Michael Brown defends New Black Panthers: Bush sent police to intimidate black people from voting

Michael Brown, former vice chair of the finance committee of the DNC, says:

“President Bush wanted to suppress the [off ?] color vote. That’s why he sent police officers to the polling stations.”

And this is his defense of the New Black Panthers – that they went there dressed in military garb with their billy clubs to make the black community feel safe coming to the polls, to protect them from police intimidation, or at least the perception of it. WOW!

The funny thing is that I don’t remember seeing any police officers in the video where the New Black Panthers were standing. Did they scare off the police? Somehow I doubt it. I think this has more to do with the New Black Panthers wanting to get Obama elected than it does with the perception of police intimidation.

But none of this matters to the issue at hand. The New Black Panthers were let off the hook by the Obama administration when they should have been prosecuted for voter intimidation. Erik Rush has it right, that if the KKK showed up at the polling place with billy clubs, they would be under the jail – and deservedly so. This is a clear case of racism from the Obama administration.

It makes me wonder if Obama and Holder agree with Michael Brown here. It would explain alot, and my guess is they probably do. Oy!

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