Megyn Kelly Guests On Imperial Obama: He Is The President Nixon Always Wanted To Be

Last night, Megyn Kelly had a special edition covering President Obama’s use of executive authority for everything from immigration to Obamacare. During one segment, guests Professor Nicholas Rosenkranz and Professor Jonathan Turley discussed their recent testimony before Congress.

“President Obama has always put programs ahead of principles.” That’s about as accurate a statement as can be made about this administration. In point of fact, about the left in general and the majority of elected Democrats.

Obamacare changes at whim and at will now. There is not even a pretense of going through the congress. This is the same law that mere mention of altering caused Republicans to be called traitors, criminals, racists, and every other name you can think of. But when Obama makes changes, some of them the exact changes the evil Republicans were asking for, it is met with quiet acceptance or raucous applause by the media and the left. These are the rules under Obama. And they are not the same as they were under Bush.

Yes, President Obama’s supporters still point at President Bush and say “he did it too,” even though these are the same folks who at the time were decrying Bush as a virtual monarch, literally calling him King George, and openly and without shame or embarrassment discussing impeachment. As Turley points out, this time, nobody wants to go against The One. They can’t bring themselves to be in opposition to the First Black President, no matter how far he takes us down the road to tyranny. And isn’t that a tyranny of its own, I would suggest.

At one point in the above clip, Megyn Kelly goes through a breathtaking list of examples of the overreach of the Obama executive. Twenty-eight executive actions on Obamacare, controversial actions on immigration, jumped into a civl war in Libya without Congressional approval, allowing doctors to ask patients if they own guns, drone strikes on American citizens. As Kelly says, the list goes on. Every one of these are things that the elites in the media would, and should, have gone apoplectic over were a Republican in office. Remember how they called it Bush’s war? Remember how they called Bush and Cheney war criminals? But Obama slips them right in with barely a murmur of objection. And those who do are treated as fringe. These are the rules under Obama. And they are not the same as they were under Bush.

To paraphrase what Charles Krauthammer recently said, to President Obama, the laws of the United States are whatever he thinks they are. Whatever he wants them to be. What’s in his head becomes reality, regardless of what congress or the American people have to say about it.

Mark Levin referred to him on Twitter today as “The Imperial President.” For which outrage he is certain to be labeled racist. And if you say the word impeachment you are destined for the fever swamp.

President Obama is concentrating power. He is acting unilaterally. He is overstepping his authority. He is turning his back on the constitution. Such things are OK now. They are acceptable. They are mainstream.

These are the rules under Obama. And they are not the same as they were under Bush.

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42 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly Guests On Imperial Obama: He Is The President Nixon Always Wanted To Be

  1. I think it’s just beginning. Obama is getting comfortable with what he can get away with, and he will get more and more bold and do it more often to a higher degree. Buckle up, because the R’s won’t do anything about it or even try. I mean, we can’t be racist by stopping an Uber-(black liberal) President can we?

  2. By the way Megyn, his blog sucks, so quit trying to suck up to your guests by promoting their pedestrian internet turds.

    1. He’s actually someone we need speaking out to the public. Democrats won’t get it unless people on their own side bang them upside the head with a sledgehammer.

  3. “I voted for Barack Obama…and I’m astonished how this has turned out…He has good motivations”

    I think Turley needs to look deep inside of himself and try to understand what pathologies exist in his own philosophy that would cause him to ascribe these good motivations to a known ruthless, narcissistic, America-hating, anti-constitution, communist psychopath. Is this learned commentator on American jurisprudence and the political scene actually a mindless drone, deriving his view of reality exclusively from the old, discredited Leftist media? Is it any wonder then that he is left in stunned disbelief when the reality of what he has been championing invokes frightened nausea?

    Well, I hope you enjoy life in this dystopia that your vile Leftist lockstep cheerleading has brought to the old USA you puke!

  4. “He has good motivations”. [No he doesn’t] “He really believes in what he’s trying to achieve”. [Yes, he does]. There. Fixed it for you. No, really I have.

  5. “…and I voted for Barack Obama…and I’m from Chicago…and I’m astonished at how things have turned out..”

    Hey, I am shocked! Shocked that gambling, er, corrupt power grabs are going on in this establishment, er, government! Chicago? Ya don’t say? Who woulda guessed?

    Left liberal progressives with their progressive cancer of ever bigger government vote for their variant collectivist state socialist delusions and then are, wait for it, disillusioned with the entirely predictable result – the EXACT results that every authentic conservative has warned them of for decades, and with massive real world examples – and these are the same conservatives they routinely and relentlessly slander logical fallacy style.

    Bwaahahahaha! We’re doomed. No, really.

  6. “some people can’t openly criticize the president because of his Iconic status”

    Hey! Chris Matthews and al not-so-sharpton are telling me that the “only” reason people oppose this president is because He’s black…

    1. That’s the only reason many voted for him. And he could be purple, and the people have the right and duty to criticize any elected official they believe to be overstepping their authority. If we don’t, we will no longer be free people.

  7. Megan made a statement that is the root of the problem when she referred to “taking Obama at his word.” That is a failure of exercising responsibility for our own government (of, by and for the people).

    It is also a failure to understand that this Tyrant has a record of Marxist beliefs and actions.

    It is also a failure to understand what progressivism is – this form of liberalism trashed the Constitution and Declaration 100 years ago, so why look the other way and bestow on the democrat party what it renounced. They are not committed to the Constitution and individual rights. They are anti-American.

  8. Obama will keep taking our liberty until he is stopped. The question
    is, by whom? It appears to me that congress is just waiting for 2014;
    then when that election doesn’t stop him, they will wait until 2016.
    I don’t think the country can survive this lawlessness until then.

  9. Turleys last statement summed up this whole thing. What are liberals gonna do when a republican president starts to do these same things? I know what conservatives will do. We will defend the constitution regardless of who’s in office.

  10. I wish Megan would have pointed out how Ted Cruz tried to get a delay through the proper means, but was attacked and ridiculed by both sides. But when the king does exactly the same thing through unconstitutional means, congress is silent. Makes an interesting observation on how corrupt both sides of congress is, yet we still expect them to come forward and do the right thing. Sickening.

  11. Around 3:10, Turley starts talking about how Obama “has always put programs ahead of principles.” This is typical of every modern dictator. Mao, Lenin … they all ‘believed in what [they] were trying to achieve,’ and look how that turned out: not a worker’s paradise but millions of death, tyranny, and poverty.

    At the end when asked for a solution, Turley says people have to oppose him. But in the current climate, that opposition must be lead or at least co-lead by liberals. That’s the only way to make this not a story about ‘partisan racist Republicans’. But do any true leading liberals see the danger, or do they also put programs ahead of principles? (Hint: most have been taught that the ends justifies the means, especially when it’s leftist ends.)

    1. And what were Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and Stalin were trying to achieve? All those collectivists of different stripes used the power of the mob to become as the Caesars called themselves, that is, god.

      Whether they knew it or not, they all wanted to have the power and position of God of not only being able to be the ultimate and final arbiter of their own destiny but also being the ultimate and final arbiter of someone else’s destiny or, even better, a nation’s destiny or, even best, the world’s destiny.

      The reason Mr. Obama promotes the collective – i.e., those who, in one form or another, are dependent upon government – is because that is his source of power to achieve his end, i.e., to be one who is a final arbiter of destiny not only of himself but of the entire nation.

      That is why he operates alone, scorning Congress and heavy-handedly suppressing or denigrating those who oppose him.

      Once more, the Adversary took him up to the summit of a very high mountain, showed him all the kingdoms of the world in all their glory, and said to him, “All this I will give you if you will bow down and worship me.” “Away with you, Satan!” Yeshua told him, “For the Tanakh says, `Worship ADONAI your God, and serve only him.'”
      — Matthew 4 (CJB)

    2. Agree. Turley’s phrase is just soft-pedaled spin: policies over principle.

      That is literally what The Final Solution was. Hitler’s order was in violation of his own beloved Nuremberg Laws.

      Turley just explained the modus operandi of the narcissistic megalomaniac. No principles, no virtue, no morality. Just imposing his own will and ego.

  12. Not only does Obama need to be stopped, but so do those who are complicit in his tyrannical rule – Biden, Holder, Reid, Pelosi … there’s not enough room here to name them all.

  13. Yes, the tyrant Obuma is a very big problem. But getting rid of Obuma would not solve America’s very real problem that every DemoncRat and their cronies are determined to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic. This snake has thousands of heads and Millions of followers.

  14. Having been a graduate student during the Nixon years I can say assuredly that Nixon would not have abused the power of the Presidency like Obama and never presumed to do so. Obama, if he is to be compared to any ‘modern’ president is most like FDR but far, far worse. There were sufficient numbers of Democrats in FDR’s days that believed in the Consitution and separation of powers and executive limitations that while FDR might have wished to be an Obama, he could not. Now we have the clapping, trained seals cheering on the lawlessness and the GOP RINOs abetting the travesty.

    1. Yeah, I thought the Nixon comparison was from left field but I didn’t quite know how to word it. Thanks for putting it in perspective.

    2. BRAVO!

      The media are constantly comparing Obama to historical Presidents. A more apt analog would be Mussolini, Francisco Franco. or any number of other historical Fascist potentates.

      1. At least Mussolini and Franco were patriots who loved their respective countries and did what they felt they had to do in order to save Italy and Spain from becoming Communist. Hell, Obama is turning this nation into a Marxist mush pit in front of our very eyes.

        1. I’d actually have to spend some time mulling over the idea that international socialists are worse than national socialists.

  15. At least Turley admitted voting for Obama, which is the same as admitting he is a fool. I get tired of progressives like him complaining when they should have known better in the first place. Turley, enjoy your crap sandwich that we’ve all had to take a bite out of the last five years and enjoy one everyday for the next three years you stupid LIBTARD.

    1. If the Bummer ran for a third term, libs like Turley would vote for him again in a heartbeat. Their rationale would be that anything is better than a Republican.

    2. He also said he agreed with what Obama is doing, just not the way he’s going around congress. So apparently, he’s pretty happy with what America as become. LIBTARD indeed.

  16. The 2014 midterm election will tell all. It will either implant spines in those who’s job and oath it is to protect our country from enemies from within and without or it will allocate the greatest country ever to a mere memory.

    Of course it also could spark a resolve in “We The People” to protect it ourselves.

    1. That’s a good point. The 2014 results will tell us whether the Fourth Reich will be attempting to kick in our doors or whether we have one last shot at avoiding a repeat of the mid-Twentieth Century (but with nastier weapons and even more depraved totalitarians).

      Does anyone doubt that Chris Matthews would be the first one to recommend ovens?

    2. The 2012 election told us all already.

      If we look back to the elections starting, say, in 2000 to 2012, what do we see? Do we see an electorate expressing itself as becoming more self-reliant and less dependent? Or do we see an electorate expressing itself as becoming more and more reliant on government and demanding more and more entitlements? How many states have gone from red to purple? How many from purple to blue?

      It is the electorate at which we need to look, not those elected. That is what will tell all.

      I do not myself have much confidence in the electorate to send the right people to Congress. Thus, I contend that Republicans will not only not take the Senate, they will lose seats in both the House and the Senate.

      1. More important than the people who vote are the VOTE COUNTERS. I do not trust the last election and for the next election, we’ll have to far surpass them in votes to counteract all the fake ballots.

  17. Obama is the Pres Nixon always wanted to be?

    That’s got to be the worst thing anyone ever said about Nixon.

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