***UPDATED*** Military leaders allowed Muslim cleric to pray at Seal Team 6 funeral, but he cursed them instead

***UPDATED: Walid Shoebat emails to say this is not a song or a prayer, but a Koranic recitation:

This is terrible. In other words, this Imam was saying that these soldiers are “going to hell” and their dead are going to “heaven”. Thats what this looks like.

By the way, this was not a “song” or a “prayer”, it was recitation from the Quran.

The PRAYER was actually at THE END, after the recitation was completed in which the Imam stops the Tajweed (chanting) of the Quran. THEN he starts praying for ONLY ONE DEAD PERSON, the MUSLIM.

He says “Allah have mercy on HIS soul and HOUSE HIM (only him, the Muslim) in the beautiful heaven”.

In other words, the prayer was ONLY for the MUSLIM and NOT for the NON-MUSLIM.

As all of you should remember, we lost 17 of our SEAL Team 6 members in 2011 when their helicopter was shot down by the Taliban. Well today Freedom Watch held a press conference with the family members of the fallen Seal Team 6 members at the National Press Club in DC to tell the truth about what really happened to these elite SEALs.

To start off the presentation, Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch (and Judicial Watch) showed a video of how the military leaders allowed a Mulslim Cleric to come and pray at the funeral of the fallen SEAL Team 6 members in Kabul. But what he says occurred was a disgrace. Instead of some innocuous prayer, the cleric cursed the soldiers as he prayed in Arabic. Below is a clip of the prayer itself which has been dubbed as audio onto a slideshow of photos from the funeral. It doesn’t show the cleric in the video:

I emailed Walid Shoebat to see if the translators got it it correct and he verified that indeed they did. He said there are more appropriate verses in the Koran that deal with the ‘Kuffar’ (disbeliever), so the verses used by the Muslim cleric were an insult.

Here’s a much longer video of the funeral itself that I clipped from the press conference. It includes Klayman introducing it:

Here’s a writeup by the Washington Times on the press conference this morning:

The families of Navy SEALs killed in an August 2011 shoot-down of a helicopter in Afghanistan came forward Thursday to blast the U.S. command and the Obama administration for the mission itself and for an official investigation they deemed a cover-up.

During a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, they said the Chinook helicopter had no gunship escort and no cover when it was attempting to land during a nighttime Taliban incursion. Insurgents on a roof top shot it down with a rocket-propelled grenade.

All 38 onboard died in the fiery crash including 17 SEALs, making it one of the elite unit’s worst losses in combat.

“We demand to know who made the call to send our son into hostile territory where evidence proves a shoot down attempt had been in full force for weeks and in less than adequate, antiquated air frames documented to be in very poor condition,” said Karen Vaugh, whose Navy SEAL son was killed.

“We also discovered that [the Chinook] entered the battle zone that night completely unescorted with no pre-assault fire,” she said.

The mission that night was first reported by the command as a rescue of Army Rangers in a firefight. But it was later learned that the Rangers actually controlled the zone and were hunting for some Taliban who fled.

The Washington Times reported extensively at the time that special operations officers criticized the mission as being unnecessary.

Based on investigative documents that were later pulled from U.S. Central Command website, The Times revealed that special operators were uncomfortable flying with conventional National Guard flight crews, as were the SEALs that night.

The Times also reported that Apache gunships could have gone to the landing zone to provide protection, but they were never ordered to do so.

You can watch the full press conference below which includes, among others, Gen. Boykin, Allen West, Michele Bachmann, and Bridgette Gabrielle.

NOTE: The video below is weird. After you push play, wait at least 15-30 seconds and when you hear audio start streaming, hit play again and the video will show up.

(h/t: The Blaze)

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