom, leads by example.

  14. Not that she needs it, but it’s nice to have Levin’s pit bull support! Oh and BTW, Brennan is a buffoon!

  15. ..Mark Levin you sir are called the Great One for the very reason for your intelligence and for your monologues which put all the Progressive RINO’s ideas to rest.”

  16. And that’s why he’s the Great One. Sarah Palin was deliberately poking the squeamish girls on the right and left in the eye. Good for her and good for Levin for sticking up for her. NRO has a weird way of chasing off its talent.

  17. Brennan!!! (in some language it must mean “a steaming pile of caca”)

    here is my left hand, middle finger salute to you:


  18. David Horowitz said this. “Republicans need to stop the Fratricide.”

    Thank you Mr. Levin for b-slapping a couple of dough-boys.

  19. I knew William F. Buckley, Jr. He would never have tolerated Patrick Brennan on the National Review staff. How low NR has descended is perfectly exemplified by this attack on Sarah Palin.

    1. I also knew Bill and worked with him on a number of projects. Thus, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I posted below that he must be rolling in his grave based on what Rich Lowry has done to his magazine.

      I attended a few National Review’s Galas and they were always wonderful and very few RINOs ever received an invitation.

    2. As a huge fan of William F. Buckley, Jr. who rarely missed an episode of “Firing Line” (before the liberal takeover of PBS), my first thought when reading this was that Buckley would’ve loved the humor of this comment. I thought Muslims were the only ones who didn’t allow jokes about their religion. Apparently the liberal progressive RINOs have more in common with Muslims than with the average American.

  20. Please name another woman in current history who has had to deal with the amount of vitriol and hatred that this woman has? I bet it pisses off the lib pukes that she always has a smile on her face no matter what false attacks she is under.

    1. It’s as if everyone has forgotten that McCain was the presidential candidate in 2008 and, instead, pretend that the race was between Palin and Obama. Many people can’t name the losing presidential candidates in history and a vast majority can’t name their nominated vice presidential running mates. It says a lot about Sarah Palin that she has been such a target by the liberals and RINOs and says a lot about liberals and RINOs fear of conservatism in this country.

  21. Those NRO idiots are no smarter than Kerry who said

    ‘“You just don’t in the 21st Century behave in 19th Century
    fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext.”

    Only delusional fantasy land dwellers believe somehow 21ts century is different than previous 20 centuries.
    Yes you do whatever you need to do to save yourself and your country, including water boarding and everything else, unless you want to commit suicide.

    The world still the same today as it was in the 1st century.
    Sara got it right, kill or be killed. Because your enemy knows no mercy.

    1. his 21/19th Century statements mean “you cannot do it, because I’ve said so”.
      Idiocy of the left create all that smog over our cities.

    2. Yes, for von Clausewitz and Bismark, these wusses would have been easy pickings. Putin too.

    3. Because people like Kerry believe that international law actually means something.If the UN says so,then it must be.

      1. This is the same UN that saw Iran recently appointed to several key United Nations committees that oversee the protection of women’s rights and global human rights.

        Iran—which leads the world in executions and recently ordered the hanging a 26-year-old rape victim—was voted last week into a coveted spot on the U.N. Economic and Social Council’s Commission on the Status of Women.

        It’s time to end our participation in the U.N., end our funding of the U.N. and sell the building in NYC that houses the U.N. The corruption of the U.N. makes a mockery of why it was actually created.

  22. Please. The stuff Palin says is tame in comparison to what Leftists and liberals say and do.

    It’s OK for liberals like Harry Reid to say the inane things he does. Same with Pelosi and any other fill in the blank liberal.

    I wonder if this no name is equally as critical.

  23. The Great One is one of the few, but undoubtedly the best, champions of the governor. So glad we have at least one REAL MAN left in the broadcast sphere.

  24. To understand and appreciate Mark Levin’s brilliant analysis and anger, one must read what NRO’s Patrick Brennan wrote with impute from The American Conservative’s Rod Dreher. Below is the concluding paragraphs of the putrid piece by so-called conservatives that The Great One was referring to from yesterday:

    Sarah Palin’s Barbarism – April 28, 2014

    “…As Rod Dreher explains, this is pretty perverse:

    Not only is this woman, putatively a Christian, praising torture, but she is comparing it to a holy sacrament of the Christian faith. It’s disgusting — but even more disgusting, those NRA members, many of whom are no doubt Christians, cheered wildly for her. . . . Palin and all those who cheered her sacrilegious jibe ought to be ashamed of themselves. For us Christians, baptism is the entry into new life. Palin invoked it to celebrate torture. Even if you don’t believe that waterboarding is torture, surely you agree that it should not be compared to baptism, and that such a comparison should be laughed at. What does it say about the character of a person that they could make that joking comparison, and that so many people would cheer for it. Nothing good — and nothing that does honor to the cause of Jesus Christ.

    Torture — waterboarding being something reasonable people may consider to constitute it — is and should be a question of grave moral consequence for Christians, and is for any Catholic familiar with the Catechism. Palin wasn’t even just jokingly comparing a serious violation of human dignity into one of the most important transcendental recognitions of it – she was mounting an expansive defense of something near torture, on the grounds that our prisoners ”would obviously have information on plots,” and therefore ought to, apparently, be subjected to a horrible practice not as a morally necessary last resort but a habit of quotidian intimidation. There’s a word for that kind of practice: barbaric. The Greeks used to use it to describe the other guys…”

    BTW, the bold is not my emphasis. It’s the NRO who published it in bold type – I recommend all read it.

    I also recall when Buckley told me that he had hired a kid with a lot of potential. But I’m Bill sure is rolling in the grave seeing what Rich Lowry has done to the National Review.

      1. The left just needs an excuse to show their fear. If Sarah Palin is such a “diminished figure”, why don’t they ignore her?

        1. Oh you can’t use facts or common sense against leftists. That’s unfair to progressives who never let the facts get in their way of socializing America.

          Just kidding and if I may say, that was a great observation on your part. Lefty and RINOs will use Sarah Palin to garner attention because the nation knows her, loves her and that sell’s their bull reporting.

      2. These are Tokyo Rove generated hit pieces.

        I also loved Palin’s Facebook post telling corrupt Jeb Bush and is “frat boyz” where they can put their faux outrage.

        The Washington Compost article has 2000 comments. Yes, this woman is extremely insignificant.

  25. Why is it that women must be the ones with the big brass ones to defend this country from Marxists, progressives, CAIR and the MB? What has happened to the “male” politicos in this country? Seems only wimps, wusses, and prima donnas like Boehner and Lindsey Graham enter into the political arena, and at the slightest hint of adversity they assume the fetal position and suck their thumbs rather than defend the people and the country.

    1. Women have always been the moral backbone of humanity. They make sure that men get out, fight like hell for their families and defend them no matter what. That is why islamists keep women under a brutal thumb.

      The Feminist movement in America was thinly veiled marxism. What it did was channel the fight and passion of women into hatred of men, weakening the essential strength of the family bond that made us great.

      With no women to join with thier men in the fight for freedom at home, what it did was enable generations of sniveling snakes and effeminate leaders.

      Strong women like Palin, Bachmann and Geller have always been among us. It is the absence of moral principled male leadership that now makes them stand out so prominently.

    2. It’s not the fetal position they are assuming…and it’s not their thumbs they are sucking…

  26. They are afraid of her and the tea party in general. Attacking is what they do when they are cornered and scared about the truths that are being revealed

  27. That’s what I love about you, Mark Levin. You don’t mince with words, you say it like it is…..and most of all, you have no problem calling out these jerks. I love and admire you. I love you for your patriotism, and for educating, “We The People”. And you do a wonderful job educating us. You would be my number 1 person for running for president. I know you won’t, and know you think you can do a better job where you are, talking to the people. I think you are the only talk show host that allows us to listen to all you shows (podcasts) without paying a dime for it. Most of the others charge for it. You’re wonderful Mark, and God Bless You.

  28. So … I know who Sarah Palin is and I know who Mark Levin is but I’ve never even heard of this Brennan smuck. Probably just another moron who can’t DO … so he tries to write!

  29. Precisely correct and well put.

    Sarah Palin and Pamela Geller are two people I admire and respect most – because they stand on principle and jump into the trenches and fight the dirty fight that these pundits get paid only to comment on like carnival barkers.

  30. Kennjac, Good, run and hide instead of fighting for change, too many of your kind call themselves Republicans but are closet democrats/ socialist, If you want change and leave who is going to change things?,

    1. Problem is that people like McConnell and McCain run the party and it’s power structure.

      How would you describe their attitude towards people who want to change things? Are they welcoming and supportive?

  31. Sarah’s patriotism, truth-telling and hard work is offensive to these idiots because they fear her. She is a force. And she loves our country… the left HATES our country. I care for Sarah and believe she’s working hard to save this country. AND she stands against the GOPe… so, they are worried and they use a tried and true Demoncrap tactic and try to minimalize a hero. I appreciate Mark for calling these horkers out. And Newsmax has slipped from being conservative (if they ever truly were) to just another rag. They remind me of Dick Morris and Karl Rove. Trash.

      1. The party needs to be turned inside out. If you work within it to get conservative constitutional candidates supported, you must know it is run by self serving big government progressives.

        I have chosen to fight my own party but I cannot fault the disgust of others who watch it destroy conservatives at every opportunity.

        1. Wasn’t the first target of Gov. Palin the “good old boys” of the Republican Party? Entrenched for decades and as corrupt as they come she identified them, made them public and cast them out of Alaska as the Money Changers they were. She accomplished more in 2.5 years as Gov in straightening out Alaska politics and its economy then any Establishment Rhino has in 25 years! And as a Christian, I laughed loudest and longest at her comment about “water boarding” as an act of Baptism for terrorists. She could have added;”followed by a snack of a NY hotdog and glass of wine”. Fearless then, with no notoriety, she has since acquired wealth and power and continues to be fearless in the face of Libturds and their Repub sycophants.

          1. She was targeted by the GOP and McCain.s own campaign the day after her crowd rousing speech at the 2008 convention.

            They had no idea what they had hooked their wagon to but were not about to let her fire up the conservative base.

      2. What the party has is a bunch of feckless wonks who think that voting crooks in to replace crooks will make a damn bit of difference.

        1. And of course you choose to sit on the couch and fight with your computer, I see no difference between feckless wonks and yourself, If you want conservatives in power they need to win in the primaries

          1. Buddy, you have no idea what I do outside of the internet. As for conservatives winning in the primaries, it’s *the system* that is broken. And it saddens me to watch so many people think that politicians are going to fix what politicians broke.

            1. I was referring to the internet, And your system is to be independent stay out of primaries and hope for change? Well we got your change, Use your brain and think, Quote,( so many people think that politicians are going to fix what politicians broke), Not if we keep electing the same people year after year, hence the primaries, Buddy.

      3. So who’s going to do the heavy lifting? NRO ivory tower types? Moderates? Economic conservatives?

        You think these types will go door to door campaigning? Working the phones?

        You say good riddance at your own political peril; yet, have no clue to what you are really saying.

  32. Thank you Mark I’m sick of the republicans trashing her too. I am changing my party affiliation today!!!! Sick of this crap.

    1. I’m also sick of RINOs, but what party would you go to? Like it or not, there are TWO parties. D or R. (I’m not saying I like it, but it’s a reality) A vote for anything other than Republican is a vote for Democrat. Democrats aren’t going to vote for anyone other that their nominee. They’re banking on the fact that this RINO crap and fighting between Republicans and Conservatives is severing the party. There HAS to be a better way than voting for someone other than the Republican nominee. That’s what the Democrats WANT us to do! Let’s fight to get the most conservative person we can as the nominee. Even if they aren’t perfect, we have to plug our nose and pull the lever. If not, our country is doomed.

      1. That is one approach, but I fear it is the approach establishment Republicans count on to maintain control of the party. They tell us that strategically we have no where else to go; then they distance themselves from — if not actually sabotage — true conservative candidates; then when a conservative does make it to Congress, they set upon him like a pack of dogs and rip him to shreds. That’s the GOP we dumbbells think is going to back off because we keep throwing more and more conservative candidates at them — and leadership is just finally going to say, “OK. We get it; the Party should be more conservative and should actually do what the Party pretends in its platform it will do.”

        But the GOP won’t be able to manipulate us like that if we stop showing up at the polls. How best to organize and create a replacement Party, and leave the GOP to blow in the wind is the question, imo.

        1. I agree with everything that you’ve said – EXCEPT the part about not showing up at the polls, We’ve already got 3rd party people taking votes away from us. What we need to do it get smart and ruthless when dealing with the radical Left. Play the game at THEIR level. The Democrat Party has gone so far left that there’s got to be the a whole bunch of folks that still consider themselves Democrats, but aren’t happy with the radical Progressive crap going on. A smart Conservative would spent time/money/effort to develop a riff within the Democrat party to start a split with THEM (just as they’re doing to the Republicans)- letting the “regular” Democrats break off from the radicals. Let’s get them to split THEIR vote. I can’t believe that every registered Democrat in this country is happy with what what’s going on. Yet you never hear of any sort of dissent. (I’m sure because the state run media would never speak of it). In my opinion, the far Left are like the punks on the playground – big loudmouths, spewing off a bunch of threats and crap all the while sticking their finger in your face, chest pumped out threatening and pushing around the quiet kids minding their own business (those would be the Conservatives). Remember Christmas Story? When Ralphie finally had enough of the bully and kicks his butt in the alley? That’s what we need to do. Beat them at their own game. Let’s concentrate on dividing the Democrats to the “old school” -vs- the Progressives. When THAT happens, and Democrats have 2 parties to choose from I’ll gladly vote Conservative instead of Republican. Not until then though.

          1. I think the best way to split the Democrat Party is to offer all those social conservative Democrat voters a real choice, a Conservative Party which (in my dreams) would unite with those disaffected conservative Republicans who abandoned the GOP. Splinter both the Democrats AND the Republicans to forge at long last a Constitutional Party.

        2. If my choice is between an Est. R or a communist D, and I know the Indie is just in it to throw the race, I WILL sit out. However, if the R or I is TEA Party, he or she gets my vote.

  33. The new words (Or ‘feelings’) of the day: indignation, outrage and offended. Where do all these pussies come from?

  34. Mark Levin – another who can tell it like it is and does. And he’s right on this one too.

  35. The terrorists can wait Sarah, lets “baptize” the rinos first and then the libs. :p

  36. It is very troubling to see Republican men jump on the Chris Maddow-Hayes/Ezra Maddow-Klein estrogen train. I understand it from the pajama boy left, but the right? Really?

    1. Too many rinos these days. The party is in deep “stuff”. And there are just too many politicians who will use anything/anybody to try to get themselves re-elected.

    2. I don’t know how much you know about the history of the GOP but it has always been this way.

      They did the same thing to Reagan.

      GHW Bush was the biggest spoiled brat frat boy *rick.

      Conservatives thought that GHW Bush learned his lesson after 8 years of Reagan and elected him to a 3rd Reagan term, so they thought.

      The corrupt crony capitalist Bush wing has been trying to destroy the party that Reagan built since day 1 of the administration of GHWB.

      The conservative movement should give Jeb Bush nightmares mailing back all requests from the RNC asking for donations with the followig words written in red, “Excuse me but I’m paying for this microphone.”

      Because the GOP refuses to fight we are stuck paying for all this socialist free stuff not them.

  37. NRO blogs suck…. If you are not pro establishment, your comments will be deleted. They are as intolerant as the left, I don’t visit their site anymore…. EVER!

      1. I think Hotair requires a separate user account, way to much trouble for me… I was really disappointed with NRO. I only knew they were deleted my comments deleted because I was notified about a reply to comment that no longer existed. I can see deleting thread spam, but legitimate comments…. pretty pathetic.

  38. The Lefts relentless attack on Sarah Palin has been very effective. Shame really, Mrs Palin is a very effective leader. See how the Left engineered that via the media with some contribution from her own party.

  39. What Levin fails to understand is, the GOP not only needs conservatives, but more moderates as well, and moderates from outside the party. All Palin does is sing to the choir, and get them all happy inside, which is a useless endeavor. Palin making stupid “Green Eggs and Ham” speeches will garner nothing except ridicule and make her look like a ranting buffoon, and will in no way help the GOP defeat anyone.

    1. If you were familiar with Mark Levin at all, you would know that he does not fail to understand the political process, but beyond that he knows what works, and what wins, and it ISN’T moderates!

    2. You mean like John McCain, Bob Dole, Mitt Romney?
      Real success stories of the “moderates”. I feel sorry for anyone who isn’t old enough to remember Ronald Reagan. He used to make everyone “happy inside” too.

    3. The GOPe defeats themselves.They don’t need any help.Do you realize how many candidates won their races after an endorsement by Sarah?More moderates?We have fielded two moderates in the past two presidential elections and you see how well that turned out.Moderates are not conservatives.Moderates are the problem,not the aanswer.Are you for real?

    4. What moderates don’t understand is that the left considers them right wing extremist as well. Anybody to the right of the far left is a right wing extremist and they could care less about your so called moderate views. When the time comes all the moderates will be standing in the same line with rest of us and they will be wondering what happened.

    5. The GOP is nothing but moderates anymore!. That is the problem: grey mush in the middle.

      All politcal systems are on a constant drift to totalitarianism – tyranny. The founders studied history and knew this all too well.

      The party of the Republic must be fighting a constant uphill battle back to liberty and self governance.

      To compromise and “reach across the aisle” is to surrender ground to Liberty’s enemies.

    6. And yet 5 years later your still talking about & albeit criticizing her, something you perhaps fail to understand !

    7. And a follow up to your pabulum, I should take a Man seriously who has a moniker of Sandra Fluke ? really, speaking of ranting buffoons

    8. Moderates have already killed the party, and you apparently want more nails in the coffin. You and the GOP suffer from the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results every time.

  40. Mr. Levin is once again right, the GOP establishment and its sycophancy are no better than the Obama sycophancy when it comes to attacking true conservatives. I’ve never been anything but a registered Republican but for the last sixteen plus years the Republican party has exceedingly progressed to the Democratic/Socialist party lite.

    1. The Democrats became Communists and the Republicans became Democrats? If you read the lefts take on “income inequality,” that is communist.

  41. Mark is correct. Too many do nothing idiots out there slamming those that actually get up off there asses and try to do something.

  42. Mark was rather subdued in this clip…I prefer it when he gets going and heated up, YEAH, BABY! Give ’em heII, Mark!!

  43. WARNING: Graphic descriptions ahead – you may wish to avoid reading this post.

    Any bleeding heart libs/lefties/metrosexuals/muslims/others better tuffen up … squeamish Americans would have been USELESS on Omaha Beach, June 6th 1944

    We are fighting people who BEHEAD CHRISTIAN BABIES (Syria) and who DISMEMBER TEENAGE CHRISTIAN GIRLS while STILL ALIVE (Syria) and who CHOW DOWN on newly ripped out ENEMY HEARTS (Syria)

    (thanks to Obama’s **moderate AL Qaeda allies **)


    consider this also:

    (common-sense response by Disqus ID = ccb11, to those who are critical of Sarah Palin’s use of the word *baptism*)

    Big Deal !! Maybe you should all be more worried about getting your head or your childrens chopped off by a terrorist instead of what Sarah Palin Said. She should be the least of your worries. Soldiers in our service to this country are being treated terribly if they are a Christian in our armed forces. Check that story out.

    Go after Harry Reid for calling many times, people on the right,”Domestic Terrorists.” Obama has done nothing to bring home Christians in Muslim countries that are jailed just because they are Christians. I am all for forgiving but at the same time I want my Children and Grand Children safe from these anti crazy Christian terrorists. Maybe if they all heard they were going to baptized a Christian by us they would stop their killing.

    Sarah Palin would be the first person to defend your rights as a Christian. The left fears Sarah because she is not politically correct. I hate people that beat around the bush to make a point . I want to know the truth.

    Some one made the comment about Sarah being a useful idiot. The only useful idiot is you if you let the loony left define and convince you that she is one.

    If the left has you in a tizzy over Sarah then you have fallen for their masterful game of deceit and distraction from the important issues that they are losing on.

  44. I think The American Conservative is Pat Buchanan’s rag. I’ve always found them to be equally squishy to many of the Progressives. You just have to catch them on the right day.

    Anyone want to guess how they are spinning Palin’s remarks?

    Roh Dreher: The Sacrilegious Sarah Palin

    I see another headline there that says: The Pro-Torture Palin Populists

    They could rename the place: Last Stop Before Kooksville

  45. Thank-you Levin, thank-you for going after these whiny, elite, do-nothings!!
    P.S. he should have called out Mollie Hemingway as well, she was sooooo offended as well..girl please!

  46. This. Is exactly why I have NEVER called nor considered myself a Republican. Ironically, I once WAS and DID consider myself a DEMOCRAT. The REPUBLICAN PARTY is a party of pathetic cowardly sissies. As a GROUP, as a PARTY and as a WHOLE or…..HOLE, the Republican Party sickens me. Cantor, Boehner, McConnell and my own states (Wisconsin) Reince Preibus, are pathetic “COLLABORATORS”.
    The ESTABLISHMENT does not want to NOT be in charge. Ergo, Cantor, McConnell, Boehner, and Priebus, are INVESTED in the TEA PARTY or POLITICAL THREATS, being SHYTE CANNED. It’s pathetic, obvious and diisusting. I love America. McCain??? Not so much. I want someone with BALLS and THE WILL TO FIGHT. Where the feck is that???

  47. Since liberty’s benefits can be hard to recognize, some people can be easily convinced to attack liberty in response to emotional appeals.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I want to believe Palin had not choice but to support McCain’s Senate reelection. I want to believe she knows exactly what the man is. We all certainly know what he and his presidential campaign did to her.

  48. Levin is 100% on the money.

    GOP and it’s media sycophants have a war in women alright…CONSERVATIVE WOMEN!

  49. He is wrong on 2 points. Sarah never said she was not going to run. Sarah never said she was joking about what she said.

    1. she did say it was a one-liner. so one must ask, what is a one-liner? this one-liner was a humorous line used to condense down a general philosophy on terrorists. any reasonable person should have been able to see this.

  50. Mark is absolutely right.

    I, for one, am sick of the superficial derision and facetious attacks on Palin from little pantywaists in the smug establishment chattering class of both parties, but especially the GOP.

    She has done more to restore our Constitutional Republic than all these divisive little nerds could ever hope to achieve in their collective pathetic little lives.

    Sarah is a leader. These National Review nerds are scurvy little spiders condemned to spinning their webs of treacherous catty witless snarky comments about people who actually lead, fight the fight, and make a difference.

    1. NRO is a disgrace to Bill Buckley’s memory. If they keep this up their next cruise will be in a life raft.

  51. NRO and its print version, the National Review, are RINO rags, pure and simple; in the case of the later, a pale — and distorted — shadow of its former self.

  52. I gave up on the National Review many years ago when the effete Rich Lowry assumed the helm; soon afterwards, the magazine abandoned any pretense of defending marriage and in another vein, went so far as to trumpet what a great guy Eric Cantor was, not to mention its not-so-tacit endorsement of compassionate conservatism, ala Jeb Bush, which believes that no greater love has a politician than to sell out his own kinsmen for the benefit of illegal trespassers.

        1. Ah, yes, the kerfuffle over the Derbyshire sacking — a truly despicable act. I followed it closely at the time, over at — well worth the read, if you care to get a taste of what other real conservatives thought of the matter at the time. Search the archives by scrolling down a bit, and on the right you will see the google search field.

            1. Umm, by the by, do you have a friendly acquaintance with the Sig Sauer Spartan?? As an owner, I am a bit curious. And please forgive such an O/T question.

              1. Not really, but I have gotten to get a good look at some Sig’s and the ones I handled looked like fine pieces of work.

          1. Looks like some very interesting reads there.Thanks for the link.I could spend weeks there

            1. For me it’s been like a master’s level course in traditional conservatism, which I began around 2009 and continue through today, reading archived posts dealing with one issue or another for which VFR delivers the wisdom and perspective that I trust.

  53. How many of these ‘Sarah’s done’ article have been written? Exactly. I can’t stand the GOPe!

    1. Same thing they have said about the Tea Party so many times I have lost count,yet every time one of these talking heads speak,they Talk about how the Tea Party is dividing the GOPe.Well if it is over how are they affecting anything.Same with Sarah.

  54. Mark is absolutely right. And I would go even further to say what is Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush, or any Bush, Bob Dole, doing to help bring about a majority in the Senate. Answer: Nothing. I think Boehenr, Cantor McRogers, etc., want us to lose and that is obvious. It shows everywhere otherwise why even think abut something like amnesty which will secure a sure lost for Republicans. But, perhaps amnesty will push McCain and Graham and other Progressives to the democrats giving Republicans the chance to rebuild the Republican Conservative Party.

      1. I think you misunderstood Bill589’s comment. I know Bill589 was referring to Levin and Palin being right, not the National Review authors.

    1. I will say only that Sarah needs to drop her loyalty to McClame and take him to task the way she would an RINO.

    2. See 4Cpfan’s comment up above, he references her FB page as having a comment regarding McCain breaking bread with someone who says it makes no difference how they died at Benghazi.

    3. She will not throw the first stone. She was friendly to Chris Cristie originally; even wanted to support him for Gov since he was a fellow GOP, but he kept throwing cheap shots at her when she have never said anything negative about him

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