Married gay guys molest tons of kids, then commit suicide when cops start figuring it out…

In a really weird article on People Magazine, the focus is put on the poor family of a couple that was found dead from a murder-suicide pact, in a manner I’ve never seen in other stories:


Have you ever seen a headline aiming for sympathy for the family of child molesters? I don’t remember seeing any. But the first paragraph seems to hold a clue as to why they’re framing it this way – it’s a gay couple.

In fact, in the entire article, they don’t say “gay” once, even though it’s clearly two guys. Kinda weird.

Here are the circumstances of their suicide from the article:

According to court documents, apparently the couple left the area, with no further contact with friends or family, on Aug. 16.

That was the same day police searched their home in connection with a sex abuse investigation and two days after both men were accused of abuse by a teenage boy, according to the documents. The documents also allege the couple serially abused minors using the same methods: Give them alcohol and marijuana and abuse them when they were intoxicated.

Though it’s unclear how many victims have come forward, Babbitt and Deyo have been accused by multiple teenagers of sexual abuse, including rape, according to the documents. Police and the school district say they are investigating.

Before disappearing that Tuesday, the couple visited a relative and asked to borrow a gun because they said they were going camping and wanted protection from bears, according to the documents.

Kayakers found their bodies on in a common use area on Lopez Island, authorities tell PEOPLE. Deyo shot Babbitt before killing himself, as “agreed upon,” says San Juan County Undersheriff Brent Johnson.

The suicide note is reported to mention a lot of topics – probably the sexual rape accusations as well?

Here’s more on the evil acts they are accused of committing on teenagers:

Both Babbitt and Deyo allegedly sexually abused multiple teenagers, according to the court documents obtained by PEOPLE. The documents detail repeating cycles of alleged abuse in which the couple would ply their victims with alcohol and marijuana – as well as stronger drugs, their victims suspect – before assaulting and molesting them.

What’s more, “In interviews with … victims, Babbitt and Deyo would expose the teens to porn, give them access to porn subscriptions, and encourage them to communicate with them without their [parents’] knowledge, on social media,” police allege, according to the documents.

The couple would also give their victims gifts, according to the documents: In one instance they gave a teenage boy, who was also gay, some underwear and yoga shorts, with Babbitt telling the teen’s concerned mom that it was a “gay thing” and he was helping.

The men also allegedly took naked photographs of at least one victim and police suspect they had installed a secret camera in their bathroom in order to record more teens, according to the documents.

Deyo, who said he was training to be a chiropractor, allegedly used that as a pretense on multiple occasions, according to the documents: He would allegedly get his victims naked for massages or to crack their backs, and then he would assault them.

But it gets worse!!! One of the guys was actually praised as a “father figure” and a “mentor” in the local community because he took one of the victims under his wing after he came out as gay. And then he sexually abused him. Allegedly.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen heterosexual child molesters treated in a manner intended to elicit sympathy rather than outrage at the evil acts. I guess they’re making up for our hetero-privilege?

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