Mark Levin warns Republican leadership: If the conservative base decides to leave you, you’re finished

Mark Levin says the fix for America is not in Washington DC and that is evidenced by exactly what is going on right now with this comprehensive immigration reform push. He says that when we have Democrats who have as their purpose the undoing of this country and a Republican Party that capitulates because it believes it can’t do anything to fix the problem unless it controls the entirety of government, the fix can’t possibly be in Washington DC.

At the end of the clip Mark Levin warns the Republican leadership:

And I want to warn the Republican Leadership about something. If I and millions of us decide to leave you; if I and millions of us – the conservative base, the constitutionalists, that taxpayers, the people who make this country work – if we decide to leave you, you’re finished. You’re kaput. You’ll never be in the majority again.

And God knows you’re provoking us.


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111 thoughts on “Mark Levin warns Republican leadership: If the conservative base decides to leave you, you’re finished

  1. After The Tyrant was re-elected I wrote to the head of the RNC, the senate and house repub leadership, my repub representatives, every repub. committee, etc. and told them that I would change my voter registration, and would not send one dime to any repub. organization.  I only support conservative individuals and organizations. 
    I’ve yet to see more than a handful of repubs with a genuine concern about the Constitution and courage enough to fight for America.

  2. The fix for America should be in Washington  DC but it has become outrageously apparent that the fixes that America needs were created by Washington DC and their solutions, even after the 2010 massive public support, that changed the guard, is to make the problems worse and then to cement them into place so that they can never be fixed. Great idea, you dopey and useless politicians; and now you want us to vote for you again and give you money and time? Not a chance will we be fooled anymore.

  3. they do not listen
    this conservative is done with RINOS period I either won’t vote or write in someone unless they are true conservatives have changed my registration from GOP to independent
    Christie love or hate him may be on the right track the hell with the GOP he seems to say
    give me Cruz and the other good guys  bye bye Rubio

    1. jazzee agreed. We need to disarm them. Their Luca Brasi strong arm is the IRS. We need to take them out of the equation. We do that by spreading the word about the FAIRTAX. Only one army can stop us now and they are 100,000 employees strong. The IRS

  4. Business is good! Parties… Line dancing… Expensive rooms at resorts…Everyone is getting rewarded with bonuses… Life is good!
    Government workers… civil servants… rewarded… for what? abuse of power? 
    and at who’s expense? The tax payer? 
    Who works for who here? Have “We the people” lost total control? 
    I know I didn’t send out a memo to hand out gifts this year in this economy. Did you?

  5. Ayn Rand wrote of this in Atlas Shrugged.  The producers of the world, being so disgusted by being robbed of their labor’s value that they simply stopped producing and dropped out of society.  But we have no secret place in the Colorado Rockies to which we can withdraw.  So, do we under-achieve until the government collapses of its own weight?

    1. RichLuzzi We don’t need to. We can keep producing to the best of our ability but the government is deep into a self-destructive pattern. With growing government, higher taxes to pay for it, and rapidly multiplying regulations and red tape, it won’t be long before the producers are no longer able, or allowed, to produce anyway. The government is following the historic pattern of riase and collapse and there is not enough national will to stop it, especially not in DC.

  6. mark you are so correct! we constitutionalists and conservatives need to leave the grand old party…lets remind them who they actually work for…it is not the wh that they work for it is we the people that they work for…let the gop party die..lets start a constitutional party!!

  7. Mark, One by one, we are leaving the Republicans… They have already lost too many of us to save them ….that’s why obama is President.  The Republicans do not yet understand that they cannot do this without the Conservatives, and they are making one miscalculation after another.  They have underestimated us, and bypassed us.   One mistake after another… we have lost our patience with the Republican Party.

    1. NinaThompsonThomas The Republican leadership thinks that it can eventually substitute democrat voting illegally immigrated hispanic voters for conservatives and somehow win.

      1. AnthonySakal NinaThompsonThomas That’s what they do not understand.  So much education in Washington… elite…. and dumb as a rock on common sense.   They would rather get their opinions from the media than from the voters.  Even when they lost in 2012, they believe it was because of any other reason than ‘their base has left them’.

  8. I’ve always believed that it was very imprtant to vote,  to keep democrats from being in control of anything.
      But I couldn’t  vote for McCain. Nor Romney.  I think Obama is the worst possible president, but at least he may serve the purpose of waking people up. There is no need to elect republicans to do democrat things.
    And this “consent decree” thing means that the republican party is barred from even complaining about voter fraud – which is a key democrat constituency. Not that it’s a big number?, but the fraud vote is dependable in close races – every battleground state

    1. By not voting was the same as a YES vote for Obama. If you didn’t like Obama and stayed home from the voting booth because you didn’t like McCain or Romney, then you have no right to complain about the current mess in our Fed. Govt. Sorry, but people like you are a big reason the GOP lost the last two elections.

      1. USA_TheBEST  That may be true and you may reach some by this comment but the point is that many people ask what are the differences and if they see that the parties join forces to produce bad legislation they become so turned off that they don’t bother to vote unless the candidate is a known and proven conservative or at least articulates conservative principles in a believable fashion.

    2. if you did not vote then you have no right to complain…you helped split the vote which is the same as a vote for dems..thank you very much for be so unamerican…

  9. libertarianism seems a much better for “conservatives” these days, doesn’t it. The GOP isn’t very Grand any more.. They are more like, Democrat-Lite!! All the BS, but only half the socialist agenda !

  10. libertarianism seems a much better for “conservatives” these days, doesn’t it. The GOP isn’t very Grand any more.. They are more like, Democrat-Lite!! All the BS, but only half the socialist agenda !

    1. MrSardonicus – how do you figure?? Libertarians LOVE social liberalism and open borders. NO THANKS!

  11. I can tell  you for absolutely certain, if we don’t have a true Constitutional Conservative as our candidate in 2016, I will NOT vote Republican.  And this potential candidate will have voted AGAINST this amnesty bill!  And I am about the most forgiving Republican you’ll ever find; if you lost me, you are so far gone you will NEVER come back.

  12. Let me know when Mark decides to mention Marco Rubio’s name again and when he tells Marco that Marco no longer has support from Mark Levin for his political career. Levin treats Marco with kid gloves and blames everybody else for this fiasco.

  13. The problem is that Conservatives don’t really have a better place to go, and frankly I think that Republicans like Boehner would be just as happy to be in a minority (where there are no expectations).

  14. Where’ve you been, Mark? I left right after November 2012, and I was one of the slow ones.
    “If” we leave? I will never again vote for a RINO, and even a Republican will have a very tough time getting past my cynicism. For four and a half years running, the GOP, and especially the GOPe, has done everything they could to crush conservatives and in the process help the dems and libs and progs and socialists destroy the greatest nation that ever was. I’ll be glad to see the gop die.

  15. Millions already have left. Millions of conservative voters didn’t bother to turn out in 2012 because they saw little difference between the two parties. After this immigration bill is passed, expect even more to stay home because their votes will no longer matter at all at least in the Presidential and Senate races.
    The only reason the Republicans haven’t been totally abandoned already is because Conservatives have been voting for the lesser of two evils in an effort to save the country as long as possible. 2012 may have been the last straw though since Romney was one RINO too many. Pull that stunt again in 2016 and the GOP will go down in flames.

  16. Actually, if I were still a Republican, I would be the RINO.  I believe in the Constitution, liberty, free markets, etc.  Those things are not a part of today’s Republican Party in Washington.  Boehner, McCain and the other morons are today’s Republican Party, which is why I officially left it before last year’s election.  Might as well vote Libertarian and let the Democrats control everything, rather than pretend that the Republicans are going to do anything to stop the march to socialism.

  17. It is time to handle “Family Business”. We need to sweep our own house clean before dealing with the “Democrats”. We have met the enemy and he is in our House.

  18. I have been on this fence so many times in my lifetime except for Reagan.  I’ve seen our local Republican Party become RINOs, but then again, they’ve always seemed to be RINOs.  It isn’t a new position for them because in my area there aren’t any viable Democrats.  Our new candidate for Delegate has convinced me that the only way to get through this is to work within the Republican Party.  He is on the Steering Commitee that plans the activities for the State of VA.  He always does his homework and I began to see what he is saying is true.
    There are people that are in these positions that will vote for Conservatives because they are, but when surrounded by RINOs, they vote RINO.  Go along to get along.  As the Conservative vote won in this Commitee by a very small margin, they could see the writing on the wall and came over to our side.  Apparently this is human nature and the only way to make it go away is to elect more Conservatives.  It takes dedication and work and more work.  It won’t happen by going Independent.  I don’t know how that makes anyone feel better.  You can’t vote in the primaries where it truly counts.  The only guy that won since I have been voting in Republican primaries is Reagan.  My guy never won.  But taking all your marbles home with you and saying  you quit is going to make things worse.  I have Libertarian leanings, but just can’t go there for the reason I have stated.  It won’t accomplish anything.  
    Mark is warning the RINOs.  They are arrogant and annoying because they don’t have any guts.  Get rid of them.  Working and living inside the Beltway will do that to you.  They have become slaves to the media and their Democrat colleagues.  We went to the IRS rally yesterday and this is so clear when you hear from some of the speakers.  There are plenty of tea party Patariots on the inside of the Capitol building.  The are working to help save this nation, but there aren’t enough of them.  It just isn’t going to happen by itself.  They feel all alone and were thrilled to have a chance to speak to us.  I am hoping Boehner will allow his inner tea party to shine a small light, because he knows we aren’t kidding.  We’re back and putting on the pressure.  Mark is letting him know that his iron fist on the RINOs may just be coming to a close.  We are watching and complaining.  Keep it up Mark.  We need all the help we can get.  We will be running Conservatives every chance we get.  I don’t know what going Independent means except that you are giving up your principles not enhancing them.

    1. BetseyRoss  
      Separate local from National politics Betsy and it may become more clear. I too, had to register Republican to have any say, locally in primary elections, since that is where the choices are made in a heavily Republican district. We the people have effectively been removed from having any say in Presidential elections and  on a National basis, precious little, where the two parties and all the entrenched money power brokers tell us who we get to vote for. John Boehner and the GOPe furthered their grasp, with rule changes on the floor of the last Convention. They are as bad as the admitted “Progressives”. They would prefer a procedural coup, but Mark is finally coming to the realization that there must be war, to stop them.  The establishment will fight to the death to keep their beds feathered. We need the same resolve.

    2. Not all states prohibit Independents from voting in the primaries: Texas, for example, allows Indies to choose either a D or R ballot.  That said…
      I’m a conservative Independent and have no desire to go back to the GOP, not after people telling me in 2008 that it was my DUTY to vote for McCain, that I OWED it to the party, that I was a ‘traitor to my fellow Republicans,” blah, blah, blah.  No.  It’s MY vote and I can do as I d*** well please with it.
      Let me know when the GOP returns to its core conservative values and stops nominating/re-electing Rinos, then I may come back.  But until then, you can call me Miss Scarlett because I’m gone with the wind.

    3. Sans my earlier point about the local committees.
      The VA state party is a cluster, as is the National party. I live in a county who had a 70% plus  turnout and voted 70% plus for Romney…1st or 2nd largest margin in the state.
      We did our jobs.

    4. BetseyRossI respect your hard work to promote conservative principles in the republican party, but the very fact that you talk about Boehner allowing ‘his inner tea party to shine a small light’ indicates a sense of oppression. After the convention rules change and the smackdown delegates received at the primary convention last year, do you think GOP leaders will allow conservatives to increase influence in the party? It sent the opposite message.

  19. Spot on. I have already left the Republican party because they keep electing and nominating moderates.

  20. I honestly believe that if this whole thing collapses, not because of the Democrats- the Republicans will be at fault.. Then the Second American Revolution begins outright and the Sissy Socialists will see that they have poked the tiger one-time-too-many.  I promise law enforcement and the military will NOT be on their side.  They will be like deer in the headlights when it hits them.

  21. I decided after the debacle in 2012 to reregister as an Independent and have made the commitment to no longer hold my nose when voting. If either candidate doesn’t pass my personal smell test, then I write in NONE OF THE ABOVE. By standing on principle and making a commitment to those principles can we take this country back to what it was intended to be.

    1. SharonQMyers I’m with you Sharon, if they don’t start doing what i voted them in for, i will go Independent too.

      1. phil123 SharonQMyers We keep from being hypocrites by not voting party lines.  I vote for the candidate that closest matches my views, so I can sleep with a clear conscience at night.

      2. phil123 SharonQMyers I’ve had it with hard lefties from the dems and soft lefties from the pubs, so I’m standing on principle. Will it accomplish anything? Probably not. However, if more and more people would vote NOTA, it will send a powerful message.

    2. A suggestion, if I may:
      Instead of voting “none of the above,” write-in the name of a viable candidate whom you could have supported.  Such data is collected and carefully studied by the parties in preparation for the next election cycle.  “Mickey Mouse” and “Abe Lincoln” ballots are discarded, along with “none of the above,” so if you can’t vote for the candidate, use your ballot to send a message to the party.

    1. deleted_15255901_FIREINTHEHOLE69 When they are in there too long it becomes a one government country.

    2. deleted_15255901_FIREINTHEHOLE69 Since Congress will not impose term limits on themselves, we the people will have to do it. It can be accomplished easiest during primary elections. If your Senator/Representative is running for a third term, vote for his opponent. Then during the general election, both parties will be represented by those seeking a first or second term. I believe that after the second term, our representatives become their own representatives, and our interests are subjucated to their own personal interests.

    3. I used to believe that our “term limits” were elections. Too bad the election outcomes are determined by uninformed voters and fraud.

  22. Yet Mark won’t support a third party. We can’t work with RINOS like Foolbio, McShame, Cornflake, Idyotte,  and Gramnesty.

    1. fireme even El Rushbo keeps trying to convince us Rubio is “Reaganesque.”  C’mon Rush, we may have been born at night, but not last night…

      1. For some reason Rush has blinders on for Rubio like mark has for Hatch and Ryan ? I guess it has something to do with air circulation when doing Radio.

    2. fireme 
      Gotta say I love that “Cornflake” nickname; I usually refer to him as John McCain’s flunkie, Flake. He’s like a little lost puppy following around on the heels of his alpha male, the malicious McCain; more fool him.

  23. Frankly we need a new 2nd Party. the GOP has turned into nothing more than Democrat Lite. So let them be freaking Democrats. I think it’s time we force all those part of the TEA Party Caucus to switch and become Independent.

    1. jcrichichi You aren’t going to win a lot of converts by starting the negotiation with the idea that you can “force” us to do anything!

      1. mytorpor  EXACTLY what I thought when I read “force all those…”  Then I read your comment.  Right on!

  24. Mark Levin supported ABO….he and a handful of others had the courage to call Obama a Socialist and Communist and out him at every chance.  
    If it is too late it will be because we have let Obama create a ginormous base of voters that believe Socialism is better than the Constitution…and millions of new illegal voters. 
    We have to come together…I could not stand the fact that Romney and RNC or Fox would not uses the words Socialist to describe Obama.  I voted for Romney and Ryan because they were 1000xs better than Obama.   By the election Romney and Ryan had me believing they were going to be great and could turn things around and quickly….it would grieve me to know Conservatives of all stripes did not show up and vote because they didn’t like a Mormon or a RINO.

    1. sallyjohanna many voted for Romney, thinking it was the only way to save the country. I hope you are able to give those who refused to vote for Romney credit for the same patriotic intention. We can’t support a party that used us to get into power, only to collaborate with the Gang of Eight on subverting immigration law, raise our national debt, push through Obamacare, attack the 2nd amendment, and on and on. Is there any difference between voting for democrats or voting for a party that goes along with the democrats? We’ve been told, ‘You have to pick either A or B.’ We are saying, ‘No’. I pick ‘C’ for ‘constitution.’

      1. applepie101 sallyjohanna  Well this could not be a worse time for you to say NO.
        Romney and Ryan are not Socialist/Communist dishonorable tyrants that rise to the level of Obama.
        So a RINO is equal to a Tyrant.  There is not a RINO that I can think of that compares to the level of subversive contempt of Obama. 
        Above all our Leaders have to possess patriotism with the desire to protect and defend the Constitution…an uphold the oath they take.

    2. sallyjohanna You’re absolutely right!  We need to evaluate candidates thoroughly and there are organizations that do that for you.  I’ve always thought the Independent status was a joke…wanting to be intellectually superior to either party, a ‘free’ thinker..  However, I’m changing my affiliation to Independent now because we need to send a message to the Republican Lite people!  Probably be a cold day in H*ll when I ever vote for a Democrat but all my support will go to Constitutional, Conservative candidates, whether they be in my district or not.

      1. NavySubVetDave sallyjohanna  I appreciate that….but when you are in a great battle with a vicious and DEVIOUS enemy you need every soldier you can get to defeat the enemy.

    3. sallyjohanna I didn’t vote for “Big Government Etch-A-Sketch or Ryan. I’m done voting for socialism. The gopE is socialist. Knock yourself out. Many more will join the ranks of flipping the bird to the gopE in 2016. They are the permanent minority party. We don’t need 2 parties of Big Government. No one is moving the country to the left more than the gopE who refuse to fight and believe they are better at managing Big Government than the Democrats.

  25. I left the Republican party when they shoved Mitt Romney down our throats! The Republican establishment is as liberal as the Democrat’s and I will not waste my time being jerked around again! I will vote for Tea Party candidates and hope to see the Tea Party on ballots. I will never vote for another lesser of two evils candidate again! Either I can fully support them or I will NOT vote at all! God Bless the Tea Party! They are the only party that can save this screwed up nation! That’s if it can even be saved! So much damage has been done it may be too late already! Meanwhile the Sheeple Sleep!

    1. faustmanv With all due respect sir, you, and the many like you, who didn’t think Mr. Romney was pure enough to vote for, are the reason America is in decline. Allow me to explain.
      You see the “silent majority” has been so for far too long. We the people stood silent while one woman and nine, unelected, black robed men threw God from my classroom in the early 60’s. About 10 years later another woman and the same nine men decided that an unborn child is of no more worth than a tumor or a pimple, to be excised. Now, we made the mistake of trusting the sacred duty of speaking in our stead to people who were, and are, more interested in their next election or their next “fact finding” junket, or stock tip than they are about the future of America. These people are called “career politicians”. These people, who’re mostly lawyers, represent all that the founders spoke against.
      The United States Congress, both Houses, were NEVER intended to be anyone’s career. Congress was intended to be filled with people from all walks of life, all professions, not all lawyers. Think I’m wrong? Look at the history that isn’t being taught. Our Senate is controlled by lawyers, in fact, 70% of our Senators are lawyers. Now, to be fair, there is a place for lawyers, even in government, but, when we the people are made fools of by these crooks, it’s long past time we rethink things. I’ve got nothing against lawyers. Lawyers, by profession, deserve to be represented in Congress, like all other professions, but not more so. The lawyers in Congress give us 2000+ page bills that THEY do not even understand, filled with pork, (legalspeak for OUR tax money), that goes to finance their reelections. To add insult to injury, none other than the very LEADER of the House of Representatives, stands in front of us, and with a repugnant grin, tells us, “we have to pass the bill, to find out what’s in it”. Take a second and think about it, the House of Representatives was and is intended to be the voice of we the people, yet with the overwhelming decent of us, hid behind closed doors, used deceit and subterfuge to pass a bill that no one, but them, wanted.
      Folks? This is not representation, this is tyranny and if we the people do not rise up and put a stop to it, America will not last another 20 years.

      1. You say, ‘rise up and put a stop to it’, but at the same time, when we do, criticize those who refuse to vote for democrat-lite GOP candidates. We have to stop thinking of congress in terms of ‘our team’ and ‘their team’. Neither one is ‘our team.’

        1. applepie101 Who are you serving when you don’t vote for the ‘best’ candidate?

        2. NavySubVetDave applepie101 My own best interests. I don’t want corrupt crony capitalism.which is what both parties practice. If the gopE doesn’t represent us they can be the permanent minority party.

        3. I’m serving the children and grandchildren of my generation. I don’t expect to live to see America’s recover. I vote for someone I respect, even if I have to write the name in. To keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…you know the rest. So I’m doing something different.

      2. Sorry I was unclear about the fact that I did vote for Romney, but I will never vote for a RINO again, period. I said all the things you did before the 2012 election to justify getting people out to vote for the same stated reasons as well. Only the self educated know the truth about what is going on in our country. Everything on the Boobtube is liberal promotion and propaganda. This is the core problem we face. People are brainwashed. I don’t see a possible turnaround for our nation before a financial collapse happens. Believe me I have been trying to educate the people for over 6 years now. I am a hardcore conservative and a Tea Party patriot. If you want the truth check out my site

      3. Also I must add if Romney would have won it would have only prolonged our inevitable demise. I do agree it would have given us more time to fix this mess though.

  26. I am a Constitutional Conservative and a 10 Amendment hawk.  I want the Conservatives that have a podium to come together and start calling Obama and the Democrats what they are SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVES.   Loudly, consistently beat the drum and highlight their Socialist activity.  The Socialists use the term Democrat as a shield of former respectability…the Democrat party has been hijacked by the SP’s and it is essentially dead. They are working furiously to install Socialism (at the least) and we are afraid to call it what it IS. 
    The GOP, Conservatives, and the Tea Party will never come together or defeat the SP regime until we start correctly identify the enemy that we are fighting.  We are in a fight NOW, not some future date, for the Constitution and America. 
    Socialism and the Constitution are antithesis forms of government, they can coexist for a while but then one must GO, one will fall.  Are we going to be the generation that destroys the Constitution and our beloved nation?  Are we going to let Obama and the progressives trample the Constitution until it is DUST and fly his Obama flag over us??

    1. Excellent idea, and a good test to prove whether congressional conservatives are genuine. Call socialists what they are.

  27. I’m already gone. It’s a joke. The GOP leadership is like a bunch of henpecked, neutered wimps. They don’t understand that the reason libs attack someone is because they are scared of them.
    Where is the message ? The only people carrying their weight are the likes of Cruz, Gowdy, and folks like Col. West. The Tea Party is the only thing that kept this nation from going under in the first 4 years. The GOP leadership threw that away between 2010 and 2012.

    The very people the GOP has deliberately marginalized to appease liberals into liking them. The very people who refuse to engage and “stay above the fray”, are the very people who take their play calling from the other team and let them pick the rules and refs….then liberals break all the rules anyway. The very people who have allowed liberalism to flourish for 2 generations by “not engaging”.
    Who is the future ?
    Christie ? George Soros is funding him. Dems are lining up behind him. Nuff said.
    Rubio ? He’s out of his depth. He’s flopping around on this BS amnesty bill that he was instrumental in creating the same way he drinks water on TV. Fish out of water, flopping around. What did he expect when he got into bed with Schumer, a reach around ?
    Rand Paul ? The fleas just jumped to the younger dog. On foreign policy, he’s just as stupid and just as dangerous as the current resident of 1600. As is the PaulBot foreign policy (or lack thereof).
    Boehner ? I know a drunk when I see one. Half the time he’s on camera, he’s slurring more than a sailor on liberty his first night off the boat in 6 months. Listen to him through a set of Turtle Beaches some time.
    The GOP leadership on the State and Federal levels could learn a lot from the local committees. The only reason I stuck with it as long as I did was because of the local leadership. We won that fight, because we engaged.

    1. “Rand Paul ? The fleas just jumped to the younger dog. On foreign policy, he’s just as stupid and just as dangerous as the current resident of 1600. As is the PaulBot foreign policy (or lack thereof).”
      Please state facts to back up this statement. The lies being told about Rand Paul are infuriating  Just like the lies told about Palin’s record; that is, if her record was mentioned at all.  I think Rand Paul does a great job trying to protect our rights.  He and others are working their behinds off.  Why this animosity?  And it is mostly animosity based on rumor and innuendo.  Comparing Rand Paul’s foreign policy to Obama’s?  I don’t get it.  If you did your homework on Rand Paul (not Ron Paul) and have some facts to support your disapproval, I would like to see them.
      I was one of the millions who were led astray by supporting Rubio’s faux conservatism.  Then the facts came out about him; supported by the Bushies is a “no no” in my book, in particular, Jeb Bush.  Then the amnesty debacle which seems to only be getting worse for Rubio.  I don’t want to go through this again with Rand Paul, and his record certainly doesn’t indicate anything untoward, however, perhaps you know facts that I don’t.

      1. The burden is not on me to prove he is the same, the burden is on Rand to prove he is not..
        PaulBots seamlessly jumped from Ron to Rand, and what I have heard from Rand on foreign policy doesn’t distinguish him in any way from his dad and the kooks that follow them both. I’ve also seen videos of Rand in HIS OWN WORDS parroting much of the idiocy I heard from Ron.
        The only difference that I see, as someone who follows all of this closely, is that Rand is smarter about his messaging than his father was.

  28. I am gone as soon as the TEA Party becomes a party, or Texas becomes the Republic of Texas again.

  29. Right on Mark. Marks new book is going to be a take no prisoners and a guide of how to change the course. Sarah Palin has been hinting if the GOP doesnt ship up she may be gone as well.

    1. Willie Heath She should have been long gone. I’d like to see her on a third party ticket.

  30. Its about time! I have been saying for awhile if we the people leave the GOP they are finished and speaking for me I already have. I have voted for my last RINO!!!! Our answer is a third party and there are enough of us to win.

    1. I AGREE 100% – in fact I think it is time for a third party- whether it be the Conservative party or Constitutional party. All we need is 25 congressmen abandon #SpeakerBoehner and make him a local dog catcher. Boehner must follow the Hastert Rule. The immigration bill is horrible without first SECURING the border.Everyone should email, tweet or call Boehner. #WorstSpeaker #TGowdyForSpeaker

        1. @njmon, Fool is being nice, so I wonder what we call the Tea Party newbies who jump parties to go along with this treachery?  I haven’t dicided just yet, I’m waiting to see what fools votes for what immigration bill if any.

        2. TIMERUNNERSC  Rubio was  TP also if I remember. I think like the word “conservative” many who should not have, used it.

  31. Right on the mark, Mr. Levin. If the GOP insists on running any more moderate-lefties for POTUS, then they will not get my vote. I held my nose and voted for Romney (not to mention McCain), but not again.  It’s been proven time and again that moderate Republicans are less likely to win, but the establishment/moderate-left branches that control the party keep getting their way, running moderate candidates who don’t win. Shoot, the only reason G.W. Bush won twice was that the Democrats ran someone even worse, and even then Bush barely won. 
    Either run a real right-wing candidate, or I’ll vote third party – and nobody needs to tell me that I’d be wasting my vote – I’ve already wasted my vote with Romney and McCain. The only way the GOP is going to get the message is if right-wingers refuse to support the GOP’s milquetoast candidates. 
    Much like the Democrats treatment of blacks, the GOP thinks that they have the right-wing vote locked in; that they own us. It’s about time to show them that they don’t.

    1. JeffWRidge 
      I knew the Party was lost when we delivered 55+ rookies (most of them Tea Party people) to the House in 2010 and Boehner — licking his chops like a slobbering hyena — started picking them off one by one, schooling them, don’t you know, in the DC swamp way of doing business. That Boehner, he’s a leader alright, and leads his pack of fools right to hell, and those who don’t follow get slapped down: think Amash, Bachmann, Schweikert, and others.
      It won’t be long before the disgust with the Party reaches critical mass, and out of the ashes a Constitution Party will rise up to replace it. Because make no mistake about it, the RINOs have a death grip on the GOP, and will under no circumstances relinquish their power and position to a bunch of hayseed Tea Partiers.

      1. My only concern is that if we wait till the GOP is dead, the rinos will just jump ship and infiltrate the Constitution party.

        1. applepie101 It’s always a possibility, as excellent as the tea party is as well, they’ve backed ones like Rubio who turned out to be rinos. We just need to be vigilant and check/vet them better!

  32. He’s right… completely.
    They’re so busy chasing lost votes that they’re blind to the reality that they ought to dance with we who brought them to the dance. We gave them life… and WE WILL take it away if we have to.
    Shun the Tea Party GOP, avoid conservatives, ignore us… and understand you will whither and fade away. And you deserve it! Boehner, you chicken heart coward imbecile… pay attention you moron. WAKE UP!!!

    1. HOUSTONPETITION I’m with you.  Furthermore if they don’t pass it and put up a Bush, Christie, or Rubio, I’ll stay home.  I’ve held my nose for the last time.

  33. I stand with Mark Levin and I hope and pray that Gov Palin joins you in this
    I hope that God leads the Governor to the Presidency in 2016
    If the gope doesn’t start standing up for you and the Governor then I say leave

  34. The GOP is full of OLD FAT Good Ole Boys like’s time to dump that crap and move forward with Conservatives and Teaparty candidates..

  35. I can say without any doubt that the republicans nominating Chris Christie in 2016 would be the moment that I would leave the party. No doubt I’m not the only one with that attitude.

  36. A truly Conservative 3rd Party is the only way around the elitist oligarchs that control the American political process, more specifically the GOP.
    In 2016, we will find ourselves with either Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, or Marco Rubio as the nominee, and many people here will brow beat those of us refusing to cast another vote for an impotent RINO.  I can hear them now, “If you don’t vote for generic rino you are voting for Hillary.  Do you want Hillary?”

    1. @Judges718, while your stating the obvious, your 100% right on. Mr M.Levin saids he is working on plans we may want to consider coming out in August or September this year. I hope his plans will bring out enough voters to put commonsense back in the white house in 2014. But at this point, not doubting the possibility of Mr Levins genius, sadly it’s hard for me to amagine a peaceful resolution to our constitutional crisis we see unfolding before us day after day after day, and in 2014 I see the dangers being 1000%  x worse.

    2. Judges718 I swear this upon my Oath to God Country and Family that I will NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER MILQUETOAST/RINO AGAIN!!

      1. bahamianhoosier Judges718  
        You and me both.  
        If the GOP vote in enough numbers to pass this abomination of an Amnesty bill, I can tell you as a Texan, Texas will go Democrat.  If Texas goes, all hope for this nation is lost.  Liberty and the Republic will be dead.
        This is why I begged people in 2012 not to fall for the gopE’s meme of electability by nominating Romney.  I was called an extremist, mocked, ridiculed, and accused of being prejudice against Mormons.  However, I did vote for Romney in the general election.  
        I WILL NEVER NEVER EVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER IMPOTENT CASTRATED RINO AGAIN.  I will just pray, dig in, and disengage.

    3. Judges718 And the truth is that if we do not vote for the GOP candidate we ARE giving Hillary an unopposed vote, but perhaps that is what they are counting on. Apparently the establishment GOP is happy with Obama since they are not willing to use the good people we have sent them in the past to work against him.  And if they force Bush, Christie or Rubio on us, they can figure out how to get him elected without any conservatives turning up to vote!

  37. Rush gave the same warning and I would have to say the conservative base has left the building.

  38. Mark has always supported a strategy of ‘taking back’ the GOP, and has been very cautious in the past about third party talk.  This was very significant for him to say this.  He’s got something up his sleeve.  I can’t wait for his new book to come out.

  39. I feel like a battered wife who keeps coming back for more. I want out of this madness.

    1. Indianamom As a fellow Hoosier I have listened to Sen Dan Coats (IN Sen) & Rubio, Rep. Ryan not to mention the lib idiots like Reid who say Immigration will save us a TRILLION dollars in 17 YEARS!! (Scoop should post that clip because as a Math teacher he needs to be put in the corner with a dunce hat on!!) and get so angry like find out my wife telling me how sexy the goofy neighbor is and how much she dreams of ways to sway him to be with her… but she still wants me…kind of. Over all of them and ready to send them all home! We must vote for people who will take the sacrificial step to instill term limits and return Govt work to be a part time job (few months a year!) not a career that runs from 30’s to death!!

  40. I believe enough has already left to allow this many leftists taking over our country. If the rest of us jump ship…they’ll just be less of them to do nothing….which they already are accomplishing.

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