Megyn Kelly Guests On Imperial Obama: He Is The President Nixon Always Wanted To Be

Last night, Megyn Kelly had a special edition covering President Obama’s use of executive authority for everything from immigration to Obamacare. During one segment, guests Professor Nicholas Rosenkranz and Professor Jonathan Turley discussed their recent testimony before Congress.

“President Obama has always put programs ahead of principles.” That’s about as accurate a statement as can be made about this administration. In point of fact, about the left in general and the majority of elected Democrats.

Obamacare changes at whim and at will now. There is not even a pretense of going through the congress. This is the same law that mere mention of altering caused Republicans to be called traitors, criminals, racists, and every other name you can think of. But when Obama makes changes, some of them the exact changes the evil Republicans were asking for, it is met with quiet acceptance or raucous applause by the media and the left. These are the rules under Obama. And they are not the same as they were under Bush.

Yes, President Obama’s supporters still point at President Bush and say “he did it too,” even though these are the same folks who at the time were decrying Bush as a virtual monarch, literally calling him King George, and openly and without shame or embarrassment discussing impeachment. As Turley points out, this time, nobody wants to go against The One. They can’t bring themselves to be in opposition to the First Black President, no matter how far he takes us down the road to tyranny. And isn’t that a tyranny of its own, I would suggest.

At one point in the above clip, Megyn Kelly goes through a breathtaking list of examples of the overreach of the Obama executive. Twenty-eight executive actions on Obamacare, controversial actions on immigration, jumped into a civl war in Libya without Congressional approval, allowing doctors to ask patients if they own guns, drone strikes on American citizens. As Kelly says, the list goes on. Every one of these are things that the elites in the media would, and should, have gone apoplectic over were a Republican in office. Remember how they called it Bush’s war? Remember how they called Bush and Cheney war criminals? But Obama slips them right in with barely a murmur of objection. And those who do are treated as fringe. These are the rules under Obama. And they are not the same as they were under Bush.

To paraphrase what Charles Krauthammer recently said, to President Obama, the laws of the United States are whatever he thinks they are. Whatever he wants them to be. What’s in his head becomes reality, regardless of what congress or the American people have to say about it.

Mark Levin referred to him on Twitter today as “The Imperial President.” For which outrage he is certain to be labeled racist. And if you say the word impeachment you are destined for the fever swamp.

President Obama is concentrating power. He is acting unilaterally. He is overstepping his authority. He is turning his back on the constitution. Such things are OK now. They are acceptable. They are mainstream.

These are the rules under Obama. And they are not the same as they were under Bush.

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