UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED – McCain: Republicans voting against the budget agreement ‘lack intellectual integrity’

The cloture vote went down this morning on the budget agreement in the Senate and 12 Republicans voted for it. Here they are:

Also it’s just been reported the McCain says those Republicans who are voting against the budget agreement ‘lack intellectual integrity’:

Democrats often question and demean the motives of their Republican counterparts, just like McCain did there. Yeah, just like a Democrat.

UPDATE: Here’s the video of McCain’s full comments:

I understand that there are many of my colleagues on this side of the aisle that are very unhappy with this deal and intend to vote against it. My only response to that is I respect their vote, but I’d like to know what we do in order to avoid another shutdown of the government. The American people steadfastly reject a shutdown of the government. So I have concerns about the budget deal. Everybody, I think, does because the nature of the way business is done. But to somehow vote against it without an alternative to keep the budget — keep the government from shutting down, then I think lacks some intellectual integrity. So my support and vote will be based on two important facts. First, it will prevent another government shutdown, which we cannot put the American people through or the people of my state through again. And it goes a long way in alleviating the devastating impact of sequestration on the military.

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147 thoughts on “UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED – McCain: Republicans voting against the budget agreement ‘lack intellectual integrity’

  1. McCain’s got it wrong: those voting for the budget lack the integrity to honor their oath to defend the Constitution and our rights. And how about their integrity when they unilaterally trash America’s contract with our veterans? That’s nothing more than fraud and theft. I’m sick of these RINO phony Americans.

  2. The ugliest little Bastard in the GOP! With any luck at all he could pass and be in hell an hour before God knows he’s dead!

  3. This man should have championed against this bill to cut veterans benefits! Instead he betrayed them, and McCain himself a veteran…what a loser and a traitor!

  4. McLame is another RINO socialist traitor, who has turned his back to our Veterans for power and money. He should change his name now, to John McShame!

  5. Could we ask North Vietnam if they want him back? Maybe Jane & he can go dance around the guns that shot him down.

  6. A plea to the voters in Arizona – recall this man now – he has lost it and he really is a democrat – when he put his 2008 campaign on hold to go back to Washington – is where he started to lose it and he has lost it more each day

    1. As an Arizonan, I am joining the fight to boot McShame and his butt-buddy Flake, out of office! Both of these RINOs have done major damage to our country and their constituents in Arizona. I have, for the first time, registered to vote as a Independent–no longer a Republican! Shame of these GOP RINOs!

  7. Take those names down and don’t forget them. Lacking intellectual integrity? McCain could use Thorazine and EST and then be put out to pasture. Out of courtesy a lobotomy, as many of our disturbed World War II vets received in over fifty VA hospitals, reported in last week’s WSJ might be too excessive.

  8. McCain has over and over confirmed the belief that he is a democrat in Republican clothing and yet we were told by the GOP Establishment that he was the only one who could win the Presidency. McCain never criticizes any democrat but is quick to bash his fellow Republicans.

  9. “And it goes a long way in alleviating the devastating impact of sequestration on the military.” I saw some reports on another website that indicated Congress is going to change the military’s future retirement benefits in some manner. Mess with that and watch voluntarily enlistments decline accordingly. Instead of mucking with the military’s retirement how about drastically changing Congress’ lucrative retirement system?

  10. If there were two men I was allowed by God and the authorities to punch it would be John McCain and Bill Maher.

    1. you can not punch them ryan, there you will deal with two piles of crap, I would grab a shovel, Maher tho, what a waste of human piece of db.

  11. McCain’s ignorance has completely overshadowed the courage he clearly demonstrated as a POW. He has become the RINO poster boy, not content to merely walk the fence, but, as a liberal would do, he excoriates those who hold conservative values and disagree with him. He should have retired years ago. It’s now costing us all plenty.

    1. he never was a great American, he was a traitor… yes he was a POW, but he gave secrets to the enemy… watched while his troops being tortured, telling them to tell the enemy what they want to know… he wouldn’t leave the POW camp because his father said if he left it would hurt any chances of a political career ….
      his nickname was “songbird McCain”…

      1. I don’t buy it. If he broke under torture- and I know I would have- why wouldn’t he have taken the ticket home?

        1. google it…. John McCain Traitor… you can google ,. cant you ?
          and I suppose you don’t believe Kerry was a traitor either

  12. They make shutting down the government sound like REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES!
    Actually I wish it would shutdown for 9 months out of a year.
    Because every day they work, we lose a little more of our freedom.

  13. McCain has a fat pension: so our suffering doesn’t matter to him
    McCain doesn’t have to sign up for Obamacare: so he doesn’t care
    McCain will not be cut to part-time work: so why should he give a damn
    McCain will not lose his cadillac healthcare plan: he doesn’t care that we suffer under Obamacare
    McCain is selfish and greedy and uncaring about middle class Americans.
    Because it is the middle class that is getting shafted.

  14. McCain is an ignorant old man who has been in Washington so long he is out of touch with regular people.
    It’s the regular people who are getting screwed big-time by Washington.

    1. That is why he is always of the Sunday shows etc. Cindy (Ms. Budweiser AZ) won’t let him come home. He is a pathetic old man that rich wife wants him gone kind of like Mr. Heinze (Kerry).

  15. McCain, like the rest of the Washington elites, will continue to spend our children and grandchildren into eternal poverty.
    McCain’s profligate spending along with the other statists in Washington don’t have a clue about the damage they are inflicting on the middle class for future generations.
    McCain doesn’t understand freedom, free markets, and individual sovereignty.

  16. What the hell would this old turd know about integrity, let alone intelectual integrity. His marbles are rolling out on the floor.

  17. Well, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and I’m sure Rush will be involved are getting to get us all going. They have something coming up in the Spring. Let’s all focus, pay attention and get ready to fight. We the people have got to do this for our children and grandchildren. We don’t need these politicians, we have each other. Let’s Roll…..

  18. OK – I didn’t want to, but I listened to his speech. I have 2 points.

    1. What was so bad about the shut-down? It was a great thing. It brought attention to the fact that Washington is spending it’s way into obliv….. Oh wait! I get it! You don’t want the people to focus on the spending problem.

    2. The Sequestor was a magical thing. It actually cut spending. Why do you think it was bad? (See #1)

    1. Truthful answer, but one he won’t admit to: “Because I like spending. It gives me power when I have money to spend.”

  19. Just a comment – I love the mean nasty picture of McLame that you use on the main page for the stories involving him, Scoop. He is one angry old man. I marvel every time I see it.

  20. What McCain really means is the all GOOP should be in lock step(goose)behind one another no matter the cost of integrity, morals or whatever.

  21. For along time I gave McCain slack because of his service in Vietnam. Not anymore. I am so sick and tire of McCain’S cowardness and fear of upsetting the liberal media. McCAIN STFU!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m getting the feeling after all those years he likes being humiliated and slapped around. The Democrats and Reid abuse the Senate rules,the GOP and the country. He refuses to fight while attacking the conservatives.

  22. McCain isn’t part of the solution, he’s a part of the problem. He was too afraid to attack BHO in the 2008 campaign, but he never hesitates to attack conservatives. Hey McCain…we’re not the friggin’ enemy!

  23. McCain should change party affiliation! A “D” next to his name would be MORE appropriate! This guy is totally on another planet!

  24. I can’t bring myself to watch, listen or read anything from this Piece of Excrement, just hearing his name or seeing it in print is as sickening obnoxious occurrence I can think of. I dispise this lowlife more than 0b0, more than pelosi, more than 0biden.
    If he was the butt of a KNOCKOUT attempt I would pay for the thugs defense. I would like to hear that someone took this piece of CRAP out behind the capital and beat the dog crap out of him.

    I’m going to try this 7 step therapy a friend sent me to see if it will make me feel better.

    1. I’m Picture myself lying on my belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a crystal clear stream.
    2. My hands are dangling in the cool running water.
    3. The sound of birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.
    4. No one knows my secret place.
    5. I am in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.
    6. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of
    7. The water is so clear that I can make out the face of the “Guess Who” that I am holding underwater.
    Hint his initials start with John McCaint.

  25. Does the Dummy know he just voted to allow the cutting of the pensions of disabled war veterans while leaving the civil service pensions untouched? Mark Levin reported Jeff Sessions offered a bill to end child tax credits to ILLEGALS to restore the
    funding. Harry Reid didn’t allow it to come to a vote.

    Still McCain and 11 others in the GOP vote for this garbage Talk about stupid.

    1. Are you suggesting that he should read the Bill? That he should know what’s in it?
      Get real, he finished dead last at the Naval Academy, having a Admiral father and grandfather (who’s gonna flunk our little boy).
      I don’t think he can read or understand any Bill he votes on.

  26. Levin has more or less declared war on this crew. How hard would it be to defeat millionaire senators who voted to cut the retirement benefits of DISABLED VETERANS in lieu of tax credits for ILLEGALS?

  27. Ryan-Murray Deal Increases Deficit by at Least $15.5B, uses double counting just like obamacare.
    we must do all we can to rid ourselves of the rinos.
    rnc/gop love everything oblamer does, after all its what the lobbyist bribe them to do. the progpublicans need to go.
    McDaniel appears to be a name to add to the list of those to support to eliminate the rovish progpublicans hes primarying cochran
    joining the list of:
    Heritage Action for America.
    Senate Conservatives Fund.
    alliance of principled conservative’s, fighting arizonas rinos
    These groups will be at the forefront of the fight.

    Eric Gurr. He has decided to primary Speaker John Boehner in Ohio. http://www.gurrforcongress.com/
    Matt Bevin. He is the primary challenger to Mitch McConnell. https://mattbevin.com/
    Lee Bright challenging Lindsey Graham:
    NumbersUSA, leading the fight against amnesty and for American citizens.


    Wed be stuck w rino-rama progressivism forever.

    Only one answer here folks and u know what it is.

    Shut em down! Get these manchurian candidates and progressive operatives out. All of em. Bitch ass Mitch, gone. Mccain. Gone. Hatch. Gone. Boehner. . B-bye. King. Gone. Lindsay baby.. see ya! Jeb.. please leave. The whole group of them needs to go.

    We got Cruz. Lee. Paul. And Rubio. And we build from there.

    1. We got Cruz and Lee. You can’t depend on Marco Pollo, and Rand is unfortunately, and might I add WRONGLY, pushing for McConnell’s reelection.

  29. Careful McStain…you might have trouble getting off your butt munching crusty old knees. You are a loser and I don’t know anyone that don’t want you OUT of office. You were in the military and you agree with taking the pensions of retired military…Sorry but I hope you get what you got coming and I hope it REAL soon!

  30. Alexander had another horrible, no-good, very bad day.

    Blunt- was he smoking one?

    Cham-blissfully voted the wrong way.

    Callin’ on Collins to resign.

    What can be expected from a real Flake?

    Hatch laid another goose egg with this vote.

    Ho-even may be laughing over a bad vote.

    Isakson maybe should be saying Isikson instead. Hopefully others will be giving that Senator the sack.

    Johnson from Wisconsin voted for this set-back.

    McCain revealed the lameness in his brain.

    Murkowski- if this Senator believes a cow can ski, their vote’s no surprise.

    Portman is a man who ought to be brought to the ‘port in the state where he lives by commercial plane after getting voted out of office.

      1. Sneaky Alexander is having the local news tout that he’s not going to vote for this budget deal- same thing he did about the cloture when it came to not taking a stand against Obamacare with Cruz and Lee and then said he voted against the measure (once it was voted on by the full body).

  31. As a veteran, I consider most people who wore the uniform and served our country a brother/sister and a hero. However, there are people who wore the uniform and didn’t learn a damn thing. McLame and Kerry come immediately to mind. While Kerry was a coward and a rotten POS, McLame gave the 2nd most costly ‘ultimate’ sacrifice and endured capture and torture. For that, we all should be grateful. However, after enduring torture and knowing first hand how painful and detrimental it is on the victim, you’d think he’d have more compassion on America and stop and think about what his comments and corrupt alliances and votes are doing to all of us. Like an apple that goes rotten, it can’t magically become fresh and whole again – John has lost it and has become utterly corrupt and twisted. He has become a disgrace to his party, the military and his country. I feel bad and take no joy in this… but he’s now doing nothing but harm to those people and things that he once so faithfully served before. Like a dog with rabies, he needs to be put down (politically). I can’t stand the sight of him anymore. And the rest of these idiots have no excuse or redeemable qualities. Chambliss and Isakson (from my state) are done… they are traitors to this state and this country. We’ve called repeatedly for them to vote ‘NO’ and yet they pulled a Scott Brown/Jeff Flake and voted against their state’s wishes. Pond scum.

  32. I think McCain has really lost it. I heard him on the local tv station saying something like, I would do anything, anything to get something passed.

  33. What would the post Vietnam McLame know about “intellectual integrity” or any other type of integrity for that matter?

  34. obama hacker alert: the George Zimmerman post just after this one is giving that smirking obama animation again, with the false “Error 404 page not found” caption. Help, Scoop!

    Just find these hackers and publish their names and all personal info on TRS. I’ll bet they’ll be counseled and receive therapy for their illness.

    I do not believe this is just a glitch. It’s the obama regime’s attack bunnies jerking TRS around.

  35. I kind of hate myself for saying this but I’m kind of wishing McCain’s dementia would accelerate faster for all the pain he’s causing America.

  36. “I’d like to know what we do in order to avoid another shutdown of the government.”

    I’d like to know what we have to do to get you jacka …. excuse me, donkeys / democrats to shut the God-cursed government down and let it STAY shut down for a month or two. With NO PAY for any politicians or federal employees. My guess is the economy would boom so big that you’d never be allowed to re-open the gummint.

    And BTW, mclamebrain, an insult from you is a recommendation in my book. You democrats are such childish creatures. (Yes, I’m still talking to you, mclamebrain.) All you can do is scream insults and call names – without any basis in fact whatsoever. Your words are empty. Archie Bunker would be so ashamed he’d never open his mouth if he was as dumb as you.

  37. Geez John, maybe we could stop studying the effects of shrimp on treadmills, or we could (heaven forbid) eliminate redundancy in the overgrown bureaucracy you guys have built up through the years, or maybe we could stop funding foreign dictators and other failed governments, or maybe we could close the borders to illegals and stop handing them all the goodies they come here for at the expense of real Americans, or maybe we could stop “investing” in alternative energy , you know, the useless sound good always failing, very expensive things that really are political paybacks, or just maybe we could stop giving out no bid overpriced contracts to those insiders that we’re not supposed to know about, or maybe, just maybe we really don’t need to use a 76 million dollar osprey aircraft to shuttle Obama’s dog up to Martha’s Vineyard so he can have a vacation and find a different tree to mark, or maybe we could close the farm subsidies that funnel back mega millions to mega millionaire Hollywood fundraisers who are paid not to grow anything or to the Florida sugar tycoons whose land is blocking the flow of the everglades and polluting all of South Florida, or maybe we could stop ….I could go on and on but maybe you get my drift. Maybe, but I doubt it.

  38. “As parents, we can have no joy, knowing that this government is not sufficiently lasting to ensure any thing which we may bequeath to posterity: And by a plain method of argument, as we are running the next generation into debt, we ought to do the work of it, otherwise we use them meanly and pitifully. -Thomas Paine

    Hey John McCain: Using our children meanly and pitifully is the OPPOSITE of integrity.

  39. McCain and King attack the constitutional patriot TPM GOP, while being at peace with the anti-constitutional statist Dems. Integrity? McCain must not know what that word really means.

      1. McCain, King, Powell – progressives are the enemy, and I treat them as such. But these three are included in my personal list of ‘traitors’. And IMV, nothing is lower than a traitor.

        I agree with how I understand our country handles traitors during a war: We imprison captured enemy combatants until the war is over; we don’t allow traitors that ‘luxury’.

  40. So Johnny boy is spouting off about lacking intellectual integrity? I guess he would be the expert, that’s for sure. But why haven’t we heard from other knowledgeable folks? Meggie?

    Meghan McCain: My daddy didn’t have an emoticon of sense until he decided to get me on MSNBC. I’m proud that he is a hippo (err, I mean RINO…I think).

    Michelle Obama: You go girl, I was only proud of my country once before and when your daddy kissed my husband’s backside, I was proud once again.

    Lindsey Graham: I’d be voting right there with you, John, if I weren’t running for re-election in 2014. But be assured, when I get re-elected I will be right back by your side.

  41. anyone voting for this bill that would steal our children’s futur by driving this country further in debt,


  42. pfft…the man has lost his marbles, to me when he speaks he sounds like the teacher in Charlie Brown.

  43. Hey McCain, why don’t you come up with an alternative? Could it be that you agree with the direction this Country is headed? Your time spent as a POW taught you well on how to fight for the so called opposition by attacking those your claim to be aligned with! With allies like you who needs enemies???

    Everytime one of these career politicians speaks out they make the case for term limits through their stupidity an ignorance of inside the beltway logic. They don’t get that the problems we are facing as a nation are the direct results of their actions!

    1. They get it, alright. They have morphed into Leftists and hate America. They have become the enemy just as surely as obama is the enemy.

  44. McCain, you’re a traitor to this country, and now you’re a traitor to fellow Veterans. I have nothing more to say except that while those who are against this bill DO have more intellectual integrity than you will ever have, they also have a lot more guts. You are pathetic and so are the rest of the rinos who vote for this.

  45. And no one here needs an explanation of why Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell voted against the budget bill, right?

    Perhaps Brenda, The Good Witch of The Mason-Dixon Line, waved her magic Primary wand over those two?

    Or was it Grendel of Beowulf fame, waving his Tea Party talons at these two tools?

    Uh huh. Symbolic “substance”…with a bushel of ‘too little too late’ thrown in.

    Primary those progressive pus ponies!

  46. Oh, and McCain who believes in global warming and wrote legislation for McCain Feingold is intelligent?! Really?!

  47. If Juan knew what “integrity” meant, he and his parasitic friends would’ve taken a hit to their OWN paychecks rather than take it from military retirees. As Rush likes to say, Congress is the only place you can enter as a person of average means and leave a multi-millionaire.

  48. when you shut down government you stop spending..you want to take from our veteran.. no way in hell..take it from your pension and from the president down…leave th armed forces alone…

  49. As you folks know, I am a great Sarah Palin fan and hope she runs for President in 2016 but I must say that in her private moments she must very much regret saving this guy’s sorry a$$ in the 2010 campaign when there was apparently a Tea Party candidate. Mark Levin has acknowledge that he made a huge mistake in supporting Hatch (as did Palin) last time. Again when ostensibly there was a Tea Party alternative. Michelle Malkin was furious. Flake (also supported by Palin and Levin) is a complete RINO sell out. And what can anyone say about Johnson. I just hope we all do a better job discerning truth from falsehood next time around, differentiating the dissemblers from the honest!

  50. Said the virulent sh*tstack sorely in need of a multi-year tutorial on the word “integrity” itself….who possesses none of it of any kind. Who rather seeks it out in others in vain jealous attempts at devouring it, like a flesh-eating bacteria in search of healthy tissue.

    A bipedal cadaver. Were McCain a color, he’d be the new gangrene.

  51. There is the old fool lashing out like a blithering liberal again, slamming conservatives with absolutely no substantiation. Hey Johnny, why don’t you explain the logic behind your claim? Because you can’t…

    1. Please. Don’t ask him to explain anything. He might hear you, and you can be sure he’d accept the invitation. The less we hear from traitorous fools the better.

  52. From Breitbart: This is a joke – don’t they know we are on to them?

    “The 12 Republicans who helped Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) get the bill past the procedural hurdle are: Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Johnny Isakson (R-GA), Rob Portman (R-OH), Roy Blunt (R-MO), Susan Collins (R-ME), John Hoeven (R-ND), Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), and John McCain (R-AZ).

    In contrast, the majority of Senate Republicans, including all of the Senate GOP leadership, voted against the procedural hurdle to advance the plan to a final vote. Even Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who argued Ryan’s work on this deal makes him presidential material, voted against cloture on the deal.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Minority Whip John Cornyn, GOP conference chairman John Thune, and Republican policy committee chairman John Barrasso all voted against cloture.”

    1. Yes but as I said there, we know that except for a few true conservatives we are on to this little bait and switch charade played by most, where some vote to effectively pass the damaging, destructive legislation in stage one so that they can pretend to oppose it in stage two.

  53. The usual “suspects”, I see. Are we supposed to be surprised by any of these names? I also suspect that those that did not vote in support that should be on the
    “usual suspects” listing are probably running for reelection in 2014.

  54. Wonder if he’d be saying this if he was up for reelection?

    Please AZ, pay attention! Plus, repeal the 17th Amendment so that senators are no longer allowed a direct election. Founders had it right the first time! (They should be appointed by the state!).

    1. McCain isn’t up for re-election but I think he is going to renege on his promise to retire after this term.

          1. Perhaps a debilitating stroke then. Oh, wait, I think he had one of those already. Sorry, that was syphilis. Still, no difference in brain function. Perhaps McStain is still boiling the wine in lead coated pots?

    2. No he wouldn’t be saying this. He’d be lying to Sarah Palin, and other patriots, again to get their support. I don’t believe anyone would be fooled again.

    3. How would it improve the situation to have politicians appointing politicians? The corruption we see now might be increased but surely would not be lessened by having Governors or State Congresses able to give out such powerful favors as US Senate appointments.

      1. Understand that corruption will also play a role! Could a state senator be bought off? Yeah…but imagine 50 states filled with state legislators and how many would have to be bought off just to appoint 100 senators. It could be daunting! But this certainly gives the states more representation which is quickly evaporating. Plus, the states can remove a senator before the end of their terms with a two-thirds majority. This can prove to show more accountability if the state legislator believes their senators are not working in the best interest of their state.

        1. “…imagine 50 states filled with state legislators and how many would have to be bought off just to appoint 100 senators….”

          BH, it has happened. Bought off, intimidated, blackmailed, whatever – 100 senators have now mostly “gone over to the dark side”. The source of their appointment makes no difference.

          The states can remove a senator before the end of their term – meaning the politicians who appointed him / her can remove them. Not we the people. There is no more reason to trust state legisllatures than to trust federal level politicians. The state legislatures would then be the ones squealing for the US senators to bring home the pork.

          The net result would be that we the people would have to control at least a majority of the state legislators. Just another level of bureacracy between us and the US senators. When we elect them and we can recall them and we can elect someone else, we can put direct pressure on them. Removing them from our direct pressure guarantees that corruption will increase. It’s that simple.

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