Milwaukee County Sheriff explains the cause of Milwaukee riots: Failed Liberal Policies

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke explained on Fox Business that these riots, like we saw in Milwaukee over the weekend, are the result of “failed liberal urban policies” that have left many of these ghettos with inescapable poverty and terrible school systems:

He’s exactly right about the fatherless. When fathers aren’t around, and in many cases mothers, kids end up on the street and that’s where they get their morals from (or lack thereof), creating unmanageable misfits. And as he points out, Uncle Sam makes a terrible father.

I also love how he points out that four people were murdered in 9 separate shootings over the weekend, but not a peep was heard from these ‘creeps’. It was only after law enforcement was involved in a lawful shooting that these ‘cop-haters’ decided to riot.

Clarke says it’s just an excuse to steal, loot, and rabble rouse.

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