MARK LEVIN: We’ve got real DESPOTISM growing in this country and conservative media is all TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!

Mark Levin is ticked that everyone, including conservative media, are all piling on Donald Trump when he has no say in the policies that are currently governing this country. Levin says that we’ve got a real despotism growing in this country and conservative media is all Trump Trump Trump!

He calls on the conservative media to aim their guns at the people who’ve actually played a part in destroying this country and stop trying to destroy our candidates, whether it be Trump, Cruz, Fiorina, or whomever:

It’s worth pointing out that as Levin has said many times, including tonight, he’s not a special pleader for any candidate nor has he decided to support a specific candidate.

He has a problem, though, with the outrageous language being used by some at our candidates, like Trump being called ‘Hitler’ and ‘Mussolini’, language that he points out isn’t even used by any media to describe the people destroying this country.

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