Mike Rogers: We have the capacity to get the Benghazi attackers, but Obama won’t do it…


Mike Rogers told Time Magazine the other day that we know who some of the men are who participated in the Benghazi attack, that they are part of Al-Qaeda, but because of this administration’s ‘softer and gentler’ approach, they won’t go get them:

We have numerous people that we know participated in the Benghazi attacks affiliated with al-Qaeda that are still on the battlefield. We have the capacity to get them but there’s no planning to get them. We have other serious al-Qaeda threats that normally we would take off the battlefield, but because of this Administration’s more kinder, gentler approach we have not done that.

What do you mean by a “kinder, gentler” approach? Is that because the pace of drone strikes seems to have slowed?

I’m not allowed to talk about specific programs. But I can tell you that there are ways that we have taken people off the battlefield that have been disruptive to their ability to plan operations, and there are cases where we are no longer doing that.

People who think this is a phony scandal ought to ask why Obama has not kept his word in going after those who perpetrated this terrorist attack that took the lives of four Americans.

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