Media melts down over Bloomberg’s pretty hilarious ‘doctored’ debate video

Bloomberg is triggering the mainstream media with this rather funny video highlighting one of his jabs at the rest of the Democratic field from last night’s debate:

I mean, it’s kinda funny. But it’s obviously edited right? The vast majority of Americans won’t be confused or tricked into thinking this actually happened. Well, you and I think way much of our fellow Americans than the people melting down over it:


Geez. Are people really so stupid they can’t tell an obvious edit for comedic effect? I guess so?


This is pathetic. It’s an over-sensitivity to what they think turned the other election, which is fake news. But here’s the deal – people who want to swallow and regurgitate lies and conspiracy theories and other BS don’t give a damn if you try to show them the truth. They WANT to believe crap. And they will seek it out and find it no matter how much you try to keep them from it…

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