Meanwhile, MS-13 is still slaughtering people in the U.S. every day, including this 16-year old they SET ON FIRE

One week ago, MS-13 members killed a teenager in Fairfax, Virginia. They stabbed him over one hundred times. They set him on fire. Today, five gang members are under arrest for the inhuman slaying.

The particular group of MS-13 is based in Fairfax. Not El Salvador. The teenager who was brutally murdered was also a gang member, and his mother says he was forced to join the gang while in El Salvador. They fled the country to escape the gang, she says, but found that small towns in Virginia are no escape from the gang, which is all over the United States.

Two days ago, Wednesday, MS-13 member Edar Ventura pleaded guilty to two murders. He admitted that he shot and killed a 16-year-old, and that he hacked a 22-year-old to death with a machete. That was in New York, not Mexico or El Salvador or somewhere on the other side of the wall we don’t have.

MS-13 member Manuel Martinez-Aguilar took a plea in a stabbing murder this week also. This one was on Tuesday. In exchange for his cooperation he pleaded guilty to racketeering and use of a firearm in the commission of a violent crime. The gang stabbed a man to death, and Martinez-Aguilar tried to run over a second victim with his car as he tried to escape the stabbings. The gang members used firearms, machetes and knives in the murder of the two victims.

Last Saturday, MS-13 gang member Miguel Urias Argueta was found guilty of attempted murder, by a jury in Westbury, NY. Not El Salvador. Argueta and other gang member accomplices used machetes and knives to attack and try to kill a man who refused to join the gang.

Oh speaking of New York, which is not in El Salvador, police warn that the gang is planning attacks on off-duty police officers in their homes.

When the press talks about the “rising threat” of machete murder in the United States by gang members from abroad, it is because they are criticizing Trump for taking it seriously. So I guess that means they do not.

Would that be classified as “down playing” the threat, do you think?

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