Mark Levin: We owe Richard Nixon and his family an APOLOGY…

Mark Levin said last night that given how Nixon was relentlessly attacked for being the greatest threat ever in American history, but yet no one is willing to speak up and go after this president who is far more lawless and far more of a threat to this country, that we really owe Nixon and his family an apology.


Remember how they went after Nixon? Remember how he was threatening the very fabric of our country, our system of government? They were beating their chests. They were waxing eloquently about our system, how Nixon was the greatest threat ever in American history. And they went on and on about it.

They staged impeachment hearings in the House and they actually drew up articles. And they had Republicans going to the White House telling Nixon he had to go…and on and on and on.

You get none of this with Obama. Zero! You don’t get a single Democrat speaking out; the Republicans are scared of their own shadows. The media is a joke.

I think we owe Richard Nixon and apology – posthumously of course. But I think we owe him an apology – and his family. Because quite frankly I think Obama, in terms of his exercise of executive power – certainly his exercise of unconstitutional power, is MUCH WORSE than Nixon ever was! That’s right I said it! And let me go further! I think Holder’s worse than Mitchell was as Attorney General.

And I think there’s things going on in this administration, at the Justice Department, at the EPA, all through it, all around it – we don’t even know the tip of the iceberg what’s going on here! But the lawlessness is deep and it’s far reaching. It’s widespread. And that is exactly the environment of this president and his administration.

So I think we owe Nixon an apology. [And] his family.

And I think the media have demonstrated exactly what they are, pathetic, partisan hacks.

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