Michelle Malkin tears into Salazar on Hannity

Wow, this is Michelle’s best interview as of late. Dang she’s tough! In 2013, I hope President Palin considers Michelle for Attorney General, cause that’d just have awesome written all over it.

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10 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin tears into Salazar on Hannity

  1. But, not a very wise or able one, especially if he is approving the actions of this administration.

  2. But, a lack of qualifications has never bothered our current Administration or it's supporters when it comes to their appointees.

  3. Your answer may lie in the 6/21 Beck segment where he connects the dots. If accurate very telling. Now we hear that some equipment is not being used because they don't have the proper permits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the Hell. Republicans can't do this alone – where the hell are all the bleeding heart lieberals now that we need to save the seas?

  4. WOW! This leak is back to 100% and it's what, day 65. were are the republicans? Why isn't anyone asking about Navy's deep water salvage teams, who can rescue sailors and reclaim nuc. warheads miles deep. They can't help cap this thing with maned submirsables. Does this not sound reasonable? I live in Pensacola and I guess I'll cancel my saltwater fishing license. No more fishing or diving in NW FL. POTUS sacrifice of miracle strip for policy agenda. Thanks Obama voters.

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