‘MASS MURDER PLOT’ planned for St. Valentine’s Day FOILED in Canada; one dead, 3 in custody

Overnight a neighborhood was locked down in a town in Canada after police found a nineteen-year-old dead in his house after being tipped to a “mass murder plot” being planned for St. Valentine’s Day. Terrorism has been ruled out, curiously, and police are only saying that the suspects had “some beliefs,” but haven’t released their identities.

Watch below:

From Global News:

RCMP said the Timberlea man and a 23-year-old Geneva, Illinois woman had access to firearms and were planning to kill as many people as possible at a public venue in Halifax before killing themselves. The plan was to take place on Saturday, Feb. 14, said police.

Information was provided to police regarding a potential significant weapons-related threat on Thursday. RCMP and Halifax regional police from the Criminal Investigations Division are both investigating.

“Had they  been able to carry out their plan, the potential was for there to be a large number of individual citizens put at risk,” said the Nova Scotia RCMP Commanding Officer, Assistant Commissioner Brian Brennan.”And that relates to the potential for how many potentially could have been killed.”

Evidence also suggested that two other males, aged 20 and 17, of Halifax and Cole Harbour respectively, were involved. Police said their role in the plot is still under investigation.

This is the only information released so far on the identity and motivation of the suspects:

Police said that they are not characterizing this as terrorism, but they haven’t ruled it out yet. They said this is not “culturally” motivated

“I would classify it as a group of individuals who had some beliefs, and who were willing to carry out violent acts against citizens,” said Brennan. “But there is nothing in the investigation to classify it as a terrorist attack.”

Not being “culturally motivated” seems like a euphemism for saying it wasn’t Muslims, but you really can’t ever tell. And can you get any more vague than they “had some beliefs”? I would think anyone who targeted large numbers of people for death would be called a terrorist, but who knows in these Orwellian times of ours.

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