UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED – McCain: Republicans voting against the budget agreement ‘lack intellectual integrity’

The cloture vote went down this morning on the budget agreement in the Senate and 12 Republicans voted for it. Here they are:

Also it’s just been reported the McCain says those Republicans who are voting against the budget agreement ‘lack intellectual integrity’:

Democrats often question and demean the motives of their Republican counterparts, just like McCain did there. Yeah, just like a Democrat.

UPDATE: Here’s the video of McCain’s full comments:

I understand that there are many of my colleagues on this side of the aisle that are very unhappy with this deal and intend to vote against it. My only response to that is I respect their vote, but I’d like to know what we do in order to avoid another shutdown of the government. The American people steadfastly reject a shutdown of the government. So I have concerns about the budget deal. Everybody, I think, does because the nature of the way business is done. But to somehow vote against it without an alternative to keep the budget — keep the government from shutting down, then I think lacks some intellectual integrity. So my support and vote will be based on two important facts. First, it will prevent another government shutdown, which we cannot put the American people through or the people of my state through again. And it goes a long way in alleviating the devastating impact of sequestration on the military.

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