Mark Levin weighs in on Trump meeting Kim Jong Un…

Mark Levin weighed in tonight on the news that Trump will meet Kim Jong Un face to face. In it he certainly says Trump deserves a lot of credit for how he’s handled North Korea, but remains deeply skeptical that Un is sincere about anything related to denuclearization. In fact Levin literally says “count me as a very deep skeptic.”

Listen below:

Levin questions why Un wants to meet with Trump, suggesting it might be better to let lower diplomatic channels proceed first to feel out just how sincere he is. After all, as Levin points out, N. Korea spends a huge percentage of its GDP on building nuclear weapons.

He ends by saying this:

So a regime that builds ICBMs, a regime that builds nuclear weapons, all of a sudden wants to talk? We need to be very, very suspicious of this.

I couldn’t agree more. I can’t imagine this meeting amounting to little more than a parade in N. Korea where Un boasts that he just met face to face with the President of the United States and didn’t flinch, or something. I mean, talk about the credibility he’s going to have with his people after this meeting. And all we’ll get is an expensive bill for a trip that amounted to nothing.

Listen to the Levin’s audio clip for more.

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