MASTERFUL: Rep. Trey Gowdy GRILLS Adm. Mullen on why he didn’t interview Hillary Clinton over Benghazi

Rep. Trey Gowdy masterfully goes after Adm. Mullen on the fact that he choose not to interview Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, despite the fact that she was responsible for all of it. It’s excellent as usual.



Here’s another by Gowdy from today in the same hearing:

Rep. Gowdy tells the families of the Benghazi victims that the American people have not forgotten about Benghazi.

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202 thoughts on “MASTERFUL: Rep. Trey Gowdy GRILLS Adm. Mullen on why he didn’t interview Hillary Clinton over Benghazi

  1. Easy to see why this country is headed for the dirtbag. An admiral, a state secretary, a president … who have nothing but mush for brains.

      1. lol..just got a little ‘deja vu’ from your post. I had finally gotton on FB and was chatting hello to a friend I hadn’t seen in years. During this i read about Barry’O making NASA’s new goals/campaign/mission…whatever, was to revolve around “muslim outreach”. I thought that it was either a joke, or the most reatarded thing I had ever heard. I fired off emails to NASA’s pres and mentioned all this in my next message. I had no idea what his politics were, and never thought to…I couldn’t believe what I had just read, and couldn’t imagine that anyone who wasn’t completely corrupt, or a total moron, could think that this was a good idea! Well, his next message had a huffingtonpost link to a glowing review of NASA’s new mission, and his opinion that this might have unlimited positive possibilities for a ‘new’ NASA, that we haven’t even thought of yet…
        I’m thinking “…muslim outreach?” We havent spoken since and you pointing out the the huffpo-po post gave me a good chuckle and reminded me of that strange afternoon…Thanks!

  2. Mullen didn’t know what the answers were that Gowdy had asked about what Hilliary knew, so why didn’t they interview her???

  3. In my view, it is rare this sort of bull dog conviction and integrity from a prosecuter who happens to also be an unselfish politician. If just 1 of the dozens of scandals enbroiling this administration would finally penetrate the minds of the ignorant electorate before it is too late!

    1. It’s ALREADY too late! The illegal alien squatter was re-illegally-elected so we can only hope for change SOON! (IMPEACHMENT!)

  4. Admiral admits Special Ops ordered to ‘hold in place’ during Benghazi attack. A
    special operations team, geared up and about to offer assistance to the
    Americans trapped at the besieged foreign mission in Benghazi, Libya,
    was ordered to “hold in place,” a witness testified before the House
    Oversight and Government Reform Committee Thursday.

  5. can anyone tell me what Mr.Cummings said at 8:18 of this video??? I never remember hearing this kind of garbled shit before digital audio… I have this happen on my Direct TV also whats up with that???? maybe he just could get his thoughts to line up with his mouth, I dont know…

    1. It was something about Gowdy yielding one minute of his time. It’s not just garbled digital shit, Cummings talks like he has Oblahblah’s dick in his mouth. He sounds just like the alcohol-fried winos you see staggering down the back alleys in the city. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but I OFTEN have a hard time understanding black people who “speak wino”. It’s all a conflagration of vowels & consonants that barely resembles human speech!

  6. let’s keep that Benghazi Truth Train advancing …

    will the last stop be IMPEACHMENT-Ville? (DEO VOLENTE, YES it WILL BE! **__**)

    ALL ABOARD! … plenty of room for you to sit up front with Obama,
    Killary … looking forward to hearing from ya … UNDER OATH this time


    don’t forget:

    FOUR are DEAD. Obama went to BED.

  7. I don’t understand how the mystery people who’ve been sworn to secrecy and shuffled off to obscurity can be allowed to go unquestioned?!

  8. MR. GOWDY<===REAL AMERICAN…unlike that POS ILLEGAL musSLIME obamma and the rest of the DUMB ASS LIBERALS.

  9. Earlier I posted this challenge:

    [i] Did any of you factually challenged Tea Baggers actually watch and listen to the Alan Grayson video link I provided? Here – I’ll post it again:

    Instead of spouting your Faux Nuze talking points try watching it and
    then tell me one thing that was said in it that was incorrect.

    Please – I dare ya. [/i]

    And not a single one of you whiners had the audacity to take up the challenge. Instead all you did was post a bunch of lip~syncing Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh stupid talk interspersed with the occasional vulgarity – illustrating the writers obvious lack of maturity.

    No wonder they call you Fox Folks the least informed people in America.

    1. Once you prove yourself a troll, well….there you go!Just a sad little troll high on the Kool-Aid!Have you considered lobotomy?

      1. You know, when you’re grossly short on facts it doesn’t say much for your intellectual prowess to jump right in with the derogatory comments and Kool-Aid stupidity.

        Rebut the video – if you can. If you can’t why go about making yourself look like a weenie.

        1. Hey factsobill FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don’t make yourself look like a weenie! Those faggots and faggot lovers in the Gaybama Party get too excited when weenies are mentioned and we don’t want to be responsible for giving the wimpy little whiners any heart attacks now, do we? 😉

      1. your screen name left off the telltale part

        AKA – proudwhiteredneck

        Probably have a Confederate flag tatooed on your arm too, don’t ya?

        1. you have the RAINBOW Flag in yours! Now, be a good little fairy…put on that party dress…your dress wearing daddy has something “special” he wants to give you**

          1. Way to Bitchslap that punk little Oblahblah lover, proudwhite! And Heaven forbid that WHITE PEOPLE be allowed to show racial pride! Only punk ass gangsta wannabe killers can have racial pride, according to Obozo, that is! Isn’t it funny? Gangstas punks who murder innocent people almost HOURLY can proclaim their race to be wonderful but a decent, hard working American white man can’t? TYPICAL MOONBAT LOGIC!

        2. Hey lewellynb…Hmmm, proud white redneck huh? Is that the somehow worse than proud baby-killing gangsta lover? I’ll bet YOU have a picture of Oblahblah on your ceiling so you can glory in your savior’s countenance while you ram large vegetables (and humans) up your ass! (That is, if you can squeeze them past your fat, faggot-loving head!)

          1. Boy I bet your parents are soooo NOT proud of how you turned out. Must be hard on them knowing they raised an vulgar, dope with the intelligence of a sewer slug.

            Oh, and you’re one of the few posting here with a screen name that fits you – Blobshittle.

            At least you got that one right.

    2. You mention Alan Grayson and facts in the same sentence and YOU think your enlightened? Go in the mirror and shout YES WE CAN as your false idol destroys this once great nation.

      1. Why can’t you whiners man up and view the video. Inform yourself instead of letting the the republican’t party feed you B.S. and tell you it’s caviar.

        1. FIRST—FUCK THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! They are, for the most part, just as evil & crooked as the Dumbocrats! I guess Mr. Gowdy should change his name from Trey to Treyvon, THEN maybe you Kool-Aid-sucking, faggot-loving, illegal alien supporting, BABY KILLING, braindead douchebags would like him! Hell. if his name was Treyvon, Obozo would be calling him his SON and you would all be running around screaming for Justice for Gowdy! TELL ME I’M WRONG!

          1. From outta nowhere comes more Bobshit.

            You’re wrong.

            Now why don’t you knuckle drag your foul mouthed self down to the closest library and read a book.

            Preferably one that isn’t filled with pornographic pictures and foul language.

    3. That is your big rebuttal? That is your challenge? That is your proof? A pre planned rehearsed Q&A session. You should really try better to understand how the United States USUALLY handles threats to embassy/bases/any thing with american interest and then try to make an argument.

    4. This whole line of questioning by Grayson is nothing more than a red herring. It doesnt matter whether the questions he asked were wrong or right if he is asking the wrong questions. The facts are that thee ambassor asked for increased security the very day of the attack and was denied. When the attack began, no one knew how long it would last but through out no one lifted a finger to help. The attack actually lasted at least 7 hours. Someone gave the order early on for the militaryy to stand down. To this day no one knows who gave the order. When Grayson asked was there any forces close enough to respond with in the first 90 minutes, in order to save the ambassador, the answer may have been correct when he answered no…but how did anyone know how long it was going to be before he was killed??? If it was some one you cared about would you be saying, gee, he might be dead in 90 minutes so theres no use in trying to send help. The fact is that the President went to bed and Hillary and everyone else let four Americans die. Period.

    5. Having listened to both Gowdy and Grayson, I am reminded that there are two forms of reasoning; inductive and deductive. Grayson uses deductive; employing logic and reasoning to prove a conclusion previously arrived at. Gowdy uses Inductive; seeking particular facts and information to form a conclusion. You and Grayson cannot fathom why the administration or state dept. would not tell the truth, so you accept what you’ve been told, and never look beyond face value. Gowdy and a large portion of the informed citizenry smell a big stinking pile of lies, and want to know why… The fact that the lies are associated with the death of four honorable Americans magnifies the lying issue. The United States not only had at its disposal, forces trained specifically for this kind of circumstance, but they were ready to go, and most likely could have save some if not all of those people. This is the lie that caught my attention, because I was part of one of those units, in that region. There are many lies here that are highly visible to others. Trey Gowdy is right for pursuing this matter.

      1. Thank you for what is, thus far, the “first” and only reasonably intelligent response in this thread. Wrong though it is it’s still comforting to know that there is at least one Republicans out there who can conjure up a coherent paragraph and do it without name calling wallowing in the gutter.

        Unfortunately your “inductive v/s deductive analogy is Smoke and Mirrors. It’s nothing more than the “glass half full or half empty” argument dressed up to sounds more intellectual.

        The problem is that you republican’ts won’t accept the fact that as unfortunate as these four deaths obviously are – stuff happens. And as anyone who’s ever been in combat will tell you it usually happens in ways that no one foresaw.

        The truth here is that you republican’ts are never going to be satisfied until you have Obama’s head on a pike – and that just “ain’t” going to happen.

        Get used to it.

        1. It’s not a question of accepting the four deaths Lefty. Nice try at your obfuscation of the facts.

          What we won’t accept here are multiple omissions of truths, outright lies, poor leadership, the refusal to follow the governments own rules for security at our overseas facilities, and the complete lack of defense of our own people. Up until Obama and Hillary, stand down orders for people in trouble was unheard of, and if nothing else it is certainly indefensible.

          There is no plausible deny-ability for either of these UN-Americans scumbags as to why they didn’t even try to save them. They have no excuse and they bring disgrace to the offices they hold or held in the case of Killary.

    6. Maybe if you would debate in a more civil tone, people would pay more attention to you. I have learned this from years on the net: When liberals are losing an argument, or are feeling backed into a corner, the first thing they do is start using personal attacks. The second thing they do is play the race card. In the old days, that worked well for them. It doesn’t work so well anymore. So, learn to watch your mouth and more people will take you seriously.

    7. Liberal lurking douchbag alert!
      Dealt with this asshole before! And he still quoting tha liberal-hackasshole Grayson! Socialist-wannabe’s….I wonder which one’s the Pitcher, and who’s the Catcher?

      ..I just remembered where I’ve seen him before…He was spouting the same stuff about fox, msm and all that….But he tried to kinda quote ‘studies’ that found that people were actually ‘less-informed’ After watching a fox newscast! Tried to sound likde he was quoting ‘hard science’ and actual studies, without really quoting anybody or anything…

      Laughed his lame-ass right outta there.

      But if the truth be known, “ studies, soon to be released, along with certain polling..pew, I think…show conclusively that, opinions are like assholes, everbodys got one, and most of ’em stink!”

  10. It is the very few like Congressman Gowdy that still gives we the people hope in this out of control bunch of do nothings who think we are so dumb we cannot see through their sharades.
    Please keep the heat on!
    I love the way he can make an admiral squirm but it shouldn’t take much when said admiral knows the he is lying to the committee.

  11. It’s bad enough that we have to put up with Obama’s criminal scandals, but the cover-ups and fake investigations are scandals in themselves.

    It’s the same after every scandal. From the IRS to Benghazi to Fast and Furious. When you promote the people responsible and fire people that had no authority to do anything, then you don’t even interview the people in charge….it’s pretty obvious it’s a fake investigation and cover up of intentional activities conducted illegally or shamefully by the WH.

  12. Adm. Mullen should know he’s being grilled, he didn’t get where he is being the pansy he showed himself to be here.

  13. The Admiral was smacked in the gonads with the glaring fact that the reason he didn’t know the answers to the Congressman Gowdy’s questions is because he did not do his job with the ARB and interview the two people who had all of the answers, Obama and Clinton. To think that a person of Mullen’s stature and experience was too stupid to do the job is something of a stretch, when the real facts show that he willfully ignored his duty and his responsibility to the American people and the families of the Benghazi victims. There can be no other conclusion except that Mullen is just another corrupt political hack completely lacking in ethics and honor. Kudos to Mr. Gowdy, well done sir, well done.

    1. Mullen is nothing more than a puppet in a pretty uniform, just like the rest of them and Dempsey is right now! We have NO military leadership and these blackboot thugs will goose step right in place with the rest of them if o ever initiates martial law!

  14. Did any of you factually challenged Tea Baggers actually watch and listen to the Alan Grayson video link I provided?

    Instead of spouting your Faux Nuze talking points try watching it and then tell me one thing that was said in it that was incorrect.

    Please – I dare ya.

    1. You sorry MF!!! Grayson is the world’s biggest f’ing idiot, right behind YOU!!! billary i’m a f’ing dyke Clinton was in charge and ultimately responsible for what happened in ‘Benghazi, it’s a non-issue’ according to your f’ing facts!! You will f’king rot in HELL along with the rest of these motherf’kers! I’ve seen your troll ass out here before and God help your sorry ass soul!

      1. You have to ignore the simpletons, buffoons and cognitively impaired liberatards like Little Lewlew. They can’t be salvaged. Lobotomy is the only possible action for those of LewLew’s ilk. F–k em and the horse they road in on:)

        1. Ken, feel free to run off at the mouth all you want – it merely serves to illustrate the point that you can’t respond to the challenge I posed above.

          You really ought to STFU because responding as you did just makes you look like a knuckle dragging dope you obviously are.

          PS – It’s “rode in on”Einstein

          1. Gosh, I made a typo. Correct, it is the verb “rode.” Who pointed that out to you? Your inane babbling is almost amusing except all you people sound exactly the same.

          1. Just having fun, Richard, Gets the Liberatards all stirred up:) Welfare, FUBAR Care and gun control seems to set them off.

      2. Yeah, Alan Grayson is a f’ing idiot and you’re obviously Ken Jennings.
        No, wait: Grayson is a Harvard graduate and you’re responding like the moron you obviously are while hiding behind the screen name “space-link” – how appropriate.


    2. lewlew!! typical libtard cant get the idea that the admiral didnt get. HE DIDNT DO HIS FREEKING JOB!!! liberals are such freeking idiots. all talk and no substance. take off your obama glasses and get off your obama phone loser.

      1. if you watched the video but couldn’t refute it why not just say so, DGP? Why post a bunch of nonsense and pretend it proves anything.

        It doesn’t. Unless you consider making yourself look stupid is proving something that isn’t glaringly obvious.

        1. WOW…way too much wit for me. FYI i didnt watch whatever liberal gobblygook you posted. there is enough obvious negligence on this issue to get some wacked POV from someone like you. your answer to everyone was enough for me not to even bother.

          1. That’s the ticket! Don’t bother to research the facts before forming your opinion. Just turn on Fox and doze off. Something is bound to sink in, eh?

            Typical Tea Bag mentality. Hopefully you’re still too young to vote.

    3. Yeah in fairness I watched it, but your take is so biased!Patrick Kennedy and Grayson, now there’s a pair of turtledoves! Kennedy should be fired and stripped of all pensions, monies and put in prison for dereliction of his duties to the American People as does Hillary Clinton!

      1. How is my take biased? Grayson asked logical questions and Kennedy either gave factual responses or he didn’t. If he didn’t why aren’t Darrel Issa and the republicants issuing subpoena’s and subjecting him to legal repercussions. That’s how it’s supposed to work, isn’t it?

        In fact why hasn’t Issa gotten to the bottom of anything his committee has spent the last few years “looking into?” Could it be because all the republican claims are B.S.?

        Seems to me that if what you and your cronies are claiming is true the dereliction of duties lay at the feet of Dubious Darrel.

        1. Thank you lewellynb for RUINING OUR BELOVED COUNTRY! Name ONE THING Oblahblah has done for America! And if you say Obamaphone I will personally cyberspit on your cyber grave BITCH! The only think Obooboo has done is put MORE PEOPLE ON FOOD STAMPS THAN EVER BEFORE! Oh wait, there IS one more thing. He single-handedly caused MILLIONS OF AMERICANS to lose their full-time status at work, just so their employers can save money on the insurance that OBLAMER MAKES THEM PAY FOR IF THEY HAVE FULL TIME WORKERS! You Communist asswipes are really beginning to piss off those of us with more than 3 brain cells and YOU ARE GOING TO CAUSE A FUCKING CIVIL WAR, YOU ASSHOLES! STAND DOWN! STAND DOWN! STAND DOWN! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STAND DOWN!!!!!!!

  15. Kim All we Ant is “Justice” is that not your longing. Justice? I would hope so? that or you’re one heartless person.

  16. They died to coverup Obamas illegal gun running op to the Syrian rebels Like Libya and Egypt the plan was to install the Brotherhood there to.

    1. yes, berry has his brother funneling money to the Mus-lim Brotherhood! Egyptian Newspaper Headline was berry is a member and has been for several years.

  17. Watching that second video, I am amazed at how my favorite bull dog, Trey Gowdy, is so compassionate towards the parents. Kudos to him for being a man of integrity and compassion.

    1. I would have appreciated some kind of notice that was coming… had to hold back the tears much like he did.

  18. As a parent of a 17 year old son who was killed … Amen. There is no closure when it comes to the death of your child.

  19. terpsez108

    I really don’t think Hillary was responsible– it was a CIA- Petreaus — and DOD –Panetta thing —
    really? Innocent little Hilary wasn’t responsible?
    She ran for the office of President in 2008, claiming she was better suited, more experienced and more responsible than Obama. The left tossed her over like dog crap on an old shoe.
    She took the position of Sec of State. Nobody begged her to take the job. She wanted it. SHE told Congress she had the experience required for the responsibilities of the job.
    She was the head of the State Dept. HER job to know what was happening at her embassies, what problems there were, and what was being done to address it. I could see if she wasn’t up to date on the embassy in Britain, but in a country at war? One we started?
    If, as the head of State, it was not her responsibility to know that there had been multiple attacks, whose was it?
    If it wasn’t her responsibility to make sure that an embassy in a war zone was protected and defended, whose was it?
    If it wasn’t her responsibility to order help be sent immediately upon hearing of the attack, within moments of it beginning on 9/11/12, whose was it?
    If it wasn’t her responsibility to be honest about what had happened to the families of those who died, the American public and Congress, while testifying, whose was it?
    Who FORCED Hilary to refuse additional security for her people?
    Who FORCED Hilary to pull most of the security detail already there?
    Who FORCED Hilary to ignore the attack during the 7 hours it occurred, without one attempt to reach these people?
    Who FORCED Hilary to blame it on a video?
    Who FORCED Hilary to lie to America and the families and Congress?
    Who FORCED Hilary to continue the lie, weeks after it became common knowledge that she knew the truth immediately?
    Who FORCED Hilary to decide that the situation, the lapses, the decisions made, the reasons, the results and the lies and aftermath ‘made no difference. to her?
    Hilary, bud. Just Hilary. And her upcoming bid for libs to not treat her like a dog again

  20. Notice, no teleprompter. No teleprompter needed when you know what you’re talking about & truly believe in what you are saying. We must never forget that Obama is nothing more than a puppet, the teleprompter serves as the strings.

  21. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. You repugnicants really need to get a life. Between harping on this non story
    a non-story? I it were a Republican president and Sec of State, would you find it a non-story? And Alan Greyson? Really? The whack-job?
    Let me guess, it is a non story because there were several embassy attacks under Bush and they were not this big of a story??
    Did you know that in each of those events, those people did not have months of advance warning? That they had not been begging for added security? That they had not had their security lessened? That it wasn’t Americans who died? That most of the terrorists involved were killed or prosecuted? That Bush and his Sec of State did not blame an innocent citizen? That they did nothing to cover it up? That they did not lie about it to the public? That they did not stonewall any investigation? That the Democrats in charge of the Senate and House did not bother to investigate any of these events? Did not care enough to bother?

  22. Trey Gowdy is the living man who is today most like President Abraham Lincoln in his gravitas, in his cadence and in his focused intensity.

  23. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. You repugnicants really need to get a life. Between harping on this non story (Alan Grayson explains why it’s a non story here – ) and and voting 40+ times to try and overturn Obamacare you’re coming off like a collective bunch of idiots.

    1. Keep at it, honey. When the whole blasted country becomes something you can’t even recognize and you’re whining about how you want your privacy and liberty back, just remember that you could have taken the time to find out the truth and didn’t choose to do so. Now pull your head back inside your shell and keep pretending that the ‘repugnicants’ (and the rest of us) are all making something out of nothing. While you do that, we’ll try and save our country, including the mindless kool-aid drinkers like you.

      1. Lori Toupal, thank you for saying what I wanted to. lewellynb is a very lost soul and so that makes it (don’t know if it is a he/she) soulless. Four men died because of incompetence or outright treason, and we need to know which one. If it was incompetence then people need to be fired and if it was treason then someone needs to be sent to jail. All the evidence indicates that it was a failed kidnapping attempt, masterminded by Obama, of Amasador Stevens to exchange him for the Blink Shiek. If that is the case Obama and everyone involved needs to be prosecuted for kidnapping and murder.

      2. Lori, honey. The subject of this thread is “Benghazi, so lets try sticking to that instead of wandering off into the weeds. We can discuss “privacy and liberty” some other time – assuming the republican’ts haven’t legislated those two “vices” out of existence for us common folks.

        Now, did you watch the, Alan Grayson, video I provided a link too? If so then tell me, if you can, what he said that was wrong? Benghazi, like the “Whitewater” mention by gemini7 below, is nothing but smoke and mirrors. As Mr. Grayson clearly illustrated the “Smoking Gun” your party is constantly searching for doesn’t exist. You republican’ts spent several million dollars investigating Whitewater and turned up – NOTHING. Your party uses that kinda nonsense to keep you Fox Fans in a tizzy so you won’t have time to stop and realize that they’re playing you for a fool.

        Wake up and smell the stink.

        1. “Lori, honey. The subject of this thread is “Benghazi, so lets try sticking to that instead of wandering off into the weeds.”
          Who elected you Moderator?

        2. we been smelling the stink for nearly five years now time for some real representatives in office especially some one that can handle the presidency unlike your messiah obuma

    2. people like you are the ones that are ruining this once great and proud country, you got your free obamaphone, not shut up and let the adults talk

    3. non story?…4 people died and so far no one has been prosecuted?…are you serious?
      Only 2 democrats had the decency to at least LISTEN to family member concerns and testimony yesterday? ONLY 2! The rest thought their POLITICS were more important than common decency and respect for families that lost a dear one and chose to LEAVE?!?!? are you serious???

      Anyone who was supposed to be there and didn’t stay for that is disgusting. I don’t care what party they belong to.

      1. Nobody prosecuted Bush and Cheney for “War Crimes” either, did they? Do you ever wonder how many innocent people died during all of that?

        I don’t recall your whining about that.

        As for the 4 people who died, I’m as displeased about that as you are but if you’d watch & listen to the Alan Grayson video I provided a link to (above) you’d know that, like it or not, it wasn’t the Obama administrations fault. Sometimes s*it happens.

        1. Did you know me then sir? I loathe Bush taking us into war. Seems like the chemical weapons were there tho…heard of Syria?…hum? If you would watch and listen to senate and house hearings …you would know that not only did SH**T happen…nobody on one side of the aisle gives a rat’s ass about those people it affected?? You can defend that all you want. Tell the mother’s that “SH**T happens.” Tell her that a video-maker was responsible for a random riot. Tell her that weeks and weeks later. Tell her that our President stood up at the UN weeks afterwards and STILL talked about a stupid You Tube video and blamed that on the violence. Why are people so afraid of the TRUTH?!!?!?

        2. You seem to convienently forget that Bush got every authorization he could from Congress, the UN, Nato and was given the green light by all your lib-bot heros too ! So go sell sour grapes some where else,Gollum!

          1. Bush got approval from the entities you mentioned to do torture and renditions where he knew torture was going to be done?


            Could you please provide me with a link to something or someone credible proving your assertion?

            Take all the time you need – I’ll wait.

    4. You filthy Progressives are destroying the social and financial frabic of our nation. When YOU idiots burn it down. we will hold you to account.

      1. Lets see – Bush started two wars, gave the rich a big tax refund and every one else got six hundred dollars (that you then had to pay tax on) and then he and his republican’t cronies collapsed the economy. But somehow in the delusional world where you live the progressives are destroying the social and financial “fabric” of our nation.

        blasater, you’re entitled to your opinion – but not “your” facts.

    5. Dims don’t care what happens to our country, as long as they get their freebies. Ya know: food stamps, Section 8 housing, Obamaphone, etc.

      1. I believe you forgot to mention your parents Medicare and Social Security and Prescription Drug plan didn’t you? Or how about the Farm subsidies for the Mega Corporate Farmers. Oh, and I believe you mean the G.W. Bush phone doncha? Lets give credit where it’s due.

        1. Medicare and Social Security are gubmint Ponzi schemes. The people now receiving these benefits paid into these programs for their entire working lives. They are not “freebies” that one can get w/o ever paying any taxes.

    6. Alan Grayson? Nobody is going to listen to that space cadet. Pretty simple and you can repeat that it is a “non story” as many time as you and other liberals like. The question then is, if its such a “non story”…why all the hiding? Can’t interview eyewitnesses, documents sealed, youtube video propaganda, principal players not interviewed by ARB, etc…Seems like a lot of trouble to go to for a “non-story”.

    7. lol…You should Never hesitate to post your opinions/statements as often as you like!! You are such a moron…such a typical liberal moron, that you will at the very least, be good for some comic relief (your opinions will surely supply), or they’ll just be another crystal-clear view of the evil-idiots we have on the Left.

      Alan Grayson is a scumbag you idiot! A liar, a Scumbag, and a Democrat.

      1. How is he a liar and a scumbag? Back it up with some proof because talk is as cheap as you appear to be. Otherwise take a break and just STFU.
        You see, that’s just one of the many problems with you supercilious repugnant phonies. Talk, talk, talks (aka -lie, lie, lie.) – but seldom if ever any proof to back it up. But then it’s hard to backup all those lies – isn’t it

        1. You aren’t bright enough to see the truth for yourself. Like PT Barnum used to say: there’s no more thankless job in the world than wising-up a sucker! Sucker!

      1. Rebut the video. Or just fess up and admit that you’re really Louie Gomert. Which is waaaay worse than an asshole.

      1. Yeah, when it comes to facts v/s conjecture, facts lose out with you Snoozers every time don’t they, bill?

  24. Mullens was one of the worst CJCS in my 25 years of service. His main job was to push social change in the military for the liberal demoncrats. He is covering for the demoncrats “new and improved messiah,” Hillary Clinton by ensuring that all blame was deflected away from her.

  25. I noticed how Trey Gowdy made a tiny pause between his questions to let Mullen’s answers about what Hillary didn’t do really sink in: no, she didn’t review; no, she didn’t know; no – no – no …
    That was masterful and condemned Hillary out of the mouths of Admiral Mullen.

    I wish they could sub-poena her and have Gowdy examine her … giving him extra time …

  26. Gowdy rocks. My father graduated with Mike Mullen and I have met him and like him. This just goes to prove that once a good warrior accepts a star he trades his soul to satan and politics. I think he screwed up and should pay a price for doing an inferior job and ignoring his oath.

  27. Gowdy showed character in his address to the parents of the slain heroes.

    In contrast, Dear Leader, Biden, Hillary, and the rest of the gutless, corrupt progressive democrats are revealed for the crass, un-American subversives they are – they won’t even honor these grieving parents with a follow-up phone call.

    The democrats who walked out are despicable.

  28. I saw this live and you could see as soon as the mic turned to Gowdy, Mullen started to shift in his chair and get nervous! He knew he was about to be reamed a new one!

  29. I really don’t think Hillary was responsible– it was a CIA- Petreaus — and DOD –Panetta thing —

    personally I think Hillary co-opted the cover-up because she is a seasoned veteran liar — and has plenty of experience as a Felony perpetrator — that is why the Petraeus affair thing came out a few days before he was set to go before Congress– to diminish his integrity and coerce him into knowing he better do nothing to rock the Boat–

    Panetta is just a member of the Crime Family and will never give up a thing–ala Sandy Berger James Carville or Bert Lance– they had all night to fabricate a plan and announce that an “Ambassador” had been seized and murdered.. The “Ambassador” came from a CIA hot bed in Central America where they all come from

    Think about it did we really have an “Ambassador” appointed to a power vacuum Country wrought with al ‘Qaeda insurgents–where is the press release naming him?
    ( the so-called “Ambassador” had no resume on the internet that day I know I searched it to find out if he was a member of Chicago’s Low Down Club)
    — in a weigh station on their way to Syria for their next Arab Spring Conquest?–

    and who was lauded for Arab Spring?– Barack Obama — why isn’t Obama associated with malfeasance in this negligence and the obvious black op crime?

  30. Obviously Mullen is covering the Hildabeast rear end, wonder why since she despises the military and he is retired.

  31. Trey Gowdy is a surgeon. Quite remarkable that all these very important people who provide (corrupt or incomplete) testimony – including Shrillary – know so little.

  32. I’m struck by how he kept saying that he has experience talking to Congress and that the woman lawyer didn’t. We don’t want experienced Congressional “witnesses,” we want the truth. So is there a group of people in DC that is used to going to Congressional hearings? Good lord.

  33. Memo to Adm. Mullins:

    Buy a new pair of shoes. And learn how to run out the clock and tap dance on HELL of a lot better!

  34. Boehner is in bed with Obama.
    Boehner has refused to allow a select committee on Benghazi.
    Boehner is protecting the president rather than seeking the truth.
    Washington is such a sleazy place where favors are granted in smoky backrooms.

  35. Gowdy is good on Benghazi.
    The problem is that this committee has no teeth.
    This committee has no power.
    There needs to be a select committee with trained investigators and subpoena power.
    They can badger these witnesses until the cows come home.
    It is a waste of time until we get a select committee.

  36. There was a lot of talk about someone being a “fact witness.” Who knows what that means in the context of Benghazi.

    1. ‘Fact’. There are some 30 people who were there at the time who got away (thanks in part to the efforts of the dead Seals) and have been told by this administration to ‘keep their mouths shut’, ‘in the interests of national security’ (Hillary security), of course. 😉 😉

      1. Not a chance. RINOs think she’s “stupid”. These Dems in Rep clothing will deprive us of the one person who could fix this mess.

      2. I would love to see Sara run against Hillary. What a cat fight we would have. I think we would see fur fly and Hillary’s pant suit would never stand up to Sara’s camouflage.

  37. the GOP should let GOWDY do all the questions former prosecutor he knows how to do it..they should turn their time over to him and just let him go…………….God sometimes it makes me sick how DUMB and wimpy the GOP IS

    1. Every one from both parties seem to be afraid to say anything bad about Hillary except Gowdy. She is being protected for some dam reason yet every one knows she failed to preform her duties and 4 people died as a result. She is responsible for their deaths. If she was ordered to do the things that caused their deaths she needs to say so.

  38. Anyone who worked under Obama is sleazy. No one with any character would work for him. He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  39. I was in the Navy when this admiral was CNO and was affected quite negatively by his office. He is a political hack. You’ll never get the whole truth from him, neither do I think he could spot the truth. You need to know that he could never have been assigned the the Joint Chiefs of Staff position unless he was politically acceptable to the Obama Administration. I love seeing him getting grilled. He deserves being grilled and I hope that he can get caught in a lie, not that anyone would do anything about it.

  40. The testimony from Adm. Mullens was atrocious. Rep. Gowdy tore him apart. Tore him apart in a most gentle and Southern style.

    +1 Rep. Gowdy

  41. I am so disappointed in the “Brass” and how they cover for this administration
    I just don’t understand why they behave this way
    If they protect a traitor – They are complicit !
    This Man Gowdy is a force to be reckoned with!

    1. “I am so disappointed in the “Brass” and how they cover for this administration I just don’t understand why they behave this way”.
      Because the stars in their eyes are bigger than the stars on their uniforms, when it comes to advancing into politics, that’s why. This isn’t anything new.

      1. The ones that won’t protect Obama have been removed. General Hamm was demoted during the attack in Benghazi. for refusing to stand down.

    2. I just don’t understand . Maybe it’s money and power , but to lie for the likes of Pinocchio who is a know liar . Benghazi video , and healthcare . Why he is still in office beats me . This guy is dangerous with his inept decisions he makes . 3 more years . God save the king . No , God Red Line the King .

  42. Listening to this explains why the Benghazi “deniers” seem to be upping their efforts today.

    Probably specifically the Clinton defenders because this making her look worse and worse and more and more culpable both in the unnecessary and avoidable loss of life but in the cover up as well.

  43. With people like Mullen in the military,it is no wonder things are upside down in the military.What a loaf of BS.They are covering for Hitlary.

        1. One-fifth of the voters know that she is lying but do not care. They knows she is one of them and they want her to exercise power as long as she can because she will do with it pretty much what they wish.

  44. I like Gowdy on this issue he has been a hawk, but when it comes to immigration he is a rino and a supporter of amnesty, and it begs the question how can you be such a patriot on this issue and on the most important issue that would effect the most americans he is something else.

    1. He is a former prosecutor, so he is questioning Mullin as one. Trying to get to the bottom of the four murders and they were murdered.
      If you are looking for a perfect person in Congress to meet all your criteria, you’ll never be satisfied.

      1. We need to set aside all of our differences now. Whether you support amnesty or not, it matters not in this case. What matters is stopping this behemoth of a healthcare legislation and bring justice to the victims of Benghazi, F&F and the IRS scandals that this imperial president has been orchestrating.

        You may not like Marco Rubio or Trey Gowdy on amnesty, but when the safety and integrity of this great nation is at stake, they will voice their concerns loudly and clearly. Divide-et-impera is Alinsky’s tactic. Do not let Alinsky tactics divide us.

  45. Who ordered the attack on Benghazi? My money is on Al Queda since it
    was 9/11 but it could have been any one of dozens of people in the area.
    Syria, Iran and Russia top the list but it could have been Turkey,
    Iraq, Israel China or others. Blaming the video still seems to be
    working at covering this as no senate or other commission has even brought it
    up. I will bet that every government mentioned above knows who did it,
    but the American people probably will never be told.
    Is Obama now going to supply arms to the group that did this?

    Reference: About a week after 9/11 a member of the guns for hire who was guarding the embassy was wounded in the leg by his brothers who attacked it. He was interviewed in the hospital and said that two foreigners who were obviously in charge of the attack passed him and someone told him to get out and he would live. Who were these two?

  46. Mullen and Pickering are an embarrassment to America and all it used to stand for.

    They should resign in disgrace. To perform such a shoddy and obviously partisan cover up of four deaths should make them accessories to murder after the fact. Their report has made prosecuting these terrorist impossible or fixing what is broke that allowed this attack.

  47. What a fire breather Gowdy is! I can see this young man from South Carolina as Speaker.
    Mullins on the other hand is either a liar or incompetent. Like so many millions of other men who wore Navy blue, I think that Mullins is a disgrace to the uniform he once wore!

    1. All admirals/generals are political animals. They don’t get to that rank by being any other way. It just depends on the political winds at the time of their review boards and who is in Congress and the White House. Congress must approve all officer promotions below the rank of admiral/general; it is the President who approves the appointments of generals and admirals. Think of those weasels, Wesley Clark and Colin Powell, political generals without having so much as an iota of hint of a spine. This clown Mullen is no different.

  48. In other words, in regard to the “fact witness”, the reason she didn’t make a good witness was because she would’ve potentially and inadvertently divulged information that would’ve exposed the negligence of the department, so that’s why they needed a different witness. She wasn’t as “rehearsed” as others were.

      1. That’s what I’ve been told also! Otherwise you remain a Lt Col or maybe a Col (Army, A.F. Or Marine) or Capt (Navy)! Any rank above those becomes politically assigned!

        1. Some of the mil site writers have indicated that an academy ring is also pretty critical.

          Having never served, I wouldn’t know. But it makes sense from what I know of organizations.

          1. “Having never served, I wouldn’t know. But it makes sense from what I know of organizations”.
            Having served, I would. Generals that ruffle political feathers (Patton, MacArthur), remain Generals. Those who toe the political line (Eisenhower), go on to become President.

  49. I so wish he were the Speaker: an excellent brain, composure (I’d have belted the admiral.) and such a good heart.

  50. Every Democratic committee member that left that room has blood on their hands. They are as guilty as the people that allowed those lives to be taken that night without giving one ounce of aid to their situation. Disgusting and disgraceful. Frauds… all of them… frauds.

  51. Much as lib’ruls love to denigrate southerners as slow, Trey certainly kicks the slats out of that, don’t it?

  52. From the first panel Rep Maloney tried to portray the republicans wanting to put any blame on Hillary as an attack on women.

    The second panel with Father of Ty woods and mother of Ambassador Smith. 54;35

  53. Have you ever seen any bunch of people who are so unaware and unknowing of every aspect of their job as the people in and around this administration? (/sarc)

    1. Ann Barnhardt goes on about this again and again regarding the current military leaders that are totally inept when it comes to morality, constitutional obligations regarding their oath and the depravity that seems to follow the whole lot of them.
      George Washington would have certainly dismissed most of them for their obvious lack of moral character. Remember, Mullen is one of those that advocated for the queering of the military which is a great but sad indicator of both good character and obligations to our Lord. If this guy is a practicing Christian then Obama is the smartest guy ever.

    2. Not just this administration. Many of these people who protect government and say to hades with the people were appointed by GW Bush. These two were both were appointed by GW Bush to very high positions in Government.

      Yet it is obvious all they did was carry water for Hillary and Obama both are members of the CFR.

      This was not an investigation just a cover up.

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