Michelle Malkin schools Democrat who blames Okla. gun laws for Australian college student shooting

It just doesn’t get any more right that Michelle Malkin in this segment. The Democrat is talking about restricting assault weapons and ammunition and Malkin points out that the killers used a .22 to murder the Australian college student. But even more than that she hammers home that while he’s talking about grabbing guns, it’s behavior and gang mentality that is at the core of the issue. All the Democrat can do is try and talk over her over and over.


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128 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin schools Democrat who blames Okla. gun laws for Australian college student shooting

  1. skybiker “9 thousand miles of unguarded borders and you think they will keep guns out of the hands of the criminal class?” — skybiker
    Oh, heck no.  That was my point.  The only people going to be without guns will be the victims.  Criminals will always have their guns because we can’t even stop thousands of illegal Mexicans from crossing the border every day.   Gun control laws are stupid and increase crime.

  2. kong1967 ( thousand miles of unguarded borders and you think they will keep guns out of the hands of the criminal class. 
    Truckloads of drugs cross the borders every year. If guns are banned the same will occur for guns. A large lucrative illegal gun market.
     The bad guys will have guns and the rest of Americans will just be victims.

  3. Army_Pilot1967 If they pass enough laws pretty soon they will always be able to find a law you aren’t following and lock you up at any whim of the government.

  4. What decreases gun violence is mandatory GUN OWNERSHIP. If you don’t believe it look up the murder statistics in Kennesaw Georgia after they passed a gun ownership ordinance

  5. JohnCraven  I know, it’s appalling isn’t it?  They make a racial crime out of Zimmerman when it had nothing to do with race and no crime was actually committed…self defense.  Yet, when blacks kill whites and tweet about killing white people they don’t understand why we make it about race.  They’re either brain dead, opportunists, liars, or hypocrites.  I vote for all four.

  6. kong1967, Greta van Susteren reported tonight that two of the Democrat party’s finest and most courageous members beat an 88 year old white WWII veteran to death in Spokane, Washington.  This veteran had survived being wounded on Okinawa but couldn’t survive a trip to his favorite watering hole under Nero Obama’s regime.
    And this comes on the heels of three of the Democrat Party’s finest and even more courageous members shooting an unarmed Australian baseball player in the back as he jogged down the street because they were bored since they had no work under the Nero Obama shovel ready economic recovery and they needed to do something to relive their boredom and, of course, the Democrats blamed it all on George Bush.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  7. kong1967 tinlizzieowner 
    Precisely. If you want to know what’s in a liberal bill, simply apply the opposite meaning to what it’s called.

  8. They cut the segment too early. If you listen to the last statement by this shill he made the claim that in city’s where there is more gun control there are less murders. HE IS DEAD WRONG! They should have pounced on that. The opposite is true and they let him get away that statement, unchallenged.

  9. Again why waste the time….WHO CARES did they persuade each other?  This stuff is just garbage…again why Conservatives engage in debates like this is mind numbing…IT PROVES NOTHING….There is NO HARMONY that is the problem….we have two very different Americas.  There will NEVER be a change in BLACK MENTALITY OF BLAME EVERYONE EXCEPT THEMSELVES…it is their DRUG!!  That is why they are poor, lost, ignorant, clueless, destined to nothing and will have nothing.  Frankly, I do not care about the BLACKS at all….let them play in their own FILTH and MESS…they deserve it…they choose it and continue to…let them ly in it and worship little PANSIES like this nothing that would CRAP HIS PANTS against a real man and would be a victim in less than a second!

  10. therightscoop Keyes Laurel A 
    No problem Scoop. It’s your site and you have every right to remove what you want. I appreciate you letting us post.

  11. tinlizzieowner  Exactly, and liberal politicians are masters at the game of deception.  When you look at all their bills, none of them are designed to do what they claim.  
    Stimulus?  Not hardly for the economy and jobs.  More like massive pork barrel spending to liberal causes. 
    Obamacare?  Tens of millions will still be uninsured.  Actually designed to put private insurance companies out of business to pave the way for a single payer…..the government….and for full government control.
    Employee Free Choice Act?  Removes voting in private to bring unions into businesses.  The name suggests it protects employees’ rights, but it’s just the opposite.
    Go down the list.  Everything they pass is a deception of one form or another.

  12. George Zimmerman proved that concealed carry is the Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not go out without a gun. http://regularrightguy.wordpress.com/ … Full Caf

  13. Several years back I heard a radio talk show host say there were hundreds of gun control laws already on the books…..his point was no new laws are needed, the existing laws need to be enforced.  Sounds logical to me.  Why keep churning out meaningless laws if they aren’t going to be enforced?
    As for the lefty in the video….very typical, he just yammers every time Michelle tried to say something.

  14. “if there was no gun they wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger”          
    By his argument, if there were no Blacks in America, the Australian college student would still be alive.     
    So… he prefers to blame the gun?

  15. kong1967 tinlizzieowner 
    It is ‘brilliant’. The average person doesn’t grasp the idea that the name of the game is to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of the lawful because the liberals are far more afraid of us than they are of the lawless.

  16. tinlizzieowner  Even if they enforce the gun laws they have in Chicago it won’t do any good.  It’s kinda hard to take guns away from people who have illegal guns.  We don’t know who has them until they use them in a crime (or to defend themselves, which we want), and no gun law will prevent criminals from getting illegal guns.  Black market.  Gangs will have guns no matter what the law is.
    It all boils down to community, parents, and culture.  If we raise more brain dead violent thugs and promote it within culture we will get more dead people and less morality.
    Kansas is really tough on crimes committed with guns.  Everyone is for the lawful ownership of guns, but if you use one in a crime your ass is grass, lol.

  17. Libertyship46 Liberals somehow believe that if you make guns illegal then there won’t be any guns for anyone to use.  Very false logic, and like every other policy and law they enact, very much the opposite results happen instead of what was intended.
    Even if that were true, that criminals would have their guns taken away (yeah, right), I would still be against it.  If you’re getting attacked by five people with tire irons, I’d want you to have the ability to stop them from killing you.  Putting a tire iron in your hands won’t do it.  A gun will.

  18. tinlizzieowner ….and liberals want to remove our guns and the “little Black Ghetto Punks” will still illegally have theirs.  Brilliant, just brilliant.

  19. WBCSaint  Lol, I missed that because I started to tune out at the end.
    There have been towns that made it manditory for households to have a gun within, and with at least one person trained to use them.  In the one case I’m thinking of, crime went down by a lot, but crime went up in neighboring counties.  The criminals avoided the gun heavy households and moved to “gun free zones” (in essence).
    Moral of the story?  Do this to all towns and cities, then the criminals have no safe haven to pick out prey.

  20. The poor British soldier who was murdered by Islamist savages was first hit by a car then beheaded.  If one has the intent to do harm, ANYTHING can be turned into a weapon.  (Book, pen, meat tenderizer, coffee pot, etc.)

  21. VIRUSX2K1  I would much rather die from a bullet to the head than to slowly suffer from injuries of being brutally beaten.  Lol, of course, I’d rather not be murdered but that’s not the point.

  22. EchoMike  Looks good except for sperm donor fathers sticking around to be a father to the child.  That totally defeats the purpose of “anonymous” sperm donor.  Many men need the money and others just want to help women without being straddled with a child.  Force them to stick around and they stop being donors, leaving women without a source.
    I know that a lot of women who do this rely on the replacement father of welfare, and maybe that needs to be addressed, but you leave out the cases of married couples who use the service because the husband cannot produce a child.

  23. “if there was no gun they wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger” — dumbass
    Great, a new talking point.  I heard Kirsten Powers use the same argument last night.
    Gun laws don’t remove guns from the hands of criminals, only law abiding citizens.  
    Bottom line is that if you’re brutally attacked you should have whatever weapon that gives you the advantage to defeat your attacker.  Without guns, the attacker always has the advantage….or in most cases short of stupid criminals.  Teaching women how to urinate or spit on rapists is pure lunacy.  Take out a gun and blow off their gonads.  Guaranteed to stop the attack.  
    Liberals never mention that if you remove guns there is in increase in violent crime and more dead victims unable to defend themselves.  Killers will kill no matter what weapon they have to use, which will still be guns after more gun laws are enacted.  Case in point….Chicago.

  24. I love it when a statist pukes out their agenda, and then back tracks and says “I didn’t say that” when you hit back with the obviously logical steps that would need to be taken in order to achieve their ends. This man offers no real solutions. He offers emotional platitudes to drum up sympathy for ridiculous laws that will never address the real issue, and rather than inconvenience the law breaker they reduce the liberties of law abiding citizens. If they want to really create legislation that will reduce violence overall, then the first thing you have to do is provide a choice. Conservatives should be hitting back with an agenda of a vibrant educational system, a thriving economy where a %50+ unemployment rate for black teens is incomprehensible. Give these kids hope, a strong character, and a real choice to improve their lives, and I believe they will take it. But then if we did that, the Dems know they would have less of a hold on the minority vote.

  25. Blogger Nick Steves writes it best:  “When a White Hispanic kills a Black man….it is, as we all know, time to have a National Conversation About Race™.
    But when a black man kills a white (or white Hispanic), an event http://unamusementpark.com/2013/07/race-crime-flyer-trayvon-martin-memorial-edition/, then it’s time for a National Conversation http://habitableworlds.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/australians-are-retarded-and-lower-class-whites-are-becoming-black/.

  26. Laughing Dick apparently doesn’t know what a zip gun is. Hell, even people in PRISON have figured out how to make pistols. Malkin is right: he’s a liar. He literally BLATHERS about Soviet battle rifles and gun shows in other states, and thst is all to create a big enough straw man, as to distract from the fact that the little bastards used a .22 caliber, PEA SHOOTING, WHEEL GUN. He says that if there were no guns, gangs would suddenly become impotent and unable to kill. This shows he’s no Christian, because the first felony was a 2nd degree homicide/ violence case, using

  27. why is a crime worse because a gun was used? Was the crime okay without the gun?
    Stop putting the gun into the discussion.  Stop paying for the “GUN crime is jail time” stickers on your cop cars.  Stop electing politicians who use the term GUN crime.
    Either it’s a crime or it’s not.  Whether a tool was used or not.  There are not ENOUGH gun laws, there are WAY TOO MANY gun laws.  There is only one Constitutional gun law: the 2nd Amendment.

  28. imatellau But that doesn’t make him racist, because he’s a minority, and minorities can’t be racist because they are the oppressed class. At least, that’s what I hear.

  29. “In cities where they have gun control they have less murder”  LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO  It is too bad that happened just at the end of the segment because Michelle would have absolutely TORCHED him on that one with facts like Chicago and Detroit leading the way in gun violence despite their heavy gun laws

  30. I read somewhere that he responded on his Twitter acct (whoever runs that for him), but he didn’t go so far as to mention that Chris Lane could’ve been his son.
    His handlers said: “Retweet if you agree: It’s time for Congress to make gun violence prevention a priority. https://twitter.com/search?q=%23WhatWillItTake&src=hash
    J. Jackson said that this sort of violence is “frowned upon”. I assume in his mind it’s akin to parking in an undesignated parking space — it’s frowned upon.
    I agree with 0’s propagandists — we need to make gun violence prevention a priority by outlawing liberal policies that re-enforce violent and immoral behavior.

  31. JJacobs That’s why we need to openly reject political correctness and expose it for the foolishness it is. It cripples reason and common sense.
    Expose. Express. Extinguish.

  32. You know, this guy does have a point. We do have a gun problem in America.
    Way too many little Black Ghetto Punks illegally have guns. 😉 😉

  33. way to go Michelle!! you put that idiot in his place.  the fact that he is excusing the thugs behaviour equates to him condoning their behaviour!  obviously he studied hard at the stephanie cutter / debbie wasserman shultz school of interruption! imagine if he truly understood how stupid he sounds!!

  34. You know the left always have that “please punch me in the face” smirk that drives me off the wall! 

    And no my comment was not inciting violence. I had no gun…:-)

  35. Rush Limbaugh said yesterday that blaming the gun in this instance is like blaming a hanging on the guy who manufactured the rope. A gun is a tool and we already have a boatload of laws AGAINST the misuse of guns as well as laws against crimes committed with illegal guns. It’s about time the courts put more criminals behind bars who use guns in crimes rather than taking guns away from people who simply want to defend themselves. The problem here is cultural and social, and with jerks like Obama, Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson not wanting to admit that, they are only making the problem much, much, worse. The crime here is the silence coming from the race hucksters like Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama, NOT from the legal gun owners.

  36. I feel the most badly for a society that continues to make excuses for this. It’s not about ‘guns’, it’s about individual responsibility and this guy knows it.
    Jackson’s (weak, racist) “frowned upon” comment was called for what it
    was, he went on to denounce ‘violence’ and ‘Black on Black crime’ (which
    he wouldn’t touch, in the past) and never ONCE addressed THIS Black on
    White, crime.When that rationalization wears out he will go back to the ‘gun’ excuse this guy is trying to peddle.

    Until we have the guts to call out the ‘race
    merchants’ like this guy, Sharpton, Jackson, (and Obama) for what they are, we’re
    getting nowhere. You want to get a handle on the ‘gun problem’ in America Mr. Black excuse maker? How about enforcing the existing gun laws in every liberal, Democratically controlled, inner city, ‘Ghetto’ in the nation, for openers.

  37. As Gov. Palin pointed out, the left practices the politics of emotion, and emotion doesn’t make ANYBODY safer. Do not fall for it, they are wolves in a sheep’s clothing.

  38. Desjardins tinlizzieowner  
    It hasn’t, that’s how we ended up where we are now. And ‘why’ hasn’t it worked? Because up until recently, we have been too timid and afraid to be called ‘racist’ to address the truth.

  39. No facts, just feelings on the left.  This guy throws out so many of his incorrect feelings that you just can’t rebut them all.  The best one is where it’s legal for 16 & 17 yr old kids to go to a gun show and buy ak47’s, etc…. Obviously false.  Until we control our black crime in America, which is obviously doubled, we will slowly go towards an uncivilized society.  I can’t wait to see Mr educated black man who so relates to his black brothers get the beat down by them.  Because they’ll stomp him to death over a quarter if they want a quarter.  
    Of all the things I wished, WISHED would have happened with Obama was that the hood mentality would take a hit.  Instead, it’s wheels are greased and going faster than ever for our country’s takeover.  Another generation of this and we won’t even know what civil is.

  40. Desjardins  
    Exposing the Black victim hood mentality and the race merchants who thrive on it, for who they really are.

  41. All 3 of them are legal, registered, gun owners, right? 😉 
    is so friggin hard for these people to figure out? It’s not about the
    guns, that’s the ‘excuse’ to keep from addressing the real problem.
    Would ‘Nit Wit’s’ like this useful idiot be calling to outlaw cars, if they had
    just run him over?

  42. Agree, show or tell anyone any other way to stop a bad person with a gun other than a good person with a gun and most will listen. Cannot happen!

  43. I find it strange how everyone’s so quick to play the race card when a white/hispanic male kills a black teen but when three black teens kill one white man, it’s just three “children” who made some bad decisions. It’s stuff like this that is really making America look bad. All the double standards and B.S. that goes along with it.

  44. Obama or any of his creed who not believe the American people have the constitutional right and moral right to defend life and property and nation from threats, them selves deserve no protection from body gards or amorcars paid for by the tax payers.

  45. Laurel A That is ultimately the truth, the utter lack of any moral anchor. The left has done everything they could and can do to remove the anchor. Just wait until I decide they’re right and kill them without giving a second thought. Should be an interesting manifesto, don’t you think? Man slaughters  a hundred because he says the left was right, no God, no religion, no Commandments means I get to kill indiscriminately without repercussion. Your’ rights mean nothing to me…….

  46. Has anyone noticed how silent Obama is on this issue? 
    It must be that if he had had 3 sons they would have looked like these 3 perps!

  47. poorhardworker Just think, Gangsta rap has been out there for a while enough to infect millions of young minds, an entire generation kids of all colors and creed. The clean up will take an enormous toll and time. Ask your DemonRat leaning coworkers and friends if they think Obamacare will cure this nightmare. Might need those death panels after all.

  48. Leftists, by any of their brand names (marxists, communists, socialists, progressives, nazi, etc), ALWAYS resort to shouting down their opponent to control the discussion.
    It’s ALWAYS about control.
    Godless evil knows no limits and can never be appeased – only thru elimination can we solve the problem.

  49. I knew as soon as this story hit that the next thing coming out of the woodwork would be the gun control advocates screeching and opining about the dangers of guns.  Despite the fact that no gun law could possibly have averted this tragedy, the Diane Feinstein-bots start repeating the same mantra that guns are the cause of all this misery and we need to have them confiscated “to make us all safer.”  Tucked into one of the articles I read on this shooting was the fact that a shotgun (or rifle, I can’t recall which) was found in the trunk of the car the thugs used to chase down Chris Lane.  The serial numbers were shaved off.  Ergo, we can safely assume this weapon was not procured through regular, legal channels like from a licensed gun dealer.  It wasn’t the gun they used to shoot Chris Lane, which so far has not been recovered.  Rest assured that criminals know where to replace weapons that have become “too hot” to keep.  Regardless of any strict gun control laws put into effect, the original gun and a new one would still be readily available through the black market.  While law abiding citizens would turn in guns for fear of repercussions from our “benevolent” government, thugs would thumb their noses at such an idea.  There are currently millions of weapons in this country, many of them in the hands of kids who look like they could all be Obama’s sons.  Making them “illegal” to own would have had zero effect on the tragedy that unfolded in Oklahoma.

  50. This argument is over. Guns are the answer. Not the problem. An armed community is a safe community. Period. Anything else is propaganda. This president “hopes” to change a free america into a socialist European style country. Everyone laughed at us for saying that 5 years ago.. are you idiots still laughing now.. if u voted for obama you are responsible for the death of america. U have blood on your hands!

  51. 27Words Australia progressives managed to outlaw guns in that once great country. All of their crime rates more than doubled. Including murders, assaults, robberies, rapes, etc. The trash elements of any society will always be able to get guns, it’s the innocent people who are left defenseless without guns who pay the price.
    BTW, these lefties know the truth, but they’re being paid to promote only one theme, make everything about guns being bad – it’s the only message, like robots, that they’re allowed to push.

  52. Like most liberal left ideologues, this guests refuses to acknowledge the truth. No matter how many gun laws are passed, criminals are not going to follow the law. The criminals aren’t following the laws now, and will not in the future. The effort of the left ideologues to control guns only makes more victims of law abiding citizens. This poor misguided person needs to do better research. Murder rates in cities like Chicago, Oakland, New York, and many other metropolitan cities haven’t decreased, but have done the exact opposite. All of these cities have laws banning and limiting guns and still the criminals buy them illegally and then prey on those that follow the law. Perhaps this person should stop living in his nice neighborhood, and live where the gangs and thugs rule the day, and then he might understand what it is to have his Constitutional rights to protect himself suspended. I speculate he would be thankful to own a fire arm giving him the ability to defend not only his right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but the rights of his wife and kids as well. Instead all he does is talk over his counterpart like most uninformed liberals do.

  53. Michelle and Monica ought to have shouted “Chicago” every time this demRat opened his mouth about ‘gun control’ …

  54. Interesting, I’m 63 too. My folks grew up during the depression too, in the South. They had WW2 looming. We have something nasty looming too. We don’t have time for this stupidity, I’m absolutely with you about that.
    Vicious young punks can come in all colors. It’s a problem with immature humans, esp. males. These simply have not had any guidance (although I suppose there is such a thing as ‘bad seed’ in some cases). There really is no excuse in any event.
    Thing is, our main problem right now is Islam. You see young men being taught that this kind of behavior is good if the target is infidel, or criticizes Allah or whatever. The pc coddling mixed with this sort of ideology is a very toxic, and explosive mix. Enough to bring down our civilization unless a whole lot of well meaning people-esp. liberals like the guy in the interview wake up and smell the growing stench.

  55. famouswolf My parents grew up during the depression.  I lived through the Civil Rights movement.  I, after 63 years, am seeing worse…now it is mindless, senseless killing for a “perceived” wrong!  Before people learned to control their impulses because there WERE CONSEQUENCES for your actions.  Now…with the liberal “emotion/feeling” propaganda…do what makes you “feel” good…as long as you don’t hurt the earth tripe…we have young black men thinking they can be “ganstas”!  Our country is in the toilet…and the man on this interview explains exactly why…ignore the cause!

  56. Seems like the simple, plain as your nose truth to me.
    Ride hard, shoot straight, and most of all tell the truth.
    And make political correctness from any source obsolete.

  57. ROFLMAO You just gave me a mental image of a chimp with a revolver, peering down the barrel as he cocks the hammer….

  58. Not to mention that guns and ammo can be produced in basements, with a machine shop…the Afghans have been doing just that for quite a while.
    So then I guess they would want to ban machine shops, in the hands of ‘little people’. Of course.
    And, even if they did all that, people would still be people except the biggest meanest ones would rule the rest, like in the old days before guns made men more equal in that regard. LOL Liberals should be careful what they wish for, I think.

  59. WTH???  The guy just does NOT get it and he is RUDE…didn’t his Mom teach him any sort of personal skills?  Michelle is right…it is the culture of the young BLACKS!  As a whole…they respect NOTHING!  The neighborhood knew them and warily watched them…NO RESPECT.  YOU HAVE…I WANT…I TAKE…NO MATTER THE COST (because there usually isn’t one!)!!!  These THUGS should be put down like the rabid dogs they are!

  60. Well, I don’t like most blacks because I’ve found out the hard way that most blacks don’t like me. However, there a lot of ‘jungle animals’ of every color out there too.
    That said, I agree ‘live like a jungle animal, die like jungle animal’. It’s past time to stop committing cultural suicide by political correctness. No one, and I mean no one, who does something like this should be given any sort of preferential treatment including mercy.

  61. wdobni 
    We don’t use that kind of language here. “Liberal control” is one thing and needed, what you said is unbecoming and unnecessary.

  62. stage9, you can’t argue with BORG!  They are relentless in their invincible ignorance!  Ignorance which only God can penetrate.
    All you can do is defeat them.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  63. Laurel A True, I can pretty much get you to kill yourself just by the power of the negative words i can say you to.

  64. ImaThinkn Like arguing with a brick wall, isn’t it ?
    You have to be a special kind of stupid to be a liberal. ZERO common sense. We should remove the safety tags and warning labels from everything, then leave it to Darwin to sort out.

  65. I’m sure with all of the racial hatred Obama and the left are spewing that didn’t play a part either.  I detest the left.  I’d like to kick every one of their commie butts out of this country.  I’m sick of them, I’m sick of living with them.  IT WAS RACIALLY MOTIVATED.  THAT’S WHAT IT WAS.

  66. This video only proves that its impossible to carry on an intelligent conversation with a democrat or any other liberal progressive extremist ideologue.  They are incapable of actually answering any legitimate question posed to them.  Only able to regurgitate the narrative, engage in character assassination, spinning comments out of context, shout louder than the person attempting to present a legitimate position, etc.

  67. Just once I’d like to hear a liberal make an informed argument without trying to out-shout the opposition.

  68. Anybody told this guy there’s at least 270 Million guns already in America?
    These liberals who envision a world w/o guns is ludicrous!   Even if America had NO guns… do you think our borders would stop them from coming in to the criminals over our borders?  Then we’d have criminals w/ ALL the guns and the rest of us w/ no guns…
    So.. getting rid of all the guns is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, so for me and my family, we will live responsibly and protect as necessary

  69. I agree. I just wish this didn’t feel like the late 1930’s in certain key ways-without some of the advantages we had then.
    I am not certain there have been worse times.

  70. Why even DISCUSS anything with liberals?  They’re too stupid and dishonest about their end goals to bother with.

  71. harglide stage9 Ya know what harglide…I worry too. And sometimes I get afraid as well…BUT!  As my husband and I were talking about all we can do is live our principles, keep fighting the good fight, and in the end put our trust and faith in God.
    Take comfort in the fact as well that this country has seen times like this and worse before.
    Don’t give in and never give up!

  72. stage9 harglide I just worry about the true IDIOTS that listen to him. THE WHOLE REASON THE joke in chief got voted in yet AGAIN!
    I mean, when will of the idiots get a clue?
    They (the young idiots and welfare lovers) will vote for whomever they hear, from week to week, or, in nobamas case hour-to-hour….

  73. Laurel A Keyes therightscoop 
    Just so you know, I did not use any bad words. Just politically incorrect because political correstness is cultural marxism…. and you know how I feel about Marxism.

  74. Folks what did the Aurora killings and the killing in CT have in common?  They both occurred where guns were not allowed!  It is not more complicated than that!  BTW if they beat this guy to death with an Easton aluminum bat should we ban baseball bats too?

  75. hbnolikeee What is ironic is they never get that they have real live history staring them in the face. Did Prohibition remove all alcohol? Did it’s amending remove the mob? Has outlawing drugs removed drug abuse?
    Really I could go on all night with the examples.

  76. harglide He’s not. He’s an idiot who lives in a make believe world unhinged from our own. Liberals don’t use reason to argue, they have learned to use emotionalism to argue. If they can get you emotionally attached to their argument, they win. It’s tough to argue against emotion with common sense, because common sense requires a cool head and a rational worldview and liberals possess neither.

  77. Orangeone stage9 When you have to yell over someone to make a point, it’s a clear sign that you have no point to make. Your argument is weak. The left is unhinged from reality. They are mentally unstable and you can’t argue with a mentally unstable person. They have to silence your rationality in order to allow their irrationality to have its way.

  78. AND, how is our “personal responsibility” going to FIX THIS???
    How is this MORON gonna keep guns out of control of the THUGS THAT WANT TO KILL and have NO license to carry!
    How the heck is this idiot missing the KEY POINT??

  79. The guy said, “In cities where they have gun control, there’s less murders.  It’s just that simple.”  He is wrong. Chicago, anyone?  All it takes is watching a few episodes of Gunsmoke to convince one that, if everyone knows that everyone else has a weapon, they deal more carefully with one another.  When everyone potentially has a weapon, justice can be done very quickly.
    He is an idiot who has been hired to talk jibberish.  These rabble rousers should not be allowed to continue to speak.  If FOX cannot find people of good will to discuss the issues, we should not watch them.

  80. I lost a lot of respect for Michelle. It is very simple; those thugs had illegal firearms. He had no other point HAMMER IT!

  81. This guy is DOPE for being him and a DOUBLE DOPE for trying to outwit Michelle. 
    A background check ?? – What a dope.

  82. “School” a Democrat??  If any one can it’s MM.  Odds are challenging though, with drug mentality core, gang culture core, leftist core, victimization core, unabashed liars core, Common Core polluting the learning curve.

  83. Orangeone That’s how the mentally unstable argue. They are defending their religion — moronotheism.

  84. ernst1776 Orangeone But those that are new to people like Michelle Malkin cannot hear her great comments and are likely to turn the channel.  I did for a very long time.

  85. Orangeone I think it’s good that the left rattles on.  The more he talks and interrupts the more obvious it become he is clueless.

  86. Why don’t these moderators learn to cut the mic on these democrats with diarrhea of the mouth?  Do these dim-bulbs take talk over classes?
    Go Michelle, on point as always.

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