Morning Joe BLOWS UP in an LONG RANT about Stephen Miller being persecuted by liberals

This morning on “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough absolutely blew up in a rage over something he just riled himself up into. He calmly walked over to his huff, got in his huff, and wadded up his panties into a raaaage.

But he has a point.

It was over a description of why Stephen Miller, Trump’s aide, is such an extremist about right-wing politics. He’s the one that said the president’s power cannot be questioned, and has been accused of being friendly with alt-right white nationalist leader Richard Spencer (something he denies).

Anyway, watch Joe BLOW UP, even to the point of shutting down Donny Deutsch:

He was responding to this explanation of Miller’s extremism, from Andrew Sullivan:

Again, he has a point. But that’s a reason why Miller is so extreme, it’s no excuse. You can have reasons for being cruel and injust, but that doesn’t mean you’re justified in being cruel and unjust. In any case, Joe got so angry about it, because clearly he’s been in the same position, that he yells at Donny Deutsch to not interrupt him. At the 6:20 minute mark they get really pissy at each other. I left it in for your entertainment, but later they bro-hug it out.

But this is the way in which left-wing extremism caused and birthed the right-wing extremism taking hold now. What liberals didn’t understand is that destroying the philosophical classical liberalism of conservatism was one of the worst things they could have done, and we’re all having to deal with the consequences…

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