Michelle Malkin calls out the “Beltway and Manhattan chin pullers” RINOs

I love it when Michelle Malkin is fired up. Much like Mark Levin yesterday, she calls out these so-called conservative websites that are “moaning and groaning” as if Romney has lost the election as well as the “Beltway and Manhattan chin pullers” like David Brooks and Peggy Noonan who used to be on the Obama bandwagon and are now trying to give Romney ‘advice’, saying that Romney should definitely not listen to any of them. And she defends Romney’s statement from the fundraiser saying that when one listens to the fuller context, he’s talking about the makers versus the takers and that people outside of the beltway bubble get that.

Watch below:

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89 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin calls out the “Beltway and Manhattan chin pullers” RINOs

  1. @Rocco11
    Right On……
    Kristol, Hume, Frum, Parker, Brooks and don’t forget the worst of all Scarborough.

    They’re all moles. They have no desire to see a Romney/Ryan Presidency, None.

  2. Michelle Malkin for RNC chairperson! While I like Reince Preibus MUCH better than Steele, he is not passionate enough.

    1. Reince is much better than that DEM Steele. Reince just needs to grow one more, if you know what I mean, and go on the offensive.

  3. Sean,
    You respond like this if you’re called a racist. He’s half white, and we don’t like that half either. They keep calling him black, but he’s not. He’s half white and half black, and by them calling him black means their racist. They want to deny his white heritage. That makes them the true racists.

  4. Bill Kristol is morphing into Juan Williams. Noonan is trying to save face – she gushed over Obama. Brooks has always had a man crush on Obama. Just think how much fun we are going to have when Romney wins. The media heads are going to explode.

    1. How can anyone like this guy? He’s smarmy. I feel like I need a shower just listening and looking at him. It’s like media rape.

  5. We as patriots need to take action against these media “beltway” burn-out conservatives! (Kristol, etc.). It’s time for new, fresh and a teamplayer of conservative media analysts!

    What can we do?

    1. Inundate Bret Baier “Special Report” with our rage against Kristol and others
    2. Inudate the Weekly Standard!
    3. Inudate our rage on all social medias!

    I’m so PISS – I can’t really think straight!

    I’m open for any other constructive suggestions!

  6. I’m glad to see Michelle our Belle constantly appearing with Sean Hannity on his show, and here on the Right Scoop. This Belle of ours never is one to shy away from any controversial topic, and is unafraid to speak the truth no matter the venue. Her keen mind and intelligent prose is always on display when confronting the pseudo intelligent leftest and their army of mind numb robots.

  7. Why do we pay attention to Kristol, Noonan etc and thereby give them credibility?
    They are all fakes who sold their souls to the left many moons ago
    Without our attention they would wither on the vine real quick

    1. They are convenient and benign antagonists in the media’s narrative. I do not follow Kristol much but do remember Noonan’s editorials were so deep in to Obama’s underwear in 2008, only bleach could get them out.

  8. It is a great response and MM hit it out of the park. It is a great theme getting out there regarding the Beltway “experts”.

    One does hope that this will snowball into a bigger issue in order that we can finally get these “conservatives” out of the closet once and for all.

  9. Is this the video that LSM refused to air, claiming they can’t verify it (Democracy with a small ‘d’)?

  10. Michelle Malkin is the closest to perfect there is.

    She never misses the major point to highlight. She never muddles the argument with meaningless extraneous crap. Her allegiance is apparently only to the truth of the matter. She is well-studied and well-reasoned.

    She is often full of righteous anger for her subject matter, but is also capable of taking herself lightly and having a good laugh. Look up Steven Crowder’s video parody of Olbermann for a very funny performance by MM and Breitbart (starts about 6 min. in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jz3_YgAMS4.

    Hannity deserves credit for being the only one on FOX, beside “FOX and Friends”, to consistently have her on his show.

  11. Romney, we’ve agreed with those words from the first moment we heard them. Don’t retreat from this. Yuo need to go on the attack. The fact that you are right should embolden you. Get after the Traitor In Chief.

  12. It is no wonder that the Islamic terrorists consider the United States as a laughingstock when the RINO eunuchs show their positions in such a cowardly manner. Boehner, Mitchell, Cantor are all RINO jokes and must be replaced if we are to save the country. We have no choice to support Romney as the only alternative is a complete loss of life as we know it, but we must keep flushing the RINO scum from their seats of power as they have proven they represent their cowardly self interests and not the best interests of the American people.

  13. When she is on fire, man, it’s a firestorm! Great Patriot and advocate of true Conservative values!

    I agree with her. It’s time to throw all support behind Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan NOW!!!

    Remember the ultimate goal here… To save America from Socialism, Collectivism, Statism, Atheism, and Liberalism! All of which are lovingly embraced by NObama and REJECTED by Romney/Ryan!

    I’m a Conservative and I’m now backing Romney 100%! We must do what we can with what we have! We must stop dreaming of the “ideal” candidate and support the candidate that we’ve got!

    If we fail… America as we know/knew is gone… Forever!

    1. No kidding : this election is
      confident competence and common sense
      bat-sh!t crazy-narcissism disguised as “Joe Cool”— the Preezy of the United Steezy — Too cool for Commander-in-Chief school

    2. Right on White Wolf – I have been advocating this and couldn’t agree more. Our country is at stake. what is it that some(on our side) don’t get or are they really so warped because their candidate isn’t the nominee that they will sacrifice what is very important?

        1. That’s why I used the word warped!! All this whinning about Romney and already saw one say they are afraid he won’t win. Well geez, what do they think? I am tired of the whinning – if they can’t be supportive at this point – then shut up!

  14. This is all republican navel gazing. People in America are being lead like sheep to a slaughter and they have no clue whatsoever. The factor which all these Manhattan and Beltway Wooly Mammoths (extinct elephants) seem to be underestimating, is the media!

    Before I get called out again as a “whiner” – I am basing my observation on people we talk to on the phone (NC, FL , MA) and some local door to door for conservative candidates. Most people just do not see anything! Even those who do not like Obama will not accept even the simple truths about Obama’s intentional destruction of the Constitution, the economy and the Republic. Plain ‘ole Democrat votes are clueless as well….Obama is a cool, pop culture, messiah still fighting all the rich folks and evil Republicans who have created this mess.

    The media controls this campaign and it has gone way beyond bias. – It is a lockdown – an iron curtain of propaganda. I can tell you that the Romney campaign messages are not getting through,to people I talk to. It is complete. From the local newspapers and local news spots to the national morning shows, talk shows, sitcoms, and late night comedy.

    This is the inevitable result of 4 years of the Wooly Mammoths being so complicit and/or afraid to tell America the cold hard ugly truth about the Obama regime. I have long thought Romney was already chosen and would win, but I never ever expected he would be struggling at this point. I am not saying I have the answer but I just hope that Romney has a secret blitz campaign coming and soon!

    1. “Before I get called out again as a “whiner…” — sDee

      I’m calling you out….as a great American. πŸ™‚

      I don’t think it’s so much Romney struggling, it’s the media that is hard propaganda left. I don’t know if I agree about the Republicans being at fault because they didn’t tell the cold ugly truth about Obama. Look what happened to those that did. They were marginalized and ridiculed, and people believed the MSM when they tarred the criticisms by saying we were radical lying nut jobs. Donald Trump was successfully marginalized and not taken seriously.

      It’s the fault of two groups of people, basically. The MSM for completely altering reality and the idiots who watch and were given ample warning that they are being lied to. Instead of checking it out, they just said Fox and the rest of us were liars and making things up. They don’t want to see the truth.

      1. thx kong!

        They were marginalized and ridiculed,

        I cannot argue – I’ll always keep an open mind to other causes. I think that it was not just the propaganda machine that surrounded and isolated them, it was their own party too.

        West has figured out a way to do this and survive but the elephants still scatter when he starts talking.

        You are right on the video – it and others like it could easily be woven into an clear and stark message that this man is a marxist, AND, that the damage to America is a direct link to marxist, collectivist principles. I had always assumed Romney understood this perfectly but I am now really beginning to wonder. If he is gun shy – let a surrogate run with it. They are going to have to anticipate an immediate and complete defense from the propaganda machine but they need to out flank them and be ready with the second round.

        1. I’m with you as far as wanting the facts to get out about the true Obama. Call him for what he is. I would love to see Romney pull an Allen West and start being “in your face” factual. I don’t know how West gets away with it, but look what happened to Romney over the slightest controversy in what he said about the 47%. If Romney told it like it is, would it turn off Independents? I know for sure the media would be hell-fire red and would step up the attack machine to the max and so would Obama. It would be the nastiest run-up to the election ever. Could we win it? I’d be a little worried about that.

          We can get those facts out without going through Romney…..I hope.

          1. Yup. Romeny is gun shy – afraid of the media. West speaks from core principle and just never backs down. West would have not have then gotten on TV and danced like Romney did. West would have clipped in another magazine, gotten back on TV, and used it to drive home even harder that Obama has bought votes of people with freebies and governemt dependency…that we now teeter on the brink of a permanent welfare state no different than how Hugo Chavez stirred up the Venezuelan proletariat with “land reform”.

        2. Dee as an AA in all my comments this was what I was trying so hard to articulate. The media is blocking and tackling anyone who tries to tell the truth about their running back, Obama. They have gotten used to “picking” presidents for us. Some silly repubs seem to help them at every turn. Its disgusting.

  15. Oh, Sean. Romney needs to explain conservatism? Well, who’s going to explain it to Romney, and make him believe it first? Duh. You heard of Romneycare?

    Sean, you could have helped us get a Bachmann or Gingrich or Santorum. Those are the kinds of people who have spent led the way explaining and advancing conservatism to people like you, so that you can try to explain it others.

  16. Exactly!!! I’m tired of supposed conservative pundits/analysts supporting every Dem meme. I’m disgusted with them for not supporting Romney 100% especially this close to the election. When this tape comes up change the subject to the Middle East, HHS, any of the 1000 things the Dems don’t want to talk about.

  17. The 47% thing is fodder for RINO retribution I suppose? Why? Those people who vote democrat no matter what? Those whose vote our side never seems to get? Those who have morphed, along with the former democrat party of, “ask not what your country can do for you…” to the party of the reciprocal of that 1963 mind set. The party of, ask more and more of your country and less and less of yourself. It’s not just a head fake but a body flip. A complete conversion.

    Whatever discussion can supplant any talk of Obama’s results is what we’ll hear from the left. Any which can replace the glaring fiscal cliff we teeter on. The waning of American might, productivity, and the floundering economic stagnation, unsustainable debt and deficits, or the ongoing printing presses flooding the world with more dollars, all the while eroding the ones people have worked and saved to accumulate. The shrinking of those dollars like so many wool sweaters washed in blistering water and tossed in a dryer. Those greenbacks are looking more and more like postage stamps on junkmail.

    Let’s not say a word about Obama’s results. While our embassies burn and our ambassadors face murder, and our credit is downgraded even further, Obama parties with Jay-Z and Beyonce with towers of gold-bottled $800.00 champagne.

    23 million unemployed folks would like to earn some paychecks. Others would like for theirs to stop shrinking. College grads are growing weary of Mom and Dad’s basement. They want to start their own grown up life. They fell for hope and change, and now they can’t get up.

    Obama and company have taken America down several notches. Even those who can’t get up will still crawl to the polls to replace this destructive group. It’s nice though that lefties can always look to the fishwrap of record for solace. Now they can look to those “on our side” too? A friendly port in a continuous gale? A port that advocates stormy weather and sinking barometers. “Here ya go little campers, I’ll keep ya’ feeling cozy while helping all hell to break loose.” Rest easy in that port, where the weather will continue to deteriorate till the chief causative meteorologist is fired and replaced.

    You see, we don’t need that propaganda porch or that manipulative meteorologist. We need better economic weather. We need to look at reality as it is, and change it. We’ll do just that. Americans don’t like to reward failure. They are too used to winning. Obama will have to take a crash course in losing this semester.

    1. Rshill7, I have to say after that post Dennis Miller would be so proud that someone had mastered the art of the metaphor like himself. Agreed with all that you said.

    2. I wish our “leaders” could articulate it as well Rshill. Americans for the most part are blind to the truths, numb to facts.

      QE3 is a direct hit broadside to a Nation already taking on water badly – yet how many people are even aware of it let alone understand the implications? 1%?

      1. Trusting for 50+% sDee, and an electoral college landslide. We need to have our faith restored in our fellow citizens. This election is a major test of who and what this nation is made of πŸ™‚

  18. The establishment shoved this candidacy down ours throats. Conservatives like me got behind it, because this election is bigger than a pure ideology of libertarianism or conservatism.

    They had better shut the pie hole and tow the line like they told us to do, or they can go over to the DNC side and bloviate there.

      1. YES! Get rid of that Five nonsense and bring in Michelle Malkin! The ratings for that timeslot would double overnight! I remember when Beck was on and even he was beating the other “news” outlets in ratings against their prime time shows! So it can be done!

        1. And if Malkin pulled in the ratings Beck did by explaining core principles, and told the truth as Beck did, she should would be thrown out by Fox like Beck was. Ratings, Shmaitings.

          America has refined propaganda into a profitable enterprise but profits must take a back seat to the narrative.

            1. I am certain he planned that and wanted to pioneer a new trail – it is in his DNA. I also would fully expect that he would be precluded by his contract and separation agreement from saying which party initiated the separation or why.

              As no one will ever know, I form my conclusion from observations like:
              – He was attacked through his advertisers by the Soros machine and Fox did not help him expose that (O’Reilly even mocked him)
              – With 5pm ratings and demographics like his, I would have expected a network motivated purely by profit and audience share, to do all they possible could to keep him and maybe move him into the 8, 9 or 10pm slot
              – Beck could get to a broader larger audience at Fox than anywhere else.
              – Beck is not the kind of person to get in line with the Murdoch/Saudi narrative like the other hosts, making it impossible for him to stay.

              That said – we all should continue supporting Beck and others like him (click through and buy advertiser products). The corporate media including Fox is beyond redemption – they are highly profitable globalist propaganda and that will not change.

              1. You make some really good arguments (as always!) and I can’t argue them because I really don’t know the whole story with Beck and Fox. I’m just glad he’s doing well. I can’t afford to subscribe to his website so I get what news I can from The Blaze and other sources, but don’t begrudge the man a single penny he makes! It’s our system and I will defend it! Would I like to be rich? yes. Would I like to be rich by taking half of what someone earned and not by the sweat of my own brow? Heck no! Liberals might answer to hedonism, But I answer to God.

                1. Well said. I have mentioned here before that my father escaped socialism and fortunate that he taught me those lessons of life. I smile and feel great to be in America when I see other people making it – whether the local software company, the owner of our favorite restaurant, or Beck.

                  But what has always made me feel rich and fortunate is what now triggers my instinct to fight. It is my freedom from others especially my government, to say what I want and make the choices I want even if stupid and self defeating. That I can chose to take any path I want, to make a fortune or to blow it. I am fine not being rich so long as I know I have the freedom to make the choices I do.

            2. I believe he was pushed out. Fox News received some sort of White House threat
              behind the scenes in my opinion. Beck was too close to the truth of what is going on.

              Perhaps Obama threatened to never go on O’Reilly again!

              1. I wish O’Reilly would stop asking NObama to come on… it’s not like we’ll learn anything new from it! If you don’t know who and what NObama is about by now… You’re should be near sharp objects and I’m sure you’re amuse by shiny objects for hours on end!

                BTW, when I say “you” I don’t mean you amjean… Sometimes text leaves a lot to be desired as a way of communicating. I mean “you” the Libtard morons who are almost too stupid to figure out how to get out of bed at the crack of noon to go collect your “free ‘bama money” that he grows in his money orchard out back of the White House believing people!. πŸ™‚

            3. sDee’s reply is spot on. I distinctly recall Glenn making a comment about wanting to go in a new direction right after his Restoring Honor event on 8/28/10. Those who watched his shows regularly knew he had much more to share but couldn’t get approval from the network … I can only imagine how much that would frustrate a truth teller.

              Though we will never know for sure, I will always believe Glenn initiated the departure and Fox still regrets the loss of revenue.

        2. Well, I kinda like Dana Perino, she’s real purty.

          So how about we just get her and Michelle together and call it “The 2.”

  19. The word “collective” that Obama uses is a common Marxist term used all the time by communists. So, at the very least, Obama is a socialist. Is he at heart maybe a true communist? I think he’s a straight European-style socialist, and that isn’t very far from being a communist.

    1. Fellow Travelers home in on the words.

      It is why true conservatives are easy to sort out. We are fellow travelers too, who need only to ignore all the noise and listen for others, those who speak from the heart and mind, of liberty and limited government.

      The rest is politcal conservative noise to distract us.

  20. Big difference between repub’s and demunists.

    The demunists stand behind their candidate no matter what. I’m sick of being told that having Romney as the nominee will save America. He then comes out and states the truth and we see the supposed conservative’s trashing him.

    My theory is that the RNC really does not want to have a Repub as POTUS. When the economy goes into the tank early next year, they fear that they will have the label of the economy tanking, not obama.

  21. I would add Bill Kristol to the “chin puller” group who I call the “attention whores.” Look at me! Look at me! I am a “Republican/Conservative” who bad mouths the Republicans. Buy my magazine. Have me on your talk shows.

    Hopefully in the future someone will start a TV news network for the internet. A straight shooting, 24 hour a day news network only accessible on the internet dedicated to finding the truth no matter where the truth is.

    1. He did – his name is GLENN BECK… It’s called BLAZE TV. Subtitle, “the TRUTH Lives here!”. It started on the net- and now it is also found on DishTV on channel 212!

        1. Come across people like him before that just like to be provocative thinking they’re edgy and thoughtful or something… Mostly I think they are ass… Oh wait ABC caught me on this last time! πŸ˜‰ So I think they deep depressions in the ground into which a well known relative of a donkey could fall. πŸ™‚

  22. This was an excellent segment last night. She it directing this also to Bill Kristol, Laura Ingraham, Ed Rollins and David Frum. The spineless wonders that act like tire tracks for liberals but want to act like sharks with their own. I am sick of these Inside the Beltway drones. They have and will always be out of touch with real America. Peggy Noonan is a washed old know it all with lofty speeches that no one wants to listen to because she loves Obama….so did Frum and so does Brooks. Who the bloody heck on the conservative side would listen to any of these impostors to conservatism.

    Kristol is a little Napoleon of a man without the guts or army and only garnishes attention when he attacks Romney. Otherwise the stooge is ignored for the nothing he is.

    It is ironic as usual that the true warriors like Rush, Sean, Mark and Michelle have to rescue and defend the guy that the INSIDERS so badly wanted. To me Mitt tries and sounds better each day…for the Rinos that can take a hike into the OBLIVION!!

    1. 1000 “Likes” for your last paragraph! I was a hard sell for Mitt though I’m anxious to cast my vote for him. I even have some hope that he might actually be far better than I expected.

    2. The reason so many conservatives are cautious in jumping on board, Michael, is for the same reasons you present. When RINOs like Kristol, Graham, Rollins, Parker, Brooks, Frum,etc start putting their self interests above the American people, they stop being credible to the people who made them who they are. An old saying is “you lose your way when you are blinded by the light.” The answer is to stop recognizing their existence and they stop being who they have become.”

    3. Yes, when Laura agreed with Ann Coulter that Palin was a mindless twit I nearly cursed and spit nails. I will never listen to either one of them again. They think they are oh so cool and they are the cat’s meow. Maybe a few years ago when they had something useful to say.

    4. Bill Kristol mocked Glenn Beck 2 years ago when Glenn warned of a the coming Middle East/North African Caliphate and the rise of the Muslum Brotherhood.

      He was ahead of everybody on this…

      How’s that working for us now Billy Boy?

      You tired-worthless hack…

  23. I think that to some extent the lamestream lapdog media is making a big fuss about these “Romney tapes” for a reason. They don’t want folks to watch them all and understand Romney’s message.

    My take, and I’ve said this previously, that if one watches those videos in their entirety will likely have a positive impression of Mitt Romney. I see them as something positive. Well, perhaps that ‘splains why those lamestream lapdogs probably see those videos as a negative.

    1. This was over before it started. The media simply and quickly created a narrative that Romney says one thing publicly and behind closed doors is conspiring to screw the non-rich non-white folks. This was all set up before Jimminy Jr released them. Romney did not have a chance.

      No one has bothered to listen to what Romney actually said on the tapes. They just swallow the narrative and parrot it back.

      1. This is why to stand a fighting chance against them Romney must have a Rapid Response Team that goes on every show to refute these charges when they first come out instead of waiting 3 or more days later to respond when the pie has already been baked. Another thing, why is Romney practically alone in this effort? Is it that his campaign don’t trust anyone else or they are so focused on some strategy that they can not see that the objective of the LSM is do everything in their power to see that he is unable to carry out his strategy?

  24. She’s exactly right, Bill Kristol’s metamorphosis into David Frum, and Brit Hume is complete. And Peggy Noonan? Just shut up. Go have lunch with Kathleen Parker, and David Brooks…

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